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  • OneStory project stalled

    A OneStory project in a language community in Maluku province has been stalled for various reasons. This project is very important as it can lead to a full Bible translation project in the future. Pray that the team and the local church partners will be able to work together effectively. Pray that the Spirit will unite the hearts and minds of everyone involved and will provide all the resources needed to resume the project immediately.

  • Orthography/Alphabet workshop

    Give praise to God for providing funds for an orthography/alphabet* workshop for seven languages ​​in Indonesia. Pray that the alphabets for these seven languages ​​can be completed by the end of the workshop so that teams can move on to the next workshop. The ongoing alphabet workshop will culminate in mid-August. The next workshop, which will be held at the end of this year, will focus on doing Bible translation. The teams will begin with the Gospel of Luke.

    *An orthography is the writing system of a language. At an orthography/alphabet workshop the sounds each language are analyzed and decisions are made about what needs to be written in the language to enable a reader to understand. This trial orthography is then tested in the language community.

  • New President

    Mr. Joko Widodo, or more popularly known as Jokowi, is the newly elected president of Indonesia. Pray that God will guide him and give him wisdom to lead this nation for the next five years. Pray also that during Jokowi's administration, God would reveal His truth and justice in Indonesia. Pray also for the losing candidate and his followers, that they will accept the election result with peace and that they will be supportive of the new president.

  • The Bible in Brazilian Sign Language

    Last year, the Brazilian translation team finished a DVD with the first set of children’s Bible stories in Brazilian Sign Language. A Deaf interpreter brought one of the DVDs to a Deaf boy she knew. The boy watched all four stories, transfixed. His favorite was the story of Samson. His parents were amazed that he understood it and enjoyed the Bible stories in a way they had never seen before. They gained a new appreciation for the beauty of Brazilian Sign Language and a new respect for their son’s capacity to understand things in his own language. Pray for Bible translations in Sign Languages around the world.

  • GET Global Trips*

    Through a variety of trips and experiences through Wycliffe NextGen, a number of students have been contributing to Bible translation teams in Benin, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Romania and South Asia. Praise God for opportunities for all the students to learn about skills and jobs, like aviation and teaching, that support translation work. Ask God to use these trips to impact the students with the importance of Bible translation. Pray that some or all will one day join the Bible translation team.

    *GET Global trips: A program of Wycliffe NextGen, GET Global trips involve students in the ministry of Bible translation.

  • GET Global

    This summer, nine students from the United States experienced Bible translation firsthand in Papua New Guinea, the most linguistically complex nation of the world. The students set off on their GET Global* trip with several staff members on Friday, June 20, following three days of team building and preparation in Dallas, Texas. Through immersion in rich cross-cultural experiences, the students engaged in language learning activities that promote Scripture in the local language. Some of their time was spent learning how to make audio Scripture recordings. Thank God for safety, health, and comprehension as they studied a new language and were taught audio recording technology.

    * GETGlobal - A program of Wycliffe NextGen , GET Global trips involve students in the ministry of Bible translation.

  • Students helped by technology

    Praise God for the students at the Summer Institute of Linguistics program at the University of North Dakota, who have used XLingPaper to produce their MA theses.  XLingPaper is a way to author and archive linguistic papers or books using the formatting system XML. One student commented on how useful the system is. Thank the Lord for advances in technology which provide helpful tools for linguists and Bible translators.

  • Learning to Write

    Praise the Lord for the successful completion of the recent writers’ workshop held in Peru from June 23 to July 11.  Eight participants represented seven language communities: Achuar, Awajun, Juni Kuin, Matsigenka, Shawi, Shipibo, and Wampis.  Praise God that the participants were able to produce a Bible study, a big book with Bible stories, and reading comprehension materials.  Please pray that they  will continue producing literacy and Scripture materials to help with the promotion and use of the Scripture in their language groups. 


    Praise God for His help for all the CILTA* students during their first semester of study.  The final two weeks of the semester were intense. One student said that one final exam took her almost six hours to complete. Please pray that the students are rested and ready for the second semester which begins on August 11.

    * CILTA – Linguistic, translation & literacy course for Latinos at the Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru

  • Missions working together

    At the InterMission Global Meetings, scheduled for October 2014 in Thailand, SIL leaders will meet with faith-based partners and together they will learn how we can all become better participants in the Bible translation and language development movement. Approximately 250 people will be involved. Please pray for the logistics and program planning teams. Ask God to provide the people needed for the interpreter teams so that all the partners can participate with clear understanding. Pray that the participants who need visas will receive them in a timely way.

