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  • Baelelea New Testament

    Praise God for the safe arrival of the Baelelea New Testament. A Bible celebration is being planned for early 2015 and an audio version of the New Testament is being completed. Pray for the preparations for this celebration, and that the anticipation will create excitement about reading the New Testament. And pray for the technicians completing the audio version.

  • Bible based literacy

    In the Solomon Islands, reading the Bible is often given as the reason people want to learn how to read. A Bible-based literacy programme developed for Solomon Islands Pijin is now being developed for vernacular languages. Pray that as church leaders are presented with the idea of this literacy programme, it will be met with support and enthusiasm. Pray for the development of the literacy materials and the training of teachers.

  • Freedom from sorcery

    Many people in Papua New Guinea still live in fear of sorcery. Pray that God's truth in His Word will release people from this bondage. Especially pray that Christians will stand firm against the practice of accusing people of committing murder by using sorcery. Ask God to protect translation team members from accusation.

  • Enga complete revision of Mark

    It has been just a year since the Enga language group began their translation project in mid-2013. Praise God that the team of nine members has now completed the revision of Mark's Gospel in Enga. Pray that it will be printed and made available in audio format soon. Also pray for its distribution throughout the Enga language area. Enga is the largest vernacular group in Papua New Guinea.

  • Translator's Training Course 2

    One Translator's Training Course 2 (TTC2) is being held at Alotau throughout the month of August. Pray that participants and staff will remain healthy and mentally focused, and that their families will also stay safe and well. Pray for a second TTC2 beginning in another town late in the month. Participants in this course will be learning how to translate Old Testament narrative and poetry.

  • Selecting teachers

    A large teacher training course is to be held on Long Island September 1-12. It will train teachers for all the Long Island preparatory schools and adult literacy classes. Pray for good communications as they publicize the course around the island, so that all the villages will know about the course and select the right teachers to attend.

  • Songbook in preparation

    Recently, a group of five song-writers, both young and old, gathered with a translation team. They made a commitment to sing through the entire song collection in a week and to make needed edits or changes. They finished at 11:30pm on Saturday--tired but happy with the completed task. Including some new songs, 265 hymns are now ready. Praise God for their teamwork as they motivated each other and shared their gifts to work together. Pray for the two members of the editing team now entering guitar chords, writing an introduction and formatting the contents and index to prepare for publication.

  • Tributaries Multi

    Ask God to provide workers for the Tributaries Multi-language Initiative who will commit to the project long-term. Both literacy personnel and translation advisors will be needed to develop this cluster of languages. The people of the language communities are ready to be involved, but the project cannot go ahead without advisors to give input.

  • Lumi interest

    Pray for Sam Smucker and Gary Abbas, members of the Sepik Partnership Engagement Strategy, as they visit villages in the Lumi area to talk about the work of Oral Bible Storytelling. People in the area are eager to learn more and begin training. There are ten language groups living in this region.

  • Malingwat progress

    Pray for Litz Liew who will travel to the Malingwat language area for most of August. She will be involved in several activities: conducting Bible translation checking, adult literacy classes, a daily Bible study group, youth fellowship and a Bible class on the Holy Spirit. In addition, the half-yearly meeting of the village project team will be held the first week of August.

  • Preparing audio and video materials

    Pray for the audio and video recordings being done in August:

    • Bamu--JESUS Film dubbing in the village
    • Mussau-Emira--Luke video dubbing in the village
    • Kuni-Boazi--Scripture recordings at Ukarumpa
    • Nai--Revelation recording in Ukarumpa
    • Vernacular Pathway to English course--recording, editing and media production

    Pray for good readers, good ears, good health and attentive hearts for all involved.

  • Orientation and transition

    Pray for new teachers who have arrived in Ukarumpa in July and early August. The school year has already started but they are still in transition. Pray they will settle into their new homes and jobs quickly. Some additional teachers will arrive in mid-August to attend the Pacific Oreantation Course near Madang. There will be new translators and support personnel attending as well. If everyone arrives as scheduled, there will be 11 couples and six single people at the course. Pray for the staff and leaders as they run the training.

  • Aitape West new women's dormitory

    A new women's dorm and classroom are being built in August for the Aitape West Translation Project. Pray for protection and safety over the construction workers and the site. Pray that God will use these new buildings  for his glory and to further the ministry to the people of the Aitape West area. Also, pray for the Arop translation team as they work to prepare the translation of Mark so that other language teams can begin translating it in the September translation workshops.

  • New regional directors

    Pray that the SIL-PNG Regional Directors' meeting in early August will be harmonious, productive and inspiring. Praise God for two men, Koen de Hartogh and Steve Johnson, who will be sharing the role of Highlands Regional Directors. Pray for wisdom for them as they answer questions and requests from independent Highlands translators, literacy workers, pastors and church leaders.

  • Two languages with no Scripture

    Pray for the approximately 1600 speakers of Yamap in Morobe Province. As yet there is no Scripture in their language. Another language community without Scripture is the Gnau language group. There are 1400 speakers of this language, living in Sandaun Province. If you would like to pray regularly for a group that has no Scripture yet, go here.

  • Two courses in August

    Pray for the students attending the Introduction to Biblical Hebrew course being held in August at Ukarumpa. They will grapple with the writing system and engage with the language through participating in dramatizations of Old Testament stories in Hebrew. Also, pray for participants and staff at the Computer/Paratext 1 course at  the Kokopo regional center. Paratext is an application specifically to aid in Bible translation.

  • Tears of joy

    Give thanks for Scriptures recorded in a resistant southern Philippine language. When CDs were delivered, a woman had tears of joy. Pray for openness to the truth broadcast on the radio and through distributed CDs.

