Pray for Philippines

  • Phone app and website

    Pray for progress in making a phone app for the recently dedicated Bible in the Central Ifugao language so that people with various kinds of phones can have a digital version. Pray that many Ifugao who live away from their home area will access the website created and be strengthened in their faith.

  • New websites go live

    Praise God for the training team and the people from five Philippine language groups who gathered in July to launch online websites in their own language. Some websites focus on Scripture and others on cultural information. Pray that these websites may be a tool to draw people to Jesus.

  • Hundreds join to celebrate in Central Ifugao

    Praise God for the Central Ifugao (Amganad) whole Bible celebration in Piwong, Ifugao on May 20. Hundreds of Ifugaos joined together to celebrate this event, highlighting life transformation that has happened in Ifugao communities through the translated Word. Many people pre-purchased the Bible months before it even went to the printer! May their communities continue to be impacted through God’s Word.

  • Scripture awareness among Kagayanens. Philippines

    An ongoing challenge for pastors and others is to create adequate awareness of the importance and benefit of translated Scriptures and the difference it can make in people’s lives. They must understand why their translation is not going to look exactly like whatever Bible they have been used to using. Pray for Kagayanens to grow in awareness of the benefits of their translated Scriptures.

  • Teacher Training Transition

    Much work has gone into training teachers in how to help Grade 2 students bridge their literacy skills in the mother tongue to reading and writing in Filipino in three language communities. Now, SIL, along with Save the Children, are turning over these MTB-MLE* materials and training modules to the Department of Education. Pray for a smooth transition. Pray also for the Lord’s guidance in how SIL can continue to serve these communities and be a resource for the teachers. 

    *MTB-MLE stands for Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education and provides for education in a child’s mother tongue in the early grades, which has been proven to increase attendance, participation and learning.  A strong foundation in the mother tongue also helps students to successfully acquire Filipino and English, which are the languages of instruction in later grades.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Give glory to God for the healing and restoration that took place last year in some strained relationships between members of the Buhi'nen translation team in the Philippines. Continue to pray that the team members would be committed and diligent in the translation work. Pray for patience with the computer equipment and that difficulties do not cause delays or extra work. All the drafts for the Buhi’nen New Testament are complete. During a consultant check of 1 Corinthians, the community members asked many questions about the epistle and the Bible. Thank the Lord for the Buhi’nen interest in the work. There are 65,000 speakers of Buhi'nen. Pray that the translation consultant would continue to be available. The goal is to complete checking in 2016. OneBook

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Rejoice! The Brooke’s Point Palawano New Testament was delivered to the Palawano people (pop. 25,000) in the Philippines September 27, 2014. An audio recording will soon reach their hands as well. Lift up in prayer the need for a good network of distribution channels to actively promote Scripture use in a variety of ways. Ask God to provide finances so a key leader can work full time in this strategy. Pray for effective use of the audio recording to evangelize and disciple those who are not yet literate. Pray for local churches to grow in numbers and maturity as a result of hearing and reading the Palawano New Testament.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Ask the Lord to provide the Inakeanon translation team in the Philippines with quality, uninterrupted work time. Their goal is to complete final checking and typesetting of the New Testament, and to publish it this year. Give thanks for God’s protection over the translation consultant and his wife during health challenges last year. Lift up the entire team, praying for good health and safety in travel. Because the vast majority of Inakeanon speakers (pop. 500,000) are Roman Catholic, a translation that includes an Imprimatur (official approval from the Catholic Church) will greatly extend the number of potential users. Pray for God’s timing for the review of the manuscript by the Catholic Church so the published New Testament can include the official approval. Pray also for plans to produce the New Testament in digital format for use on cell phones and tablets.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    The Palanan New Testament is a cooperative project in the Philipines among several entities. Praise the Lord for a consultant from the Philippine Bible Society who checked several books last year. Pray that the consultant will be available this year and next in order to help meet the completion goal of 2016. Give thanks for an Agta media specialist who made audio recordings of several books of the Bible. Ask God to use them to encourage believers and transform the Agta people (pop. 1,500). Lift up the translation team members in prayer as they make decisions about how to print the New Testament; they are considering several options.

  • A megachurch learning more about missions

    A missiological consultation was held recently for the leaders of a megachurch in Manila, Philippines. This church supports nearly 100 missionaries and mission agencies. The Lord used two key Wycliffe Asia-Pacific staff to facilitate their meetings. Praise God for the impact of this consultation. The church has realized that mission belongs to God and he has given them the privilege to participate in his mission. The church has decided to conduct a church-wide retreat next month and has again invited the participation of the two Wycliffe staff. Pray that this church would be careful to obey as they discern what God is leading them to do in becoming a missional church.