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  • Scripture nearing completion - Ticuna (51,000)

    The Ticuna New Testament was first published in 1986 in two versions, one for the Ticunas in the Spanish-speaking countries of Colombia and Peru and another for those in the Portuguese-speaking country of Brazil. It has been reprinted twice. A translation team is now nearing completion of the Old Testament, along with a revised New Testament. This Bible will serve Ticunas in more than 160 communities. Lift up the team that will be reading through the Old Testament a final time this year, making sure it is clear and sounds natural. When that is completed, it is ready for typesetting, a complex and exacting phase. Ask the Lord to fill the typesetting team with energy, alertness and wisdom as they make formatting decisions about columns, pictures, maps and the font. Pray that any errors will be caught as they proofread the manuscript multiple times. Pray for a mistake-free printing process that will result in quality books. Pray for strength and good health for each team member and their families as they work to prepare the Bible for publishing.

  • Scripture nearing completion - Ambo-Pasco Quechua (90,000)

    Give thanks to God! The Ambo-Pasco Quechua translation team is approaching the finish line. Last year Ralph, working in Tennessee, reviewed the 23,000 words in the New Testament for spelling and hyphenation. Kathy, working in Michigan, typeset the manuscript. Team members in Tennessee and Peru carefully and repeatedly proofread the text. As the manuscript is sent to South Korea for printing, pray for a mistake-free printing process that will result in quality books. Ask God to protect the precious books as they are shipped back to Peru and then trucked up to the Ambo-Pasco Quechua area at 9,500 feet. Pray for good cooperation among the ones planning for a dedication in 2018 and that it will bring churches and believers together in Christ. Pray for the growth of God’s kingdom among the Quechua and that they will be fertile soil, hungering and thirsting for God.

  • Scripture in use

    AWI* members in Peru are working together with pastors to help equip church leaders and villagers to read and use the Bible in their languages. Biblical comprehension is the new focus of AWI’s literacy efforts. They are also encouraging the use of Quechua hymns, Sunday school lessons and Bible studies in their services. Pray that pastors in the pilot program will support this training and that church members will better understand God’s Word and teach it to others.

     *AWI – Quechua partner organization participating in the Bible translation movement in Huaraz, Peru


    Praise God for the completion of the CILTA* course for 2016 in Peru. Give thanks that the students who graduated in December have returned to their home countries safely. Ask God to inspire their churches to partner with them as they seek His guidance and the financial resources needed for future ministry in translation and literacy.

    *CILTA - International course in linguistics, translation and literacy at the Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru.

  • A time for renewal

    Those involved in Bible Translation in Peru will have a time of spiritual retreat January 22-28. Pray that they will quiet their hearts before God and learn what God wants to teach them from His Word. Ask God to give them good fellowship and growth in their love for Him, one another and the people who do not yet have His Word. Pray that God’s Spirit will be evident in their lives, conversations, meetings and hearts. Ask for God’s guidance in the business sessions and in the election of the Advisory Committee members for this year.

  • Planted like trees by rivers of water

    The Culina people of Peru have God’s Word in both written and audio forms in their language. Pray that they will be encouraged by the Scriptures and will grow spiritually. As they read and hear God’s Word, may they become strong, like trees planted by rivers of water, having deep roots and drawing daily from all the Word has to teach them. Ask God to give them fruit-bearing lives. May they be preserved in their faith and protected from winds of adversity or false doctrines that would cause them to be scattered like chaff. Pray that God will watch over them with His mercy and grace and that His Word will guard their hearts.

  • AEL begins basic courses

    The prerequisite course in phonetics and linguistics for students to attend CILTA started in Peru on September 5, and will continue for two months. The course is organized by Alcanzando a toda Etnia en su Lengua (AEL.) Pray for the Lord to give wisdom and ability to the students. Pray that they will not become discouraged or frustrated when they encounter difficulties in their studies. Ask God to provide all that is needed for the instructors and for those who handle logistics. Pray that these students will be able to join the CILTA class that will begin in 2017. Pray that Peruvian churches will encourage, support and pray for them as they prepare for future Bible translation.

