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  • Scripture nearing completion

    The primary translator on the Northern Tepehuan New Testament project in Mexico will be on home assignment this year. While in his home country, his goal is to complete drafting of 2 Corinthians, James, 1–2 Peter, 1–3 John and Jude. He hopes to have them ready for a consultant check in 2016. Pray for the translation team members to be diligent in their work, and may they finish strong. Lift up the Tepehuan church in prayer, asking that they will use and apply the Scriptures they already have and eagerly anticipate the remaining books. There are 6,200 speakers of Northern Tepehuan. New Tribes Mission

  • New understanding for church planters

    Praise God for meetings last year that helped bring new understanding of how to use terminology in church planting. One church planter said, “This meeting opened my eyes to the importance of sharing ideas between translation projects, story projects and church planting. The way church planters are sharing the Gospel can contain different key terms* with different meanings. This affects how they [listeners] understand the Gospel. Thank you for the meeting to get connected with the Scripture part of our work.” Pray for those planning meetings of the same type for this July.

    * Key terms refers to those words in the biblical texts that convey key theological concepts that are repeated throughout the Bible, such as "sin", "grace" and "faith." Deciding how best to refer to God as "Holy Spirit" is also "key," as every culture knows the spirit world but needs to know how God's Spirit is different from others.

  • Book of Mark checked

    Praise the Lord that the consultant check of the Gospel of Mark was completed for the Maung language spoken on South Goulburn Island. Obstacles during March included two recent cyclones that required the evacuation of the island twice. Praise Him for this new book available in the Maung language. Ask that people use it and are encouraged in their faith.

  • Leadership Training

    Please pray for the upcoming L3ii* training to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, April 23-29. Fourteen administrators will participate, including many directors of organizations involved in Bible translation in Africa. The goal of this program is to train leaders to help their staff to grow and develop into leaders. Pray that participants can set aside the pressures of their usual work for the week and focus on learning. Pray for calm and no “emergencies” in their respective organizations. Ask God to speak to each one through devotional times based on the book: Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen. Pray that they will see how they can use their God-given gifts and abilities to help others develop leadership skills as they serve in the Bible translation movement. Pray that those guiding the training will facilitate good discussions that will help these leaders grow in skill and confidence.

    *Lifelong Learning for Leaders Level 2

  • New CILTA Class

    Nine new students from Argentina, Mexico and Peru began the CILTA* 2015 course in March. Pray for good, clear and wise communication between the facilitators and the students, and for the students to make a quick adjustment to life in Lima. Pray that each one will obtain the proper documents needed to spend the year in Peru. Ask that the students will be encouraged by the churches and friends that are supporting and praying for them. Pray for helpful interaction among the students and that they will enjoy time together celebrating the accomplishments along the way.

    * CILTA-International course in linguistics, translation and literacy in Lima, Peru.

  • How can they hear unless someone tells them? Honduras

    There are many sign languages in the world, not just one. Sign languages are distinct from spoken languages, with their own rich grammar and vocabulary. Pray for the Honduran Sign Language team and the National Council of Deaf Christian Leaders working to establish a Bible Translation project for their sign language, LESHO*. Praise God for the consultant help this group received in March. Pray that God will guide the team and provide needed funding for this project.

    *LESHO – Honduran Sign Language

  • They hear because someone is telling them

    LESSA* is the language of the Deaf in El Salvador. In March, a special event celebrated the publication of the second DVD of Bible Stories from the Life of Jesus, with the Deaf community. Another celebration is planned in two or three months with leaders and members of the Salvadoran Church. Pray for more Deaf people to find out about the translation project and use the Word in video. Ten more Bible stories are in the translation process and are being consultant checked. Pray that more church leaders and members will commit to supporting this Bible translation initiative.

    *LESSA – Salvadoran Sign Language

  • Advances in Translation

    LETRA Paraguay thanks God for advances in the translation projects in their country. The Aché have the New Testament and the rough draft of Old Testament books from Genesis to Ruth. In the Toba language community, translators have completed the four gospels, Acts, Galatians and Ephesians. In Paraguayan Sign Language, 20 chronological Bible stories from the New Testament have been published in three books and three DVDs. The Ñandeva community has the Gospel of Mark and 14 chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. Pray that these Scriptures will be used effectively, and that the Lord will bring about spiritual growth in every community of Paraguay.

  • Missions Conference

    “Let all the peoples praise You” is the theme of a missions conference scheduled later this month in Guatemala. Invited guests are pastors and leaders of all the language communities in the country. FAM Guatemala will present Vision 2025* and promote the mission mobilization activities that are in development. Pray for additional scholarship funds to help motivate more pastors and leaders to attend the conference. Pray for promotion efforts for Bible translation and Scripture use in the local languages throughout the country. 

    * Vision 2025 - We embrace the vision that by the year 2025 a Bible translation project will be in progress for every people group that needs it. 

