Pray for

  • Scripture nearing completion

    With 27 books in the New Testament, translation work is a long and detailed process. Ask the Lord to fill the translation team with joy, perseverance, health and wisdom as they work to complete their goals this year. The team plans to make a final check of Luke and Revelation and then revise the books of Galatians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon and James. That will leave them with eight books to revise next year. Pray that God will “accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20, NLT) as the team presses forward. Pray for attentive hearts among the Pacaas Novos people as they use Scripture portions they already have. New Tribes Mission

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Bob and Barbara, the expatriate translators in the Jamamadí translation project, are retired and live in the U.S. When health and circumstances permit, they return to Brazil to work on the translation. Thank the Lord for giving them and their adult sons the stamina and patience to endure hardships that have threatened this translation project multiple times. Bob and Barbara returned last year to read through the New Testament with the community to ensure it was clear and natural sounding. Ask God to protect the team this year as they prepare the New Testament for typesetting and send it for printing. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring revival to Jamamadí hearts so they will treasure God’s Word and courageously stand up to outside influences. Pray that they will be a people “ ... whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 144:15, NLT).

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Praise the Lord that a consultant completed a check of Matthew last year, the final book to reach this milestone. Pray for Keith, the translation team coordinator, as he gathers the few Bôroro believers together at an indigenous Bible training center early this year. They will form a committee to read through the entire New Testament manuscript. Ask the Lord to keep them alert and help them identify any parts needing correction. Pray that they will also make an audio recording of Scripture portions. In October, Keith will accompany some Bôroro people to a large conference in Brazil of indigenous Christians from the Amazon basin. Ask the Lord to impact the Bôroro participants, showing them that indigenous people can be followers of Jesus and also retain their native identity. Pray that God’s Word would transform the Bôroro and that more would turn to Christ.

  • That they may know the love of Christ

    The church of Jesus is growing rapidly in the Amazon among the various language communities scattered across the jungles of Brazil. Obeying the command of Jesus, these Christians are reaching out to those who live deeper in the rainforest. One hundred and fifty language communities in Brazil still need a translation of the Bible. Approximately 100 of these have had little or no exposure to the message of Jesus. Ask that these people may receive God’s Word and “know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, and that they may be filled up to the fullness of God.”*

    *Ephesians 3:19

  • Leaders Moving Forward

    An event focusing on leadership is scheduled for September 8-13 in Brazil. Those planning to participate are the administrative leaders and the board of directors for ALEM* as well as missionaries involved in Bible translation. The focus of the meetings will be on the following leadership themes: Spirituality, Missiology, Theology, and Work in Alliance. A study of the history of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, relationships within it and progress made toward Vision 2025** will also be discussed. Pray that all participants will be blessed and encouraged as they grow in their leadership capacities.

    *ALEM-Brazilian Evangelical Linguistics Missionary Association

    **Vision 2025: “By 2025, together with partners worldwide, we aim to see a Bible translation program begun in all the remaining languages that need one.”

  • The Bible in Brazilian Sign Language

    Last year, the Brazilian translation team finished a DVD with the first set of children’s Bible stories in Brazilian Sign Language. A Deaf interpreter brought one of the DVDs to a Deaf boy she knew. The boy watched all four stories, transfixed. His favorite was the story of Samson. His parents were amazed that he understood it and enjoyed the Bible stories in a way they had never seen before. They gained a new appreciation for the beauty of Brazilian Sign Language and a new respect for their son’s capacity to understand things in his own language. Pray for Bible translations in Sign Languages around the world.

  • Video Production of Kaiwá Old Testament Celebration

    At the end of August, 2013, the Kaiwá people of Brazil celebrated the launch of the provisional* Kaiwá Old Testament. A member of the Wycliffe Global Alliance Americas Area communications team and a volunteer videographer were able to be present to film the event. Since that time, several obstacles have arisen to complicate the completion of the video. The finished video will be an effective tool to promote Bible translation.  Pray for God to remove the difficulties and smooth the way for the production of the video within the next 2 months.

    * Provisional indicates that this is a temporary publication of the Old Testament for the people to use, while the revision is being done on the New Testament. In the future they will have  the whole Bible, revised and in one volume.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    JAMAMADÍ; Brazil; 300. The translation team would like to have the New Testament ready for typesetting and printing by the end of 2013. This year they will finalize key terms, utilize Paratext translation software for computer checks, verify the manuscript with church leaders, and complete a final read-though of the entire text. Ask God to help them find any errors in their work. Pray for strength, good health, and clarity of mind for the team members. Pray that the Jamamadí would keep their focus on the Lord throughout this process despite some disruptions and misunderstandings within the community.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    KAIWÁ; Brazil; 33,000. The first Kaiwá New Testament was completed in 1986, and then reprinted in 2006. The preparation for a limited printing of a “verification version,” containing both the New Testament and the recently drafted Old Testament, is nearly complete. It took longer than expected to put this version together. Pray for widespread involvement of the Kaiwá community in providing input into the New Testament revision and the Old Testament translation.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    JARAWARA; Brazil;180. Due to insufficient funding, the translators had to put the translation project on hold. They must spend their time presenting the project to churches and individuals in order to raise more money. Pray that God will raise up the necessary funds to help this New Testament cross the finish line. Meanwhile, the Jarawara churches are using a drafted version of the New Testament. Ask the Holy Spirit to apply His Word to their hearts so that they will be eager to use the finished book. Pray that God would turn frustrating delays into something good.