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  • Bible Stories in Mi’kmaq

    Five Mi’kmaq Bible story booklets Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood, Jesus Walks on Water, and Peter Denies Jesus are almost ready for printing. Recently, translations of The Good Samaritan and Satan Tries to Tempt Jesus were drafted. The team is now working on the story of the resurrection of Jesus. Please pray for good collaboration with teachers who will use these Bible stories in their classes, along with other materials that teach aspects of the Mi’kmaq language.

  • The New Testament in Islander Creole

    The Islander Creole translation of the New Testament is nearly ready for publication. Two young African men plan to go to San Andrés to work on the dramatized audio version of this translation, under the direction of Faith Comes by Hearing. Pray that God will facilitate the processing of their visas and that He will oversee the recording of His Word in Islander Creole.

  • Preparing to dub the Luke Video in Wapishana

    When preparing for the dubbing of the LUKE video or other Scripture, many challenges arise. How do you choose the right person to read the words of Jesus, Mary, or Paul? How do you get verses that take 45 seconds to read in the local language down to the 30 seconds used in the English version of the film? How many practice times are necessary for the readers to learn to read with expression and clarity? Pray for the preparation of the script and for the dubbing of the Luke video into the Wapishana language of Guyana, and that God will provide the answer to each challenging situation.

  • Writers' workshop

    One team in Asia will be holding a writers' workshop in June, to encourage local readers to begin writing stories for their friends. Pray for smooth interpretation of the teaching and that the local staff will understand the objectives. One hope is that the history of the local church will be recorded and put in print. Also, pray for the translation and publication of three discipleship study books and the Life Story of Jesus, which have been on the work plan for one and a half years.

  • Oral Scriptures

    Most of the inhabitants of Yakutia are Yakut or Russian. But there are several indigenous groups living there too, carving out a livelihood on the frozen tundra. Leaders in language communities like the Evens and Chukchis are concerned that their young people are forgetting their mother tongue and their traditional way of life. Pray for a new joint venture by local churches, Wycliffe Russia and SIL, to help translate and record over 30 Bible stories in the local languages. Pray that the teams going out this summer will successfully build relationships and communicate God's word in an engaging format. 

  • Promoting Scripture use

    Uphold the speakers of Nyindrou on Manus Island. Their New Testament was launched some years ago. Pray that the Church of God in this language community will grow and be built up in the Lord as a result of using the Nyindrou New Testament. Ask the Lord to strengthen translators Charles and Rebecca Kowak as they continue encouraging these people through Scripture use efforts, as well as other Manus language communities engaged in Bible translation work.

  • Ese appoint leaders

    The Ese translation group and language community invited the Bible Translation Association (BTA) to participate in their meetings on June 3rd. The main aims of the meeting were to set direction and appoint leaders for the translation work. The Ese New Testament was celebrated more than 20 years ago. Lately, the group has been concentrating efforts in Scripture use as well as literacy. They also have begun training to work on Old Testament translation and New Testament revision. Simon Savaiko attended to represent BTA. Ask God for good follow-through on the decisions made at the meeting.

  • Psalms Bring Comfort

    Ethnic violence brought death and destruction in a minority language community. Believers in the area have reached out with God’s love to those who have suffered in the conflict. Passages from the recently translated book of Psalms have helped bring comfort. One believer wrote, “In the wreckage of lives caught up in these evil events, people are discovering the power and relevance of the word of God. The community here used to be comparatively closed to the gospel but now Scriptures are being eagerly received and heard.” Please pray for the hurting, that God’s word will bring help and healing.

  • Maia literacy encouragement

    Celebration of Maia Scripture portions and AudiBible was held in 2013. Sales since then have been very slow. Pray for Mavis Price as she visits the Maia area to encourage the people to read and listen to the Word of God. She plans to hold a four-day Bible study course and also a nine-day literacy course for the local vernacular teachers.

  • Samburu Book of Matthew Dedication

    Praise God  for the dedication of the Gospel of Matthew in Samburu . The dedication ceremony took place on 24th May 2014. The Scripture portion has been well received by the Church. Pray that the Church will use the portion of Scripture that is now available to them. Pray, too, that many will come to know the saving Grace of Jesus through interracting with His word.

