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  • Challenges for teams

    Pray for those working among language communities in one part of Southeast Asia: each project has special challenges. In some communities, people have anxiety about using printed material in the local language. In others, workers often have difficulty locating language resource people, or the local translators have low literacy skills. In some places, the leaders may use the national language in church, and see little need for translation. Pray for each project team to have wisdom and insight as they seek to partner with these communities. Pray for the facilitation team as they advise them in areas of literacy and church and Scripture engagement.

  • Bible story work

    Pray for the two Dayak language communities involved in a Bible storying project. Pray for the teams to have wisdom in the translation process, and for the facilitators for these projects. Ask God for all to run smoothly so they can provide Scripture to their people quickly.

  • Technology personnel needed

    Information technology personnel are needed for the process of translating the Word of God. Pray that the Lord would call and equip those who can serve as IT personnel for every translation workshop. Pray, too, for the internet connections needed in remote areas. Many times these are used for local teams to communicate with facilitators and consultants who live elsewhere.

  • First book published

    Praise God for the book of Mark being published for a language community in Indonesia. Pray for the people to have a desire to read and study it, and to grow spiritually. Ask for God's wisdom and strength to be with the translation team and their advisors, so that translating the Word can continue well. Pray that the church in that region be strengthened from having God's Word in their language.

  • Aisi translators

    Uphold Carson Evari and Benson Mane, Aisi language workers of Oro Province. Pray that they will be refreshed in their spirit and physical well-being during this holiday season. Ask God to strengthen and prepare them for another year of service as translators of the Aisi Bible.

  • Forgiveness and reconciliation

    The act of giving and receiving forgiveness brings about a wonderful and positive spirit of unity and harmony in any relationship. Rejoice with the Urat team for the time spent in sharing and reconciliation with one another, their families and the community and church. They had a time of prayer and reading of appropriate Bible passages on relationship. Continue to pray for the translators and their families, the Church and community to allow the Holy Spirit to continue His work of love and forgiveness in each of their lives.

  • Assisting a neighboring group

    Ask the Lord to bless Tawala translator, Micah Naugo, as he works with the neighboring Maiwala language translators on their translation of the New Testament. Micah has taken on the additional responsibility to encourage this team of mostly women in their task of translating the New Testament for their Maiwala people.

  • Importance of training

    Ongoing training is a vital part of Bible translation. Praise the Lord for the many skilled people and experts in the field of translation and linguistics who train Papua New Guineans to be well equipped as translators and trainers for work in Bible translation. Thank the Lord and pray for Denis and Marcela Vargas as they prepare material for their language work among the Suau people. They also ask prayer for the Lord's leading, strength and wisdom as they prepare material for training mother tongue translators in program planning and in planning lessons for the Translators Training Course for 2015.

  • Restful holidays

    Ask the Lord to give a restful and refreshing time to all Bible Translation Association members during the December to January holiday season. Thank the Lord that they have about three weeks to rest and be with their families. A handful of people may remain in each translation center to provide security to BTA properties and to help with routine matters during this period of reduced activity. Pray for safety at the BTA centres around the country during this period.

  • Alternative approaches

    With civil war continuing in the Central African Republic, it’s almost impossible for expatriate teams to continue to provide the training and support the Bible translation teams there are looking for. One creative solution is a series of linguistics workshops for the Central African teams planned to take place in the greater security of neighbouring Cameroon. Pray for the logistics, which are complex – including visas, travel, staffing and funding. Pray for Paul Murrell as he coordinates from the UK and for all travelling to take part in the next workshop in January 2015.

  • A completely new phenomenon

    “In all my years as a translator I’ve never been in this kind of workshop – it’s a completely new phenomenon for us. But of 12 ACATBA language teams, only four came. I wish the others could do this type of workshop too,” said one participant after the first of a series of linguistics workshops for Bible translation teams from the Central African Republic. Thank God for the teams’ new linguistic insights, and the potential impact on their translations. Pray for planning and preparation for the second workshop in January 2015, which is for team members from seven language teams!

