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  • Growing use of Bribri New Testament

    Praise God that people in the Bribri language community are using their New Testaments* in several different ways. Bribri speakers participate in listening and reading groups meeting in six homes. The husband of one woman attending such a group has now decided to join her in following the Lord. Pray for growth and faithfulness. The Bible Society of Costa Rica is encouraging use of the New Testaments in churches. Plans are underway to broadcast the New Testament audio version on a popular radio station. Pray that this increased exposure to God’s Word will bear lasting fruit.

    * The Bribri New Testament was dedicated in August 2007

  • Wycliffe Mission Camp

    Wycliffe Mission Camp: Hungary. This mission camp, July 5-11, is a one-week mobilizing program held every two years. It is for Hungarian Christians who are interested in foreign missions and would like to know more facts and possibilities. This year it will be held in a new location. About 30 participants are expected. Please pray for teamwork, unity and strength for the staff who come from different parts of Europe. Pray for more participants and a growing interest concerning Bible translation within the Hungarian Church. Pray for those who will come—for God’s leading in their lives.

  • Old Testament story players for oral learners*

    Old Testament story players for oral learners*: South America. Pray for workers taking solar-powered story players to people in several villages from now through mid-June. Most importantly, pray that through the Lord's help, there will be a good reception of the players. One of the recordings is the plan of salvation. Pray it will lead many to Christ, and that there will be enthusiasm for the Bible stories and hymns also recorded on the players. Some additional challenges are safety on roads that are not well maintained, good health and strength for long days of travel. Your prayers make a difference. Thank you.

    *Oral learners. Two thirds of all people in the world are oral communicators-- who can’t, don’t, or won’t learn through literate means… These four billion people in our world need a customized strategy delivered in a culturally appropriate manner in order for them to hear, understand, respond to the gospel, and reproduce disciples.


  • Khmer* believers

    Khmer* believers: Cambodia. Because of their strong religious beliefs, relatively few Khmer have turned to God. In recent years, however, tens of thousands of them have decided to follow Christ. Many Khmer refugees found Christ in refugee camps in Thailand in the 1980s and 1990s. Today approximately 100,000 Khmer people worldwide are Christians. Praise God for the JESUS Film, gospel recordings, Christian broadcasting and the Bible in their language. Pray especially for 55 percent of Khmer people who have heard the gospel but have not become Christians. Pray that Khmer believers will truly be salt, light and yeast to their people.

    *Approximately 12 million Khmer people live throughout the world today. They are the predominant ethnic group in the nation of Cambodia.



  • Land

    Land-locked community: Bhutan. More than 1,000 people belong to the Chali ethnic group. They live in eastern Bhutan, a Himalayan kingdom. Their language is different from all other Eastern Tibetan varieties spoken in the country. There are no known Christians among the Chali people. They adhere to another major world religion. Few have ever heard the gospel in a meaningful manner. Praise God for the plans He has for bringing them into His kingdom. Ask Him to provide whatever is necessary for them to hear His Word in understandable form, and put their trust in Him.

  • Bible workshops for women

    Bible workshops for women: Peru. Pray this month for the 2009 Quechua* Women of the Bible workshops. The Quechua administrative team trained teaching teams who will direct the series of workshops being held in five different locations. Teaching began on May 15. It is rainy season now, so travel may be difficult for the 35 teachers and 150 participants coming from villages to central locations. Pray for safety. Pray for each teaching team, especially for the new teachers. Ask that God will grant wisdom and work through them to bless the women in the study of His Word.

    *The name of the Quechua dialect is Quechua, Huamalíes-Dos de Mayo Huánuco.

  • Caquinte believers

    Caquinte believers: Peru. About 300 Caquinte people live along several rivers, including the Poyeni, Mayapo, and Picha. Caquintes use their mother tongue vigorously, and almost none can converse in Spanish.* The Caquinte New Testament has been completed, and was dedicated in July 2006. Some have come to faith in Jesus, but have had struggles in their Christian walk. Word came in during May that 17 people have returned to the Lord. Praise God for this. Pray that God will help them stand firm in their faith and that the translated Word of God will continue to transform them.



  • Ongoing Bible translation

    Ongoing Bible translation: Hawaii, USA. In the early 1800s, a young Hawaiian named Henry Opukaha'ia* began translating the Bible into his mother tongue. Though he did not live to see it, the first complete Bible was published in Hawaiian in 1839. Recently, a group of Hawaiian Christians have put several versions of the Hawaiian Bible on the Internet**. Also, Bible translation is underway for another uniquely Hawaiian language, Hawaii Pidgin. The New Testament ("Da Jesus Book") has sold over 60,000 copies, and the Old Testament ("Da Befo Jesus Book") is still being translated. Pray for Ryo Stanwood, Joe and Barbara Grimes, and many others who are involved in the translation and distribution of the Bible in Hawaii's languages.


