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  • Translation progress

    Praise God that major orthography decisions were made for a translation project at a workshop earlier in the year. Pray for good implementation of the orthography changes as John’s Gospel is made ready for publication, Mark’s Gospel is prepared for audio recording, and the translation of Acts is finalized for submission to test readers. Ask God for protection from spiritual attack for the translation team as these tasks are completed.

  • Hope Conference planning

    Pray for all the preparations for the Hope Conference to be held in Madang 6-10 October. The theme is "Unity in the Body of Christ". Senior pastors from 14 different denominational churches in Madang have taken part in the planning, and the goal is to encourage all the Christians of Madang Province in how to walk together in faith. This conference is also supported by the Madang Provisional Government.

  • Team challenges

    The national language Bible translation workers in one country* have experienced a continual list of challenges. Three of the translators are mothers of young children who often need to work from home. Two of the translation advisors are working from countries thousands of miles away from the team. Please pray for the team to have times to work together, rather than in isolation from one another. Pray for the hearts of those in the translation team to be knit together, so that they will encourage one another at every opportunity.

    *Read more about this project in the article “Land of Confusion.”

  • Training for translators

    Pray for the 16 participants from the Halia, Saposa, Petats and Solos language communities attending the Translator's Training Course 2 at the Buka centre on Bougainville Island. The course finishes on October 1st. Pray for God's guidance for the facilitators and good understanding by the trainees.

  • Bible dedication

    The dedication of the New Millennium Version of the Bible in Persian, produced with a partner organization, will take place on Monday, September 22, in the United Kingdom. Pray that God will change lives as people read this new, easy to understand version. May many find, read, study and share it online and in print.

  • Watut believers consider translating

    Pray for God's preparation in the hearts and minds of the communities of the North, South and Middle Watut language areas, as they consider joining the Markham Multi-Language Project. Pray that the Holy Spirit would awaken a strong desire for God's word among all three language communities. Pray that David and Shelly Midkiff would be welcomed into these communities to begin language learning.

  • New regional manager needed

    Pray for Jude Snelson who is managing the Kavieng Regional Centre during September and October. This is the first time she will be filling in and it will be an especially busy period. Pray that the Lord will raise up a regular manager for the centre, as there have been temporary managers for over a year.

  • Binandere Scriptures almost ready

    Praise God for the completed typesetting of 35% of the Binandere New Testament (Mark, Luke and Acts). Pray for the printing of the 600 books to be completed during September so that they will be ready to transport and distribute in the village in October. Ask God to use these books to stir the hearts of His people.

  • Nukuoro Bible near completion

    Betty Amon and her team are working hard to complete the Nukuoro Bible in 2015. Pray for good health for all and for extra team members to help with the reviewing process. Pray for Paulus Kieviet as he does consultant checking* from the Netherlands.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Saipan Carolinian nearing completion

    Pray for the Saipan Carolinian team and Cameron Fruit, translation advisor, as they complete the New Testament and hope to publish in 2015. Pray for Annie del Corro as she does the consultant checking* from the Philippines and for the team in Saipan as they process her comments. Ask God to keep all computers and equipment working well during this final stage.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Brooke's Point Palawano Follow

    The New Testament, begun in 1983, is finally finished and printed. God has been faithful. Praise Him that only about 20 of the 1,200+ printed books had assembling errors. Pray now for the translators as they return to the Philippines to help with the launching, set for September 27, and help with distribution efforts. Pray that the Palawano people will eagerly receive this precious book and apply it to their lives.

  • Recording activities and equipment

    Pray for September's recording activities for language teams: Andy Weaver will dub the 'Luke' video in the Mussau-Emira language. Emos will do post-production editing on the Iyo language recordings. And Dan Bauman will be post-producing Enga Mark and parts of Genesis, and also Revelation in Nai. Also, pray for the Scripture Use Media section to resolve problems with their equipment and computer servers not working properly.

