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  • Scripture nearing completion

    Island communities in Torres Strait will soon have the New Testament in Yumplatok, their heart language. Praise God for providing an upgraded 60-foot boat for a team who will visit the communities on 17 islands and on the northeast coast of Australia. The team will assist in teaching the islanders to read Yumplatok, in training church leaders and in producing audio Scriptures. Pray for wisdom, strength and safety for each team member. Pray also for the captain who manages the boat so that it could be used efficiently not just in transporting important equipment but also in audio recording. 

  • Wisdom in translation

    Praise God for His wisdom given to the translators in one team. Their first draft of 1 Peter 1 and 2 was not well understood. As they considered the problem, God led them to revise the draft to use shorter sentences. When the new draft was taken to church leaders, they said it was much easier to understand. One of the church leaders has volunteered to join the team of mother-tongue translators. Pray for him as he seeks a passport so he can work together with the team.

  • Short

    Praise God for the fantastic team of college students who experienced village life and language learning and a taste of translation in May. The local believers were impressed by their interest and willingness to accept new and different things. The translation advisor was able to get a deeper look into everyday life and grow closer to the local families. Ask God to show each of these young people His direction for their lives. And pray that the closer relationships will strengthen the translation team. They have just finished the check of Peter's letters.

  • Story Fellowship Groups

    Story Fellowship Groups (SFGs) are groups who regularly meet together to learn and process Bible stories. Two of these groups have concluded the story sets they have been going through. After processing all the stories, both groups had a special time to tell the whole panorama of stories through chronologically in just over an hour. Then they took time to reflect on what God has shown them. In one location, many staff showed interest in joining SFGs. One staff member expressed interest in going back and reading the Bible stories after hearing them. Pray for SFGs throughout Asia, that God would use them to open hearts to his message.

  • Still working

    Pray for an older couple who continue to work from their home country. The husband is editing the grammar of a local language while the wife is working on a volume on "traditional law" from the region. These volumes will provide good material for translators working in related languages and cultural groups. Ask God to preserve their health and strength as they persevere in the work. Especially pray for the husband, whose eyes are suffering from macular degeneration.

  • Translation celebration planned

    Pray for the final preparation and publication of a New Testament in Asia and for its celebration planned for November. Ask God to use the Scriptures to strengthen the believers and to transform them as they apply the Word of God to their daily lives. Pray for God's protection for the Old Testament translators and their families.

  • Hawai'i Pidgin Old Testament

    Pray for the translation team working on the Hawai'i Pidgin Old Testament. They have just 17 more chapters to draft. Then they will turn to the final phase of checking consistency between the various books and the final consultant checks* of some books. They hope that all will be finished and ready to go to press in 2015. Ask God for strength and attention to detail in this final stage. Pray that all involved remain healthy to finish the process.

    *Consultant check: A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Marma translators sharing Mark

    The Marma translation project began in 2013. As translation progresses, the team is seeking ways to use the completed portions of Scripture in the language community. The translation team recently completed a booklet and short videos from the book of Mark. Pray that the team can encourage the use of these new materials. Pray that the Marma church leaders will gain greater vision and passion for using mother-tongue Scriptures. Pray also for wisdom, team unity and focus as the Marma translators work independently while the translation advisor is away for several months.

  • New mobile Scripture application

    Praise God for new Scripture recording and playback applications that will increase access to Scripture in this more mobile world. These are an applications that synchronise audio playback with highlighted text for hearing and reading Scripture on a smartphone.

  • Ukarumpa Health Centre

    Ask God to provide increased funding for the Ukarumpa Health Centre (UHC), which provides health services for the local Papua New Guinea communities as a part of the SIL-PNG Clinic. The UHC is staffed by Papua New Guinean nurses and Community Health Workers, and it handles a high volume of patients.

  • Notsi printed Scripture

    Praise God that members of the Notsi community of New Ireland Province now have the Gospel of John, Galatians and 1 Timothy in printed form. They are very pleased to have something in their hands from all their hard work. The Notsi translation team have also just completed the consultant check* of of Philippians and of 1, 2, and 3 John and the advisor check of Luke.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Kamano

    Praise God that typesetting is complete for the Kamano-Kafe New Testament revision. The Kamano-Kafe people have raised funds to pay for 42% of the printing. Remaining costs will be underwritten by churches in the United States and elsewhere. Pray for a good printing process as it will be printed using a waterproof paper and binding.

  • Using Greek in editing

    Praise God that members of the Fanamaket translation team are finding opportunities to use their Greek language skills in their work. All three translators have attended Greek courses at Ukarumpa, which enables them to understand suggestions from Greek made by their translation advisor. Also, give thanks that they have had opportunities to check some translated material with a consultant in the middle of 2014.

  • Regional center managers needed

    Ask God to provide managers for several SIL regional centers around Papua New Guinea. These regional centers provide essential services such as facilities for Bible translation and training, accommodation for language teams, internet access, transport and logistics. Centers needing new managers include the Kavieng center, and the Buka center There is an important training course planned for late August at the Buka center--pray that the new managers can be in place by then.

  • Translation nearing celebration

    Pray for the final preparation and publication of one New Testament and for its celebration planned for November. Ask God to use the Scriptures to strengthen the believers and to transform them as they apply the word of God to their daily lives. Pray for God's protection for the Old Testament translators and their families.

