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  • Ukarumpa Health Centre follow

    A major program of the Ukarumpa Health Centre (UHC), operated by SILPNG, is a mobile health clinic and vaccination program that visits 13 different villages each month.The UHC is staffed by Papua New Guinean nurses and Community Health Workers, and recently completed a successful vaccination program for 4000 children. This program is currently operating on outside donations following a reduction in government funding. Pray that the government would re-classify the Centre to a higher level so it would qualify for more funding, or that outside sources of funding would be found.

  • Four communities considering Oral Bible storying

    Pray for the Sandaun Province language communities of Muno, Seti, You and Seta. They have no written Scripture in their mother tongues yet. They are now contemplating joining other Lumi area language groups to receive training in translating and telling Oral Bible stories.

  • New equipment

    The Finongan language team has received new laptop/tablet hybrid computers, solar panels and other equipment to test the functionality of Paratext translation software on tablets in remote areas. Pray for the team as they learn to use this new equipment effectively. And pray for two of the team who will be attending the Discover Your Language course in Ukarumpa from October 8 to November 5.

  • Contacting Markham language communities

    Thank God for the Ukarumpa staff who received training in September to take part in translation awareness activities in the Markham Multi-Language Initiative (MLI). Pray that they will have a good understanding of the material they will communicate, and for wisdom as they plan their visits to the language communities. Pray for the communities they will visit which have translation needs but are not yet part of the MLI. Pray for wisdom for the MLI team as they choose which community to contact next. Ask God to grow a desire for Scripture in their vernacular in this community.

  • Village checking of Ura Scripture

    Praise God that the Ura translation team of Boas, Mansang, and Gary and Peggy Rosensteel had a productive work time in Ukarumpa recently. They readied nine New Testament books to be village checked. Pray that those who listen during the village checking will be encouraged by the wisdom and guidance of God's Word, and that any issues with naturalness and comprehension will be noted.

  • On

    Pray that participants for the Oral Bible Storytelling workshop in Sandaun Province would all arrive on Sunday, October 14th so that the course can begin on Monday. These language communities are very remote, so it is not possible to contact them ahead of time to send reminder messages before the workshop. Ask God to give each one safety as they travel, and strength for the long days at the workshop.

  • Initial skills workshop

    Pray for the participants of the Initial Skills course that runs from mid-October through November. Over six weeks, they will develop their English and computing skills to be able to attend other translation or literacy courses. Ask God to give them good attention to the details they are learning, and for good health and strength during the course.

  • Discover Your Language course

    Pray for Ryan Pennington as he coordinates the Discover Your Language course in October in Ukarumpa. Papua New Guineans from 10 languages will learn about linguistics, enabling them to take greater control in producing accurate translations of God's Word. Ask God to give health and strength to all involved, and for the course details to run smoothly.

  • Tonda Translation Awareness Workshop

    The Arammba, Blafe, Guntai, Kunja and Wara language groups are attending a Tonda Translation Awareness Workshop in early October. Pray that Katawer Baku, Jessica Theissen and Narelle Barnsley preesent the activities in a clear and engaging way so that the churches gain a vision for helping each other have God's Word in their languages.

  • Tigak choir contest

    The Tigak people of New Ireland Province are holding a tokples (vernacular) choir contest to promote the use of the tokples hymns. The Tigak hymnbook is typeset and waiting for them to raise funds to print it. Pray that the Tigak people will discover the value of praising God in their heart language.

  • New Khmer language school

    Praise God that the new language school for expatriate workers has opened in Phnom Penh. This school will train workers in the language and culture of their new country, and will facilitate their transition into long-term roles. Pray for the staff and teachers of the new school as they settle into the new schedule and facilities. And ask that God use it to prepare many for their roles in service to this nation.

  • Story testing seminar

    Pray for Mr. V as he leads a story testing seminar for those planning to test oral Bible stories in two languages. He will work with local believers from two or three churches to show them the techniques for getting oral feedback from the Bible story sets. Pray that all the details are covered so the seminar runs smoothly. Pray for the translation advisers for the two language projects. They also work with story testing in a neighboring country.

