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  • Recording Kriol Scriptures

    Pray for the recording of more Kriol Scripture from September 28 to October 10 in Katherine. Pray for readers, including men, to be available for the recording sessions. Pray, too, for effective ways to handle the details of travel, accommodation and meals for all involved. Ask God to give strength and wisdom to those doing the recording and editing of these Scriptures.

  • Magdalena film dubbing

    “When I saw that Mary Magdalene still followed Jesus despite her problems and the sickness and trials, that’s what I want to do.” This is a testimony from one of the voice actors who participated in the dubbing of Magdalena: Through Her Eyes into Northern Subanen. A pastor added, "As I watched this movie, I could see that the stories are very good for use in evangelizing." Pray that believers will be bold to share this film and that many will give their lives to Jesus.

  • Importance of Scripture recording

    When serving indigenous language communities which have strong oral traditions, it is important for audio recordings of Scripture to be available as quickly as possible once new translation portions are complete.  Many things are needed to make this happen including technical expertise, quiet recording studios and mother tongue readers for the language being recorded.  After recording is done, workers edit and finalize the audio files.  Pray for those involved in the recording and editing process for many languages in Australia.

  • Mother tongue translators of the “JESUS” film

    Pray for mother tongue translators of the "JESUS" film script who have the challenge of matching the new language as closely as possible to the exact syllable count of the original English script. This helps make the lip-synced version look as though the actor is speaking the new language. JESUS Film™ staff members understand and respect the skill and precision needed to bring God’s Word to life for people in their mother tongue through scripture translation. Pray for all involved in the translation process.

  • “JESUS” film distribution

    Through the global network of The JESUS Film Project® including hundreds of partner agencies, the "JESUS" film, “Magdalena: Through Her Eyes,” “Rivka,” “My Last Day” and others are made available to individuals and ministries who wish to use these films in strategic ways to help fulfill the Great Commission. Praise God for the wonderful cooperation within the Body of Christ that has made this work possible. Pray that God will continue to draw men, women and children to Himself as they hear and see Jesus speak the language that most effectively touches their hearts.

  • Editing and mixing “JESUS” film translations

    The voice recordings of the “JESUS” film translations are edited to fit the lip movements of their character on the screen as closely as possible. Music and sound effects are mixed with the voice track. This editing and mixing is done over a one or two day period at the end of the recording so that a DVD copy of the completed film can be given to those who participated. The new version is also uploaded to the Jesus Film Media website and mobile app so that the film can be available free of charge to anyone with digital access. Pray for God to continue to call capable technical people to participate in this work.

  • Recording the “JESUS” film script

    Once the “JESUS” film script translation is approved by a translation consultant, trained recordists travel to the field where the language is spoken. Mother tongue voice actors are chosen for the characters in the film. The actors watch the film and listen to the dialogue, paying careful attention to how they can match the tone, inflection and even the facial expression of their character on the screen. For many actors, it is the first time they have ever spoken into a microphone. Pray for God to give each voice actor the supernatural ability to perform their roles so that the message in each film is clear, natural and compelling.

  • Translating “JESUS” film scripts for oral cultures

    The innovative partnership between Wycliffe and The JESUS Film Project® has produced an oral method of translating scripts for unwritten languages. This process relies upon tried and true translation principles to accelerate the process by many months. Pray for the oral script translation process to become refined and used throughout oral cultures.

  • Translating “JESUS” film scripts

    JESUS Film™ staff members understand and respect the skill and precision needed to bring God’s Word to life for people in their mother tongue through scripture translation. Although JESUS Film resources are not Scripture itself, translation of each language version requires the same level of competency. For this reason, they work closely with Wycliffe Global Alliance, SIL International, Seed Company, Lutheran Bible Translators, Pioneer Bible Translators and many other Bible agencies to translate the scripts of these films. Thank God for this cooperation between organizations and agencies. Pray for the people involved in the translation process for each script.

  • The “JESUS” film

    The JESUS Film Project ®, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as Cru in the United States) works closely with Bible translation agencies to provide contextualized films in heart languages. The “JESUS” film, based on the Gospel of Luke, has been translated and dubbed into more than 1,300 languages and counting. Other films such as “Magdalena: Through Her Eyes,” the 12-episode drama series called “Rivka” and the anime short called “My Last Day” are just a few of many films available for those sharing the Gospel to use worldwide.  Pray that God would continue to open doors for these films to reach people who have not heard the Good News of Jesus.

