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  • Scripture nearing completion

    MWAGHAVUL; Nigeria; 700,000. The Mwaghavul team is working toward their goal of completing the Old Testament in 2014. Ask the Holy Spirit to inspire the translators as they wrestle with difficult Old Testament words and key terms as they work. The team has had multiple opportunities to influence others recently; praise God that they can teach mother-tongue literacy classes in secondary schools and that they can help lead workshops to teach other teams about translation principles. Ask God to guard the health of the Mwaghavul translators and their families as they do His work.

  • Prayer teams needed

    Prayer is an essential part of a Bible translation program. When translators are commissioned by their church to serve in another part of the world, they are prayed for regularly by friends and supporters. Local translators, working in their home area and in their mother tongue, do not always have the same prayer support. This leaves them particularly vulnerable to spiritual attacks and discouragement.  Pray for committed prayer teams to support these translators in their ministry. 

  • Mbandja Bible almost there

    Goma Mabele has been the project leader of the Mbandja Bible translation project, now in its final stages, in western Democratic Republic of Congo.  The complete Bible is almost ready to be sent to the printers.  Pray that God would remove all the obstacles to the printing and distribution of this book.  Pray for Goma as he transitions from project leader to translation consultant.

  • Digital publishing for migrant communities

    Many people have migrated from their homelands for economic or security reasons, but they are still deeply interested in their culture and mother tongue. Digital publishing is the perfect way to ensure that speakers can connect with Scripture materials in their language wherever they happen to be in the world. Pray that those who are seeking God will find His Word online and will come to know Him through Christ.

  • Old Testament translation Team

    Pray for the translation team working on the Old Testament in the Minyanka language. The goal is for the local team to be working independently by 2016, so that they can go on to finish the whole Bible.

  • Minyanka Christians

    Pray for the Minyanka Christians of Mali, West Africa, as they read and use the New Testament in their language. Pray that they will grow closer to God.

Results 121 - 126 of 126
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