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  • Translating with immigrant community in the UK

    Mike and Joan are facilitating a translation project in the T* community in the UK and hope to complete the first draft of Luke this year. They need to find some good reviewers, and others willing to listen to audio recordings and give feedback on comprehensibility.

    *T (pseudonym) one of the largest immigrant communities in the UK

  • Resources To Finish The Race

    Please pray for funding and for translators for the Mboshi project so that the good work which has already been done in the Mboshi language will continue and produce the planned New Testament and Psalms.

  • Keeping Their Word

    Various Vili leaders have made commitments to the Vili Bible translation project. Please pray that they follow through on their commitments so that the translation continues to move forward.

  • Literacy and Scripture Impact Teams

    Pray for the literacy and Scripture impact teams (all made up of local mother tongue speakers) in the various languages where Bible translation is taking place. They are constantly involved in mobilizing and training the community and church to engage God’s Word through Bible study, Sunday Schools, AIDS seminars, music, and literacy classes. Pray for their stamina and safety as they walk, cycle and motorbike to the corners of their language area. The roads are bad -- dusty, rocky and muddy depending on the weather. The miles are long. There have been 3 minor motorbike accidents in 2 years. Thank God for the many lives and marriages being changed for eternity from these efforts. Pray for daily encouragement and personal spiritual growth of each Scripture Impact worker.  

  • Start of New Cluster Language Project

    Praise God for the 16 church leaders and representatives who recently met together with Wycliffe and SIL in Mpanda, south west Tanzania, to agree on starting language development and Bible translation for the Bende, Tongwe, Pimbwe and Rungwa language groups. The new cluster project (Katavi Cluster) aims to produce two translations, one to serve Bende and Tongwe, and the other to serve Pimbwe and Rungwa. Pray for ongoing partnership development with the churches in the area and for the new SIL teams that will be allocating to Mpanda town in 2011.

  • Unity and Cooperation Among the Bible Agencies and Churches

    Praise God for the Bible agencies (Bible Society of Tanzania, Pioneer Bible Translators, Word for the World, and SIL) working to see Scriptures translated and accessible to the 124 language communities in Tanzania. Praise God for the church leaders who endorse and support the use of local languages in reaching the hearts of members of their communities. Pray that God will raise up even more church leaders with this vision. Pray too that God will continue to build unity and cooperation among the Bible agencies and churches to see individuals and churches growing in their faith through accessible and understandable Scriptures.

  • City churches support rural areas in Congo

    Republic of Congo, Ruth Rahary: “A delegation from our Brazzaville church recently visited a Teke village to encourage the church there and to baptise 25 new believers! They also gave a motorbike to the Teke evangelist, who lives 25 miles away and often has to walk. Pray that more large city churches will support struggling rural ones. (2 Cor 8:13)

  • UK Youth visit language project in Togo

    UK: A WYnet* team visited Togo in July to encourage the Bassar language team and the local churches, and to help where they could. In return, they had many enriching experiences and discovered more about themselves, and about other people, and about God in very different situations. Pray for lasting benefit to these young people, the language project, the church and the community.

    *Wycliffe Youth Network (

  • Bible drama raises funds for Koro languages

    UK: From Eden To Eternity turned the spotlight on 350 million people who do not have the Bible in their language, and donations were received towards Bible translation in four Koro languages in Nigeria. More translators need to be found and trained, and a consultant needs to find time to check a trial edition of Luke in one language before it can be printed.

  • Preparing for Bible Translation

    On September 25, the first Kamuku Bible translation information meeting for Christians was held. Ninety people came from all corners of Kamukuland, representing almost every church denomination in the area. Organizers write, "We got people to try oral Bible translation in order to find people who enjoyed the challenge and might want to join an initial translation team." A plan was established to translate and produce a recording of the Christmas story from Luke for distribution by Christmas.  Pray for all those who will be working on this new project; the first training session was on October 9.

  • Galatians printed in Romani language

    UK: While on home leave from Romania, David and Sari Gardner are continuing to work on OT translation into Romani (Gypsy) languages. Galatians was printed in June; pray that Roma people will read about God's grace and enjoy the freedom it brings.

  • Kenyang New Testament Dedication

    The Kenyang New Testament will be dedicated on December 19, 2010. Pray that the copies of the Scriptures will arrive on time from the printer in Korea. Pray that the community will be well mobilized and come out in large numbers to celebrate the arrival of God’s Word in their language. Pray that the churches will be ready to use the translated Scriptures and that the Word would penetrate people’s hearts and transform their lives and community.

  • Denya New Testament Dedication

    The Denya New Testament dedication is scheduled for December 18, 2010. Pray for the Interchurch Committee (ICC) as they mobilize the community to come together for this day of celebration. Pray that churches and local Christians will do what they have promised for the dedication. Pray that many people will buy copies of the Scriptures and that their lives will be transformed after reading them.

  • Translation Starts Among the Guidar

    Please intercede for the Guidar Old Testament translation team in northern Cameroon as they plan to start translation soon.  Pray for God's grace on the relationship between the committee and translation team so that they may be able to work well together, especially as there is a history of some strong independent personalities.

  • Getting the word out to the Chatino

    For 40 years, Leslie and Kitty Pride helped to get the word out to the Chatino people of Mexico in a form they could understand. The NT in two Chatino languages has been published and churches are growing, founded on an understanding of God’s word. Their labour was not in vain! (I Cor 15:58) On 12 July Kitty went to be with the Lord. May God comfort and bless Leslie, and encourage and inspire the Chatino translators working on the OT.

