Pray for Philippines

  • Accessing Scripture

    Praise God for growing opportunities for people to access the Bible in various formats. In the Matigsalug translation project, an independent wireless network called a BibleBox was  installed so that people passing by can download to their phones and tablets Matigsalug songs, the draft of the Matigsalug Bible (text and some audio), and other materials. May these means of sharing God’s Word be effective in reaching more people for Him.

  • Bantoanon New Testament Revision

    The revision of the Bantoanon New Testament continues, with major parts of the work in the gospels completed. Pray for the detailed process involved in revising the remaining books, including footnotes and introductions. Pray that the revision can be completed in time for it to be recorded by Faith Comes By Hearing early in 2016.

  • Warm Welcomes in Country Churches

    Praise the Lord for the warm welcomes that the Bantoanon translation team is experiencing as they attend country church services to share about the Bantoanon New Testament nearing completion. Pray for more opportunities to share the laminated Scripture posters, bookmarks and key-rings and preliminary cellphone editions of the New Testament and Dictionary. May God use these activities to generate a longing for His Word in the hearts of those exposed to it.

  • Importance of Internet Connectivity

    Translators working remotely from other countries to aid a translation project rely heavily on a working network and Internet connectivity. In one day, two Information Technology (IT) colleagues were able to repair a network cable that had been eaten by rats in a small mountain village so that the Matigsalug Old Testament translation team could resume work. Pray for reliable Internet connections for translation teams like this one. And pray for the IT colleagues who work to maintain them.

  • Magdalena film dubbing

    “When I saw that Mary Magdalene still followed Jesus despite her problems and the sickness and trials, that’s what I want to do.” This is a testimony from one of the voice actors who participated in the dubbing of Magdalena: Through Her Eyes into Northern Subanen. A pastor added, "As I watched this movie, I could see that the stories are very good for use in evangelizing." Pray that believers will be bold to share this film and that many will give their lives to Jesus.

  • Relationships and Prayer

    Putting prayer first has been the strategy of SIL Philippines this year. Over the last months, the Lord has been clearly reminding the Leadership Team about the value of strengthening partnerships and encouraging relationships. Pray for SIL Philippines to have a welcoming posture and an attitude of service towards existing and potential partnerships. Pray for wisdom in how and when to develop relationships and initiatives for the glory of God as they carry out the work he has called them to.

  • Building partnerships for MTB

    Praise God for the LEAD* Philippines team as they seek to meet with partners and potential partners in order to help bring mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTB-MLE**) to the most marginalized of the 180+ language communities of the nation. This program provides for the education in a child’s mother tongue in the early grades, followed by a transition into learning increasingly complex subject matter that is often taught in Filipino and English in later grades. Ask God to connect the team with key individuals in order to bring folks from government, universities, other non-profits and the private sector together in this effort.

    * LEAD stands for “Language, Education and Development.”

    ** See more at:

  • Isnag Old Testament in revision

    Rejoice with the Isnag people of the northern Philippines as they celebrate the finished draft of the whole Old Testament into their language. Praise God for the team of people that God has used to make the whole Bible available. Before the draft is ready for printing, it must go through a revision process where it is checked for accuracy of meaning, ease of understanding and consistency. Pray for spiritual protection, good health and interpersonal relationships throughout this process.

  • Language projects that have slowed down

    Some language projects around the world have stopped or slowed down for various reasons. Such reasons include security and safety of language teams, spiritual attacks in various forms and lack of funding and/or personnel. Intercede for these projects, especially those located in restricted areas. Ask the Holy Spirit to open new doors for these projects to continue and become sustainable. Pray also that the communities involved will deepen their commitment by taking ownership of these projects. Pray also for local churches to support these projects in every way possible.

  • Translation resumed after 34 years

    A missionary moved to the Philippines years ago to help translate the New Testament into the Guina-ang language. He had to leave the area in 1981 after finishing 16 books due to an imminent threat to his life. Last year, in response to the people’s request, the mayor of Pasil, Kalinga assigned his local government to coordinate the formation of the Guina-ang Translation Council. Thank God for this development. Pray that the leaders and members of the community, as well as the local churches, will give their full support. Pray that the translation will lead people to a deeper understanding of God’s love and plan for their lives.