  • Successful training

    Thank the Lord for the training event that Ganjiki Wayne, Tony Kotauga and David Gela participated in last month in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Wycliffe Global Alliance Asia Pacific Area organized this leadership development event for young and potential leaders. The training event was deeply grounded and rooted in Biblical, theological and missiological principles.

  • Suau village checking of Genesis

    Denis and Marcela Vargas of Costa Rica ask for prayer for the village testing* of Genesis, being done in December in five villages of the Suau language community. Pray for wisdom for the testers in this important step. The Vargas will start analysing the results and data once they return to Nawabu village in early 2015. Pray for them to have a restful holiday season.

    *Village testing: Testing a translation is done with individuals or a group who have had no previous exposure to that particular translated text portion. Questions are asked by the tester about naturalness of the wording and the hearer's understanding of both basic facts and the meaning in the wider context of the paragraph or event described. From those responses the translator catches places that need further adjustment before a consultant gives a final review.

  • Trip to Watut area

    Pray for David and Shelley Midkiff as they visit the Watut language community for the first time in mid-January. Pray for local support for Bible translation to be clearly evident, and for the development of good relationships with the community and church. Pray for discernment and wisdom for David and Shelley as they consider working alongside members of this language community as translation advisors. They would be part of a larger Markham Multi-language Project team.

  • Hearing the first time

    “God, the Word, came to this earth. How much pain He suffered, loving us!  Brothers, sisters, if you want freedom from sin, then place your trust in Him.  You will inherit eternal life.” The singer broke down in tears and could not continue. For the first time she was hearing the truth about Jesus.

    Over ten million speakers of this language group live in Bangladesh.  They have no Bible in their language.  Their only access is through Scripture songs and dramas developed by local believers working with non-Christian artists.  These are broadcast by a local radio station and distributed in CDs, VCDs, and mobile phone format.  Pray that God’s Word would be communicated with integrity and relevance.  Ask God to empower area churches to be proactive in using these tools to disciple people.

  • Sunday School Workshop

    Pray for participants and staff of the Sunday School Materials Production and Teacher Training Course to be held at Kokopo in late January. Pray for safety as they travel to and from the Kokopo Centre. Ask God to help participants understand the principles of Sunday School teaching philosophy in addition to the skills taught. Pray that God will provide people to type the translated materials and print the books.

  • Kaninuwa prepare consultant checks

    Pray for the Kaninuwa translation team as they begin the consultant check* of Mark, Jonah, and portions of Genesis and Exodus from mid-January to early February. The team aims to publish New Testament and Old Testament portions late in 2015. Pray for peace in the village, and wisdom and strength for all the team members.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Deaf team members sought for sign language development needs

    Interest in the Deaf communities of the world and in sign languages has been increasing in recent years. The SIL Global Sign Languages Team continues to receive requests for assistance from Deaf communities around the globe. Needs exist in the areas of multi-lingual Deaf education, language surveys, translation* and general language development needs. The Global Sign Languages Team strives to come alongside Deaf communities to assist in meeting those needs. While that all requires finances, an even bigger need is in the area of human resources. More people are needed with the skills to respond to the requests for assistance. Please pray about an increase in the number of Deaf team members with the skills and passion to work alongside Deaf communities worldwide.**

    *This includes Scripture translation and broader translation needs for information on a wide variety of topics.

    ** More information about the various services provided by the SIL Global Sign Languages Team can be found on the SIL International website.

  • Needing Financial Support

    Worldwide, some staff families are in their home countries to encourage their ministry partners and  to develop new partnerships. Pray that their full financial support will come so that they can focus on the work of language development and Bible translation. Pray that they can be released to return to their fields of service as soon as possible.

  • Major website technical update

    Please pray for the Wycliffe Global Alliance web development team as they work on moving to new servers and more up-to-date software. This will allow the site to be more current technically and to have mobile device functionality. The new server works quite differently from the old one; pray for wisdom and insight to set it up properly. The new version of the web application software does not work with all the modules used now. Pray for wisdom for the team to find and learn to use new modules. Pray for courage for the people involved as they take on this really big job.

