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  • New Scripture drafted

    Praise God that Doromu-Koki translators, Charles Ero and Joseph Toma, were able to complete their draft of 2 Corinthians during the Epistle Workshop at Ukarumpa in October and November. Pray that they will continue to make good progress on drafting the remaining 13% of the New Testament. Pray, too, as they test* the draft translations of Ephesians and James in the villages.

    *Village testing: Testing a translation is done with individuals or a group who have had no previous exposure to that particular translated text portion. Questions are asked by the tester about naturalness of the wording and the hearer's understanding of both basic facts and the meaning in the wider context of the paragraph or event described. From those responses the translator catches places that need further adjustment before a consultant gives a final review.

  • Setting up in Malinguat villages

    Pray that the process of buying solar power systems and setting them up in two Malinguat villages goes smoothly. Litz Liew of Taiwan is staying in the area until January 8, without proper electricity or her own house. Pray for God's protection over her and the local community. December and January is the traditional time of year for taking revenge in this area. Pray for the peace proclaimed by angels at Christ's birth to prevail.

  • Buhutu translator ordained

    Praise God that Buhutu translator, Matiematie Igayoma, was recently ordained as a pastor in the Kwato Church of Papua New Guinea. He first joined the Buhutu translation team in 1987. His work with Bible translation over the years was acknowledged as a key component of his Bible training in preparation for his ordination. Ask God to give him good health and strength to continue in these two roles.

  • New Buhutu songs

    Praise God that during a songwriting workshop in the Buhutu area, approximately 60 Buhutu songs were either transcribed from those previously recorded or else newly composed in the language. In October and November there were also over a thousand verses of the Old Testament checked by a consultant* for publication. And the team worked with the translation advisor to prepare additional passages for village checking in December and January.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • New leaders

    The Bougainville Bible Translators Organization has chosen some new leaders. Pray for God's wisdom as some additional important roles are filled in January. Pray for the teams in several long-running Bouganville translation projects to persevere and complete the New Testament.

  • Meramera first Scripture

    Pray for the celebration Sunday, December 14 of the Meramera book of Mark (the first Scripture in this language). Pray that all copies will be sold and that people meet Jesus through reading it. Pray for the translation team as they continue translation of other books.

  • Increased interest

    Praise God for the increasing interest among Sos Kundi communities for translation and literacy work. About 215 people attended literacy classes in 2014. Praise God also for new members who have joined the team. There are new representatives from six communities for the Tok Ples* Committee, at least three new literacy workers, three translators and two distributors.

    *Tok Ples means local language

  • Busy Regional Directors

    Pray for the East Papua Regional Directors, Namsoo and Duckshin Kim, as they meet with the East Papua translation teams for yearly planning in December and January. They will also be advisors to the Nara translators as they check the first translated Scriptures with a consultant* in mid-December. Pray also for the Waima and Gabadi translation teams as they prepare for their checking sessions scheduled for late January and February.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Nama translation readings

    Pray that the draft of Mark in Nama would be read each week at the women's prayer meeting. This will strengthen their faith and help them get a clearer understanding of who God is. Also, pray for the Nama Translation Committee who are drafting Matthew. They will be encouraged in December and January by a visit from their translation advisors.

  • Kamano

    Praise the Lord that a few copies of the Kamano-Kafe revised New Testament arrived by air in November. Pray for the bulk shipment to arrive and clear customs well before the Christmas camp for this language community. They plan to hold a celebration ceremony at this camp. Pray that the new books are widely distributed and used by people who speak the language.

  • More effective partnership

    The desire of SIL International  to partner more effectively around the world was confirmed even more deeply at the recent InterMission Global meetings. The participants, split equally between SIL staff and existing partner representatives, used the table group open discussion format to share their perspectives of how God is working in the world today. Pray that SIL would be a leading partner and provide timely assistance in the larger movement that God is orchestrating to deliver the Good News to all peoples of the earth.