  • Staff Meetings

    Wycliffe Americas will hold staff meetings in Guatemala in April. Pray for all who will travel by air or land to attend the meetings. Pray for those who are working on the logistics and for each person who will lead a presentation or give a lecture. Pray that team members will have good fellowship, and that God will lead the team as they seek His mission for the future. Pray that the invited guests and all the members of the staff will be a blessing to one another.

  • God’s Word and Easter

    Praise God for the Day of Resurrection! Throughout the world, people gather to worship Jesus Christ as risen Lord. This year, more people have the story of Easter in their own language than ever before! Give thanks to God for a language community* in South America, where people waited long to receive the New Testament in their language. Early this year, their longings were fulfilled. Pray for those who know Jesus, and for the many who have not yet received Him. Pray for God’s Word to impact the community with the resurrection power of salvation in many lives.

    *This is a sensitive language situation.

  • Strength to bear persecution

    Praise God for faithful believers sharing Bible stories. One storyteller sharing the story of Paul and Silas brought strength to a village believer. He had been persecuted by his neighbors and they told him to leave his village. In another village, a story about persecution of the apostles brought new energy to women in a small house fellowship. They planned together how to handle persecution in their village the next time it happens. Pray for these believers living in difficult places. Also pray for the storytellers as they share new stories in their villages.

  • Bible story recording sessions

    Pray for those recording the Bible story sets for two languages in South Asia. These will be made available using audio players for story fellowship groups in various villages. Pray for strong voices and no technical problems with the recording. Pray that all the staff stay healthy for the sessions. Ask for wisdom for those who distribute the stories on audio players and mobile phone apps. Pray that the listeners respond to the Scriptures with faith and obedience.

  • AWANA clubs use local language Scripture

    AWANA has 1,250 clubs throughout Bangladesh, serving 63,000 children. AWANA's national director has a heart for ministry to children through Scriptures in their mother tongue. The translation team translated into Mru the Scriptures in the first AWANA book, and the EthnoArts team is in dialogue with AWANA about working with Mru musicians to create songs using these verses. Pray that powerful songs are written which will impact Mru children attending AWANA, along with their families. Give thanks for AWANA's growing vision to reach minority children through their heart language and heart music.

  • God's resources

    Praise God for those sharing about spiritual resources to those working in difficult areas of the world. Those working in remote locations with no church and few believers need to seek God for His strength as they translate the Scriptures. Ask God to provide for these faithful workers. Pray that they would not become complacent in seeking Him daily. And ask that they receive special support or encouragement when they need it most.

  • Sharing about Scripture apps

    One translator thought that a mobile phone app* for distribution of Scripture might take two years to develop. At recent meetings he found out that the technology is already available. A minor adjustment was needed to put the Gospel of Luke on a mobile app for both tablets and smart phones using the Android platform. Praise God for the regional meetings where the information and expertise was shared to make this possible. Pray for those organizing the follow-up meetings, for wisdom on the right program and facilitators to make everything run smoothly.

    *A mobile app is a computer program for handheld devices to serve a special function. There are now mobile apps to read Scripture, to listen to audio Scripture and to view sign language Scriptures.

  • Meeting togther for encouragement

    Praise God for the annual meetings that bring encouragement to teams working in remote and difficult situations. Various academic, social and spiritual needs are met during this time. These meetings will be held again in July. Ask God to prepare the venue and the facilitators for this time. Pray that God will raise up a supportive prayer team to pray for them this year. Last year, one translator's comment was, “There aren't too many of us doing this work, it's amazing to see other families and know that we aren't alone...we suffer together and rejoice together in the same way because we share location, language, even weather...”

  • Practicing love

    Praise God for those who choose to obey the translated Scriptures. Last year a couple of the believers in a language community became separated. Five believers made three trips to try to help them reconcile, because of reading the trial edition of John's Gospel. The first two times they failed in their attempt, but the third time they were successful. Praise God that the teaching of the Word had a real, practical impact on this people group. The believers said they did this only because they read that they are to love one another!

  • Scripture engagement and literacy workshop, follow

    The Literacy and Scripture Engagement training in Thailand was hard work but fun, and the teams learned a lot. Pray that what they learned in the course will result in greater access to the Scriptures and changed lives in the four participating language communities. Pray for fruit in the lives of these believers as the new materials are used and translated Scriptures are read so that they would be “...bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God...” (Col. 1:9-12).

  • Going deeper in translation

    Praise God for His faithfulness in deepening the faith and obedience of a translation team. They are continually tested, and are holding fast and learning to trust Him more. Pray for them as their translation advisor encourages them to go deeper in understanding and in using their language to communicate the Scriptures as they translate. They need to apply an understanding of the discourse structure of their language, and also the complex thoughts of the more difficult epistles. Ask God for wisdom as they work.

