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  • Huon Gulf cluster project, update

    Pray for the quarterly translation workshops (January, April, July, October) where the four language groups come together to learn and work. These include the Yamap, Kapin, Laugui Kala and Hote translation teams. The Malei (Hote) team has new members in this project, with translators from three different villages. Pray for Elisa Kiputung, Yapiana Anuga, Gideon Moses, Alex Sakai and Yawesing Yasasa as they work together to translate the Scriptures into Malei.

  • Kapin drafting and revision

    The Kapin team has been hard at work drafting and revising Scriptures. Pray that more Kapin people will read the Genesis/Exodus portion that was dedicated in November, and that they will be eager for more Scriptures in Kapin. Pray that the alphabet issues will not cause divisions or keep people from using the translations. Pray that the recordings being made will be gladly received by the Kapin people in the villages.

  • Yamap working together

    Pray that the Yamap-speaking regions of Lower and Upper Baini would each send a representative to the July workshop. This will help people from those areas see that the Scripture translation belongs to them, and will encourage them to use the translated Books. Pray that the decisions made at the Yamap Alphabet Design Workshop will resolve many of the issues about how the language should be written. This is very important because unresolved disagreements about the alphabet can hinder the use of the Scriptures.

  • Story sets near completion

    The storying team is looking forward to the completion of the Mru and Usoi Tripura story sets in 2015.  The stories will then be recorded and some will be printed as booklets.  As the team moves into promoting the use of Bible stories, pray that local people will be able to learn and use the stories effectively in various ways, including for sermons and Bible studies.  Pray that Johan and Aboity, the leaders of their storying teams, would grow into effective trainers of others, and that their relationship with each other would be one of mutual encouragement and unity.

  • Publicity banquet

    The Bible Translation Organisation (BTO) of Tonga is hosting a banquet on 7 July 2015 to raise much needed funds to continue their work of mobilising Tongans for the ministry of Bible translation. They are hoping to invite the Prime Minister of Tonga and other leaders from the government, church and local businesses. Please pray for the BTO Tonga staff as they plan and prepare for this event. Please pray that it will help to bring them the support and recognition that they need.

  • More Chaldean workers needed

    The Chaldean New Testament is available as an online download and as a printed book. It is clear, easy-to-read and faithful to the original languages. The Chaldean team continues to translate the Old Testament. Please pray for additional workers for this translation project.

  • Ma'luli New Testament nears completion

    Ma’luli translators completed translating and checking the New Testament in March. The technical team is doing final checking of spelling and terminologies. Once that is completed the finalized text will be typeset for publication. Give praise to God that this represents countless hours of work, prayer and perseverance. Pray for the team as they continue Old Testament translation.

  • Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation praise report

    Praise the Lord that The Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation (EMDC), held in April, was a successful time of training, networking and inspiration for the 380 people who attended from 130 organizations and 61 countries. More than half participated in the pre-EMDC Training in 15 domains that taught various media skills for Scripture engagement. One person shared “I made significant new contacts, with possible future partnerships, and found useful technology to apply in my field context.” Please pray that the contacts made will continue into partnerships. Pray that participants will put into practice what they learned.

  • Good testimonies

    In one language community in Central Asia, the four Gospels were translated and published a few years ago. Recently the translation team heard testimonies of the good effect these Gospels are having. Give praise to the Lord that these testimonies have encouraged the team. Pray for the team as they work on completing the translation of the rest of the New Testament and the Old Testament.

  • Trauma Healing Workshops

    Please pray for the Scripture-based Trauma Healing Workshops to be held in a war-torn west Asian country.  Pray that the participants will receive healing from the training and materials used. Pray they will then use the materials to minister to others.

  • Yakut calendar for New Year celebration

    On June 21, the longest day of the year, Yakuts will celebrate the New Year. The Yakut language team designed a calendar with pictures of their homeland, Bible verses, poems from local believers and statements about God from famous Yakuts. The team hopes to print the calendars and distribute them at the New Year celebration. Please pray for funds for the printing and for wide distribution. Pray that the calendar will remind the people all year long of the God who loves them. 

  • Tengir Bible recording

    The text of the Tengir* Bible is available to download online and to view on computer or cell phone. The audio recording of the Tengir Bible started recently. Please pray for all the technical problems to be worked out and for people with good radio voices to be found. Pray that both the online Scriptures and the audio recording will be accessed by many from the Tengir language community and will consequently draw people into relationship with God.

    *Tengir is a pseudonym.

  • New staff needed

    Pray for the staff needs of the Australian Society for Indigenous Languages. They would like to find an accountant, and several linguists and Scripture engagement workers. Their bookshop in Alice Springs also needs short and medium-term staff. A new press manager would facilitate publication of the Alyawarr to English dictionary. Pray that God send the right people to fill these various roles.

  • Considering future possibilities

    Praise God for the plans for the Amarasi New Testament celebration on May 24 and 25. After the celebrations in Kupang, a group will be traveling to the island of Alor to explore the possibilities of translation for the more than 20 languages there. Ask God to give wisdom to this team as they meet pastors and others and consider which languages should begin translation first. Ask God to prepare people to be translators and language development specialists.

  • Mark in two languages

    Praise God that rough drafts of Mark have been completed for the languages of Wangurri and Dhangu'mi. In May the translation teams and their advisor, Mally McLellan, will be working with the language communities to do preliminary checks of the texts. These will then be checked with a translation consultant in July. Pray that the translation teams for these two language have productive time in the language communities and be ready for the July consultant checks*.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Visa extension needed

    Pray that visa extensions will be granted to those who are in urgent need of them, especially for a family whose daughter’s visa has expired and they need to travel in one month.