  • Security in Kenya

    Somalia-based terrorist group Al-Shabab has in the last two weeks killed about 60 Christians in the North-Eastern border town of Mandera in Kenya. Mandera town is only less than ten kilometres from the Kenya/Somalia border. Pray for the affected families, all of whom come from other parts of the country for economic reasons.Terrorism is a global problem which needs more than just the Kenyan authorities to deal with. Pray that the Lord gives the government and military the wisdom on how to deal with this situation. Pray for the protection of all citizens in Kenya, many of whom are living in fear.

  • Voices and studio needed for recording

    Praise God that one man is willing to participate in the recording of the Epistles in his language in Africa.  His voice will supplement the contributions of the skilled female recorder. Please pray that other capable men from this language community will have the courage to offer to be involved in recording the New Testament. Pray for a secure in-country studio to be found where the recordings can take place. 

  • Mother tongue translator needs rest and spiritual renewal

    A mother tongue translator is on maternity leave until early January. Please ask the Lord to use this time to speak to her in a very personal way about following Him. Also, pray for more opportunities for members of her language community to test the Scriptures which she drafted. She has worked hard and there is a lot to test.

  • They haven't heard

    Most of the ‘desert people’ live in remote areas and have not heard the Good News of Jesus. However many of their young adults are encouraged to study in the big cities where Christians are speaking out and reaching out. Pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of these young men and women while they are away from their communities. Ask God to give them a vision for how He wants to transform their lives and the hearts and lives of people within their communities.

  • Leadership stress

    The leadership team over the Caucasus service group is facing many challenges. The government grant was denied that would provide funding for language projects and local staff salaries for the next half-year. The accountant is expecting a baby and is on bed rest. Another key person is changing jobs soon. There is more than the usual amount of work to do to comply with local regulations, with less experienced people to do it. Pray for strength and wisdom about how to continue. Pray for more qualified workers to help during this difficult time.

  • Divine Familial Terms

    Please pray for the Divine Familial Terms Oversight Group as they continue to process the "Principles and Processes" document. This is the guide for assessing a translated product in any given language for compliance with the standards of SIL. A meeting of this global group is scheduled for December 18-22. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the oversight group, and patience for the teams whose projects have been on hold during this process. 

  • More workers needed

    Ask the Lord of the Harvest to call and send more laborers into the field of Bible translation. In addition to linguists and literacy workers, people are needed in the areas of management, finance, communication, teaching, computers and more. Pray for wisdom for those who are helping new workers find God’s place for them within the language communities around the world.

  • Reaching the hard places

    When war in the Central African Republic forced expat team members to leave the country at the end of 2012, with local people suffering all kinds of violence and difficulties since then, it also became harder to continue showing the ‘Jesus’ film in Gbaya. Thank God for the 200 SD cards now available with the ‘Jesus’ film and the New Testament in Gbaya pre-recorded on them, which people can access using their mobile phones. Pray that these may be distributed safely in the Gbaya area and that many people will be touched by the message of God’s love through them.

  • Mbandja Bible Celebration

    Thank God for his answers to prayer for the completion and production of the Mbandja Bible! The dedication is planned for mid-December 2014 in north-western Democratic Republic of Congo.  Please pray that all hoping to attend will get visas in time, so that after over 30 years of work it may be a day of great celebration. Thank God for all who have contributed to the publication of this Bible, and pray that there may be long-term and ongoing impact from the availability of God’s word in their own language for the Mdandja speakers of this area.

  • Far from home at Christmas

    During 2014, eleven new missionaries from Latin America left their homes to work in Bible translation elsewhere in the world. For most of them, this is their first Christmas outside of their home countries and away from family and close friends. Pray that God will give them a blessed Christmas in their new locations, friends and coworkers with whom they can celebrate the birth of Jesus, and peace and joy for this holiday season. Pray the same thing for all the missionary families around the world who are celebrating Christmas away from their home countries.