  • God’s Word in audio

    Audio New Testaments in three languages were delivered on MP3 players to Puerto Esperanza, Peru, in July. The CulinaKashinahua and Sharanahua communities live on the Purus River in east-central Peru. Praise the Lord that speakers of these major languages now have the New Testament in audio format. Please pray that God will work mightily among the people and bring revival. Thank the Lord for the organization Faith Comes By Hearing, which recorded the Scripture and made the players available.

  • Training, learning and teaching

    The Course for Training Trainers will take place in Peru July 25-August 13 under the direction of AEL. Pray that God will guide the instructors whom He has chosen to teach this course. Ask God to give the students wisdom, revelation and understanding. Graduates from this course will become instructors in the basic courses, which prepare students to participate in CILTA. Pray for all who form this chain of training, learning and teaching. Ask God for hearts sensitive to His voice, and people willing to follow the model of the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ.

  • Summit of mission mobilization

    On July 25 and 26, COMIBAM will hold a summit of mission mobilizers in Peru. The gathering is directed to ministries that are committed to challenging the church to actively participate in evangelism to the ends of the earth. Together they will reflect, reevaluate and construct new and improved practices to more effectively involve the church of the twenty-first century in the mission of God. Pray that participants will be blessed and inspired, and that God’s kingdom will be extended as they put the principles they learn into practice.

  • God at work among the Yora

    Praise God for good sessions in the recording and filming of music tutorial videos for the Yora community in Peru. Pray that these recordings will be a blessing to the people, and will lead them into a deeper relationship with God. Pray that a Bible teaching seminar held earlier this month will continue to bless the Yora people who attended it. Ask God to continue to communicate His truths to the people who speak this language.

  • Follow-up on the Culina New Testament Celebration

    On July 22, 2015, in the village of San Bernardo, approximately 300 members of the Culina community gathered to celebrate the arrival of the New Testament in their language. Dressed in their best clothing, the people happily received the New Testament. They welcomed it with singing and traditional dancing. Eighty-six New Testaments were sold and 28 were given to translation assistants, teachers and pastors from the various villages. Praise the Lord for the good flying weather, safety in flights and river travel and a joyous celebration. Please pray that God will continue to bless this community as they use and understand His Word.

  • Culina New Testament

    Praise God that the published New Testaments for the Culina language community arrived safely in Peru. Pray that the paperwork will be handled quickly and that the books will be released from customs soon. Pray for the celebration of this New Testament, which is planned for July. Ask God for the continuing work of the Holy Spirit among the Culina people, that they will be eager to read God’s Word in their own language and that the church will be strengthened.

  • Learning to Write

    Praise the Lord for the successful completion of the recent writers’ workshop held in Peru from June 23 to July 11.  Eight participants represented seven language communities: Achuar, Awajun, Juni Kuin, Matsigenka, Shawi, Shipibo, and Wampis.  Praise God that the participants were able to produce a Bible study, a big book with Bible stories, and reading comprehension materials.  Please pray that they  will continue producing literacy and Scripture materials to help with the promotion and use of the Scripture in their language groups. 


    Praise God for His help for all the CILTA* students during their first semester of study.  The final two weeks of the semester were intense. One student said that one final exam took her almost six hours to complete. Please pray that the students are rested and ready for the second semester which begins on August 11.

    * CILTA – Linguistic, translation & literacy course for Latinos at the Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru

  • Literacy and Scripture Promotion

    AWI* is a Quechua organization participating in the Bible translation movement in Huaraz, Peru. AWI’s ministry supports Quechua churches and communities in the region of Ancash. It motivates people to live in service to God and the community by promoting the use of the Word of God and applying it to their lives. AWI recently completed a productive literacy workshop in North Conchucos. Ask that God will provide the funds to print the new literacy and Scripture materials that were produced for the North and South Conchucos and Huaylas Quechua people. Pray that Quechua languages will be held in high esteem in Quechua communities and schools.