  • National Literacy Week event

    Pray for the National Literacy Week event scheduled to take place in Gulf Province at Kikori, Baimuru and Koravake villages in mid-September. The province's schools do not have good literacy rates, but Robbie and Debbie Petterson wiil be demonstrating some more effective instructional strategies. Pray for open ears and hearts for the national and provincial leaders attending this event.

  • Program planning workshop

    Pray for participants and staff at the Program Planning Workshop being held in September in Ukarumpa. Language teams learn to plan their language development programs by determining what kind of impact they want to see for the whole community. Then they focus on what activities are needed to bring about that impact. Ask God to bring fruit from the plans that are developed.

  • September consultant sessions

    Pray for the consultant checking* sessions planned for September: John and Ariana Glennon will be checking about 1000 verses from Exodus to 1 Kings for Kakabai, Topura, Wedau, Kanasi, Anuki, and Iamalele. Also, Al Boush will check John 11-21 and James to Jude for the Migabac. The following languages need a consultant to check the Scripture that they have ready: Awad Bing, Keapara, Amam, Sibe, Onobasulu, Bau, Mekeo, Meramera and Mouwase.

    Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Third Bible Storytelling workshop

    The third Oral Bible Storytelling (OBS) workshop for the second cluster of languages of the Sepik Partnership and Engagement Strategy (SPES) begins the first of September. Pray for the six language teams participating in this workshop (Mangamba, Wam, Yambes, Juwar, Urimo and Bungain). Pray that the participants will be eager to learn and tell the six new stories related to Christmas.

  • Bible storying staff needed

    Praise God for the recently published survey report which provides a preliminary description of the linguistic situation of four language communities. Research suggests that two story projects are needed, but there are very few known believers among these groups. Praise God that there is one brother from the first group who is working on Bible stories in his language. Pray that he would have boldness to share and test the newly drafted stories. Pray also that God would raise up people from the three other communities to begin storying in the area north of the first project.

  • Further language development

    Pray for the meeting between a local cultural organization and the language project staff and partners in one language area. This will be an important meeting to find out what kind of language development activities this community wants to consider as part of the project. A New Testament and a few books are available in this language but very few people know how to read them. Pray that a literacy project can be started in the next year.

  • Bible story set almost complete

    Pray for the continuing Bible story work for one language community. Twelve stories were reviewed by church leaders in March. The team is now doing some more testing and making some edits based on input from the leaders. The work has been slow. Pray for encouragement for the team and that the project managers can find ways to speed up the work so that the short set can be completed by the end of September.

  • Literacy and Bible story project

    The literacy survey for one language community has been completed. Please pray for the planning process for the literacy project and the development of a local literacy team. Pray for the continuing Bible story work for this language. The testing has been going well. Many people in the village who were not open to the Gospel before are open to hearing stories from God's Word. Also, pray for the church review and the final editing.

  • New Bible Story crafter needed

    Pray for the Bible story project team for one language. The main storyteller is not a Christian and she is leaving the country. This will make it difficult to continue to edit the stories and craft more stories. Please pray that God would provide additional people to work with the team.

  • New Testament and Children's Bible

    Pray continued anointing by the Holy Spirit to finish the New Testament by the end of 2014. Final consistency checking and revision is taking place in the final months of the year. Also, pray for the team to stand strong in the midst of spiritual attack. Pray for the completion of the Children's Bible, which is also near completion and should be finished sometime in 2014. Ask that God would use this people group to reach out to the related people groups around the area. Pray for distribution channels to be opened for our New Testament. Thank the Lord for new end users willing to do this who live in a neighboring country.

  • Impacting the World Together

    COSECHA* 2014 is an event of COMIBAM International** scheduled for November, in Bolivia. The objective is to present specific opportunities for collaborative work between the Latin American church and organizations that have experience in missions. The participants for the event will be leaders of mission agencies, denominational departments for global outreach, sending churches and mission movements. The meetings will focus on inspiration, information, intercession, working groups within specific regions and personal contact between participants. Pray that this event will result in advances in world missions, including Bible translation. 

    *Cosecha is the Spanish word for harvest.

    **COMIBAM International is the Latin American Missions Cooperative. Its purpose is to promote the vision for world missions in Latin American countries.

