Pray for Philippines

  • University partnerships

    Representatives from SIL Philippines, the Department of Education and several Universities met earlier in April to explore possibilities for each University to partner with their nearby minority language communities to help them do the research and materials development needed to have quality education in their mother tongue. Pray for these and other partnerships, that they would grow, glorify God and benefit the children of the Philippines. More details are available here.

  • Updating language data

    Pray for the team facilitating training seminars for University researchers as they work towards updating the data on many of the 170+ indigenous Philippine languages. This is a joint project between the Philippine Department of Education, the Commission on Higher Education, SIL and various universities in the Philippines.

  • Rest before the last push

    Pray for Peter and Betty Green, project coordinators and consultants for the Inakeanon New Testament translation. Pray for a much-needed period of rest and quality visits with their family from mid-July to Mid-September. Ask God for a good time of interaction during an “Info Night” to help friends and supporters understand what Bible translation is all about and inform them of the progress of the translation. At least one workshop is also being planned for those in Canada who have expressed an interest in helping make Scripture promotion items for the Aklanon people. Pray for maximum benefit from this “down time” so that the Greens will be able to return to the Philippines fully ready for the last big push to the finish line.

  • Follow

    Although the Imprimatur for the translation will not be granted, it does not hinder plans for the publication of the Bantoanon New Testament. Thank you for praying! The team is thankful for the warm welcomes they continue to receive in both Catholic and Protestant churches through the area. Ask God to continue to bless the team’s efforts to pass on copies of the translation to mobile phone users, sell posters, and spread the news of the coming New Testament. Pray as well for the consultant's check* and the team’s final revision of Exodus.

    *Consultant check: A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Thriving believers

    Praise God for a Core group of Brooke's Point Palawano leaders who gave testimony of God’s faithfulness as they shared God’s Word to whoever would listen. Rejoice in the 6 baptisms in a thriving new church outreach in a remote area. God’s Word is being used to evangelize and disciple hearers and believers using the Proclaimer (Palawano audio New Testament player) and the written Word. Ask God to continue to firmly ground Palawano churches in the Word in order to overcome false beliefs, syncretism, and apparent apathy among some believers towards following God wholeheartedly. 

  • Palawano Scripture radio time

    A weekly public radio broadcast of the audio New Testament for Brooke’s Point Palawano listeners is on the air now. Praise God for believers who are making this happen in conjunction with radio station personnel.  Ask God to draw Palawano listeners from every village to hear this program. Pray for follow-up contact connections to happen for those who want more information.

  • Encouraging news for Bolinao

    Praise God for the encouraging report that the Bolinao church is moving forward, Scriptures are being distributed, and people are enthusiastic about their language. Pray for the team working on a Bolinao dictionary to produce concise definitions and examples that are useable for grades 1-6. Ask the Lord for wisdom for a newly established Dictionary Review Committee to provide advice and a review.

  • Bantoanon revision check done! Philippines

    Rejoice that the whole revision check of the Bantoanon New Testament is done! Most of the “extra” items (preface, abbreviations, introductions, etc.) are prepared. Pray as the team finalizes the pictures and cover design, and chooses a cover design for the Hymn book. Please pray that they will be granted the Imprimatur* from the Roman Catholic Bishop. This process has been badly delayed by the main translator’s ankle injury and the Bishop’s recovery from sickness.

    *Imprimatur, granted by a Roman Catholic Bishop, states that the translation is the “Word of God” which can be used by all Roman Catholics.

  • Moving forward

    The Translators Association of the Philippines (TAP) is thankful to God for His faithfulness as it continues to serve in the global Bible translation movement. Pray for the new leaders who were elected at their recent conference and anniversary celebration. Ask God to enable them to lead and serve in the power of the Holy Spirit so that TAP could accomplish the goals it has set for the coming years. During the conference, TAP workers visited local churches to share their testimonies about their Bible translation involvement. Pray for more churches in the Philippines to become active partners of TAP.

  • EthnoArts in Aklan

    Please pray for the EthnoArts* team as they plan and prepare for a Basic Principles of EthnoArts workshop happening on April 13-16 in Kalibo, Aklan. Please pray for unity, discernment and God's protection for everyone involved.

    * EthnoArts workers desire to walk alongside community artists, songwriters, poets, dancers, storytellers, etc., in the (re)discovery and use of their cultural artistic gifts for Kingdom goals, and in the process, celebrate with them their unique God-given heritage and identity.