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  • Student Authors

    A book of stories written by fifth and sixth grade children in their own Sihuas Quechua language is now in print. The book was presented at the anniversary observance at their local school in Perú, and was celebrated as the first Sihuas book written by children. Pray that this book will give school children pride in their language, and increase their desire to read God´s Word in their own tongue.

  • Missionary Candidates for Africa

    The Panamanian mission agency, PAAM* is asking for wisdom and grace as they seek to obtain visas and establish a strategy for entering African countries. In light of the complicated health situation in the region, pray that God will open doors and guide the timing for workers desiring to begin language development and Bible translation in Africa.  Pray that the spread of the Ebola virus will end and the spread of the Gospel increase throughout the world.

    *PAAM--Panamanians Reaching the World

  • Praying for God's intervention

    It has been six months since the abduction of 200 girls from Chibok town, Northern Nigeria. The Boko Haram insurgency continues to cause anxiety and great fear in the populations of Northern Nigeria. Many projects of the  Nigeria Bible Translation Trust ( NBTT) are located in Northern Nigeria where Boko Haram operates from. Continue praying for God's intervention this situation. Pray for the safety and security of all NBTT workers and for God's peace to reign even in the midst of a very difficult situation.

  • Need for laptops in Nigeria

    Nigeria Bible Translation Trust is in great need for laptops for the translators in some of their new projects. Pray for God's provision.

  • Five communities contacted

    The Vostok project is taking God’s Word to several small, remote language communities in far east Siberia through oral Bible storying. These efforts are taking place over three summers when the weather is best for traveling. Praise God for the encouraging results the four teams had in August when they made contact with the UdiheUlchNanaiNivkh, and Koryak  language communities. Pray that during the next two summers the teams will be able to return to work together with the people in the communities to translate and record about 30 Bible stories for each community. 

  • Challenges for children

    The children of workers living outside their home countries have special challenges attending schools in cultures and languages not their own. Some must change schools and move to other countries several times as their parents move through language learning, country orientation and then the location of their assignment. Pray for these children around the world as they adjust to new schools, learn new languages, and seek to make friends. Ask God to give their parents wisdom in loving and supporting them. Pray for them to be aware of God’s presence and peace. 

  • Wisdom for a good start

    Initial partnering and planning is being done to consider how to begin a translation project with an isolated language community in the Caucasus. Pray that a good foundation is laid with cooperation between interested partners and members of the language community. Pray for wisdom in how to proceed for everyone involved.

  • Spiritual breakthrough needed

    Bible translation work with a language community in a desert region has been going on for over 10 years. There is only one known believer. Pray that God will encourage and protect this believer and that the translators can make contact with him. Please pray for a spiritual breakthrough among the people in God's perfect time. Continue to pray for the team as they work to translate the Scriptures.

  • People and funds needed

    There is potential to start a number of new translation projects in West Asia. However, sufficient personnel and funds are needed. Pray for the provision of the resources needed to begin and continue these projects. Pray that God will choose and prepare people both from within and from outside these communities to partner together in the Bible translation process. 

  • Tatar Bible proofreading

    Praise God that the text of the Tatar Bible has been typeset. Please pray for endurance and accuracy for the translation team as they proofread the whole Bible. Pray for the publishers as they prepare the text for printing. A celebration for the Bible will be held in the second half of 2015. Pray for the small fellowships of Christ followers among the Tatar to be strengthened and that God will move among the Tatar people with power. 

  • Getting started

    The Bulgarian team is starting their first Romani language project. There is hope that this language is closely related to the Romanian Romani variety spoken just across the border. Please pray for open and respectful relationships with the mission partner and community partners, and wisdom for the team leaders.

  • Sign Language translation workshop update

    In August, Deaf participants from Togo and Benin participated in a two-week sign language translation workshop in Cotonou, Benin. They focused on learning beginning translation principles. As a practical application of the skills they were learning they drafted Kande's Story. While the sign languages used in both countries have a common origin and are closely related, there were differences in two of the key terms used in the book: AIDS (SIDA in French) and HIV (VIH in French). The Deaf also recorded stories of their culture and history in a video format. These will be captioned and published online to promote their languages and cultures. Praise God for a successful workshop.

