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  • Hindrances to progress

    Pray for those who are translating the Scriptures for one language in Central Asia. They need local speakers to be involved in checking newly drafted passages for accurate meaning. They would also like new members to join the translation team that are from a different dialect area. Ask for God's favor on those promoting the orthograpy--that it would be officially accepted throughout the language area. And pray for the primary mother-tongue translator drafting new passages: he is the only believer in his family.

  • Difficult to access

    Pray for those working in Scripture translation with language communities that are difficult to access. Sometimes it is difficult to obtain government-issued work visas. At other times there are physical difficulties in traveling to the language area. In a few cases it is hard to find people willing to be part of a translation team and work on a long-term basis. Ask God to draw people into His kingdom who can be part of the project teams. Pray that He will strengthen the hearts of those who are already committed to the task.

  • Standing firm despite opposition

    Pray for the believers involved in translation in one country of Asia. There has been considerable opposition by those of another religion, who threaten ot expose them publicly. Ask God to stop the harassment and to enable them to stand firm. Ask for God to draw this opponent into the faith. Also, pray for the believers to trust and encourage one another in the midst of a difficult situation

  • Working together

    Praise God that one team in Asia has finished checking and revising Old Testament portions. The national Bible Society has personnel available to do their separate checks to approve them for publication. Pray that this process goes smoothly. Praise God that the Bible Society has personnel to check another New Testament as well. Ask God to speed these publications to those waiting for them.

  • Kandawo New Testament ready to print

    Praise God that the Kandawo New Testament has been typeset and is on its way to the printers in South Korea. Pray that the printing process will go smoothly, and that the finished volumes will arrive in Papua New Guinea soon. Pray for the translation team as they seek God's guidance regarding the Scripture celebration event and distribution of the New Testaments.

  • Bariai hear the Word

    At the end of June, a team visited the Bariai area of West New Britain Province to distribute another 200 audio players and update the ones already out there. Pray that people's interest in listening to the AudiBibles remains high and that God's Word would penetrate their hearts and lives.

  • Sign Language Team office and studio space

    A sign language Bible translation team in a sensitive country in Southeast Asia may be in need of new office space. Please pray that God will provide the space that they need for their office and a studio for filming the Bible translations into their sign language.

  • Translators receive training

    Pray for the five Baruga men going to Ukarumpa in mid-July. One will attend the Paratext 2 workshop, learning some advanced features of the Paratext Scripture translation program. Two will attend the Back Translation Workshop, learning how to produce English word-for-word renderings to prepare for consultant checking. Two will work on polishing already drafted translation material. Pray that the translators' health and living situation in Ukarumpa will enable them to be productive.

  • Sos Kundi Day

    July 10th is Sos Kundi Day, a day of awareness and celebration of the Sos Kundi language and culture as a gift of God. It is also a day to distribute Sos Kundi materials. Pray for the organization of the event, for good weather and for the special speakers. After this event, several people will hike to all 18 Sos Kundi villages to do awareness, start a new literacy group, distribute materials and build stronger relationships with communities. Pray for good health and stamina, good hiking conditions and especially for wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Nawabu team seek support

    Pray for members of the Nawabu Translation Committee as they visit four churches in mid-July. These churches have expressed an interest in supporting Bible translation for the Suau language. The translation advisors for this team will be traveling to a regional town, Alotau, on July 21 to assist with two training courses: the Translators Training Course 2 and the Language Discovery Course.

  • Pastors' retreat

    Praise God and pray for the Madang inter-church Pastors' Retreat 14-16 July. Last August, 126 pastors and lay leaders from 17 different denominations from around the province met together for four days. A significant group from the Madang Ministers' Fraternal have decided there should be a Pastors' Retreat for a couple of days in mid-July They plan on having another open-invitation conference to be held 6-10 October in Madang town. Please pray that many pastors will want to go and be able to afford this retreat.

  • More consultants needed, follow

    Thank God that the Nai translation team has a consultant-check* in July for Revelation. Pray that Gary Rosensteel communicates well with the team as they work through the book together. A major round of consultant checking for Buhutu is scheduled for October. Pray for the Awad Bing, Keapara, Anam, Sibe and Kovai groups who still need consultant checks scheduled.

