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  • Ebola outbreak, Part 1

    The Ebola virus in West Africa is spreading rapidly and has claimed more than 4,000 lives in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Pray for the World Health Organization and the governments of ebola-affected countries as they work with drug companies, funding agencies and other organizations to fast track the testing, production and distribution of vaccines. Pray that this outbreak will be contained immediately. Pray also for our Wycliffe personnel who are serving in these countries. Pray that they will not be overcome by fear. Ask for God’s protection for them, their team members, their families and the various communities that they serve.

  • A Church releases resources

    Partnerships with churches are very important in the Bible translation movement. Capitol City Baptist Church (CCBC) has partnered with Wycliffe Philippines in deploying one of their key members to serve in Mainland South East Asia. Praise the Lord that CCBC is participating with God in his mission by releasing resources for the transformation of communities who do not yet have God’s Word in their heart language. Pray for God’s protection and provisions for the new worker as he settles in a new environment. Pray that he will adjust smoothly to the new culture. Ask the Lord to lead him to the right people as he makes initial contacts with those whom he will serve.

  • International migrants

    There are now around one billion international migrants around the world. This figure includes the 700 million individuals who are displaced by war, persecution or economic hardships. Pray that many of these migrants will come to know the Lord in their host countries and that they will grow in their faith. Pray that as a result, many of them will respond to the call to return to their home countries to become Christ’s witnesses to disciple their own people. Pray for those who are now successful and stable, that they will remember to support significant projects back home, including Bible translation and community development projects.

  • Strength for families

    Many Wycliffe personnel travel regularly to attend workshops, conferences and consultations for days or weeks at a time. Even when a translation project is in its final stages, language workers have to spend long hours at work for typesetting and proofreading. Give thanks for the dedication of their spouses, loved ones and caregivers who manage their homes and their children during those times when they are away. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen their spouses each day as they recognize that what they are doing is equally important for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

  • Open to the Word of God

    Praise God that the Bamu people living along the Gama River have become very open to the Word of God. When the Lord led a Christian couple to visit them recently, Bamus from different villages gathered together and listened intently as the couple shared insights from the Bamu Scriptures. Several people made commitments to God. Many of them brought copies of the Scriptures back to their villages. Pray that the Bamus continue to  study God’s Word in groups and that churches will be established in every village. Pray also for the recording of the JESUS Film in Bamu to begin soon.

  • Progress and breakthrough

    A language community of 100,000 people in Chad has been very resistant to the gospel. Over the past 50 years, only portions of Scriptures have been translated in paraphrase form. Praise God there are now five believers who recently began to meet for worship once a month. Groups are now working together to serve this community in various ways, which include the construction of schools and water wells. Pray that the five believers will grow deeper in their faith in Christ. Pray also for the Christian family who is living among this people group that they will powerfully reflect God’s love in their word and actions.

  • Advocacy for multilingual education

    As the interest in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) increases in Tanzania among non-government organizations and government institutions, we see opportunities for SIL to raise the importance of a child learning first in the language they know best. Pray for strategic opportunities for our staff involved in advocacy to promote mother tongue-based multilingual education (MLE) with those who influence government policy and practice. Pray too for critical needs we have in the area of MLE and literacy specialists. Our desire is to build capacity in this area so that we can be in a position to respond with technical expertise as more opportunities arise in the area of ECCE and mother tongue-based MLE.

  • Producing digital and non

    Praise God for opportunities to use digital and non-print media to promote Ugandan and Tanzanian languages and to bring the Good News to communities in their own language and in accessible media. Pray for ongoing work in producing the "JESUS film" in a number of languages in Uganda and Tanzania. Pray too that the 14 local language websites produced in the past year will attract a lot of interest from speakers of those languages and that good progress will be made for additional language websites under construction.

  • New Testaments completed in four languages

    Praise God for the completion of translation of the New Testament into four Ugandan languages: Lubwisi, Lugungu, Lugwere and Lunyole. Pray for the translation teams as they work on the final checking of the Scriptures prior to publication. Pray, too, for the Scripture engagement teams as they work with churches and others in the community to prepare them for receiving the completed New Testament in their languages.

  • New translations starting

    Thank God for new personnel preparing for work in a country of Southeast Asia. One translation team is just starting and teams for two additional projects are preparing to start. Ask God to give strength and determination to those learning new languages. Pray for the local translators and literacy workers as they develop the skills needed to work in these projects. Pray for good relationships to be established so that God's work can proceed smoothly.