  • New radio broadcast

    Praise God for a new radio program starting up in a remote province in Southeast Asia. Everything is in place except for the funding; pray that this will come through soon. Pray for those recording Scripture and preparing radio program material. Pray that they will have strong voices and wisdom about what to share. And pray for the listeners, that they will respond to the Scriptures and messages with faith and obedience.

  • New understanding, new materials

    A group of church leaders from one language community met with translation and literacy staff in February to discuss their situation. They acknowledged that their church members are not growing in faith, and that this is partly due to their use of the national language, rather than their own language, for prayer and teaching. The church leaders have determined to change this. The group worked together to prepare some books to teach the sounds in their language that are different from those in the national language, and to write some prayers in their language. Pray that these materials enable these leaders to transition to use of their own language in church.

  • Praise update – Tamajaq Tawallammat Scriptures

    Tamajaq Tawallammat translators in Niger faced special challenges to produce two New Testaments in two different scripts. This praise report came in February: “Thank you so much for your prayers which carried us through, along with the technology we used. The typesetting of the New Testament in Latin script and in Shifinagh script has now been completed! The files have been sent to the publisher in Switzerland, who will soon send them to Asia for printing.” Pray for the publication and printing process for these Scriptures and for safe transport back to Niger. A public celebration to present the Tamajaq New Testament is planned for January 2016. Pray that the one million Tamajaq Tawallammat speakers will be drawn to Christ and transformed as they read the Scriptures.

  • Easter celebration for the Konai community

    A celebration to launch the Konai New Testament is planned for Easter Day in Papua New Guinea. Typeset digital files were sent to the Korean Bible Society for printing last year. Konai speakers, population 600, eagerly anticipate God’s Word; 180 copies have been sold in advance. Ask God to guide those who are preparing and planning the Scripture celebration. Pray that this New Testament will speak clearly to the Konai people and bear much fruit within their communities.

  • Bandial Scripture celebration planned

    Ask God to help those organizing the celebration to launch the Bandial New Testament planned for May 16. Pray for good communication between the translators in the community, the linguist and exegete in France, and the Scripture use promoters in Dakar, Senegal. Pray for God’s Word to bring many Bandial people, population 11,200, into his kingdom. The New Testament was typeset last summer and sent to South Korea for printing. Pray for God’s blessing on the many details of the plan to record an audio version of the New Testament in partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing.

  • Epi Cluster Project final revisions

    Intercede for the Baki and Lewo translation teams in Vanuatu as they complete final revisions in these two New Testaments. Pray that they find any sections needing improvement before submitting the Scriptures for typesetting in April. Pray for the typesetters who make decisions about formatting, font size and type, placement of maps and pictures, and footnotes. Pray for clear, strong voices for those recording audio versions, and that computers and recording equipment will function well. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in hearts and lives. Pray for successful strategies to engage individuals, churches and whole communities in using the Scriptures.

  • Welcoming the Mayo Scriptures

    Give praise that the complete edition of the Mayo-Spanish New Testament will be available mid-2015. Mayo speakers in the towns of Sonora and Sinaloa, Mexico received the initial print-on-demand copies of the New Testament in March 2014. Mayo pastors along with representatives from local Bible institutes and several church organizations attended the joyful celebrations. Some listening groups received Audio Proclaimers.* Pray that many Mayo people, population 40,000, will read, hear and be transformed by God’s Word.

    *The "Proclaimer" is a digital player preloaded with an Audio Bible recording, usually a New Testament.

  • Hamer

    Thank the Lord that the Hamer-Banna New Testament will be available in both Latin and Ethiopic scripts to make it accessible to those who read either script. Both editions were typeset last year and are at the printing company. Pray for high-quality, durable books and for safe shipment to Ethiopia. Pray that the volumes will arrive safely by mid-2015, and for preparations for the Scripture celebration. Uphold the Hamer-Banna people in prayer, that they will eagerly read and hear the Word of God and apply it to their lives. SIM International  

  • Central Mnong (Bunong) Scripture nearing completion

    More than half of the Central Mnong (Bunong) New Testament is in print and people have purchased over 1,000 Scripture portions. Some literacy classes have grown into Bible study groups. For the first time, Bunong speakers created songs of praise in their traditional music style. Pray that the translation team will persevere with joy and wisdom to finish drafting and checking the remainder of the New Testament. Working in two different scripts, their next step is typesetting. Last year, people were excited to obtain the Gospel of Luke in audio form on MP3 players. Pray that the Holy Spirit will transform the Bunong people, population 27,000, as they listen to and read the Scriptures.

  • Fined for distributing Bibles

    Please pray for people living in countries where the Word of God is not appreciated. One pastor faced court charges and fines for distributing Bibles. Others have been held, questioned, and asked to sign papers recanting their faith. Pray that God will strengthen and encourage these brothers and sisters and that they will stand firm in their faith.

Results 31 - 60 of 579
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