Pray for Kriol English, Belize

  • Hearing God’s Good News

    In Belize, a series of 67 radio program segments using the entire Kriol audio New Testament has been launched. One station manager plays the Kriol Scriptures twice a day on his radio station. He said that when he first heard the Scriptures in his language, he felt emotional because of bad experiences with Kriol in his youth. As he continued to listen, he said, “Something happened inside me…it had a redeeming effect on the language for me.”  Pray for those listening to the radio programs and for those who are hearing the Kriol Scriptures on 50 Proclaimers* that were distributed by Faith Comes by Hearing.

    *The Proclaimer digital player is preloaded with an Audio Bible recording (usually a New Testament) for the one purpose of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to the nations. 

  • Scripture nearing completion

    BELIZE KRIOL; Belize; 110,000. The Belize Kriol translation team finished an oral read-through of the New Testament last year and sent it for printing in August. It was shipped by boat from Korea to Belize, and the celebration is scheduled for March 6, 2013! Rejoice that Faith Comes By Hearing will make a recording of the New Testament. Pray that the people will receive both the printed and oral forms of God’s Word with great joy and an eagerness to use them.

  • Belize Kriol English New Testament

    The Belize Kriol English New Testament has been signed off and sent to the publishers. Six months are needed for the printing process before it will be back in Belize, ready for the community celebration. The archbishop of the Anglican Church has offered the use of historic St. John's Cathedral for the celebration service. This will probably take place January 26, 2013. Praise God that these processes are underway. Pray that God will keep them on track.