  • Primer workshop

    Pray for those leading a primer workshop in Southeast Asia. The two main trainers have been working as translators for the main language group. Now they are working in a neighboring dialect to produce material to teach them to read. Ask for wisdom and strength as they lead this workshop. And ask that God prepare the way for testing of the new primers after the workshop.

  • Coordinating the InterMission Global meetings

    Please pray for the InterMission Global meetings planned for early October. Pray for the members of the conference coordination team and the logistics team leader. They need God’s guidance to sort out the remaining details in a timely way. Pray for energy, creativity, good health and concentrated time to work on the final program. Pray that God will speak to and through the participants to make His purposes known as SIL leaders and faith-based partners meet and pray together.

  • InterMission Global Meetings

    At the InterMission Global Meetings in early October, SIL leaders will meet with faith-based partners so that together they can explore ways to become better participants in the Bible translation and language development movement. Thank the Lord and pray for the people who have been planning and preparing for these meetings for well over a year. Pray that God will prepare each person attending in heart and mind so that attitudes, interaction and fellowship will be honoring to Him. Pray for safe travel, good health and sleep for all who attend.

  • Bloom literacy software

    Praise God for the Bloom software that has been written to enable literacy workers to create books easily. Although it is about three years old, recent enhancements have been made to expand its capabilities. Pray for the development team as they receive feedback on the software and consider further enhancements. Pray that its use will spread in local language communities throughout the world. Ask God for wisdom for those promoting its use.

  • Testing Sign Language Translations

    Praise God for the progress being made by SIL and partner organizations on software to test sign language translation videos. This process will allow comments on the videos using sign language, and also to publish and present translations on video. Ask God to give wisdom on further developments that may be needed. Pray for the new interns who are joining the Global Sign Languages Team. Ask God to show clearly how they fit into the work, and which roles they should fill.

  • Mobile technologies development

    Pray for the team working to make Scriptures available on mobile phones and on similar devices. They have solved many problems, but some issues remain. These mobile developers will be meeting in late September and early October. Ask God to guide their discussions as they plan work for the coming year and address various issues. Praise the Lord for the global opportunities that mobile technology is creating to share God's Word.

  • Vernacular media partnerships

    Praise God for networking and partnership opportunities between SIL's Vernacular Media Services and various other organizations. These include MegaVoice, Global Hope Technology, The Seed Company and Global Recordings Network. Ask God to strengthen relationships that develop and to provide His wisdom as plans are made. There are many requests for Scripture to be made available in audio and video formats.

  • Working toward publication

    Pray for the teams attending the Vernacular Initiative for Translation and Literacy workshop in Alotau in October. They are "pressing on" to finish translated material for Scripture books. In October, the Iduna, Kaninuwa and Buhutu teams will have books consultant checked.* In November, the teams working with the Are and Ghayavi language communities will have checks of their books. Pray for all the logistics involved, for equipment to work properly, and for good health and strength for those working together. There will be more than 60 working in the limited space of the Alotau centre.

     *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Careful attention needed

    October 1st begins the new financial year for most SIL teams around the world. Prayer for the finance personnel of the various teams as they report activity and balances and close out the FY2014 year accounts and begin processing FY2015. Ask God to give them good attention to detail, and wisdom if they encounter problems or missing records.

  • Networking for Scripture production

    Pray for meetings in the second week of October. This year there will be a special time set aside to collaborate on Scripture translation as there are several organizations gathering that are focused on this task. Pray that the Lord will deepen and expand the partnerships and personal relationships so that effective projects can begin. Ask God for His strategies to begin and continue the work.

  • New Scriptures available

    Praise God that Scriptures in four languages of Asia are becoming available after a long slowdown in the translation and publication process. Pray for creative ways to distribute the Scriptures to the people in the language communities who are eager to read them. Pray that God's Word will go deep into their souls and lives and produce His good fruit.

