Pray for

  • Opportunities to study Nomole

    The Nomole - population 100-250 - are one of the last people groups in Peru for which a Bible translation project is yet to begin. Pray for opportunities for linguists to study their language.

  • Protecting the Nomole people

    Access to the areas where the Nomole live is limited in order to protect them. But due to logging and increased tourism closer to where the Nomole live, there are growing concerns that they might suffer from diseases introduced by outsiders and for which they have no immunity. Ask God to protect them.

  • Nomole of Peru

    The Nomole of Peru are a nomadic people group uncontacted by the outside world, living in voluntary isolation in and near Manu National Park. Ask God to reveal his love to the Nomole, even as they live in isolation.

  • Training, learning and teaching

    The Course for Training Trainers will take place in Peru July 25-August 13 under the direction of AEL. Pray that God will guide the instructors whom He has chosen to teach this course. Ask God to give the students wisdom, revelation and understanding. Graduates from this course will become instructors in the basic courses, which prepare students to participate in CILTA. Pray for all who form this chain of training, learning and teaching. Ask God for hearts sensitive to His voice, and people willing to follow the model of the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ.

  • Sharing God’s love

    Praise God for a church in the United States that has sent medical teams to Peru for the past 16 years. Thank God that this year’s team worked in five locations around Pomabamba. Pray for the Quechua people who received the love of God through medical care given in Jesus’ name. Pray for those who heard God’s Word and responded to His message. Ask God to bless the copies of His Word that were distributed and the people who received medical care during this mission venture.

  • Summit of mission mobilization

    On July 25 and 26, COMIBAM will hold a summit of mission mobilizers in Peru. The gathering is directed to ministries that are committed to challenging the church to actively participate in evangelism to the ends of the earth. Together they will reflect, reevaluate and construct new and improved practices to more effectively involve the church of the twenty-first century in the mission of God. Pray that participants will be blessed and inspired, and that God’s kingdom will be extended as they put the principles they learn into practice.

  • A new milestone reached in Bible translation

    The final read-through of the Ambo-Pasco Quechua New Testament of Peru is finished. Pray for God’s hand to be over the whole layout and printing process, and for planning the celebration in August 2017. Pray that God would continue to work in the hearts of the Ambo Pasco Quechuas. Pray for those who are working in this language community to promote the Scriptures and prepare the people to receive the Word of God.

  • God at work among the Yora

    Praise God for good sessions in the recording and filming of music tutorial videos for the Yora community in Peru. Pray that these recordings will be a blessing to the people, and will lead them into a deeper relationship with God. Pray that a Bible teaching seminar held earlier this month will continue to bless the Yora people who attended it. Ask God to continue to communicate His truths to the people who speak this language.

  • Translation Workshop

    Praise God for the translation workshop held for the Corongo Quechua and Sihuas Quechua people of Peru in May. The team revised the translation of Luke in both languages. Genesis chapters 13-18 were translated into Sihuas Quechua, and are being comprehension checked. The team revised thirty stories written by Sihuas Quechua school children in preparation for publication. The translators were encouraged as they worked and studied the Word together. The morning devotions were done in three languages: Corongo Quechua, Sihuas Quechua and Spanish. Ask God to continue to build up the spiritual lives of each of these translators. Pray that He will establish their work, and that the translation work will progress for His glory.

  • CILTA 2016

    Twenty-six students are attending the 2016 CILTA classes in Lima, Peru. This linguistics, translation and literacy course is taught at the Ricardo Palma University. Classroom students are from Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Peru. In addition, students taking the course online are from Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Peru. Ask God to bless all participants with good health and a rich learning experience, so that they may be equipped to participate in future Bible translation and literacy projects.