  • Chance encounters bring hope

    Praise God for reports of how “chance encounters” while distributing New Testament copies are bringing new hope to people in various walks of life and circumstances among a people group in a sensitive area. Some copies are being passed from hand to hand, providing encouragement to many in difficult circumstances. Pray that God would continue to bring fruit from His Word among this people group.

  • Team building

    Please pray about changes in two of three leadership teams in one group. Changes in leadership personnel mean there is a greater need to continually build team relationships. Pray that the change will strengthen the teams and individuals to be more effective in their work and lives. Pray for strong stable teams to develop out of the process. 

  • Fighting nearby

    A language team of two families and a single translator are living and working in a West Asian country that has seen a recent surge in fighting among factions. Though they live in a relatively stable part of the country, one family is closer to the area of fighting than the others. Pray for God’s protection, peace and wisdom for this team and other people in the area. Pray they will have adequate time to evacuate if the situation continues to deteriorate. Pray for peace for this country and protection for its citizens during this time of unrest. 

  • Committed to the work

    Many people who have served with Wycliffe in the past and are now either retired or semi-retired, continue to support the ministry of Bible translation by praying and giving. Also many Wycliffe partners give significant amounts of their retirement funds to support language projects. An elderly couple in the United States, for example, chose to live a very simple lifestyle so they could send a large portion of their income to support Wycliffe workers. Pray for these ministry partners who continue to bless the worldwide Bible translation movement through their sacrificial giving. Thank God for using them as His channels of blessing.

  • Transition in leadership

    Praise the Lord for blessing Bible Translation Association (BTA) in many ways including the many people--leaders, staff and  partners--who are serving together in building the Bible translation movement in Papua New Guinea. Give thanks to God also for BTA's smooth transition of leadership from David Gela to Tony Kotauga. Pray for David and Tony as they review many aspects of BTA's administrative functions and structure. Tony will assume his official role as BTA director beginning July 2015. Ask the Lord for wisdom, strength and unity of minds as the two men spend the next eleven months together in orientation and mentoring. 

  • Production of the "JESUS" film

    Praise God that Kartidaya and a partner organization are working on the translation and production the "JESUS" film in five languages spoken in Central Sulawesi. Ask the Lord to guide the entire production process, including the translation of the script, selection of cast and crew and dubbing. Pray for good health and safety for the production team, and that all the equipment to be used will function well.

  • Bible translation presentations

    Kartidaya staff have regular presentations on the importance of Bible translation at schools, seminaries and church gatherings. Ask the Lord to guide those who are preparing and giving the presentations. Pray that the presentations will be clear, effective and appropriate for different audiences. Pray also that those who express interest will pursue specific steps to get involved in Bible translation work in Indonesia.

  • OneStory project stalled

    A OneStory project in a language community in Maluku province has been stalled for various reasons. This project is very important as it can lead to a full Bible translation project in the future. Pray that the team and the local church partners will be able to work together effectively. Pray that the Spirit will unite the hearts and minds of everyone involved and will provide all the resources needed to resume the project immediately.

  • Orthography/Alphabet workshop

    Give praise to God for providing funds for an orthography/alphabet* workshop for seven languages ​​in Indonesia. Pray that the alphabets for these seven languages ​​can be completed by the end of the workshop so that teams can move on to the next workshop. The ongoing alphabet workshop will culminate in mid-August. The next workshop, which will be held at the end of this year, will focus on doing Bible translation. The teams will begin with the Gospel of Luke.

    *An orthography is the writing system of a language. At an orthography/alphabet workshop the sounds each language are analyzed and decisions are made about what needs to be written in the language to enable a reader to understand. This trial orthography is then tested in the language community.

  • New President

    Mr. Joko Widodo, or more popularly known as Jokowi, is the newly elected president of Indonesia. Pray that God will guide him and give him wisdom to lead this nation for the next five years. Pray also that during Jokowi's administration, God would reveal His truth and justice in Indonesia. Pray also for the losing candidate and his followers, that they will accept the election result with peace and that they will be supportive of the new president.

  • The Bible in Brazilian Sign Language

    Last year, the Brazilian translation team finished a DVD with the first set of children’s Bible stories in Brazilian Sign Language. A Deaf interpreter brought one of the DVDs to a Deaf boy she knew. The boy watched all four stories, transfixed. His favorite was the story of Samson. His parents were amazed that he understood it and enjoyed the Bible stories in a way they had never seen before. They gained a new appreciation for the beauty of Brazilian Sign Language and a new respect for their son’s capacity to understand things in his own language. Pray for Bible translations in Sign Languages around the world.

  • GET Global Trips*

    Through a variety of trips and experiences through Wycliffe NextGen, a number of students have been contributing to Bible translation teams in Benin, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Romania and South Asia. Praise God for opportunities for all the students to learn about skills and jobs, like aviation and teaching, that support translation work. Ask God to use these trips to impact the students with the importance of Bible translation. Pray that some or all will one day join the Bible translation team.

    *GET Global trips: A program of Wycliffe NextGen, GET Global trips involve students in the ministry of Bible translation.

  • GET Global

    This summer, nine students from the United States experienced Bible translation firsthand in Papua New Guinea, the most linguistically complex nation of the world. The students set off on their GET Global* trip with several staff members on Friday, June 20, following three days of team building and preparation in Dallas, Texas. Through immersion in rich cross-cultural experiences, the students engaged in language learning activities that promote Scripture in the local language. Some of their time was spent learning how to make audio Scripture recordings. Thank God for safety, health, and comprehension as they studied a new language and were taught audio recording technology.

    * GETGlobal - A program of Wycliffe NextGen , GET Global trips involve students in the ministry of Bible translation.

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