Pray for Philippines

  • Facing trials

    Three families in different communities of a language community in the southern Philippines have experienced severe trials after receiving the New Testament and believing the Good News about Christ. In two of the three communities, reading groups were formed where the Holy Spirit was their only teacher, but over the past two years they have been decimated by one medical crisis after another. Various illnesses have claimed twelve lives in the past year alone. In addition, one was bitten by a shark, two have been shot, and others have been in and out of the hospital dozens of times. So far their faith has held strong, and they continue to read the New Testament together. Pray that God will hold them through their trials so that their faith, knowledge and experience of His grace will grow, and that they will be a testimony to those around them. May the Word continue to spread throughout this language group.

  • Rebuilding after typhoon in Batanes

    Pray for wisdom in setting a date to launch and distribute the completed dubbing of the Jesus Film in Ivatan, especially taking into consideration the damage sustained from a typhoon that hit Batanes last month. Pray for those who suffered loss of property, crops, animals, etc. Pray as they heal and rebuild. Praise God that not a single person was killed in this storm.

  • Renewed interest in the Ivatan New Testament

    Praise God for a renewed interest in the Ivatan New Testament, resulting in the need for a reprint. Pray for an upcoming meeting with the Bishop and a local priest to secure the imprimatur* for the reprint, that the Lord would guide and direct this process so that ultimately more people will hear the Gospel message.

    *It is customary to get an imprimatur for Bibles published in a language area where the Catholic church is the majority.

  • Growing education partnerships

    Pray for the continuation and growth of SIL Philippines' partnership with the Department of Education, other governmental units and other NGOs. This will enable SIL to continue impacting indigenous communities through formal and non-formal education and community development.

  • Sharing the Good News

    Pray for the ongoing efforts to spread God's Word through translation, Bible storying and media in cooperation with local communities and other partners. Ask God to bring together the right people for the distribution of various Bible and media products.

  • Finishing well

    Pray for the teams that are close to finishing their translation projects. Pray for the final steps to go well and for God-honoring celebrations of the New Testament. Pray for fruitful and lasting impact in the local churches and the language communities.

  • Half

    Praise God for His peace in working through recent difficulties and schedule disruptions as the translation team works on the remaining half of a review of the new Revised Edition of the Western Subanon New Testament. In spite of serious health concerns, God made it possible for Sharon, the principal revisor, to review and revise six New Testament books from June to August. Pray for her complete healing. Pray for the rest of the committee in their plans to review the six books later in October.

  • Joint

    Pray for the final preparations for a joint-mission literacy materials production workshop for three Palawano languages in September. Pray that participants will have God’s wisdom, creativity and ability to make learning to read interesting and fun as they compose stories for booklets and prepare other beginning literacy materials. Pray for safe travels, good health and that all attendees will be able to stay for the 18-day workshop.

  • Spiritual growth among Palawanos

    Reports have come in that some Brooke's Point Palawanos who have trusted Christ as their Savior think that is all that is necessary. Pray that believers will hunger for more teaching from the Word which will transform their lives into godly living. Pray that church leaders will study and teach the Palawano Scriptures faithfully and boldly so as to equip the believers and counteract wrong beliefs.

  • JESUS Film Script Adaptation Workshop

    Praise God for the five language groups* attending the Script Adaptation Workshop at the SIL Research center in Manila! All five are translating the script for the JESUS Film using the Gospel of Luke in their own language. Pray that they will be diligent to complete their scripts and then to carry out community checks of the scripts when they return home in preparation for the next workshop in November. Pray that these carefully prepared materials will be used by God to communicate the message of Jesus in a powerful way.

    *SIL and TAP and JESUS Film Project people are involved, along with the five language groups: Sarangani Manobo, Rinconada, Teduray, Inonhan, and Agusan Manobo.