  • Ethnomusicology workshop results

    Praise God for the enthusiasm and motivation of those attending an ethnomusicology workshop in one language area. Ask God to keep the attendees motivated to pursue the next steps in getting new songs out to many in the area. Pray for protection for the translation team and their equipment as they are near completion of the New Testament.

  • A strong, committed team

    One translation advisor is praising God for good relationships and the commitment of the team of mother-tongue translators she works with. She asks for physical and spiritual protection for this team as they continue translation. In particular, pray for safety on the roads as they travel back and forth to remote villages on roads that are slippery in the rainy season. Pray that God renew their vision so they persevere to finish the New Testament.

  • Protection

    In a sensitive* language community in Asia, the followers of Jesus are receiving death threats from those opposed to the Bible translation. They are afraid to meet together now. The team leader needs to know the way forward with this language program. Pray for wisdom, protection and direction for the community and for the team leader.

    *Sensitive situations. Giving more specific details could cause danger for the work being done or the people involved.

  • Translation project needs

    A translation team needs prayer for several different parts of their language project. Please pray for excellence and productivity in the translation of the Gospel of John. Also pray for the success of the multilingual education teachers and students during the summer sessions. 

  • Favor with Authorities

    Three language projects in a sensitive region of Asia have come under investigation and have had sanctions placed on them. Pray for favour with authorities and that the sanctions will be lifted. In the Xiki language project there has been a delay in opening the mother-tongue preschools. Pray for the necessary permissions from the Ministry of Education. In the Shappex project more testers* are needed. Pray for vision for language development and mother-tongue education to take root in this community. In the Koji project pray for believers who will be willing and available to translate the Scriptures into their own language.
    *Testing a translation. Checking is done with individuals who have had no previous exposure to that particular translated portion. Questions are asked about naturalness of wording and understanding of both basic facts and the meaning in the wider context f the passage. The responses reveal places needing further adjustment.

  • Follow Up

    The Aramaic Bible Translation (ABT) website received an email from a person who wanted an Assyrian New Testament. They explained that they had grown up in a Middle Eastern country and had come to faith in Christ three months earlier as a result of the witness of friends in Sydney. They concluded, “I'm so anxious and excited to get my Assyrian Bible!” The New Testament had just become available on Scripture Earth less than 30 minutes before. The timing was perfect! Please pray that Assyrians from around the world will continue to find and use these Scripture resources.

  • Nenets translation and recording plans

    Later this year the Nenets Scripture engagement team*, in partnership with the local church, plans to visit people in the communities to distribute a package with both the written text and the audio recording of the Gospel of John. After that, they are planning to create a mini audio Bible that includes the Gospels of John and Mark and a yet-to-be translated set of Bible stories. Pray for a good recording process by IBT and for full funding of this project. Pray that this Scripture will be widely distributed and speak truth to the hearts of the Nenets people.

    *Click on the following links for stories about what God is doing among the Nenets peopleWho will sing of love for the Nenets?Foundations of FaithPytor Khudy: Hopeless to JoyfulSongs of the TundraBirthing an indigenous church: shining hope in Siberia

  • Women of the Word Initiative

    Pray for those preparing and implementing Wycliffe Women of the Word. This program plans to link women in the United States to women around the world. Praise God for the curriculum being developed to promote the initiative. Pray for a team of volunteers who can help carry out this program by forming prayer circles, giving circles, and vision trips. Pray that God would be glorified in the administration of the program. While the focus is on disadvantaged women and children, ultimately it’s all about God. Pray that this initiative will result in transformed lives that come to know the One, true God. For more information, click here.

  • Ronji desire translation

    Pray for the approximately 450 speakers of Ronji who live in Madang Province. They have no Scripture in their language, but have shown interest in translating the Bible into Ronji. Pray that God will bring together the right people and resources to fulfill the Ronji people's eagerness for a Bible translation.

  • Scripture Engagement

    Praise God that the three recent Scripture Engagement seminars held in Russia and the Caucasus were very helpful. One participant writes: “There was a fantastic sense that God was with us as we shared creative ideas for engaging local people with Scripture despite significant challenges.” Ask God for good follow through as plans are being created as a result of the seminar. Pray that through new initiatives more people will be encouraged to read, hear and live God’s Word. 