  • Focus on the World

    The members of FEDEMEC* in Costa Rica give thanks to God for the churches that have accompanied them in ministry for nearly 30 years. Pray for the FEDEMEC team as they deal with new changes, especially for Director Andres Blanco in his first year of leadership. Pray for the finances of the organization, those who have recently begun to share in ministry costs and good stewardship. Ask God to bless new candidates and those involved in field outreach. May the activities and ministry of this organization impact the world for God’s glory.

    *FEDEMEC-Evangelical Federation for Missions in Costa Rica

  • Mobilizing People for Bible Translation

    Give thanks to God for His answers to prayer for the Training Course for Bible Translation Mobilization in Venezuela, July 24-26. The course was facilitated by Wycliffe Americas in cooperation with the Baptist Theological Seminary of Venezuela and COMIBAM Venezuela. Thirty-one committed participants represented several diverse organizations including SIETE*, ETNOS**, and CLAN***, as well as Bible societies and churches. Pray that the participants will impact every part of Venezuela with the awareness of Bible translation and how people can be involved in it. 

    *SIETE is the organization for Bible Translation Mobilization in Venezuela

    **Fundación ETNOS is a non-profit organization dedicated to help the language communities in Venezuela. 

    ***CLAN - Training in Linguistics, Anthropology, and Literacy in language communities in Venezuela

  • Sending Missionaries

    FAM Guatemala is a participating organization in the Wycliffe Global Alliance, serving the Guatemala church to facilitate the sending of missionaries to all parts of the world. Pray for the activities and projects of this office, including their cable television program entitled Global Vision, recruitment of new candidates, new contacts with the Guatemala church, and mobilization of the church in the language communites to help accomplish Vision 2025*.  Ask God to provide for these projects, the monthly expense of the office, and financial resources and spiritual and physical protection for each of their missionaries.

    *Vision 2025 – “By 2025, together with partners worldwide, we embrace the vision that by the year 2025 a Bible translation project will be in progress for every people group that needs it.”

  • Recorded Wapishana New Testament

    Faith Comes by Hearing* has completed recording the Wapishana New Testament in Guyana. Before the recorded New Testament can be distributed to the villages, people need to be trained how to organize reading groups in the villages, how to listen to and discuss small sections of the New Testament and how to report on the group activities. Pray for safety for the training team as they travel to four villages in rainy-season weather, September 1-3. Pray that people will come from the surrounding villages to be trained.

    *The mission of Faith Comes by Hearing is to record and use heart-language Audio Bibles to bring His church together and make disciples from every nation, tribe, language, and people.

  • Leaders Moving Forward

    An event focusing on leadership is scheduled for September 8-13 in Brazil. Those planning to participate are the administrative leaders and the board of directors for ALEM* as well as missionaries involved in Bible translation. The focus of the meetings will be on the following leadership themes: Spirituality, Missiology, Theology, and Work in Alliance. A study of the history of the Wycliffe Global Alliance, relationships within it and progress made toward Vision 2025** will also be discussed. Pray that all participants will be blessed and encouraged as they grow in their leadership capacities.

    *ALEM-Brazilian Evangelical Linguistics Missionary Association

    **Vision 2025: “By 2025, together with partners worldwide, we aim to see a Bible translation program begun in all the remaining languages that need one.”

  • Communication Workshop

    A workshop entitled “The ABC’s of Communication” is planned to take place September 9-11, in Costa Rica. Representatives from organizations in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Paraguay will attend, along with members of the communications team for the Americas and an expert communicator from the Wycliffe News Network**. Pray that the participants will be able to apply the skills and principles learned, so that the art of communication may be fully utilized to help accomplish Vision 2025* in Latin America and around the world.

    *Vision 2025 “By 2025, together with partners worldwide, we aim to see a Bible translation program begun in all the remaining languages that need one.”

     **The Wycliffe News Network is a small team of Wycliffe journalists that gather stories about what God is doing through Bible translation and language development for Wycliffe organizations worldwide to use in their publicity.

Results 31 - 60 of 1022
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