Pray for Philippines

  • Old Testament translation training workshop

    Lift up translation teams from five language projects in the Philippines plus a number of consultants as they meet together for an Old Testament translation training workshop through February 24. Pray that each team will gain understanding and be strengthened to continue the translation process. Ask for God’s protection on the health of all involved and protection in travel at the end of the workshop.

  • 32 stories recorded

    Praise God for the 15 Brooke’s Point Palawano voice actors who, in three and a half days, successfully recorded 32 panoramic Bible stories, a set of instructions and a song. This was the culmination of their teamwork over the last year and half. People in three churches were trained to lead story groups. One young woman is eager to continue the Bible story work. She wants to go into neighboring mountains to share stories of God’s power and love. Lift up these Palawanos in prayer as they continue the work of reaching out to those who do not know Jesus.

  • Promotional event for Inakeanon New Testament

    Pray for the results of the Inakeanon translation team's second Scripture promotion event last month on December 25th. Pray for an increased excitement for the translation, as well as spiritual fruit in the lives of those who bought items. Continue to pray for good progress and minimal interruptions on the revision of Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Hebrews and Revelation.

  • Progress update on Bible Story crafting deadline

    Give thanks to God that the 33 Brooke’s Point Palawano Bible stories are in the process of being consultant-checked. Praise God for a successful community check to discuss key terms on December 22. Pray that the stories are approved and ready for an audio recording on January 19-26. So far one Palawano has volunteered as a "voice actor." Please ask God to provide an additional 9 volunteers, and that He would bring about the fruit of changed lives through the hearing of His word.

  • Printing and launching plans in progress

    The Bantoanon translation team completed the review of the text of the Bantoanon New Testament in preparation for typesetting. The manuscript is now at the printers. Pray for God’s protection over the people and equipment involved in printing this precious book. Pray for the team in the Philippines planning for the launching celebration set for April 6.

  • Impact of Scripture among Mayoyao

    Praise God that churches are using the Mayoyao New Testament more and more for Scripture reading and preaching. The recently translated book of Genesis was the basis for a summer Vacation Bible School held for about 4,000 primary age children. Praise God for this new generation of children learning to read the Mayoyao language and having access to God’s Word in their mother tongue. Pray for God’s provision and guidance for the Mayoyao team nearing the half-way mark in translating the Old Testament.

  • Bible story crafting deadline

    Story crafters in Brooke’s Point Palawano have drafted Bible stories*, telling the story of God’s plan of victory and redemption from creation to the end times. They plan to make a high quality recording of these Bible stories to use in training additional story leaders. More revision and testing must be completed before these stories can be approved. Pray that clear and complete stories will be ready by the first week of January 2017. Ask God for His favor on the story crafters as they work to meet this deadline, and for strength for the consultant checking the stories.

    *Bible Storying is a method of helping people engage with God’s Word through the retelling of Biblical stories. It is used with people who prefer audio or visual ways of learning as well as in cultures where the Bible is not available in printed form.

  • Rebuilding and renewal in Batanes

    A powerful typhoon struck Batanes, Philippines in September. Pray for the many people who suffered loss of property, crops and animals as they heal and rebuild. Give praise that none were killed by this powerful storm. Ivatan speakers have a renewed interest in their New Testament which was launched in Batanes in 1984, and now needs to be reprinted. Pray for an upcoming meeting with the Bishop and a local priest about securing the official imprimatur* for approving the reprint. Pray for a positive result and that the Scriptures can available soon. Pray also for plans to launch and distribute the “JESUS” film in Ivatan.

    *Imprimatur: An official approval by the Catholic Church to print an ecclesiastical or religious book.

  • Facing trials

    Three families in different communities of a language community in the southern Philippines have experienced severe trials after receiving the New Testament and believing the Good News about Christ. In two of the three communities, reading groups were formed where the Holy Spirit was their only teacher, but over the past two years they have been decimated by one medical crisis after another. Various illnesses have claimed twelve lives in the past year alone. In addition, one was bitten by a shark, two have been shot, and others have been in and out of the hospital dozens of times. So far their faith has held strong, and they continue to read the New Testament together. Pray that God will hold them through their trials so that their faith, knowledge and experience of His grace will grow, and that they will be a testimony to those around them. May the Word continue to spread throughout this language group.

  • Rebuilding after typhoon in Batanes

    Pray for wisdom in setting a date to launch and distribute the completed dubbing of the Jesus Film in Ivatan, especially taking into consideration the damage sustained from a typhoon that hit Batanes last month. Pray for those who suffered loss of property, crops, animals, etc. Pray as they heal and rebuild. Praise God that not a single person was killed in this storm.