    *Consultant Check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Creative administration

    Pray for a creative solution for how to administer SIL Papua New Guinea's many language programs. Previously, the Director for Language Programs provided general oversight, but this position no longer has someone to fill it. In addition, there are many new cluster language projects beginning, increasing the need for capable administration. SIL-PNG leaders are exploring alternatives that will allow language work to keep growing. Pray for wisdom as they make decisions.

  • Working in partnership to train translation personnel

    Planning is underway for a workshop to be held 30 July-20 August in Isiro, DRCongo to provide training in translation principles and to evaluate potential new translation personnel. So far, 13 people are signed up from the Komo, OmiBudu and Mangbetu projects. Pray for the staff of CITBA (the regional translation organization) and SIL Eastern Congo Group as they work together on preparations for this event. Pray for good communication between them, for good financial management, for finding the best venue, for logistics and for lesson preparation. Pray that four projects may be blessed in the coming years through participation in this workshop.

  • Strategic research to prepare for the Ndruna New Testament

    SIL Eastern Congo Group’s Strategic Research Team and the Ndruna Language Team ask for prayer as they undertake a research project on the effectiveness of the Ndruna language project. From Monday 7 July Ndruna program staff will spend a week being trained in data collection methods and supervised as they field-test the interview questions. They will then go to the Ndruna-speaking area. Pray for clear wording of Ndruna interview questions; for no impediments to participation; for peace and calm in the homeland; and for good documentation of the interviews. It is hoped that the research process and the findings will help in preparing people to receive the Ndruna New Testament, God willing, in less than two years.

  • Resourcing the church

    Persuading churches that Bible translation needs to be part of their ministry is essential to developing sustainable Bible translation projects and sustainable language development. On Friday 11 and Saturday 12 July, Shalom University in Bunia, DRCongo is hosting meetings to bring churches, SIL Eastern Congo Group (ECG) and the university together to provide churches with tools that will enable them to organize and support Bible translation. SIL ECG recently appointed a part-time church relations representative who has been preparing for these meetings. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bless him and the meetings with wisdom and power.

  • Typesetting the Mayogo New Testament

    Pray for the Mayogo team as they read through the draft layout of the Mayogo New Testament. Pray that they may be able to spot even the smallest errors in spelling, meaning or layout so that when the New Testament is typeset and printed it may speak to the Mayogo people with great clarity and conviction.

  • A milestone reached by the Ndruna translation

    Two of the four Ndruna translators and their translation consultant* finished checking Revelation at the end of June. This means that the whole New Testament translation has now been consultant-checked—a big milestone! The other two translators have been working with another consultant on revising the gospels to bring the translation up to the more professional level of which they are now capable. In the next few months there remains the painstaking work of consistency checks, perfecting the glossary and book introductions, choosing illustrations, and much more. Praise the Lord for his help up to now and ask him to strengthen the team for the work that still lies ahead.

    * A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Birthing an indigenous church

    During some short trips to Nenets villages this summer, Scripture engagement workers* who serve with the Nenets realized there was a great need for people located in the north to actively shape their churches and society. Right now, the majority of Nenets speakers worship in Russian, because there are few non-Russian churches in the region. The team longs to see Nenets worshipping with Nenets Scriptures, culture and songs. Pray that a truly indigenous church will develop. Pray for unity among believers from different denominations.

    * Click on the following links for stories about what God is doing among the Nenets people: Who will sing of love for the Nenets?; Foundations of Faith; Pyotr Khudy: Hopeless to Joyful; Songs of the Tundra; Birthing an indigenous church: shining hope in Siberia

  • Home Leave

    Cross-cultural workers must balance connections to two cultures -- their home culture and the culture where they work. An important way to stay connected to home is to occasionally take home leave. This enables them to visit partners, rest from cross-cultural stress and maintain family connections. Please pray for strength and grace for families and individuals currently on their normal home leave rotation. Pray that their spirits will be refreshed, their bodies restored and their home country support team strengthened. Also pray for strength for colleagues on the field who cover their responsibilities while they are away.

