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  • Training oral communities in the Amazon

    God’s word is being translated for the Tanimuka, Yacuna and Macuna people in the Amazon forest in Colombia. (On YouTube there is a 5-minute video: These communities, like many around the world, normally learn and share information orally. Colombian missionaries have recently spent six weeks training believers from these communities to teach the basic truths of the gospel through 14 Bible stories. Now people can hear about God’s plan of salvation throughout the Bible in the best way.

     Everyone who participated in the training either became a believer or confirmed a decision made before, which they now understand better. Hallelujah! “Crave pure, spiritual milk, so that you may grow” (I Peter 2:2)

  • From Eden to Eternity Bible drama

    From Eden to Eternity Bible drama, UK: After the tour is over, pray for ongoing relationships with churches and individuals whose minds and hearts the Lord has touched. Pray for an enduring vision of what they have seen and heard (Acts 4:20), and a willingness to get involved in the long-term challenge of sharing it with those who do not have the Scriptures.

  • Teke translation progress

     Teke languages are spoken across a wide area in central Congo. Mark’s Gospel has just been produced in Southwest Teke. The translator is pressing on with Luke but progress is slow, since he is only available one day a week. Reinforcements are needed!

  • Raising funds for Trauma Healing

    Trauma workshops all need funds for accommodation, travel, materials and equipment. Some participants come from areas that have been devastated. A table tennis tournament at the Wycliffe Centre, UK, last November raised £204 for this purpose.

  • Trauma Healing in Nigeria

    Nigeria: Groups of Christian leaders have been trained in trauma healing over the last few years. There is an increasing need for training following the murder of pastors and other Christians, and the burning of churches and homes. Pray for good co-operation between organisations seeking to help.

  • Healing the wounds of the heart in the language of the heart

    Margaret Hill: “Wycliffe is involved in trauma healing around the world at the request of church leaders. There are many causes of trauma—war, criminal activity, natural disasters... The teaching materials follow good mental health principles within a biblical framework. We need wisdom in planning how to respond to the many needs.”

  • Deaf come to Christ

    During a conference for Bible translators in Colombia, two Deaf participants and an interpreter gave their lives to Christ! “He even makes the Deaf hear and the mute speak!” Matt 7:37

  • Deaf translators encouraged in Colombia

    Deaf Bible translators and potential translators from 13 Latin American countries were excited to meet and enjoy fellowship at a conference in Colombia. “This was a tipping point for Bible translation in the sign languages of Latin America,” says Geoffrey Hunt. “Let’s pray that they will continue to encourage one another, and not be overly influenced by the words and grammar of spoken languages.”

  • Voice actor for Scripture Radio Drama accepts the Lord!

    Mali: Radio Drama Team for the Jula people - Siriki Sekongo, Director: "We have recorded a new set of 30-minute dramatised stories from Genesis to Acts.  'Joseph', one of the actors we hired, was deeply touched by the love and forgiveness the real Joseph showed his brothers, so he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ!  He took copies of the 'Joseph' recordings and we pray that his family and friends listened to them.  May the Holy Spirit illuminate and direct him on the Way to the Truth and Life."


  • A great turning to Christ in Ghana

    Ghana: When the Chumburung Jesus Film was released, 2,600 people in 3 villages came to see it and 670+ believed! Pray that the 90+ people who have been trained will be faithful in discipling them, and in showing the film in the 41 other villages. Keir and Gillian Hansford write, “This is the greatest turning to Christ we have heard of in all the 33 years we have been associated with the translation programme.”

  • Opposition to Bible translation

    In Jesus' day, many hated Him. Accepting Him meant giving up a familiar way of life. It is the same today, in 2010. In places all over the globe, the coming of the Gospel through Bible translation is causing conflict with those who prefer traditional religions. In one location, Christians were beaten for not following non-Christian burial ceremonies. Some Bible translators who are also pastors have been robbed and ordered not to preach. Please pray for persecuted Bible translators, that the Lord will continue to give them courage and the protection they need to do His will.

  • Polygamy threatens continuation of project

    Cameroon: A mother-tongue translator who has worked diligently since 1994 has taken a second wife. The local translation association cannot expect to retain the support of the churches while employing a polygamist. Pray that God will work this out for good (Rom 8:28), and that it will not lead to recriminations and lawsuits, which could threaten the continuation of the translation project.

  • Breakthroughs in Brazil

    Brazil, Audrey Taylor: “Last year, drugs-related violence and killings in one Kaiwa community reached an all-time high. There was vandalism outside the church, and division within it. Brazilian missionaries were expelled from another Kaiwa village. But in a third village near the Paraguayan border, 23 young Kaiwa men were delivered from alcohol addiction and baptised.”

  • Sharing the Good News

    Twenty students from three ethnic groups participated in a Bible storying course in January. It was taught by Colombian missionaries in jungle and river communities. Each of the students either became a believer or confirmed decisions for Christ made before. The students translated and told Bible stories to local groups in their own languages. People understood the stories so well that they wanted to dramatize them. Ten people from three of the groups indicated they want to study in a Bible Institute. As Bible stories are shared in the local languages, pray that the message of the gospel will continue to be clearly communicated, sparking new interest in reading translated Scriptures.

  • Simbiti hunger for God's Word

    Praise God for this report from Pastor Waynse, Simbiti Bible translator: "To reach the Simbiti villages I must board a ferry. Once I arrived in the village, a large group of people gathered to hear the reading of the Word. As soon as we broke for morning tea, they immediately wanted to get their own copy. The scripture portions are selling for 400 shillings. The cost of morning tea was also 400 shillings. Everyone chose to buy the Scriptures and go hungry that morning rather than buy food. That's how strong their hunger for God's Word is."

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