  • Ministry to women

    Praise the Lord for the opportunity that Rosa Nayau has to reach out with the Word of God to the women of the Kreer community in Wewak town. Many of these women have resorted to unhealthy practices to meet basic needs and care for their families. Rosa's encouragement is restoring hope and value to their lives, and the group is now helping each other in small ways to raise money to help care for their families. Rosa and her husband, Ken, live in the Kreer community and work on the Manambu New Testament translation.

  • Scripture celebration coming for Lubuagan Kalinga

    The worldview of this Kalinga language community is "a tooth for a tooth," which generally results in ongoing warfare with other communities. Last year the killing of a person from one group should have resulted in another tribal war. The believers joined together in prayer. This was the first time in history that such a killing was resolved  in a week. Praise God for the way His Word has transformed lives. The Lubuagan Scriptures will be inaugurated on August 15. Pray that they take pride in their language and the Scriptures and use them in their churches and personal devotions.

  • Audio Scripture Distribution

    Praise the Lord for encouraging news of audio Scripture being distributed in a sensitive part of Africa by a partner organization. It has been well-received, passed from hand to hand and spread all over the country. One listener said he felt that when he shut his eyes he was right there in the story. Pray that these resources will continue to spread and be used by the Lord to draw many to faith.

  • Scripture DVDs

    DVDs of “God’s Story”* and “Luke”** in 3 languages of a sensitive part of Asia are being distributed in both in the UK and the homeland. One of these language communities has one million speakers living in the UK. Encouraging reports have come in of the use of these videos. Pray for continued good reception and broad distribution. Pray that people will be drawn to a relationship with Jesus through their viewing.

    * "God’s Story: From Creation to Eternity” is an 80 minute video presenting a panorama of Scripture and highlighting God’s plan to rescue fallen mankind.

    ** The “Luke” film is on a set of 3 DVDs, and is the film from which the shorter “JESUS” film was taken. The script is the whole of Luke’s Gospel.

  • Chaldean Bible translation

    The Chaldean New Testament is available, as well as the videos: “Acts of the Apostles”, “Easter Promise”, and “JESUS”. Praise God that Old Testament translation is continuing well with the checking of 1 Samuel nearing the end. Pray that checking of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther as well as 2 Samuel will go smoothly. Pray that the New Testament and videos will be widely distributed and used to strengthen many in faith in Christ.

  • Mardini Bible translation

    Praise God that the Mardini New Testament translation is completed and published as a diglot with the standard Arabic version. The move of Saad, the translator, to the Netherlands has been good for him as well as for the project. Pray for clarity of thought and wisdom as Saad continues with Old Testament translation.

  • Suryoyo Bible translation

    Praise God that the New Testament in modern Suryoyo has been completed, published and delivered to key locations around the world to be distributed. The translation was fifteen years in the making and represents the life work of Dr. Abdul-Massih Saadi, professor of Arabic and Syriac Studies at Baylor University. Dr. Saadi has received calls from Europe, Turkey and Lebanon, expressing gratitude for the translation. Pray that this New Testament will accomplish the purpose for which God has sent it forth. Pray for Dr. Saadi as he continues work on the Old Testament.

  • Balantak hear the Word

    A translator reports: "Yesterday morning we received a phone call from a Balantak man in th language area, and we visited for a few minutes. I asked him if the Proclaimer audio recorders with the Balantak New Testament were being used. He replied that when the Balantak work teams take breaks at noon from working in their gardens/fields, they listen together. It was encouraging to hear that. Thank the Lord with us that people are listening to the Balantak Scriptures."

  • Crimean Tatar Scripture use

    Many Scripture resources are available in Crimean Tatar, including the “JESUS“ film, the gospels, Acts, an illustrated children’s Bible, the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy), Psalms, Proverbs and more. The text of the whole Bible is being prepared for publication, with the hopes of it being available in 2015. Please pray for the Crimean Tatar language community at this time. Pray that these resources will be widely distributed and used to draw many into a relationship with Jesus.

  • Beauty from Scripture use?