  • Asylum for Language Workers

    Pray for two families who are each involved with a language project in their own language. ‘M’ and family are seeking asylum in Canada. Pray that the application would proceed smoothly. ‘T’ and family have been granted asylum in Germany. Pray for their adjustment to the new culture. Pray that each family will be able to continue the language project from their new location.

  • Spiritual Protection Needed

    The area where the ‘Z’ people live is a spiritually challenging region. For several decades people involved in the language work have faced spiritual opposition and attack. Translation work has been interrupted as well. Pray that the Lord will protect this language team from further attack. Pray for wisdom, discernment and direction from the Holy Spirit.

  • Community Partners Needed

    Some language communities are located in areas where there are few believers and it is dangerous to be a follower of Christ. In those places it is difficult to develop local partnerships for Bible translation work. Ask God to open doors to connect with these communities. Pray that they will catch a vision for and take up responsibility for translation in their own languages. Ask God to prepare willing and available mother tongue speakers to partner in all levels of the language projects.

  • Visa Denied

    Last year two families from a Bible translation team in the North Caucasus were suddenly required to leave the area. A third family was out of the area at the time and has just applied for a visa to return. This visa has been denied, upsetting plans and bringing uncertainty about how to move forward. Please pray for these language workers as they listen to God's voice in all this. Pray also for the local members of the team as this puts more responsibilities upon them.

  • Pray for Peace and Hope

    The last two years have been extremely difficult for colleagues working for ACATBA (Association Centrafricaine pour la Traduction de la Bible et l’Alphabétisation) in Central African Republic. A team of translators and literacy workers has continued to press on despite hardship. In December 2013, one of their translators was killed during civil unrest. Moreover, due to security issues, seven translation teams have been temporarily relocated to Bangui in order to continue the work at the ACATBA Center. Ask the Lord to strengthen the teams’ faith and their resolve to serve Him. Pray for safety and physical provisions for their families. Pray also that peace and security will improve so that the teams can go back to their respective locations.

  • Building partnerships

    The Wycliffe Slovakia team visited Bible translation and literacy projects in Kenya during the summer of 2013. After their visit, they prepared a new project funding activity called ‘Partners in Hope’ (Partneri v nádeji). This activity consists of building partnerships between Christians and churches in Slovakia with churches and mission projects in countries where translation is being done. Pray for God´s wisdom and leading of Wycliffe Slovakia workers as they present opportunities to join ‘Partners in Hope’ to the Slovak public. Pray that God Himself would build these partnerships.

  • Month of Ramadan

    Muslim people worldwide are now fasting during daylight hours through the month of Ramadan (June 28 – July 27). Many will seek to know and encounter God personally this month. Ask God to reveal Himself to searching hearts. Pray that many people will find the translated Word online or in print in their own language.

  • Drama and Reality

    A small production team in Peru was filming one of the last scenes in a video dealing with issues that are destroying highland Quechua family life. All of a sudden, the main actor, a woman, burst into tears. Cirilo, the director, asked why. When she was able to reply, she shared that when she said her line "Jesus, I give my life to you," she wasn't acting but truly surrendering her life to Christ! Pray for the production and use of storying methods, drama and recordings, as they serve to bring God´s Word to people in their own language.

  • Translation Nearing Completion

    The final typesetting of the New Testament for the K people of South America took place during May and June, along with the final check of the entire New Testament; introductions, footnotes, glossary, topical index, illustrations, maps and formatting. The complete manuscript  was reviewed by several other checkers and is ready for publication. Pray that this book will be printed in time for a the celebration with the K people in October. 

  • Celebrating Scriptures in Peru’s languages

    May 27 is Indigenous Language Day in the country of Peru. This year, the Peruvian Bible Society sponsored an event in the plaza of the Congress to celebrate the Scriptures in Peru's languages. Praise God that the CILTA* students were able to attend. Also attending were 27 students from 13 language communities who are studying in the United Bible Society translation course. It was a blessing to hear them read Scripture, sing and pray, each in their own language.

    * CILTA - Linguistic, translation and literacy course for latinos

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