  • UK church partnering in Bible translation

    In European cities, African forests, Asian mountains and Pacific islands, UK members are training translators, analysing languages, keeping financial accounts, publishing Scripture, managing literacy programmes… May God keep prodding Wycliffe and UK churches to join forces and proclaim his greatness everywhere, until Jesus returns (Matt 24:14) and every knee bows before him! (Isa 45:24)

  • UK recruitment

    Mark Woodward, Recruitment Co-ordinator: “We are always looking for people with vision, faith and commitment to fill the 3,000 current vacancies in the UK and overseas. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send the workers with the right qualities, skills and attitudes.” (

  • New Testament Dediction scheduled for January

    Please pray for the Mbuko New Testament dedication planned for January 2011. Pray that this will not be seen as the end of a process but rather the beginning of a closer relationship with God for the Mbuko, made possible by his provision of the Scriptures in their own language. Pray that the New Testament will be read and change lives. Pray also for the practical details, including that the New Testaments and all the guests and dignitaries will arrive safely in the Mbuko area.  Pray that the ceremony will be honoring to God.

  • Conference guests at the UK headquarters

    Praise God for a wonderful site for our UK headquarters, for training people to work on language projects overseas, for temporary accommodation, and for Christian conferences. May God bless the conference guests during their time here (this weekend: SCC Mandarin Church, London.) 

  • Church involvement in the UK

    Of the 48,000 churches in the UK, we only have links with 3,000. Bible translation, like the gospel, is one of the best-kept secrets in the world. This is not good news! More good communicators are needed to raise awareness of the enormous spiritual needs of 2,000 – 3,000 language groups without the Scriptures.

  • Supporting those raising their own financial support

    Too few financial supporters may be due to a lack of awareness or to poor communication. Johanna Pillinger’s role is to advise colleagues how to involve financial supporters. The Pillingers are planning to return to South Africa next year. Someone with similar enthusiasm is needed to replace her.

  • The blessing of the gospel in Romania

    Romania: If a Gabor Roma man wants to stop drinking he must go to the priest and swear over the cross, something like: “A hundred curses be on my family—may they be run over by a truck—if I drink alcohol again!” Sadly, such curses have come true. Confusion arises from the word used for curse (“vandjelie”), which is similar to “evanghelie” (gospel). Pray that the translators will find ways to communicate the blessing of the gospel!

  • Final review of the Rapa Nui New Testament

    Thank God for the well-trained and experienced team working on the final review of the Rapa Nui New Testament. Pray for good health, concentration, wisdom, harmony, freedom from discouragement and weariness, and for perseverance to complete the work well. Pray for the team members to be personally touched by the Word as they work. May there be spiritual understanding, conviction, faith to believe, spiritual growth and boldness to witness. Ask God to provide all that is needed to keep the team working.

  • Translating into Dutch Sign Language

    A group of Deaf and hearing people met at the end of June to begin the process of translating the Bible into Dutch Sign Language. There are 28,000 Deaf in the Netherlands and 400,000 hard of hearing. Pray that capable translators will be identified, trained and adequately supported. “Pray that I will proclaim this message as clearly, as I should.” (Col 4:4)

  • Translating Linguistic publications

    Wycliffe Associates UK* There is a constant demand for the translation of linguistic publications, especially into Russian and French. Fifty people are currently helping with this, and the growing interest in Bible translation in eastern Europe may increase the scope of this service.

    *Wycliffe Associates UK is a network of 1,300 volunteers in the UK who use their skills and experience to support Bible translation worldwide. Their motto is “working here, helping there!” WA was formed in the UK in 1989.

  • Analysing language in Senegal

    Wycliffe Russia: After a few months visiting home in Russia Lena will return to Senegal, where she will continue analysing the Gusilay language, as a first step towards producing a tentative alphabet. Because of security concerns, she has been working mainly with Gusilay speakers outside the homeland. However, involving the community is vital in order to produce a workable alphabet acceptable to all. Let’s pray for stability in this troubled region.

  • Translation needs in the Russian Federation

    The Bible was translated into Old Church Slavonic 1000+ years ago, and updated into more modern Russian in 1821. However, God’s word is still not available in many of the other 100 languages in the Russian Federation. Pray that every language group will have the same privilege of hearing God speak to them in the language they think, decide and dream in.

  • Mobilising UK supporters

    UK: Eight people are applying to work with Wycliffe long-term! Seven young people are in Togo—Wycliffe Youth Network’s fifth visit to help the Bassar language team and to learn from them. ( Several people are expected for the introductory WOW course (Window On Wycliffe) next week, and six people of all ages are preparing for short-term assignments overseas.

  • Speedy production of Jesus Film script in Guyanese

    Guyana: Translating the Jesus Film usually takes three years. In March, however, several Guyanese speakers watched the Islander English Creole version and recorded an audio script, which a consultant checked for accuracy—all in three weeks! Staff at the national broadcasting station are very excited. They have made a studio available for the dramatised recording and are helping to find sponsors.

  • Translation consultants

    Pray for the experienced translators who have agreed to take on the additional role of translation consultant. They receive special training and mentoring so they can check* the translations of other translators. Usually this means that their work on their own translation project slows down while they check Scripture translations for other language groups. Pray for those in training to be consultants. And pray for a good balance of work time for those who have added this additional role.

    *Consultant Check. A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

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