  • Caribbean Javanese Old Testament Translation

    Lift up in prayer the translators who are adapting the Indonesia Javanese Old Testament into Caribbean Javanese. It is a complex and detailed work. Thank the Lord for an experienced worker who joined the team last year. Pray that his participation will continue to enhance the composition of the team and the quality of the translation. Pray also for unity, harmonious collaboration, and that they will be able to meet the goal of completing the Old Testament in 2016.

  • CILTA Students finish the course

    Praise God for the Working Field Trip for 25 CILTA* students in Ayacucho, Peru in November. Thank God for a successful conclusion to the 2014 course, and for their graduation on December 17. Ask God for wisdom regarding the CILTA course for 2015. Only eight students have enrolled, and at least four more are needed in order to hold the course. Pray that God will send additional students soon, and that the 2015 course will not have to be canceled.

    *CILTA – Linguistics, translation and literacy course for Latinos held at the Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru

  • Practical Help for Bible Translation

    Translator’s Notes* commentaries are being adapted for Spanish speakers doing Bible translation. Alvaro Hernández from the Achí community in Guatemala says, "The Translator’s Notes for Ruth are very interesting and understandable. The aspects of the book of Ruth, including the terminology, key words, cultural matters, the condition of the time and place and the literary structure, give me a better understanding of the book." Pray for Alvaro and many others who are working on Bible translation in their own language. Praise God for those who are making translation helps available in Spanish.

     *Translator’s Notes are commentaries that provide practical help for translating the books of the Bible into another language. They discuss exegetical and translation issues in non-technical terms.

  • Transporting Audiences to Biblical times

    Viña, a production company in Guatemala, uses the power of visual media to reach people with the gospel. Deditos* is a movie series that uses finger puppets to teach Bible stories that introduce Biblical truth. Using local materials such as sand and sawdust, elaborate sets are prepared. Individuals dress their fingers to become the characters of the stories. Response to the series has been phenomenal, and the stories have been translated into 22 languages. Pray for Viña as they continue to reach people in Latin America in the language and forms they understand best.

    *To see the first four videos (in Spanish with English subtitles) click here.

  • Military service concerns worker

    The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is not resolved, and soldiers are dying on both sides of the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. M is a young and gifted co-worker, recently married. He is afraid that he will be called into military service even though the problems with his eyes would normally be a reason for rejection. Besides the danger, during military service he would not be allowed to come home for two years, and his help is needed in a specific oral language project. Pray for this conflict to end, and that God would protect M and give him peace.

  • Displaced translators

    Pray for the many mother tongue workers involved in translation projects who live outside their own country and culture. Many are in temporary living situations and face uncertain futures. As they work on God’s Word, pray that He will speak to them and they will find peace and security in Him.

  • Consultant checking for six languages

    The translators and the translation consultant for the Six-Language Cluster* Literacy & Development Project are consultant checking** translated Scripture portions. Pray for good progress, clarity of thought, and that any possible misunderstandings on the meaning would come to light. Pray that each translator would have a renewed sense of urgency to get the translated Scriptures into the hands of the people in their community.

    *A language cluster refers to a group of languages that may be linguistically related, and/or from similar geographic regions or cultural backgrounds.

    **Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • New strategy

    Recently the project leaders of the Six-Language Cluster* Literacy & Development Project met with representatives from Seed Company  (TSC) to discuss funding translation work. The translation consultant and the project leaders are working on a plan to implement the suggestions given by TSC representatives. Part of the new strategy is to hire staff to help with the multiple roles the leaders and translators fill, such as finance, literacy and administration. Pray for wisdom for the project leaders to manage their time well and to hire qualified people for these positions.

    *A language cluster refers to a group of languages that may be linguistically related, and/or from similar geographic regions or cultural backgrounds.

  • Proverbs distribution

    The book of Proverbs has been published in one language. There have been opportunities for the team to hand out copies to friends and read with them but only outside the country. Please pray that copies of Proverbs will pass into the country and will be distributed strategically.

Results 31 - 60 of 1021
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