Pray for

  • Scripture nearing completion

    The Ticuna New Testament, first published in 1986, has been reprinted twice. A translation team is now nearing completion of the Old Testament, along with a revised New Testament. This Bible will serve Ticunas in more than 160 communities. Lift up the team as they diligently work to update the New Testament and do spelling and punctuation checks on the Old Testament. Ask the Lord to give the consultant wisdom as he reviews the remaining Old Testament books, making sure they are clear and accurate. Pray for God to lead in the selection of Ticunas to read through the entire Old Testament one final time. Pray for strength and good health for each team member and their families as they work to prepare the Bible for publishing.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Praise God final consultant checks are in progress on five Old Testament books. The translation team will also begin the final read-through of the New Testament. Translator Mark will start to go over questions about vocabulary used within the Scriptures. He will meet with leaders and pastors from the five areas (Margos, Huamalies, Huaylas, North Conchucos and South Conchucos Quechua) to answer these questions and any others they may have. Pray for strength, good health and wisdom for Mark as he pushes to finish this project. Lift up the translation team in prayer as they lay out the Scriptures for final checks and proofreading. Ask God to provide funds so that the New and Old Testaments for these five Quechua language groups can be sent for printing in 2016. Seed Company

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Praise the Lord that by the end of 2015 the entire Ambo-Pasco Quechua New Testament was checked by consultants and a read-through completed by a committee of local speakers. The committee checked to see if all the passages were clear. From January to June this year, the translation team members in Peru and Tennessee will be working with a layout specialist in Michigan via Skype to prepare the New Testament for printing. This includes selecting pictures and maps, and proofreading the text. The goal is to send the book in June for printing in South Korea and hold a dedication in August 2017. Ask God to give the team good Skype connections, as well as alertness and wisdom for decisions regarding the layout. Pray for the print shop to produce books with clear type and durable binding. And pray for the Ambo Pasco Quechua people to be fertile soil, hungering and thirsting for God.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Hallelujah! The Culina received the New Testament in their heart language on July 22, 2015. A colorful celebration was held in San Bernardo, a remote village in the southeast rain forest of Peru. About 300 attended, some from upriver and downriver, as well as boats full of people from Brazilian villages who speak Culina. There were also guests from other parts of Peru and the U.S. The Culinas dressed in their best clothes for the celebration. Joy showed on their faces and in their singing and traditional dancing. Pedro, the original mother-tongue translator, and several others testified to God’s faithfulness through the years. Thank the Lord that an audio recording of the New Testament is in progress. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in Culina hearts so they treasure God’s Word and courageously stand up to outside influences. Pray that they will be a people “ ... whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 144:15, NLT).

  • Studying women of the Bible

    In September and October, women of the Caquinte language community in Peru, used material entitled Women of the Bible to study Scripture. Led by Bible translator Joy Swift, most of the women of the village Tsoroja and the surrounding area came to the classes. Hearts seemed to be open and responsive. Pray that the women will apply the truths they learned from His Word, and that whole families will choose to obey the Lord. Thank the Lord for the husbands who responded, have asked God for forgiveness of their sins and desire to follow Him.

  • Finishing one course and preparing for the next

    In Lima, Peru, CILTA students for the 2015 school term are finishing their courses and projects. Give praise to God for the students and professors who participated in this year of training for work in linguistics, Bible translation and literacy. Pray that God will encourage them in their final weeks of instruction and guide each one to the place of service He has for them. Pray for the potential students for the coming year. Some are in the stages of application for the course and raising finances for their tuition and living expenses. Pray that God will provide and encourage their hearts in Him.

  • Cultural Self

    In Peru, members of the Alliance for Bible Translation and Impact have gained a new understanding of themselves and their cultures. In August, they participated in the “Workshop of Cultural Self-discovery.” Representing four key organizations within the Bible translation movement, the participants received new tools to help them distinguish between Biblical values and cultural values. Pray that the workshop prepared them well to work in harmony on multi-cultural teams. Pray they will use the methods they learned and make a positive contribution to the Bible translation movement in Peru.

  • A New Semester at CILTA

    The CILTA students in Peru have completed their semester break and are back in classes. In the second semester, they choose either a specialization in linguistics and translation or a specialization in linguistics and literacy. Ask God to give them His strength, focused concentration and fulfillment as they continue their studies. Ask that God will keep the students and staff healthy and free from distractions as they continue in this new semester. Pray that they will be well prepared for their future work in the place God has chosen for them.

  • Follow

    On July 22, 2015, in the village of San Bernardo, approximately 300 members of the Culina community gathered to celebrate the arrival of the New Testament in their language. Dressed in their best clothing, the people happily received the New Testament. They welcomed it with singing and traditional dancing. Eighty-six New Testaments were sold and 28 were given to translation assistants, teachers and pastors from the various villages. Praise the Lord for the good flying weather, safety in flights and river travel and a joyous celebration. Please pray that God will continue to bless this community as they use and understand His Word.

  • Culina New Testament

    Praise God that the published New Testaments for the Culina language community arrived safely in Peru. Pray that the paperwork will be handled quickly and that the books will be released from customs soon. Pray for the celebration of this New Testament, which is planned for July. Ask God for the continuing work of the Holy Spirit among the Culina people, that they will be eager to read God’s Word in their own language and that the church will be strengthened.