  • First book completed

    Praise God that the first book of the New Testament is completed for a language of Southeast Asia. The book of Mark has been checked by a consultant* and can be distributed to those wanting to read it. Pray for the work going on in this remote language community where there have been challenges in providing literacy instruction. Ask God to open the way for this work and to protect the team working with the people to make the Scriptures available.

    * Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • The final read

    Praise God for the work that consultant* Doug and typesetter** Phil have been able to achieve while at the JAARS Center in North Carolina. After completing many computer-based checks the draft layout of the Logo New Testament has been created. This will now be read through one final time by the members of the team before the creation of the final layout scheduled for January 2015. In October, with the translating having finished, Aguma, Adara and Madrakele and their families travelled back to the Logo homeland. Pray that they will be able to settle well and set up communications quickly to be able to receive and read through the final draft New Testament.

    * A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

    ** A typesetter works with specialist software to perform the final editorial checks, complete a draft New Testament layout and then lay out the final text together with pictures and the book’s front and back pages which includes the glossary, copyright page and maps.

  • Growing in knowledge to the glory of God

    On November 15 project manager Kama and Freddy, the director of the partner organization CITBA* in Isiro, will defend their Master’s degree dissertations at West Africa Alliance Seminary (FATEAC) in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Please pray for them as they prepare for their defense, make their presentations, and travel from the DRC to West Africa and back. In late October Kama’s baby daughter passed away. Please pray that the God of all compassion will comfort him, his wife, and their older children during this painful time of profound grief and that He will watch over the family while Kama is away.

    * The regional centre for Bible translation and literacy

  • Managing multiple responsibilities

    Many staff in SIL Eastern Congo Group have multiple roles; one such person is Douglas who lives in Bunia, DRCongo. As a language consultant he is thankful for insights gained at a recent workshop, while as a team leader and security officer he is growing in management experience. Besides these roles Douglas is helping other staff with cashbox administration procedures and preparing to teach a course on language development to Bible translation students at the University of Shalom, Bunia. Praise God with Douglas for all that he is enjoying learning and pray that God would uphold staff who have so many tasks competing for their time.

  • Developing culturally appropriate media

    John thanks God for the three-month training in vernacular media* production he has been receiving at the JAARS Center in North Carolina. Pray that John will finish this course well and have mastered all the necessary skills. Pray for his whole family as they prepare to move back to Isiro, eastern DRCongo in April 2015.

    * A vernacular media specialist works alongside translation teams to help develop culturally appropriate media in the everyday language of people groups around the world.

  • Raising awareness of the need for God’s Word in the language of one’s heart

    On Tuesday 18 November Bagamba will attend the general assembly of CECA-20, part of the Africa Inland Church. Bagamba will be speaking to the assembly about Bible translation. Pray that there may be an ardent response to his presentation.

    Pray also for Bagamba’s wife Banage whose eyesight is deteriorating. Pray that the Lord would prevent further deterioration, provide healing and open the door to her seeing a specialist in the neighboring country of Uganda soon.

  • Home is where the heart is

    Pray for Morgan, a missionary from Canada, who after completing Lingala language learning has now relocated to Isiro, DRCongo. The house where he is staying needs many repairs to the interior and exterior such as installing an electrical system, rain gutters, plumbing, finding furniture and building an outdoor sitting hut where he can meet visitors. Pray that he may have wisdom as he plans, searches for skilled workers and negotiates costs.

  • New Wycliffe Organization

    The formation of a new Wycliffe Organisation in Ethiopia has been ongoing for the last few months. It is proposed that it will be called "Wycliffe Ethiopia". Praise the Lord that the process is almost complete. Praise the Lord also for the Ethiopian Church which has supported the formation of the organisation. Pray for the new Board members as they work out the final registration stages. Pray, too, that the Board Chair will lead the organisation with great wisdom and humility. Pray that Wycliffe Ethiopia will form Kingdom partnerships with like-minded organisations and also that their partnership with SIL Ethiopia will be strong to the Glory of God.

  • Literacy work

    BTL runs literacy programmes in twelve Counties in Kenya. In the past, BTL published mother tongue education books for primary school pupils in these Counties. Pray that BTL staff can forge partnerships with the County governments to ensure that these governments take ownership of the literacy programmes. Pray that they will get involved in publishing the teaching and learning materials as well as implementing mother tongue education programs in the target communities.