  • Bible story projects

    Many revision and recording workshops will be held for four on-going Bible storying projects during the middle of 2014. Please pray that God would bless all the storytellers, facilitators, and consultants with great wisdom and endurance in making final revisions to the short story sets for the languages involved. Pray especially that these stories will go out with God's blessing upon them and that those who hear them will have their hearts opened to His truth and love.

  • Perseverance in trials

    Praise God for the mother-tongue translator for a language group in Asia. She initially found the work stressful. She has gained confidence and has improved the quality of the translation by making the translation flow better with discourse and sentence-level adjustments. She has also found mistakes with the draft translation where the ergative marker* was placed on the wrong participant. Ask God to strengthen and comfort her as she works.

    * Ergative marker: a case marker in a language where the subject of an intransitive verb and the direct object of a transitive verb have the same marking.

  • Chance for teaching

    Praise God that the core group of the flock in one language group were able to get a fortnight of teaching and fellowship with some people in a similar situation. Pray as they return to their homes that they will be courageous enough to share wisely, and be able to access regular spiritual nourishment. There is interest in this community for literacy work. Pray for those developing plans for a literacy program.

  • Coming together for fellowship

    Pray for the many language communities in Asia with only a handful of believers. In many of these groups, the believers come to faith one or two at a time, and are not close enough geographically to meet together for fellowship and teaching. Pray that God will provide opportunities for fellowship for these scattered Christians. Where they are working in Bible translation, ask God to speak to them through His Word as they work. Ask God to build His church in these places.

  • Maintaining hope and vision

    The translators working in one language community in Asia are struggling to maintain their hope and vision. They say "At first there are only a very few believers in a language group—or sometimes even just one believer—who grow in their faith and, over a period of years, become mature and devoted in their faith. Sometime much later other people in the same language group might come to belief. And this is often through the faithful witness of one or more strong believers from their own language and cultural community. But it often takes a lot of hope and patience to maintain a vision for this eventual possibility... Pray for us and our team and all of those who uphold what we do, that we may continue to hope."

  • Hindrances to progress

    Pray for those who are translating the Scriptures for one language in Central Asia. They need local speakers to be involved in checking newly drafted passages for accurate meaning. They would also like new members to join the translation team that are from a different dialect area. Ask for God's favor on those promoting the orthograpy--that it would be officially accepted throughout the language area. And pray for the primary mother-tongue translator drafting new passages: he is the only believer in his family.

  • Difficult to access

    Pray for those working in Scripture translation with language communities that are difficult to access. Sometimes it is difficult to obtain government-issued work visas. At other times there are physical difficulties in traveling to the language area. In a few cases it is hard to find people willing to be part of a translation team and work on a long-term basis. Ask God to draw people into His kingdom who can be part of the project teams. Pray that He will strengthen the hearts of those who are already committed to the task.

  • Standing firm despite opposition

    Pray for the believers involved in translation in one country of Asia. There has been considerable opposition by those of another religion, who threaten ot expose them publicly. Ask God to stop the harassment and to enable them to stand firm. Ask for God to draw this opponent into the faith. Also, pray for the believers to trust and encourage one another in the midst of a difficult situation

  • Working together

    Praise God that one team in Asia has finished checking and revising Old Testament portions. The national Bible Society has personnel available to do their separate checks to approve them for publication. Pray that this process goes smoothly. Praise God that the Bible Society has personnel to check another New Testament as well. Ask God to speed these publications to those waiting for them.

  • Kandawo New Testament ready to print

    Praise God that the Kandawo New Testament has been typeset and is on its way to the printers in South Korea. Pray that the printing process will go smoothly, and that the finished volumes will arrive in Papua New Guinea soon. Pray for the translation team as they seek God's guidance regarding the Scripture celebration event and distribution of the New Testaments.

  • Bariai hear the Word

    At the end of June, a team visited the Bariai area of West New Britain Province to distribute another 200 audio players and update the ones already out there. Pray that people's interest in listening to the AudiBibles remains high and that God's Word would penetrate their hearts and lives.

  • Sign Language Team office and studio space

    A sign language Bible translation team in a sensitive country in Southeast Asia may be in need of new office space. Please pray that God will provide the space that they need for their office and a studio for filming the Bible translations into their sign language.

  • Translators receive training

    Pray for the five Baruga men going to Ukarumpa in mid-July. One will attend the Paratext 2 workshop, learning some advanced features of the Paratext Scripture translation program. Two will attend the Back Translation Workshop, learning how to produce English word-for-word renderings to prepare for consultant checking. Two will work on polishing already drafted translation material. Pray that the translators' health and living situation in Ukarumpa will enable them to be productive.

  • Sos Kundi Day

    July 10th is Sos Kundi Day, a day of awareness and celebration of the Sos Kundi language and culture as a gift of God. It is also a day to distribute Sos Kundi materials. Pray for the organization of the event, for good weather and for the special speakers. After this event, several people will hike to all 18 Sos Kundi villages to do awareness, start a new literacy group, distribute materials and build stronger relationships with communities. Pray for good health and stamina, good hiking conditions and especially for wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Nawabu team seek support

    Pray for members of the Nawabu Translation Committee as they visit four churches in mid-July. These churches have expressed an interest in supporting Bible translation for the Suau language. The translation advisors for this team will be traveling to a regional town, Alotau, on July 21 to assist with two training courses: the Translators Training Course 2 and the Language Discovery Course.

Results 31 - 60 of 1374
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