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  • Bible Ministries Gathering and Workshop

    Pray for those involved with preparations for the Bible Ministries Gathering and Workshop planned for early May. Pray for the planning team to be able to contact the head of Perseketuan Gereja-gereja di Indonesia -- PGI (Church Council in Indonesia) for the opening ceremony and the head of Pereketuan Gereja-gereja dan Lembaga-lembaga Injili Indonesia--PGLII (The Evangelical Church Alliance of Indonesia) to close the event. Please pray for the two leaders to be available for this event. Also, ask that the participants and the organizations and churches they represent would strengthen one another through vision sharing, partnership, mutual support and joint planning.

  • Planning for Bible Ministries Gathering

    Pray for those who are involved in plannng the "Indonesian Bible Ministries Gathering and Workshop" planned for May 6-9. This will be the first time an Indonesian church is hosting such a big gathering using their own resources. May God bless them in a special way! Participants will come from many partners in Bible translation ministry; some will be attending an event like this for the first time. Pray for those involved in the planning, and for the Protestant Church of Maluku who will host this event. Also, ask God for safe travel for the participants.

  • Consultant checks needed

    Consultant checks* are planned for the following languages in April: Tairuma (chapters of Genesis), Saliba (James and Jude), Odoodee (1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon and Jude), and Nek (Philemon, James, Jude, and 2 Peter). Pray for the Domung, Muratayak, Kasua, Awad Bing and Migabac language groups. They have Scriptures ready to be checked in April, but no consultant is assigned for this yet.

    * Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Six groups exploring translation

    Pray for good community interest and enthusiasm as village leaders from the Sandaun Province language groups of Oriyai, Eimarui, Ineisine, Mamhoaf, Wakroupe Kar and the downriver Abau dialect discuss the possibility of being involved in Bible translation efforts for the first time ever. Pray that God prepare individuals from these groups to be a part of the translation teams.

  • Spiritual Attack: Follow

    The Assyrian translation team writes: “We are relieved and grateful that on March 31, we finished up the final sentences needed to complete the typesetting of the Assyrian New Testament and Psalms. The typesetter will do the final checks and then send the text to a publishing house in Korea for printing.  We can expect the printed copies in about 9 months.” Please pray for the typesetter as he finishes the last details, and that the printing will go smoothly.

  • Mother tongue translator

    Praise God the Assyrian translation team finished their part of checking the typesetting of the New Testament and Psalms. One of the mother tongue translators was especially touched because it happened on the birthday of his late mother. She came to faith in Christ while she lived in Iran and after they moved to California, she continued to lead a life faithful to the Lord. Please pray for this translator and mother-tongue translators around the world for provision and protection as they make time in their busy lives to bring God’s word to their language communities. 

  • Property being sought

    Ask the Lord for wisdom and clarity as the Bible Translation Association's Administration work with contacts in Lae city to secure land to develop facilities. A couple of years ago, attempts to secure land and property did not succeed. Now, with the increasing interest of language communities wanting to begin Bible translation in the area, as well as the call from churches to participate, the importance of establishing an office is being brought to the forefront again. Pray for the dialogue with the Lutheran Church that has been renewed again to establish a site for language work in Morobe Province.

  • Ukarumpa Translators Training Course

    Pray for the Translators Training Course that begins in Ukarumpa the last week of April and runs until May 23. David Loea and Steven Ttopoqogo will be heading the course. Pray for them and the other staff as well as the participants attending. Especially pray for the six Binandere men who will travel 300 miles to attend--hiking through the jungle to the coast where they will catch a boat. Ask the Lord to give wisdom, good health and stamina for all involved in this five-week course.

  • Raising awareness of Bible translation

    Orim and Tingkui Joel have been instrumental in raising awareness of Bible translation among churches in the Lae area. Pray for them as they make a transition from Lae to Kokopo, East New Britain Province to take up a new role in management with the SIL PNG Kokopo Center. Pray for a smooth transition and adjustment for them. The Joels are from this part of the country. Pray that they will have effective ministry among their own people as well as reaching out to the churches in the Rabaul and wider New Guinea Islands Region in encouraging the church in Bible translation ministry.

  • Miracle needed for Tagbanwa

    The dream, for many years, has been to have the JESUS Film in the Tagbanwa language. The schedule has finally been set to begin the dubbing project on May 5 on the island of Coron. There has been much opposition; the church is struggling. Pray for God to strengthen his people to speak the truth and encourage believers to get involved. Pray that willing voice actors would step forward to participate, especially for the parts of Jesus and the Narrator. A final decision on whether dubbing will take place is needed by late April in order for the recording staff to buy their tickets.