  • Old Testament translation nearing completion

    The Giryama language community has had a New Testament since 2004*. The church uses the Scriptures extensively and continues to pray and to give time and resources for the translation of the Old Testament. Drafting of the Old Testament is almost complete. It is the prayer of Bible Translation and Literacy of East Africa (BTL) that God will provide all the funds to bring this translation to completion. Pray that the translation will be completed within the agreed upon time. Pray that the translators will work with good speed and accuracy, and without any interruptions. Pray, too, for their health and strength as they work to complete the translation.

    *Read the article One last wish about the Giryama translation.

  • New Wycliffe Togo Director

    Wycliffe Togo has a new Director, Antonin Azoti. Antonin serves with Wycliffe Togo and also worked with SIL Togo-Benin. Pray for God's grace, guidance, wisdom and strength as he takes on the leadership of the organisation. Pray that he and his team will lead Wycliffe Togo in carrying out the ministry of Bible translation in Togo to the Glory of God.

  • Thanksgiving for the Daasanach New Testament

    In September, the Daasanach language community launched the New Testament after many years of translation. Daasanach is spoken by people living in northwest Kenya and southwest Ethiopia. A resilient people group, the Daasanach live under very harsh climatic and socioeconomic circumstances. Pray for the growth of the church in this region. Some of the people still practice the traditional religion. Pray that God’s Word will minister to them and convict them of His love for them and the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Peace in volatile areas

    Recently, Kenya experienced acts of terrorism and violence in a number of regions in which Bible Translation and Literacy of East Africa (BTL) runs translation and literacy programmes. These incidents of insecurity caused immense loss and grief in the affected communities. There has also been a lot of disruption to the activities of the BTL programmes, as staff had to be evacuated to safer towns. Pray for peace and stability in the Horn of Africa. Kenya is a socio-economic hub in the region and also hosts refugees from war torn-countries in the region, including Somalia and South Sudan. This places the country in a vulnerable position. Pray, too, for the security and safety of BTL staff who live and work in insecure areas.

  • Baegu literacy programme

    Literacy specialist, Karen Hopping, recently attended a conference for churches in the Baegu speaking area of Malaita, to present a Baegu Bible-based literacy programme to church leaders. There is keen interest in the programme and leaders are making plans for a teacher training workshop next year for the women. Pray for the church leaders as they make preparations for the training and that Baegu speaking people will learn to read and write in their own language. Give praise that Bible translation work is progressing in the Baegu language and the New Testament is nearing completion.

  • Audio Christmas stories

    A two-week workshop to train Solomon Islanders in how to produce and edit audio recordings of Scripture will be held in November. Pray the participants will quickly be able to understand the process and gain confidence in recording. During the workshop, the Christmas story will be recorded  in eight different languages. The participants plan to make the recordings available on mobile phones and other devices. Pray that local radio stations will broadcast the Christmas story recordings in the various language areas.

  • Kala receive Mark 1

    Pray that many more Kala people will hunger for God's Word and get involved in the translation project. At a recent workshop, 15 Kala people came, including representatives from every Kala village -- a big increase from three at the first workshop. They took away 225 copies of Mark 1-3 to read with the folk back home. Pray that this taste will make Kala people hungry for more. The Laugui Kala team would like to build a translation office. Pray that people in the village will give of their time and money for this project.

  • New teams needed

    The leadership team for Bible translation work in Vanuatu is working to develop a strategic plan for the next three years. Pray for wisdom as they identify God's priorities for the coming years. One key need they have identified is for 60 additional translation advisors for language development and translation projects in the country. Ask God to send laborers into His harvest (Luke 10:2) so that these language communities will have the support they need to do Bible translation.

  • New Scriptures printed

    Praise God for the recent New Ireland Translation Institute session. The Fanamaket, Kandas, Label, Nalik and Notsi-Madak language teams now have newly printed Scripture portions to share in their communities, and Sokarek (a dialect of Patpatar) now has the whole New Testament printed. Pray that these books will be distributed and read, and that God's Word will speak to the people as they read it in their own language.

  • Joy in Jesus

    Praise God for a successful pastors' workshop in the North Fly District of Western Province. At the graduation ceremony, one couple dressed in full initiation regalia, expressing joy in what Jesus has done for us. Many songs were sung that were composed for the workshop. It is exciting to see God's Word moving deep into the local culture.

  • Narak translation in preparation

    Pray for health and wisdom for the two ladies, Pat and Joan, who are preparing the Narak New Testament files for web publishing and distribution. They are also working on the Narak/English dictionary. Praise God that the work on the dictionary helps the New Testament, and vice versa. Narak is spoken by about 6500 people.

Results 31 - 60 of 1015
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