  • New language school

    Language schools are needed for expatriate workers. As the workers and their families enter in a new country, they need to learn the language and various aspects of the culture. Language schools can help them adjust in the new environment and transition into long-term roles. Praise God that a new language school has opened in Phnom Penh. Pray that this school will help facilitate the transition of expatriate workers and their families as they begin to serve in Cambodia. Pray for the staff and teachers of the new school as they settle into the new schedule and facilities.

  • Restoration of stability

    Two years have passed since the onset of political unrest in the Central African Republic. Hundreds of lives have been lost including a staff person involved in a Bible translation project. Currently, the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) has been given a mandate to re-establish stability in the country within six months. Pray for the restoration of peace and order. Pray for the interim government as it conducts honest elections in the coming months. Pray for the new leaders who will be elected and the more than two million citizens who are directly affected from this crisis.

  • Peace and security

    Peace and security continue to be serious challenges in certain parts of Africa due to political and economic issues. Praise God for His protection over the language projects that are going on in the affected areas. Thank the Lord for the teams whose members are committed to the work. Give thanks also for sustaining Bible Translation & Literacy - Kenya and the Nigerian Bible Translation Trust amidst the conflicts. Lift up to the Lord all the workers and teams and their families. Pray also for the communities where they serve that the people will encounter God as the God of peace, hope and love.

  • Strategic planning and implementation

    Praise God that the Alliance organizations in Africa have completed developing their three-year strategic plan. The three-year plan includes strengthening the organizations, church partnerships and language projects in the Area. Pray for the leaders as they continue to work together in the implementation of the plan. Ask the Lord to provide the much needed personnel so that more work could be accomplished and new language programs could be launched. Pray that more key churches will get involved and that strong partnerships with local communities will develop in places where language programs have yet to be started. 

  • Computer theft

    Praise God that 90% of the Old Testament in the Matigsalug language has already been drafted. Unfortunately, work slowed down considerably when a vital computer modem was stolen a few weeks ago. This has made it difficult for the team members to communicate with each other, especially with those living in remote areas. Pray for the  safekeeping of computers and other important equipment. Since this incident has happened before, pray for the team members to remain steadfast so they can stay focused in their work. Pray also for good internet communication everyday.

  • Reconciliation, unity and missionary support

    Genuine reconciliation, healing and forgiveness are manifested when God is at work and when His Word is humbly obeyed. Recently, the Lord led two local churches In Papua New Guinea that have not worked together for years, to reconcile as they celebrated the Word of God in their local language. Praise God that these two churches are now working together to raise support for local missionaries, including Bible translators and literacy workers. Pray for encouraging results in their partnership efforts and that this partnership will further expand to other churches in the region.

  • Community Fundraising

    When a community realizes the importance of having the Bible in their heart language, the people join together to support the work. Every July, the Barai people of Papua New Guinea celebrate Bible Day. They collect containers of fresh okari nuts and peanuts to give to the Bible translation team. The team then sells the products and uses the income for their needs. Praise God for the Barai people who are generous and supportive of the work of Bible translation. Pray that language workers all over the world will have adequate funds to support their needs. Pray for the communities they serve to eagerly participate in the valuable work that God is doing among them.

  • Work in the Highlands

    Seven provinces make up the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea. Bible translation work is yet to begin for some of the languages in this densely populated area. Ask the Lord to raise up people who are willing to start Bible translation work in these languages. Pray also for ongoing work in New and Old Testament translation, literacy and Scripture use in the region. Pray for church leaders and pastors to work together in unity especially in places where work is being hindered by cultural differences and other challenges.

  • Churches supporting Bible translation

    Praise the Lord for opportunities for Bible Translation Association (BTA) to represent the Bible translation movement to churches. A couple of churches in Lae and Port Moresby have increased their participation and support for Bible translation work. For example, the North Waigani United Church in Port Moresby invited BTA to their missions event recently. Ask the Lord to open more opportunities for churches in Papua New Guinea to become deeply involved in the Bible translation movement in the country.

