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  • Returning to lead

    Praise God for Doug Inglis, who has just completed his Ph.D. Studies in Canada. He will return to Thailand to lead the Linguistics Department at Payap University. This program at a Christian university has been a key partner in training Bible translators and literacy staff for neighboring countries. Ask God to give Doug wisdom as he guides the program and staff at this university. He also acts as advisor for a translation project: pray that he has time for these heavier responsibilities in the linguistics department.

  • Wifi hotspot development

    Pray for SILPNG Scripture Use and Media team who are working on the SaveLongGod Wi-Fi hotspot. This will be used to distribute electronic Scripture. Their plan is to put hotspots at the Regional Centres and Christian book stores so that many have access to the Scripture downloads.

  • Finishing and future directions

    Pray for the translation teams from the language communities of Juwar, Urimo, Yambes, Bungain and Forok as they meet together at Wewak starting 24 June to finish their last course of Oral Bible Storytelling. The teams will also spend several days discussing and learning how to conduct language community assessment activities to determine what are some possible realistic next steps to take in their language programs. They need prayer for community involvement, interest, and ownership in this endeavour.

  • Translators begin training

    Pray for the translators from seven language groups who will begin the first Translators Training Course in mid-June. Pray that they and their families stay healthy during the month-long course. Pray for the staff planning to teach the course. One will be flying from the United States for this period. Ask for all to work together in unity and encouragement and that the trainees have good understanding of the material.

  • Schools support the teams

    Pray for the Christian international school that supports workers in one Asian country. A team from the United States has made a visit to review the school's staff, facilities and curriculum to issue an accreditation for the coming years. This is an intense time of meetings between administrators, teachers and support staff as they review recommendations from the visit. Ask God to give wisdom to them as they consider ways to improve in the future. And thank God for those willing to teach overseas, so that others can translate the Scriptures.

  • Seeing a change

    Praise God for the experience a translator had while at a local embroidery training workshop. Her faith was evident even to a spirit medium, who told the translator she could see two “spirits” in white guarding her while she slept. Later in the week, this usually timid translator had courage to use an opportunity to witness to the other hundred participants at the workshop. Pray for this translator and her team as they continue translation. And praise God for the local pastor of this group, who uses the newly translated Scriptures as he teaches, and encourages others to use them.

  • Partnering in promotion

    Praise God for those partnering to promote use of the Northern Thai Bible. Ask God for the right people to join the team, and for wisdom for each one. Praise, too, for those considering funding a scripture engagement project for this language. One local church recently held a conference which provided an opportunity to promote interest in the Northern Thai New Testament. Ask God to provide all the resources needed to make these efforts successful.

  • Changing seasons

    Praise God for the Bible translation, language development and training work of those who are in active ministry. June is often the beginning of a new season when some workers return to their home countries to reconnect with those who support their ministry. Pray for those who are returning to reconnect well with churches and family members. Praise God for the many around the world who act as senders for Bible translation work. And prayer for spiritual refreshing for those who will return soon to difficult field locations.

  • Getting started in translation

    Praise God for a number of self-starting initiatives for Bible translation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Pray that the leaders of these initiatives have a clear vision, good relationships with each other, correct information, adequate training and resources. Pray for the spirit of unity and reciprocity to guide the different organizations and initiatives. Ask God to raise up translators and other dedicated workers for all these initiatives.

  • Mobilizing churches

    Pray that God continue to inspire leadership within the churches with a vision for Bible translation. This year SIL staff have a plan to launch church mobilization projects in six language communities. Praise the Lord that there are three partner organizations willing to fund these projects. Pray that the training of the mobilizers will be effective and that the communities become fully engaged in Bible translation for their own languages. Pray that Bible translation will get the attention it needs despite many other areas competing for attention in the DRC churches.

  • Bougainville elections affect translation

    Praise God that elections for the new government of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville went smoothly. The new government will lead the people into an independence referendum in the near future. Translation work was eased up at the beginning of 2015 to allow translators and their communities to participate in the election. Toward the end of June, all work will return to normal. Pray for these translators as they work hard to cover the five months of work time lost during the election.