    The women of one country in Southest Asia have a great desire to always look young and beautiful. One of them asked the translation consultant what her secret was for looking so young. She suggested some things, but then said perhaps it was because she read and studied God's Word so much. So then the woman said, "I have found the secret of continual youth, it is in God's Word!" She then said that she put this discovery on Facebook. In this way she could get her other friends (even from other religions) reading God's Word from start to finish, trying to find the secret.

  • Mother

    Praise God that the Bible in a language of Central Asia is being used by believers like Simeon and Sara for strength and encouragement. As the only believers in their small village, they are grateful for contact with believers in the capital, even though they are some distance away. Praise God for their witness and perseverance. Pray for God to protect, encourage and provide for them. Pray that more people will be drawn into a relationship with God through His Word in this language community.

  • Magdalena script recorded

    Praise God that the audio recording of the Magdalena* script was completed in a sensitive part of Africa. Many barriers were overcome and in the end everything worked out well. The files have been uploaded to the editing center and the recording team has more technical work to finish. The coordinator writes: “I am very thankful that God has protected us during this time. Many thanks for all your prayers.” Please pray for effective editing and for God to use this film to bring many to faith in Jesus.
    *Magdelena uses a new perspective to tell the story of the “JESUS” film. This film portrays how Jesus values women by focusing on historical accounts of His interactions with them.

  • Scripture Distribution Needed

    Translated Scriptures in three languages are available in quantity and need to be distributed. Pray for new partners and fruitful distribution networks to be established. Pray that these Scriptures will be used and become a blessing to many lives.

  • Listening again

    When the Kaba Bible translation team in the Central African Republic began showing The Jesus Film in their home town they noticed young people recording the soundtrack onto a radio with a memory card in it so that they could listen to it over again - and then the team saw groups gathering to do just this!  Some asked for help to learn the prayer of confession, and children could quote parts of the soundtrack that they had memorised. Thank God for the Kaba Jesus Film and pray that many lives will be changed by its message of Good News.

  • United in action

    “Different church denominations here in the Nzakara area, Central African Republic, never got together like this to take up a challenge and work together before.  The language community’s interest in the Nzakara Bible translation project, and their desire to have the New Testament – if not the whole Bible! – in our own language was translated into action as they came together, collected funds and joined in prayer for the Jesus Film dedication.” The Nzakara team also consider this prayer to have saved their property during the civil war earlier in 2013.  Pray for continued unity and God’s protection during these difficult days in their country.

  • Yembiyembi New Testament celebration

    Praise God that the Yembiyembi (Bisis) New Testament, translated by a New Tribes Mission team, was celebrated in October. Pray for hearts to be receptive to God's Word and that it will be used in every part of the people's lives. Yembiyembi is spoken by about 450 people in East Sepik Province.

  • Technology reaches further

    Even in outlying areas of the Central African Republic, people are scraping together the money to buy cell phones and other battery-powered equipment with SD card slots, and loading up their SD cards with audio and video. Popular African music is heard now even in distant villages far from the roads! Pray for the Gbaya Jesus film, New Testament audio recordings and new Gbaya Christian songs to reach the maximum possible audience this way - an exciting new opportunity for God’s word to reach the places he wants to reach.

  • Helping them hear

    In a context where local cultures rely heavily on the spoken word and the use of memory, storying is one approach that may be easier for people than struggling to read a book. Please pray for workers in Congo who are working on a plan to train new translators for several languages, and looking at new possibilities for making Scriptures available to people. They need clear minds to develop a good strategy for all the partners involved, as well as the necessary resources and personnel.

  • Readying the Palawano New Testament for Printing

    Preparing the Brooke’s Point Palawano New Testament for printing involves a myriad of labor intensive tasks. Pray for mental alertness and focus as the team finishes consultant checks, word lists, subheadings, cross-references, introductions, illustrations, maps and footnotes, checking and re-checking their work. Pray for 1) Palawano hearts to be prepared for the coming of His word in their language, 2) for Christian leaders to be raised up among them to teach and spread the Good News, and 3) decisions on scheduling an audio recording, and future dedication ceremonies.

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