  • Severe heat

    Pray for an extra measure of energy for teams as temperatures sometimes go over 110*F (44*C) in certain areas of Asia during May and June. 

  • Healing needed

    Andrew, a translation project advisor, asks for prayer as he is flat in bed with painful back trouble. Thankfully he has no trips planned this month but is preparing for a June translation check that will be held in his home. He needs to be able to continue working on his computer and is so far managing that from his bed. Please pray for healing and strength.

  • Jesus Film

    Give thanks for the positive reception of the Jesus Film, prepared by a partner organization in a language of west Asia. Ask for the Spirit’s continued work in drawing people into a relationship with God through it. 

  • Scripture testing

    Ask God to provide workers to help test* the New Testament in a west Asian language. Pray for open doors for a focused testing effort and that mother tongue speakers of the language who are unfamiliar with the Scriptures would take time to take part in testing sessions.
    *Testing a translation is done with individuals who have had no previous exposure to that particular translated portion. Questions are asked about naturalness of wording and understanding of both basic facts and the meaning of the wider context of the passage. The responses reveal places needing further adjustment.

  • Ethno arts

    During a recent Scripture Songwriting workshop participants from several language groups drafted songs and dramas. Pray for them to be used and to advance ethno arts* in their language communities.
    *Ethno arts are local art forms that come from the language community. They get people’s attention, are well received and used because the style is familiar and local.

  • Responding to Bible stories

    Praise God for the recent responses to Bible storytelling in South Asia. In one language community the believers have begun to ask for printed copies of the stories. In another area, the stories have prompted requests for adult education classes so the people can learn to read and write. Pray for wisdom for local staff as they consider these requests. And ask God to continue to take His word to new villages in the area.

  • Finding fellowship

    Praise God for the new group of believers in a village of South Asia. A man from the group went to a neighboring village looking for a Christian family, and found one of the Bible storytellers. He stayed the night, and was told the story of Elijah. He asked that the storyteller come to his village, as there are now 40 Christian families there, unknown to outside Christians. Praise God for bringing them to faith, and ask that the Bible stories strengthen and teach them. Ask God to raise up leaders in this fellowship.

  • Prayers making a difference

    Thank you for praying for the Bible storytelling work in South Asia. There have been numerous reports of good results from the workers. In one area, two different men returned to faith after hearing Bible stories. In another area, a family turned to Jesus for healing after listening to the storyteller. Pray for the discussions about starting storytelling projects in two more language communities. And pray for strength and good health for the current storytelling workers.

  • Making progress together

    Praise God for the many workers and increasing access to one region of Asia. Pray for unity, as they come from many countries and cultures. Pray for long-term visas to be granted so they can reside in the area legally. Initial drafting of many Scriptures has been done. Pray that consultants be available to check for accuracy and naturalness, and for protection of the process. Ask God to provide all the workers needed to get the Scriptures into the hands of those waiting for them.

  • Workers are displaced people

    Overseas workers are displaced people of their own free will. But expatriate workers and local believers alike are often also denied access to the “promised land”, the people and places they are called to in the highland regions. All this has many consequences for job security, legal provision to live and work in a certain place, communication with and becoming part of a local community. Please pray for access both for foreign and local believers. Pray that each of these workers will rest in God, their true Home.

  • Displaced people

    Throughout the highland regions people and people groups experience exile and displacement and suffer the consequences of it in terms of uprootedness, being homeless, or not fitting in. They also grieve for loss of family, culture, language, and social context. Some of these experiences are caused by political upheaval, some by natural disaster, others by shifts in society. For the church, religious persecution is a main reason for exile, especially for leaders. Please pray that exiles can safely return home to their own communities and be rooted there. Please also pray that each person who suffers from exile or displacement will find their true Home in God.

  • Stronghold of fear

    Fear in the highland regions is all-pervasive and manifests itself in many different ways in life. There is limited religious freedom, so believers are scared to worship and witness openly. Traditional religions and culture have instilled a fear of the demonic and of death. There is fear of natural disasters (earthquake, drought, hail, flood, mudslide, lightning storm); of illness and disease; of repressive governments and many more. Pray that the stronghold of fear will be broken, both within the church and in society. Pray that the Spirit of God will bring true freedom and that people will understand the universe as a good and safe place as it is under the authority of the Good King.

  • Kein beginning Old Testament

    Since last September, Motz Aisaib has been working on his application to attend the Translator's Training Course (TTC). He was the main translator for the New Testament, but never received formal training before 2006, when it was dedicated. Now he has received a scholarship for a team of Kein translators to attend TTC1 so they can get started on Old Testament translation. Pray for Motz, as team leader and mentor, and for Kups Sinam, Leo Alok and Raynold Jimmy as they learn how to translate God's Word into Kein.

  • Wagi translation and song recording

    Pray for the Wagi translation team, working at the Madang Regional Centre the first half of May. They are translating the last four chapters of Luke's Gospel. Pray for them as they return to Kamba village May 16-20, where they hope to record songs performed by the youth, and to do village-checks* of the second half of Luke.

    *Village testing: Testing a translation is done with individuals or a group who have had no previous exposure to that particular translated text portion. Questions are asked by the tester about naturalness of the wording and the hearer's understanding of both basic facts and the meaning in the wider context of the paragraph or event described. From those responses the translator catches places that need further adjustment before a consultant gives a final review.

Results 31 - 60 of 614
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