  • Digital access to Scriptures

    Praise God that the number of Scripture products in digital formats is increasing. People can now read, listen to and watch the Word of God through text, audio and video media forms respectively. Scripture products are often available on websites, such as YouVersion and Faith Comes by Hearing, networks and on social media. Apps are also available for mobile phones where the Bible can be downloaded in formats that can be easily shared phone to phone even with limited internet. Pray that more people will have access to Scriptures both in written and digital forms, and discover the truth about God’s plan and love.

  • Jesus Film

    Give thanks for the positive reception of the Jesus Film, prepared by a partner organization in a language of west Asia. Ask for the Spirit’s continued work in drawing people into a relationship with God through it. 

  • Positive Progress with the Final Video Recording of Exodus 28

    "Soon the Deaf in Japan will get to hear for the first time how God reveals his name to Moses." That's what one pastor exclaimed, serving as a reminder of what is happening now. Thank you for praying.

    The Japanese Sign Language (JSL) project team (ViBi) has now accomplished the following for the translation of Exodus 28-40:

    • The translation was done and checked for accuracy after three drafts.The community comprehension check was completed and corrections were made after another three drafts.
    • A cueing video created.
    • The studio was made ready.
    • Recording was done. (It took 226 takes* for these 451 verses--over three takes per Scripture portion)
    • The accuracy check of the recordings was finished.
    • Six necessary retakes are done and checked.

    The team is now entering the post production phase. All of the good takes will be edited together, verse references will be added, and the DVD master copy will be made. At that point, Exodus will be added to the JSL Bible app (free on iphone and Android) and the DVD can be published. The JSL Bible translation of Exodus will be available on DVD, YouTube and the JSL Bible app. Please pray for accurate work, and strength for the two primary team members who carry most of the responsibility for this component. Give praise that the Japanese Deaf people will soon have the story of Exodus.**

    *A "take" is a scene filmed at one time without stopping the camera.

    **More information about the various services provided by the SIL Global Sign Languages Team can be found on the SIL International website.

  • Dramatized Filipino/Tagalog New Testament

    Pray for Toto, Rose, and Nante as they work in Manila, Philippines to record a dramatized Filipino/Tagalog New Testament so that people throughout the Philippines and abroad can listen to the Bible in their own national language on their phones, or other devices.

  • Producing digital and non

    Praise God for opportunities to use digital and non-print media to promote Ugandan and Tanzanian languages and to bring the Good News to communities in their own language and in accessible media. Pray for ongoing work in producing the "JESUS film" in a number of languages in Uganda and Tanzania. Pray too that the 14 local language websites produced in the past year will attract a lot of interest from speakers of those languages and that good progress will be made for additional language websites under construction.

  • Tears of joy

    Give thanks for Scriptures recorded in a resistant southern Philippine language. When CDs were delivered, a woman had tears of joy. Pray for openness to the truth broadcast on the radio and through distributed CDs.

  • Media training workshop

    About 30 participants of a media training workshop in Davao are working through November 22 to create internet websites for the various languages represented. Pray for the myriad of logistical and technical aspects involved, for God’s protection over all the participants, staff, and equipment. Pray for sufficient band width at the venue so that all participants can work on their websites simultaneously, and that ultimately, God’s Word in these languages will be available in these new and effective ways.

  • Digital publishing for migrant communities

    Many people have migrated from their homelands for economic or security reasons, but they are still deeply interested in their culture and mother tongue. Digital publishing is the perfect way to ensure that speakers can connect with Scripture materials in their language wherever they happen to be in the world. Pray that those who are seeking God will find His Word online and will come to know Him through Christ.

  • Digital publishing options

    Traditional learning approaches in many communities are based on information heard from a teacher rather than what is read in a book. The resulting preference for Scriptures in audio and audio-visual rather than text format can be met by a range of digital technology options. For example MP3 players, DVDs and file sharing between mobile phones are deployed in addition to Internet publishing. Pray that God will grant wisdom to determine what mix of media and digital technology devices is most appropriate for each local situation.

  • Funding for digital publishing

    Growing numbers of communities are now able to access translated scriptures through digital publishing. Specialized websites make it easy for people to find and download audio, video and text files. But funding is needed to establish these websites, to make ongoing IT help services available, and to keep the sites operating at no cost to the language communities. Pray for individuals, agencies and foundations that will be willing to contribute funds for this need over the long term.

  • Digital publishing

    Digital publishing is a great way to distribute translated scriptures in language communities where access is difficult. Mobile phones are becoming commonplace in even very remote communities. These phones can be used to download and share text, audio and video materials. Praise God for several agencies and many IT specialists who are setting up websites and adapting scripture for electronic transmission. Pray for more people to join these teams. Pray that God will guide them into creative ways to design the websites and effective methods for drawing site visitors into deeper engagement with God’s Word.

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