    *His story is told in the Memoirs of Henry Obookiah.

    **You can access it at


  • Power of mother tongue recognized

    Power of mother tongue recognized: Panama. About 3,000 Wounaan people live in southeastern Panama. The people call themselves 'Wounaan'; their language is called 'Woun Meo'.* In Panama City, a Wounaan pastor preached to a Wounaan congregation in Spanish. He began to realize that the people only partially understood. So he began preaching in Woun Meo. The results were dramatic. Subsequently, the church board has decided to encourage the use of Woun Meo in all the local churches. Praise God for the increased comprehension. Pray that many more Wounaan will hear and receive the message of the Bible.


  • Youth mission congress

    Youth mission congress: Germany. From April 8-13, 4000 participants, mostly youth from across Europe, are expected at Mission-Net during the Easter holidays. Over 80 European mission organizations, including Wycliffe, will be present to share opportunities. Participants will learn what God is doing in the world and how they can participate. Ask the Lord to be at work in hearts and lives so that people will be drawn to the work that He has in mind for each one. Pray that many will be motivated to join the movement to bring the Word of God to every language that needs it.

  • Three missions work together

    Three missions work together: Colombia. Three missions, including the Colombian mission that directs the El Alfarero Bible Institute are working together to provide teaching and discipling in village locations of the Colombian Amazon region. They will teach through Bible storying**, media tools and personal testimony. They will visit some of the communities of the El Alfarero Bible Institute students, where students can minister in their own villages. Pray that God will keep the teams safe, united and filled with His wisdom. Pray that many will learn of Jesus and put their faith in Him.

    *International Mission Board,

    **Bible storying. For more information, see


  • Follow

    Follow-up on Keeping Bible translators hardy: United Kingdom. In early March, many prayed for Professor Andrew Walls' wife, Doreen. Andrew was not going to be able to give a seminar on Bible Translation and Scripture Use in Christian History unless Doreen's health improved. Sorry to say, she has not improved. Andrew is at her side as she is in the hospital. The planners of the March 16-20 event decided to invite a different speaker in the field of Christian history and Scripture use for each day. Continue to pray for Andrew and Doreen. And praise God for providing a good alternative plan for the seminar participants.

  • Scripture in film versions

    Scripture in film versions: sensitive location*. From March 23 through April 3, the films 'Magdalena'** and 'Acts' are being dubbed for use in languages here. The original JESUS Film continues to be produced in other languages throughout the region. Pray that the right voice actors can be found for the 'Magdalena' film and that organizational difficulties can be quickly resolved. Pray that once produced, these films can get to their intended audiences without delay. Pray for creative ways to distribute the films, if needed.


    *Giving more specific details could cause danger for the work being done or for the people involved.

    **'Magdalena'. The film 'Magdalena' uses a new perspective to tell the story of the JESUS Film. Through Mary Magdalene's eyes, this film portrays how Jesus values women by focusing on historical accounts of His interactions with them.

  • The Panao New Testament read

    The Panao New Testament read-through: Peru. Pray for 15 Panao Quechua people as they read through the New Testament in their language. The two main goals for the read-through are 1) to do a final check* of the translation and 2) to help those participating to become more competent readers of their own language. The read-through is expected to take about two more months, March and April. They have completed the four Gospels and Acts. They are currently (early March) reading through Romans. Pray for the team during this intense time of final review.

    *A New Testament translation may take several years with a variety of workers creating or editing the draft. Before publication can be approved, the translation team must check for consistency in many matters, from spelling of words and Biblical names to the use of the same phraseology for each key theological term to a check against the same event described in the other gospels.


  • Keeping Bible translators hardy

    Keeping Bible translators hardy: Wycliffe, United Kingdom. The European Training Programme is hosting a return visit from Professor Andrew Walls. He will be giving a week of lectures, March 16-20, which will complete the series he started two years ago on the topic of Bible Translation and Scripture Use in Christian History. The person organizing the event writes, "The lectures are gold for those of us working in Scripture Use and Bible translation." Participants will be strengthened as they have their horizons expanded.* About 30 people are expected to participate. Please pray urgently for Mrs. Walls' health.**

    *Christian workers have chosen a life that does not emphasize high salaries or material comforts. They greatly benefit from events like this where they can be built up spiritually and so continue to persevere.

    **The event was almost canceled as she worsened. Now she has made a slight improvement.


  • Finalizing the Akawaio New Testament

    Finalizing the Akawaio New Testament: Guyana. The Akawaio translation team will do a final read-through of the Akawaio New Testament in May. Adviser Ray Stegeman will work on the New Testament's glossary, illustrations, maps and cross-checking of parallel passages in the Gospels to make sure they are consistent with one another. He will also edit the audio recordings of John's Gospel, Acts and Revelation. Pray for wisdom, good health and God's blessing on the team as they do the final read-through of the New Testament. Pray that God's Word will impact many Akawaio for His glory.

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