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  • Media Consultation

    The Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation will be held in the Netherlands, April 13-16. Around 400 people from 135 organizations will participate. Pray for the Lord's blessing and favor for 40 participants needing visas to travel to the Netherlands. Pray for safe travel. Ask God to speak to and encourage the participants and that this event and those leading it will glorify God. Pray that all attending will put their new knowledge into action after they return home.

  • Funding changes

    SIL Eurasia Area needs to significantly adjust how projects are designed and submitted for funding because of recent changes made by the primary funding partner. Please pray for God to provide the time, energy, direction and wisdom required to make these adjustments.  

  • Considering relocation

    The SIL Eurasia Area director and his wife thank the Lord for their renewed resident permits and house lease in Kenya. These give them more time to decide on the best location from which to serve. Please pray for clarity as they consider relocation options. One consideration is the need for safe and direct travel routes. Another is assisting with the needs of an aging parent. 

  • Changing lives through the Kifuliiru Scriptures

    The Kifuliiru team praise God that they have the New Testament which has been feeding the Bafuliiru since 2000. “Many are already saved through the Word of God transmitted in the language of the heart. Especially our old people who do not understand other languages. We have young men doing open-air and one-to-one evangelism producing similar results. Our choirs everywhere sing Fuliiru hymns. Our language was endangered and being gobbled up by Swahili and French. Now it has life. Praise God!”

     Pray with the team as they approach the end of translating the Old Testament, that one day soon they will have the completed Bible in their hands.

  • Moving house at a busy time

    Pray for the family who have to move during a very busy work time. They will need to re-arrange their schedule to fit moving around some other activities. They will also need to apply for a new visa from their local sponsor and to receive it in time to attend a large regional conference. In addition, they need funds to pay for the move and for schooling for their children at the new location. Ask God to provide wisdom as they schedule the various events, and for funds to enable them.

  • Culture studies

    Pray for a busy team in Asia who are sponsored by a local cultural association. They are working on finishing two book projects, one on folktales and the other on local religious practices. In addition, they are working on a phonology paper to present at a conference in March. They also work with a team of mother tongue translators on translation. Ask God for wisdom as they balance all these aspects of their work.

  • Encouragement

    Pray for the translator in a South Asian language community. She is waiting for a new visa for the country where she works. A team leader will be visiting her for encouragement in May: pray that her visa request is granted, and that she can travel safely. This is a project nearing completion, so the the translator is under a lot of pressure. Pray for grace and peace during this difficult time.

  • Literacy program needed

    The largest church for one language community is outside the homeland of the language group. These people learn the national language of their new country at school, and do not learn to read or write their mother tongue. Pray fo those seeking to begin a literacy program for these expatriates. The right time and place will need to be found, and literacy booklets and materials provided. Ask God to use the translated Scriptures in their language to strengthen them as they read. Pray that they, in turn, can reach others in their community with the Good News.

  • Bible translation and church growth

    In many places in the world, the beginnings of a church have resulted from Bible translation. We rejoice in this. In contrast, some places in Asia are proving very difficult places to translate Scripture because there are few believers who are scattered, and no local church has grown up. Those of the majority faith believe the Christians are against them. Pray for God to bring believers togther into worshiping local communities, as is modeled in the Scriptures. And pray for these small churches to aid in facilitating Bible translation.

  • Pure lives demonstrate Christ

    Praise God for the interest that others have when they see the difference in the lives of Christians around them. One team is working in a remote area, where the few believers really stand out by their integrity, honesty and purity. This compares with the muddle and corruption in the majority community. But the inquirers often do not understand Christ and His sacrifice, interpreting it within their own religious tradition. Pray for a move of the Holy Spirit to bring understanding and conviction. Only God can truly bring light to these people.

  • Working on an orthography

    Thank God for the team working to prepare an orthography (writing system) for the S. language. A rough draft has been created that will be refined by community testing and other means. Thank God, too, for the language teacher that has been involved in the process. Although she had just an elementary education, she was pleased with the work on writing her language, and continues to work on this. Her efforts to write have already provided some helpful input for the team. Pray for this team that is working on Bible stories first, to know when to introduce written material.

  • Cyclone Pam

    Pray for the people of Vanuatu, dealing with Cyclone Pam, a category 5 storm in mid-March. Many people have taken shelter in the strongest buildings on the islands. Extensive clean-up will be required after the storm has passed. Ask God to spare lives and to help authorities get in touch with remote villages quickly after the worst winds have gone. Pray for a quick response by those able to help restore power and communications and provide temporary relief supplies to those needing them.

  • Translators Training Course

    Pray for the Translator's Training Course (TTC) in Ukarumpa beginning in late April. This is a four-module course that provides training in translation principles, Bible background, study skills and language discovery. Participants attend as a team representing their language. Pray for the teams from the Waima, Nara and Gabadi languages preparing to attend. Also pray for preparations for the next TTC planned for the Kokopo Regional Center in June and July. Several translation teams are raising funds to participate.

  • Huon Gulf Cluster Project

    Pray for the translation teams that are part of the Huon Gulf Cluster Project. One team was encouraged when they used Langui Kala Scripture in church for the first time on January 11. One of them also preached in Kala. Many attendees said the meaning was much clearer to them than when they hear it in the trade language. Pray for this team as they continue to draft Scripture in preparation for a Cluster workshop in late April. And pray for the other teams completing assignments before the workshop.

  • Scripture recordings

    Thank God for the Scripture recording teams working in Papua New Guinea. Pray for two groups that will be doing recording in late April. The dialogue track of the JESUS film will be recorded in the Mapos Buang language in Lae. And Scripture will be recorded in the Pouye language in Ukarumpa. Pray for good health, strong voices and no equipment problems for these recordings.