  • Checking the first book

    Praise God that the book of Mark has been drafted for a language community in Southeast Asia. Pray for unity among the translation team members as they prepare for the consultant check.* This is the first book of Scripture in this language. Ask God for strength for this team as they continue translation.

    *Consultant check: A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Two translations finishing preparations

    Two translation teams are finishing the preparations needed before publishing their two New Testaments. One team has finished all consultant checks and will do a final read-through later in 2014. The other team has finished the consultant check of 2 Corinthians in July, and in August the last New Testament book—1 Corinthians—will be consultant checked. Then they will do the final consistency checks and read through the completed draft twice. Ask God to strengthen these teams as they make the final push to completion. Also pray for God to prepare the hearts of those in these to groups to receive His Word.

  • Two Oral Bible Storying Projects

    Two oral Bible storying projects started last year among the Usoi Tripura and Mru language communities. The national crafters are now working independently for several months as the storying advisor is away. Pray that the Usoi Tripura and Mru story crafters will continue developing stories from the Bible that are accurate and told naturally in their mother tongue. Ask God to prepare the hearts of the Usoi Triupra and Mru people to receive God’s Word in story form. Pray that the church leaders will gain greater vision and passion for using mother-tongue Scriptures.

  • Timor translation progress

    Praise God for the progress made on several translations in Timor this July. The Lole had the final consultant check of 1 Corinthians. The Tii have done their advisor check of John. The final consultant check of Acts took place for the Pura team. And the final consultant check of Romans was done for the Dela translation. Ask God to strengthen these teams as they work steadily toward the publication of the New Testament in these languages

  • Yumplatok blessing

    Praise God that the Yumplatok Bible was blessed during a short service in the 2014 Synod of the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland. It was also taken into a men's prison in July, where it was an instant hit with the inmates. Pray that these Scriptures get into the hands of those who are eager to read them, and that many lives are changed by the new understanding of God's Word. For more information, click here.

  • Alyawarr listen to Luke

    Praise God that the translators for Alyawarr are now able to offer the audio of Luke's Gospel on micro SD cards to use in mobile phones. The initial interest is encouraging. Pray that the believers will use Bluetooth to share the files with each other. Praise Him, also, that the Alyawarr Bible is again being read at church meetings at Canteen Creek and Epenarra where the translators used to live. Ask God to use His Word in the lives of believers there.

  • Northern Thai translation final checks

    The translation team for Northern Thai have asked for wisdom, perseverance and strength as they work on getting the remaining books to the consultant check phase (Romans, Hebrews, 1 & 2 Corinthians, and Philemon). Pray for the Lord's provision of some pastors and lay leaders to help decide on the translation of some key Biblical terms*. Thank God that the team is getting close to finishing this translation.

    * Key terms refers to those words in the biblical texts that convey key theological concepts that are repeated throughout the Bible, such as "sin", "grace" and "faith." Deciding how best to refer to God as "Holy Spirit" is also "key," as every culture knows the spirit world but needs to know how God's Spirit is different from others.

  • Taking Bold Steps

    The staff of the Bible Translation Association (BTA) has taken steps to identify potential partners, mainly churches, who could help reach the goal of translating God’s Word in the remaining 285 languages in Papua New Guinea. A proposed plan was presented to BTA board members in July that outlines the steps to be taken so that many more partners could participate in Bible translation ministry. Pray that this plan will be well-received and implemented. Ask the Lord to grant wisdom and creativity to those who are assigned to make this plan more effective and credible.

  • Scriptures Nearing Completion

    Praise God for the completed translation of the New Testament for three language groups in the Philippines. Preparations are underway for the celebration of the Lubuagan Kalinga New Testament in August, the Brooke's Point Palawano New Testament in October, and the K* New Testament sometime this year. Pray for the publishing coordinator of the Translators Association of the Philippines as she coordinates with the Philippine Bible Society. Ask the Lord to guide the various teams who are planning for the celebrations. Pray that the celebrations will be fully supported by the local people and by the many partners who helped and contributed significantly toward these projects.


  • Bible Translation Needs

    There are still millions of Indonesians who do not have access to the Word of God in a language they understand best. They include the L*, the P* and the R* language communities which have a combined population of 3.8 million people. Ask the Lord to provide dedicated leaders who will establish strong partnerships among those who will respond to the Bible translation needs for these communities. Pray also that He will also provide the resources needed to start work among these groups. 


Results 31 - 60 of 1314
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