    *AWI means "Good News Association" in the Quechua language

  • Renewal through the Word

    Edilberto is a Scripture promoter for the Sihuas Quechua people of Peru.  The use of the Sihuas Scripture in his home is bringing transformation.  “Our life used to be different from what it is now,” says Edilberto. ”I used to use curse words. Our family life was sad. Now...those words have dropped out of my vocabulary. I know how to answer my wife now when difficult things come up. The neighbors are watching us and saying, ‘What has happened to make them behave so differently?’ In our family we have learned to be respectful and love each other.” Pray that God’s Word will continue to impact individual lives, families and communities among the Sihuas Quechua language community.

  • Discipled to Disciple

    From January 19 to February 3, forty-four Cusco Quechua men and women, ministerial couples  and leaders of their community from Southwestern Peru, came together for training and discipleship. The sponsoring organization was ATEK, an organization which exists to promote the use of the Bible in the Cuzco Quechua language. The trainees were taught how to serve God comprehensively, using their gifts, talents and skills and also  discovered how to build up the body of Christ through making disciples.  The vast majority of these Cuzco Quechua believers  have not had previous access to training or discipleship to help them meet their responsibilities as  church leaders. Pray that those who attended these meetings may now be living what they learned-- that the Great Commission requires the participation of all believers. May these who have been discipled now be discipling others.

  • CILTA Students 2014

    Approximately 20 students from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela have expressed a desire to study the linguistics and literacy courses offered in CILTA* 2014. Ask God to remove every obstacle that would prevent their participation in the course,  including health problems, difficulties in their church or family, or insufficient financial resources for travel, living expenses, and study.

    * CILTA - International Course in Linguistics, Translation and Literacy at the the Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru

  • CILTA Professors Needed

    The CILTA* 2014 course is to begin in Peru in March. Recently, two professors who were scheduled to teach have had to cancel their participation in CILTA for this year. Please pray for God to provide one more professor for the first semester and two for the second semester. This situation is urgent, as the time is short before the first semester will begin. Pray that God will supply the persons to fill these positions, and would oversee every detail of this important training.

    * CILTA - International Course in Linguistics, Translation and Literacy at the Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru.

  • Training for Missions

    ProVision is a Chilean partner organization of the Alliance. From February 9 through 12, ProVision will be presenting their training course,  ECAMI-2014,* for people who are interested in serving in missions. Thirteen modules and 5 workshops will focus on various aspects of missions. Included will be an emphasis on Bible translation and literacy, and the need for people to work in these capacities. Ask the Lord to speak through his Spirit to those who attend this course; may willing people respond to the call to bring God´s Word to language communities who are still waiting for the good news.

    * ECAMI-School of Training for Missions

  • Quechuas Ministering to Quechuas

    In an October Vision Trip, seven people from North Carolina, went to Peru to see the Ayacucho Quechua church in action. Working to promote the use of the translated Scriptures among their people, dozens of Ayacucho Quechua Bible promoters shared their testimonies with their visitors. At present there are 24 of the promoters who are trained to use the 12 photo-frame units now available to them. The 15-inch frames serve to show the videos of Luke and Genesis in this Quechua language. People are responding with joy and enthusiasm as they hear Jesus speak to them in their own language for the first time. Pray for their ministry, and that God will encourage them in their work.

  • Leadership Training; Peru.

    To encourage growth and development of leaders in the partner organizations ofthe Global Alliance and in the indigenous communitiesof the Americas, a workshop entitled“Cultural Self-Discovery” is made available. One such workshop was held October 5-7 in the Peruvian jungle. There were 90 participants from the communities Achuar, Candoshi, Chapra, Pastaza Quechua, and Wampis (formerly huambisa).  Pray that these representatives of FAIENAP* will continue to grow in their roles as leaders so that they may encourage spiritual growth within their communities.

    FAIENAP - Association of Evangelical Churches in the Amazon

  • Translation, Lingusitics and Literacy Course, 2014

    A new school year is scheduled to begin at CILTA* in March, 2014.  Eight students have been accepted and ten others are in the process of registration. Pray for those who have completed their inscription and for those who are working to get their necessary documents and financial resources, or finish the required basic courses. Pray that God will continue to use CILTA to prepare many future Bible translators and literacy workers to help bring God’s Word to those who still do not have it in their own language.

    *CILTA - Course in Linguistics, Translation, and Literacy in the Ricardo Palma University, Lima, Peru

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