  • Rwandan Sign Language Bible Translation Project

    The Rwandan Sign Language translation committee was formed in 2012. Committee members work with local church leaders, organizational stakeholders in country, the Bible Society of Rwanda and the Burundi Sign Language team with the goal to translate the Bible into Rwandan Sign Language. Funding is needed for a pilot project to translate a limited amount of Scripture, conduct translation training and receive assistance in the form of workshops and visits from various groups. These include the SIL International Global Sign Languages Team, Africa staff and the Burundi Sign Language translation team. Please pray that God will provide the resources needed for this project to move ahead.

  • Celebrating Original Languages

    Because of the faithful work of various organizations, the Bible has been translated into 10 languages of Mexico, and the New Testament in approximately 130 more. These accomplishments motivated UNTI* to organize the “First International Congress for the Translation and Distribution of the Sacred Scriptures in Original Languages,” held in Oaxaca in August. Representatives from linguistic communities in Costa Rica, Panama, and Peru joined those in Mexico to attend this event and  participate in a grand parade and celebration with music and other traditional arts.**  With the goal of keeping the languages of Mexico alive, UNTI is crossing frontiers and expanding their work throughout the country. Give God glory for these advances in His kingdom!

    *UNTI – The National Union of Indigenous Translators in Mexico 

    **To read more of this story click here

  • Preparing Bible Translators

    AEL* Peru, an organization of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, is giving praise to God for three people who were trained in its Fundamental Courses and who are now serving in Bible translation. Two are working in Mexico, sent by their churches and under the auspices of RALN**. The third is in a translation project in Peru. Pray for more people to accept the call to Bible translation and literacy. Ask God to provide teachers for phonetics, linguistics and acquisition of a second language. AEL desires to serve succeeding generations in Bible translation. May God provide workers for this ministry!

    *AEL - Alcanzando a las Etnias en su Lengua (Reaching Every People Group in their own language)

    **RALN – Rumbo a las Naciones (Going to the Nations) serves to mobilize and recruit Latin American teams to work in areas of Bible translation need throughout the world.

  • Bible Translators

    LETRA* Argentina is giving praise to God for María and Adriana, who are current CILTA** students. Praise God for the six possible candidates from Argentina for CILTA 2015.  Pray for God to guide them and provide financial resources. Julieta has a strong desire to participate in the 2015 course, but she has to present a final thesis in her current university course of study to be able to apply to CILTA. Pray that God will remove the obstacles and make it possible for her to prepare for Bible translation.

    *LETRA – Latin Americans in Translation and Literacy

    **CILTA – International Course in Linguistics, Translation and Literacy at Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru.

  • That Seeing They May Hear

    In 2007, Oscar Gomez, a leading member of LETRA* Chile, traveled throughout Chile, planting a vision that all the Chilean Deaf would have the Bible in their own language! Oscar says, “Many people made fun of me and few were supportive. Today, after many prayers, tears, and traveling with no money, we have a team of Deaf persons trained and ready to put the wonders of God into Chilean Sign language. Thanks be to God!” Pray for Malu, who with prayer and passion serves in translation with her team to transform the Word of God into her heart language.

    *LETRA – Latin Americans in Translation and Literacy

  • Accepting the Challenge

    Praise God for the increasing number of Latin American missionaries who are accepting the challenge to serve in Bible Translation for those who have never had His Word in their own language! Pray for the protection and health of those who work in isolated areas of the world. Ask God to continue to provide for their needs through those who have promised to support them financially. Pray for Christian companionship and spiritual strength. Give thanks to God for their commitment and passion to serve the Lord in difficult situations.

  • Life transformation

    Before reaching the age of 30 and after experiencing several devastating situations in his life, Samuel found a Bible translated in his own language.* Reading it, he knew he had discovered the truth. In his new life as a Christian, he felt God’s call to begin a Bible translation in another language. The Word gave him wisdom and spiritual growth. In 2013, he was appointed to a position of leadership in a translation program. Pray for Samuel and for more people to be transformed as he was, so that more language communities may learn of salvation through Jesus.

    *To read more of Samuel´s story, click here.

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