  • Gela project nearing completion

    Ask God to strengthen the seventeen members of the translation team with health and courage; they have persevered for thirteen years and are weary. Some are elderly and want to see their children have God’s Word before they die. In February, a consultant checked* the final books – 1–3 John, and Revelation. The Gela people would also like to have the Psalms along with their New Testament. Pray that the consultant will be able to check the Psalms and a glossary before the final read-through of the whole New Testament in September. After that, they will they choose pictures and make decisions about layout before typesetting the New Testament.

    * Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Major flooding disaster

    Rain started on Tuesday April 1st and has continued through the week. In Honiara, many residential homes along the river were swept entirely into the sea, many people are being evacuated into school halls, many casualties have been taken to hospitals, and a few deaths have been confirmed. More rain is expected every day in the coming week, and there is a possibility the storm could develop into a cyclone. Pray that this does not happen. The Bible translators and their partners are safe, but pray for the poor people living near the rivers who are the ones suffering most in this disaster.

  • Typesetting "snag" for the Central Ifugao team

    The Bible was almost ready for the printers when the consultant received the news, "We've hit a snag." Something went wrong and the typesetting has to be redone. Although living in the US, the consultant immediately returned to the Philippines to be available to her co-workers. Pray now for accuracy as the typesetters redo the typesetting. Pray that all computers, copiers, printers, and other equipment will function without fail. Pray for safety and good health for the team and for strength for each to finish well. May God's word in Central Ifugao ultimately transform lives.

  • Exodus 1

    Japanese Sign Language Exodus 1-13 DVDsThe Exodus 1-13 DVDs arrived today! This passage of Scripture in Japanese Sign Language has now been published and is ready for distribution! Praise God that this Scripture is now available to the Japenese Deaf people. Please pray for those who will be seeing this message for the very first time.

  • A new Executive Director for Wycliffe in the UK

    Wycliffe's UK Executive Director, Eddie Arthur, finishes his term in office in July 2014. The search group did not identify his successor in the first group of applicants. Please pray for the search group as they consider applications and interview applicants between 2nd and 20th May 2014. Pray for wisdom and that they would have a clear sense of who God has chosen for the job.

  • The right person for the job

    Wycliffe's UK Executive Director, Eddie Arthur, finishes his term in office in July 2014. The search group did not identify his successor in the first group of applicants and the position has been re-advertised. Please pray for all those considering applying that they would sense God's guidance, that the right person for the job would apply and for the search group to identify this person.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Deg (23,500) and Vagla (13,500); Ghana. God answered prayer! Consultant checks on both of these Old Testaments were completed by the end of 2013. Lift up the members of the two teams in prayer as they revise the existing New Testaments and perform computer checks on spelling, consistency, and formatting for both whole Bibles in order to publish them. The Deg team wants to send the Bible for typesetting in July; the Vagla team, which has additional details to tend to, hopes to send the Bible for typesetting in November. Ask the Lord to grant health and strength to the two final-check consultants who are mature in years. Pray for Jehovah-Jireh to provide funds to cover the larger salaries of the translators due to the increased costs of living in Ghana, and for the funds needed to print the Deg and Vagla Bibles.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Bashkir; Russia (1,600,000). The Bashkir translation project was delayed, primarily due to health issues. Please pray! The translation team now hopes to publish the New Testament in 2015. The main translator, who is also the philological editor, recently gave birth to a baby. Ask God, through His creative and sovereign power, to make a way for her and the consultant to complete all of the remaining work with the texts. Pray also for more designated financial support to come in for the project and the forthcoming New Testament publication. Institute for Bible Translation -

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Cakchiquel Xenocoj; Guatemala (5,200). Praise God, the Cakchiquel Xenocoj translation was completed last year and sent for printing. Pray for safety as the New Testaments are shipped back to Guatemala. Ask God to give the Cakchiquel Xenocoj people an eagerness and joy as they plan for a Scripture celebration in early 2014. Pray that many will be transformed and grow in their love for Christ through having the Scriptures in their heart language.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Rapa Nui; Easter Island, Chile (1,500), Praise God! The Rapa Nui New Testament is nearly ready for publication. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide in the final details and inspire accuracy in the work of the typesetters and proofreaders. Pray that the Catholic bishop and the Chilean Bible Society will be pleased to co-publish the New Testament. Lift up Rapa Nui speakers in prayer, asking that the fear and suspicion many have had towards the translation will turn to excited anticipation. Pray that the adults will be motivated to improve their reading skills and use the Sunday lectionary portions distributed each week. Ask God to inspire and lead the team to effective Scripture engagement strategies.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Northern East Cree; Canada (8,000). Give thanks to God for steady progress last year, despite numerous interruptions. The initial revision process is complete. Pray for good community feedback this year through reading groups, spelling and concordance checking, and other pre-publication preparations. Pray for the other three Northern East Cree villages to become involved and provide input. Lift up the translation team in prayer; they need guidance in determining the best way to distribute the New Testament to the four communities. Pray for continued good relationships in the team, for health and strength, and for great joy—all for the glory of God!