  • Responding in faith

    Praise God for the great response to Adau Kaniwa's preaching patrol last month. Many people made commitments to Christ and were saved. Praise God that previously hostile villages welcomed the patrol and urged Adau to come again to teach them God's Word. Pray for these new believers to grow deeper into God and stronger in faith. Pray for Adau and Domai Gaida as they work on translating Romans and John into Bamu. Pray that the translation will be natural, accurate and clear.

  • Bongu begin language program

    Praise God that the Bongu people of the Rai Coast are keen to start a language program. They have chosen four men to receive translation training, coming from three denominations. There are two more chosen for literacy work. Pray that they will maintain their enthusiasm for translating mother tongue Scriptures even when the spiritual battle increases. Pray that the literacy trainees will get scholarship help to attend the Vernacular Creative Phonics course in August and September.

  • Wagi translation and song recording, follow

    Praise God that the Wagi translation team has completed translating Luke's Gospel and done the village check. The people's response was that the Bible in Tok Pisin or English is like looking through a smoky haze, but in Wagi it is clear. They said that when they listened to God's Word in Wagi, "their heart was moving along with the text, sentence by sentence".

    *Village testing: Testing a translation is done with individuals or a group who have had no previous exposure to that particular translated text portion. Questions are asked by the tester about naturalness of the wording and the hearer's understanding of both basic facts and the meaning in the wider context of the paragraph or event described. From those responses the translator catches places that need further adjustment before a consultant gives a final review.

  • Prepared to translate

    Praise God that people from nine language groups, including Gadsup, Golin, Imbo-Ungu, Sinasina and Tairora, are now trained to translate the JESUS film script into their vernaculars. Pray that God lead each team to prepare the translations, so that many can see the film in the language they understand best.

  • Final preparations

    Pray for the Sudest people as they make final preparations for the celebration of the New Testament on July 5. Ask that they would maintain good relationships, have abundant crops and good health in this final month of preparations. Also pray for those traveling from abroad for the ceremonies. Ask that all go well and bring God glory.

  • Preparation in Kope

    Pray for Hanna Schulz who is in the Kope language community to learn the language, in preparation for acting as translation advisor to the translation team. Pray that she can hear, remember and use Kope well during her time there. She praises God for a good start to building relationships with people in the village.

  • Two June courses

    Pray for participants and teachers at a Basic Exegesis course beginning in early June at Ukarumpa. This newly developed course will introduce students to basic concepts and practices used to interpret the Bible. Pray, too, for the students and staff of the Learning that LASTS course beginning in mid-June. This teaches principles for those preparing to train adults.

  • Mother Tongue Translator Workshop

    In April, a capacity-building workshop for mother tongue translators took place in Ontario, Canada.  Speakers of First Nations languages Naskapi, Oji-Cree, and Plains Cree learned needed skills for Bible Translation and community language development. A course in Bible translation techniques helped learners understand translation work. Basic computer skills were taught to beginners, and all received training in the use of the collaborative translation software program, Paratext. All of the participants indicated that it was a privilege to come and they are eager to learn more. Pray that God will use them as they translate His Word into their own languages.

  • God's Word at Work

    Praise the Lord for a good translation workshop with the Sihuas Quechua mother tongue translators that finished on May 6. The team completed the translation of eight chapters of Genesis and the revision of two Bible studies from the “Gospel of Luke”. Please pray for them as they present the “Gospel of Luke” video and the Bible studies in the coming months. Praise God for the reports of change in the lives of children. They sing praise songs as they walk to school and are keenly interested in the Luke video. They also pray with their parents three times a day. Praise God for His work in these young lives.