  • Indonesian Sign Language Translation Project Board Meeting

    Yayasan Lembaga Alkitab Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia (YALABSI) is the organization that is leading the Indonesian Sign Language Bible translation project. In order for YALABISI to move forward, they need to hold a board meeting and clarify the roles and responsibilities of the leaders. One of the leaders of YALABISI is planning to call the board meeting on Dec.16th. Please pray that the board members will be able to meet and communicate well and come up with good decisions.*

    *More information about the various services provided by the SIL Global Sign Languages Team can be found on the SIL International website.

    *More information about the various services provided by the SIL Global Sign Languages Team can be found on the SIL International website. - See more at:
  • Bible Translation Philosophy Statement

    In 2013, the Wycliffe Global Alliance released its "Bible Translation Philosophy Statement" which is a missiological foundation for guiding Bible translation programs led by Alliance Organizations. Pray for wisdom for the Alliance leadership as it looks for creative ways of helping Alliance Organizations assist and serve each other, those with expertise helping those who are developing expertise in Bible translation. Pray particularly for Dr. Bryan Harmelink, the new Global Consultant for Translation Collaboration for the Alliance. Bryan will be a key person in expanding the collaboration of Bible translation in and through the Alliance.

  • Alliance Organizations with Bible Translation Projects

    Forty-two of the 112 Wycliffe Global Alliance Organizations are leading and managing over 970 Bible translation projects. This is a newer experience for many organizations, such as Wycliffe Russia who now is directly involved in Bible translation programs within Russia. Others, like LETRA Paraguay, who just celebrated the New Testament completed for the Ache people, are small organizations with limited resources. Thank God for how He calls and shapes organizations of all types and sizes to participate in helping meet the Scripture needs of language groups in their own nations and all over the world. Pray that the abiding presence of the Living Word, Jesus Christ, will be evident in all their strategies and undertakings.

  • A Covenantal Community, Part 2

    The leadership of Wycliffe Global Alliance will work with each Alliance Organization discussing the details of becoming a part of the Covenantal Community. Each Alliance organization will express belonging to the Covenantal Community through a Covenant or Statement of Agreement. Pray for God’s grace and wisdom to abound in this process. Pray, too, that this process will be completed so that the Alliance can celebrate our new Covenantal Community at the May 2016 Wycliffe Global Gathering in Thailand.

  • A Covenantal Community, Part 1

    Recently, the Board of the Wycliffe Global Alliance decided that the Alliance would become a “Covenantal Community.” A Covenantal Community is characterized by all of the 112 Alliance Organizations developing deeper friendships with each other and living out the Alliance’s Principles of Community as they do so. Pray that Wycliffe Global Alliance will continue to grow in its desire and capacity to mirror the unity of the perfect community: the Trinity—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  • Recording Scripture in Adzera and Mauwake

    Pray for confident and fluent Adzera readers to come forward for recording of Genesis and Luke in early January. Pray, too. for the Mauwake New Testament recording to take place through the first three months of 2015. Ask God to keep the equipment functioning well for these recording sessions.

  • Translation advisors needed

    Pray for the language communities of Manus Province who are enthusiastic about Bible translation but need translation advisors to help their projects progress. Pray that God will also send permanent staff to manage the Kavieng Regional Centre.

  • New Scripture drafted

    Praise God that Doromu-Koki translators, Charles Ero and Joseph Toma, were able to complete their draft of 2 Corinthians during the Epistle Workshop at Ukarumpa in October and November. Pray that they will continue to make good progress on drafting the remaining 13% of the New Testament. Pray, too, as they test* the draft translations of Ephesians and James in the villages.

    *Village testing: Testing a translation is done with individuals or a group who have had no previous exposure to that particular translated text portion. Questions are asked by the tester about naturalness of the wording and the hearer's understanding of both basic facts and the meaning in the wider context of the paragraph or event described. From those responses the translator catches places that need further adjustment before a consultant gives a final review.

  • Setting up in Malinguat villages

    Pray that the process of buying solar power systems and setting them up in two Malinguat villages goes smoothly. Litz Liew of Taiwan is staying in the area until January 8, without proper electricity or her own house. Pray for God's protection over her and the local community. December and January is the traditional time of year for taking revenge in this area. Pray for the peace proclaimed by angels at Christ's birth to prevail.

Results 31 - 60 of 680
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