  • Need for translation advisors

    Several language communities in Papua New Guinea would like to begin translation, but there are not enough translation advisors to meet the demand. Pray for a translation advisor team for to work with Wampar translators, part of the Markham Valley Multi-language Project. The Wampar people are eager for translation and revision to begin.

  • New Ireland Translation Institute

    The next New Ireland Translation Institute session runs from mid-April through early May. Pray for good progress in translation and for everyone to remain healthy through the course. This course provides information for translators verse by verse which enables each team to prepare a draft during the program. There are 11 languages in this cluster program.

  • Mandara Scripture use

    The Mandara Old Testament translation team has lacked leadership since the previous chairman passed away in 2013. Pray for unity and strength to move the work forward. Pray for the plans to record the Mandara New Testament. Ask God for the right timing and good readers to come forward for this. Pray that the Mandara people will actively use the Mandara New Testament in their churches and homes.

  • Yamap Scripture readings

    Many churches in the 25 Yamap villages take their Sunday Scripture readings from the church calendar. For the first time ever, there is now a booklet of the Sunday Gospel readings in Yamap. Pray that many people will be spiritually touched by hearing God's Word in their own language at their services and in their homes. An Alphabet Design Workshop will be held in Yamap in early April. Pray this will help Yamap people feel good about the way their language is written.

  • Sepik Bible storytelling

    Thank the Lord for the way the Oral Bible Storying is impacting language communities in a powerful way as this approach is used to share the Word of God. Ten language groups from East Sepik and Sandaun provinces completed their most recent Oral Bible Storytelling workshops in February. Pray for courage for them to go back and share the new stories in their communities. Pray that the stories shared would impact the lives of those telling the stories as well as those hearing the stories.

  • Gusan interest in translation

    Praise God that when members of the Finongan translation team visited the Gusan language community, they had good conversations with Gusan people about how their language could be included in the West Erap Languages translation programme. The Gusan immediately started to develop a language-wide alphabet and began writing vernacular stories. Pray for this community to maintain their enthusiasm as they get further involved and choose a translation team.

  • Kapin using Scripture

    Praise God that six more copies of the Kapin Genesis/Exodus Scripture portion were sold in January and February. Pray that more people will buy and learn to read it. Many people find reading Kapin hard; pray that God would help them. At a January workshop one of the topics presented was 'disciple': the Kapin translators decided to use a different term that is clearer than what they had been using. Pray for the translation team as they draft Revelation and polish their drafts of Mark and Luke.

  • Bamu drafting Romans and John

    Pray for Bamu translators Adau Kaniwa and Domai Gaida as they draft the challenging books of Romans and John. Pray that they will know God’s leading in balancing their translation work and the increasing requests they have to teach and preach in the district.

  • Misima Cluster progress

    Pray for the Misima translation team (translating 1 and 2 Kings) and the Rifao team (translating Colossians) to organize their work sessions together. The translation facilitator for these groups, Bill Callister, is currently in Australia, reconnecting with churches and friends. Pray that their internet connections work well, so that they can send the drafted material and corrections to him for review.

  • Finongan translation progress

    Pray for Bape Miring, Mandick Naun and the other team members working on the Finongan translation. January and February saw good progress on drafting Luke and the dictionary for the language. Pray for Mandick as he develops skills on the computer and in doing a back translation*. The translation facilitators for this team, Chris and Amy Rice have recently been named as Regional Directors for work in the Northeast region for SIL-PNG. Pray for wisdom for them as they balance their workload to include both aspects of work.

    *A back-translation is the result of translating drafts of vernacular scripture back into a language that the translation consultant understands and can use to check for omitted or extraneous material, or possible misconceptions.

  • Online teacher orientation course

    Children’s Care and Education (formerly iCHED) is facilitating an online teacher orientation through March 31. This training prepares the teachers for educating students and working with their families while they live outside of their passport country. Those taking the orientation learn about the characteristics of TCKs (Third culture kids), handling crises and trauma with students in mind, worldview, teaching in a multi-cultural/other-country setting, and personal care. Please pray for the participants and those facilitating this important training.

  • Building teams and vision

    Pray for the SIL-PNG members as they meet in late March for their biennial conference, that they renew their commitment to God's leading. Ask for encouragement to come from Min Young Jung, Asia-Pacific Director of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, for a sense of unity about future direction, and wise election of the next Executive Committee. There are two sets of meetings in the weeks before: pray for those meeting to learn about partnerships and sharing the results of work, and for the regional team meetings to build vision for each region.

  • Translation checking increased

    Thank you for praying for more translation consultant time to be available for translation checking* in languages of PNG. Many successful checks were completed in January and February. Pray for the check of Revelation planned for the Gumuwana language in April. In addition, checks for teams in the VITAL program will be held for the Iamelele, Iduna, Topura, Maiadomu, Are and Wedau languages. Other teams planning checks in March and April include Ura, Doromu-Koki, Baruga, Menya, Pouye, and Enga. This represents a huge increase over last year.

    *Consultant Check: A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Translators needed

    Pray for the language communities that have no Scripture at all and no one working to bring them Scripture. These include the Aimele, Setaman. Bogaya, Ari and Waruna language communities of the Western Province. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers from within and outside of Papua New Guinea to address the spiritual need of these communities. Altogether there are well over 200 language groups still needing Bible translation in this country.

  • New interest through video

    A project team has released a video in the project language that has so far been well received. Some of the feedback they have received includes: a middle-aged woman from a related dialect area watching it and giving positive feedback, then recommending it to her son (a university student), and then getting a copy for two monks from the language area who were staying in her guesthouse. A group of university students were shown the video at Christmas time and this led to further discussion about faith matters. Most of these students are now connected to believers through an English Corner ministry.

Results 31 - 60 of 585
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