  • Sharing the blessing of the translated Word

    The Aché language community of Paraguay received their New Testament last year. Now Eliseo Chachugi from the Aché community, is ready to begin working with the Ñandeva people to translate the New Testament into their language. Give thanks to God for 20 volunteers coming from Argentina June12-16 to help build a house for Eliseo in the community. Pray for God to guide and protect them as they work. May the team be a special blessing to Eliseo as he prepares to work together with the Ñandeva people so the community can also have the Word of God in their language.

  • Culina Scripture Recording

    The first recording session of the Culina Scripture is completed. The finished books are Romans, I Corinthians, James, and Jude. They also completed the words of Jesus in Matthew and Revelation, and the narrative portions of Luke. Pray for the Bible translators and coordinators of this translation-recording project. They need wisdom as they see the need to change their plans for recording the rest of the New Testament. Pray they will find several other good readers before continuing with the recording. Pray that God will prepare the right people to help with this project later this year.

  • Linguistics and Translation Training

    In El Salvador, the organization TRES is preparing for the next Training Trainers Course, to be offered from August 17 until September 12. The training includes the basic course in Phonetics, Linguistics and Acquisition of a Second Language. These are prerequisites for people who desire to study linguistics and Bible translation at CILTA in the future. Some students who have previously taken the course will attend again to increase their capacity, so they can be certified to teach the basic course to others. Ask God to bring the people He desires to participate in this course.

  • A Hopeful Answer to a Difficult Challenge

    A video called “The HOPE” is a tool that addresses the challenge workers face in communities where animism and Christianity are mixed and little Bible knowledge exists. Dubbed into many languages, the video gives an overview of the Biblical story of redemption and frees people to recognize the existence of God and end their bondage to fear. For three days in May, people from different cultures around the Americas met in Guatemala to produce a new introduction for the video, as well as to adjust the script and final invitation to follow Jesus. Pray that God will continue to use this video to bring people to Jesus.

  • The Church and the Mission of God

    During the month of May, consultations on the Mission of God as it relates to the church, were held in Bolivia, Colombia and Central America. Sponsored by national missionary movements, national churches, Wycliffe Global Alliance and COMIBAM International, the meetings brought together leaders from churches and mission organizations. The meetings focused on Missio Dei, Missio Dei and Church, mission in community, cooperation and unity for transformation of the people groups with the Word of God, while seeking to know and accomplish God's purposes. Pray that these times of reflection and learning have sparked a new flame of passion in the lives and ministries of those whom God has called to accomplish His mission for the world, and that He will show them the best ways to carry out that mission for His glory.

  • New leadership

    The current Executive Committee of SILPNG will meet for their final session from June 2-12. They pass the leadership of the teams there to new leaders the first of July. Pray for a smooth transition in the leadership of the team and for good relationships with the new Director and leaders of the Bible Translation Association. Pray especially for Duckshin Kim, the new director of Language Services and Tim Husk, the new director of Strategic Relationships.

  • Budget planning

    At this time many departments and language projects are making plans for the next fiscal year. Pray for wisdom, for sensitivity to language community needs, for creativity and for God’s guidance in this process. Pray for adequate funding especially for projects that have expanding opportunities.

  • Transitions

    Many families are in transition as they are moving back to their home country or relocating. Please pray for a smooth transition process for parents and children. Pray for good endings in their host countries, and for arrangements during the first few weeks in the home country. Pray for them to deal with the stress, details and emotional upheaval of transitioning.

  • Roma task force

    Please pray for the coming together of the Roma task force to advise SIL on how to best serve Romani language communities worldwide. A number of capable individuals have agreed to participate. Ask the Lord for wisdom for the facilitator and for a clear and useful outcome. Pray for unity and insight for the participants.

  • Printing Scriptures

    Praise God for successful typesetting of portions of Luke and Acts in a language of Asia. Pray for the printing to go smoothly. Also, pray that people read and apply the truth to their lives. Pray for the translation team as they check the books of Philippians and Hebrews with a consultant*. They have finished checking 1 and 2 Thessalonians and 1 and 2 Peter already. Pray for the translators and their advisor as this project comes near to the final stages.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

Results 31 - 60 of 635
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