  • Trials and challenges

    Life-altering situations could greatly affect the work of our personnel and the teams they work with. Sudden illnesses, accidents, the death of a loved one, etc. are some of the severe challenges they face. Just recently, a staff serving in Asia-Pacific lost his wife who was seven months pregnant. The expected baby died from an unexplained cause and two days later, his wife also died. Pray for God's abiding comfort to strengthen this husband's heart. Pray for our Alliance personnel serving around the world who are grieving and/or suffering, that their lives will remain to be powerful testimonies of God's grace, strength and power even in the midst of severe trials and testings.

  • Challenges in technology

    Many translation projects are done in remote villages. Constant communication is necessary between the teams and their project facilitators and consultants who are based in other places. Pray for strong and steady internet connection so that the translation checking process can be done smoothly and quickly, thereby enabling the teams to meet their goals and deadlines. Pray for every team to have immediate access to technical support, or better, to have at least one member on the team who has adequate skills in handling software problems and other technical concerns.

  • Anniversaries, celebrations and partnerships

    Anniversaries are great occasions to honor God for His amazing work in the world. One of Kartidaya's supporting churches just celebrated its anniversary. Thank God for this church's passion and commitment for global missions. Kartidaya will also celebrate its 25th year in November 2014. Praise God for His sustenance and for providing Kartidaya with opportunities for partnership with many churches and groups for the advancement of God's kingdom throughout Indonesia. Ask the Lord to further strengthen the bond between Kartidaya and its various partners. Pray that more churches will partner with Kartidaya and other organizations, supporting God's mission in a variety of ways throughout the land.

  • Translation snags

    The team working on Bible translation for one language community has encountered some problems. The main mother-tongue translator is having panic attacks. The translation advisers need to divide their time between translation and other major responsibilities. Those involved in technical work encountered problems while trying to facilitate cell phone distribution of translated portions. Pray that the programmers can find solutions. Pray that someone can be found to do the back translation* of Exodus so the book can be checked by a consultant.

    *A back-translation is the result of translating drafts of vernacular scripture back into a language that the translation consultant understands and can use to check for omitted or extraneous material, or possible misconceptions.

  • Language communities with no Scripture

    Pray for the approximately 1500 speakers of Biem in East Sepik Province. Thay have no Scripture in their language yet. In addition, pray for the speakers of Jilim (about 650 people) and the speakers of Loniu (about 800 people) who also have no Scripture yet. Ask God to prepare the right team to bring His Word to these people groups.

  • New survey staff

    With many of the language communities of Papua New Guinea still needing research, the SIL-PNG language survey office is looking forward to gaining six new team members from the United States. Pray that they develop strong prayer and financial partnerships to enable them to come to Papua New Guinea in 2015.

  • Ukarumpa Health Centre follow

    A major program of the Ukarumpa Health Centre (UHC), operated by SILPNG, is a mobile health clinic and vaccination program that visits 13 different villages each month.The UHC is staffed by Papua New Guinean nurses and Community Health Workers, and recently completed a successful vaccination program for 4000 children. This program is currently operating on outside donations following a reduction in government funding. Pray that the government would re-classify the Centre to a higher level so it would qualify for more funding, or that outside sources of funding would be found.

  • Four communities considering Oral Bible storying

    Pray for the Sandaun Province language communities of Muno, Seti, You and Seta. They have no written Scripture in their mother tongues yet. They are now contemplating joining other Lumi area language groups to receive training in translating and telling Oral Bible stories.

  • New equipment

    The Finongan language team has received new laptop/tablet hybrid computers, solar panels and other equipment to test the functionality of Paratext translation software on tablets in remote areas. Pray for the team as they learn to use this new equipment effectively. And pray for two of the team who will be attending the Discover Your Language course in Ukarumpa from October 8 to November 5.

Results 31 - 60 of 975
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