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Atikamekw; Canada (5,000). Rejoice! After major setbacks throughout the project, the Atikamekw New Testament was completed in late 2013. When it returns from the printer, it will be delivered to the hands and hearts of the Atikamekw. Thank the Lord for the Canadian Bible Society, which participated extensively in this project. Pray that, through the Scriptures, many Atikamekw will “…grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18, NLT). Ask God to lead the project team to good channels of distribution. A neighboring dialect does not yet have the Scriptures, so pray that individuals will become available to assist in completing a translation into that dialect.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Kaiwá; Brazil (33,000). God is good! A draft copy of the Kaiwá Old Testament was printed last year. Pray that spiritual fruit will result as people read it and apply it to their lives. Pray for helpful input from readers while the 1986 version of the New Testament is being revised. When the revision is finished, the complete Bible will be printed in final form. The team members working on the revision live in remote villages. Pray that they will find ways to work together, and pray that the Kaiwá church will become stronger.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Jamamadí; Brazil (300). Expatriate translators worked hard with local speakers to start a read-through of the Jamamadí New Testament last year, but they need another visit to complete the task. Lift up the translators’ health in prayer as they are retired and must return to Brazil for extended visits to complete the translation. Ask God to provide keen Jamamadí speakers during their next visit so the read-through may be finished and publication preparations can begin. Pray especially for revival; many Jamamadí who once knew the Lord have fallen away and drunkenness is common. May God, through His Holy Spirit, use the translated portions they have so they will say with the prophet Jeremiah, “...His word burns in my heart like a fire!” (Jeremiah 20:9, NLT).

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Borôro; Brazil (1,390). Thank the Lord, the Borôro translation is making progress. The translation team is working hard to finish a revision and all consultant checks of the New Testament. Ask God to give Keith and the Borôro translators wisdom, strength, and good attention to detail as they work on the final books. Pray for Heidi as she meets with children to teach them the Scriptures. Pray, too, for the Borôro, that more people will respond to the truth found in God’s Word. Ask God to give them victory over alcohol addiction, a significant issue among their people.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Jalapa de Díaz Mazatec; Mexico (24,200). Praise God that after many years of labor, the New Testament was printed and delivered to the Jalapa de Díaz Mazatec people September 21, 2013. Pray that God’s Word will fall on fertile soil and the people will grow in their knowledge and love of God through it.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Huarijío; Mexico (2,500). Praise the Lord, the entire Huarijío New Testament is on the website In addition, a limited number of New Testaments have been printed for distribution. More can be printed at any time via print-on-demand service providers. Lift up the Huarijío believers in prayer, that they will take ownership of distributing the New Testament and teach people how to use it. Pray for those working to complete a Huarijío dictionary, grammar appendix, and Old Testament summary portions, that they would finish these final details. Ask the Lord to use these books to show Huarijíos that their language has value. May God give them a desire to use the written and oral Scripture materials.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Eastern Jakaltek; Guatemala (35,000). The Eastern Jakaltek people have had the New Testament since 1998. With God’s enabling, they will have the complete Bible in 2015! Ask the Lord to give good health to the translation team—Eliseo, Gaspar, and Jean, who is advanced in years. Pray for diligence and wisdom as they work on final editing of the manuscript and look for errors. The team is working remotely by Skype in both Oklahoma and Guatemala. Lift up the technology in prayer, asking that it will work well. They hope to start the typesetting process this year.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Chajul Ixil; Guatemala (18,000). The main advisor to the Chajul Ixil program died suddenly in 2006. Thank the Lord for gifted translators and God’s provision of a new advisor, Paul. Ask God to give strength to Paul, as he had to return to the United States and is now working long-distance, making occasional trips to the language area. The process of editing and consistency checks will consume most of 2014. Ask the Lord to give the team alertness and accuracy in these details. With God’s help and your prayers, the manuscript will be ready to send for printing by the end of the year and a dedication held in 2015. Pray also for needed funds to complete the project.

Results 31 - 60 of 1524
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