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  • Jula Bible

    Praise the Lord that the Jula Bible has finally arrived! Jula is the largest mother tongue language in this country, with six to seven million speakers. Pray for the dedication that will take place in February 2014 and for the promotion of the Bible among the population. The majority of them practice another major world religion.

  • A Harvest Unfolding

    Since the publication of the New Testament in 2008, work in one group has continued on a dictionary, the translation of Psalms 1-41, and other Old Testament portions. Now that the main translator is approaching retirement, she is pushing to complete these tasks as well as a New Testament revision. Little by little, this work is producing fruit, as a few faith-filled women persistently minister in five rural communities. Recently in a major city, through the low-key efforts of a pastor’s daughter, the translated Word has been passed hand to hand to more than 15 speakers interested in reading it. Others are asking for Scripture. Please pray that this Seed will continue to find good soil and produce 30, 60, even 100-fold.

  • Communication in multi

    When a video-audio translation of the JESUS Film takes place, the process may involve three or more languages. The mother tongue speakers listen to a section of the film; they say what it means to an interpreter in the country's national language. The interpreter tells the film team that speaks an international language what was said. Praise God for a film made this year where the mother tongue speakers said, "We will sit here and work on this as long as you want us to." The repeating of phrases and checking of meaning and accuracy can be tedious. But they are excited to help birth this film for their people.

  • Technology reaches further

    Even in outlying areas of the Central African Republic, people are scraping together the money to buy cell phones and other battery-powered equipment with SD card slots, and loading up their SD cards with audio and video. Popular African music is heard now even in distant villages far from the roads! Pray for the Gbaya Jesus film, New Testament audio recordings and new Gbaya Christian songs to reach the maximum possible audience this way - an exciting new opportunity for God’s word to reach the places he wants to reach.

  • Helping them hear

    In a context where local cultures rely heavily on the spoken word and the use of memory, storying is one approach that may be easier for people than struggling to read a book. Please pray for workers in Congo who are working on a plan to train new translators for several languages, and looking at new possibilities for making Scriptures available to people. They need clear minds to develop a good strategy for all the partners involved, as well as the necessary resources and personnel.

  • Project challenges

    A translation project for a large language group is experiencing serious challenges. It was set up several years ago as a partnership of various agencies and the local church, but there has been a high rate of turnover of personnel, and it is not functioning well. Pray for discernment to identify problems and bring resolution. Pray for renewed vision, a spirit of cooperation, and the right people to fill key roles on the team so the project can move forward. Pray that the resulting translation will be clear, accurate, natural, and used widely by the millions of speakers of this language.

  • Feeding on God's Word

    The first day of a translation checking session, when the consultant said it was time for a lunch break, one team member said, "We aren't hungry. Going through God's Word like this feeds us; we don't need to eat." A couple of days later, when it was 5 pm and time to stop and go home for dinner, the same person again said, "We can't stop yet. I'm not full yet. I'm still hungry for more." Pray that all those interacting with the newly translated Scripture will have this hunger.

  • Sharing the Word

    Praise God for the new insights that come when others share the Word. One lady first shared with others what she learned from Scripture after doing a translation check. When she heard others share, she was really encouraged. "Bible knowledge isn't just listening to someone speaking on Sunday, but hearing my friends share what they have learned from reading the Scriptures," she said. Now she likes to attend the final debrief sessions of other translation checks, to hear what others have learned from the newly translated Word.

  • Film distribution

    Step five is producing the master copy of the JESUS Film and carrying out initial distribution. When the final soundtrack is approved by the in-country committee, a digital video master is produced. And, if needed, a 16mm film master is created and then copies are made. DVDs or film prints are then packaged with projectors, portable generators, screens and speakers for distribution to waiting film teams and partners throughout the world. A digital video master may also be made for television broadcasts. Praise God for all those who give so these things can be accomplished.

  • Translating the scripts

    JESUS Film states: "Step one begins by seeking out a trained Bible translator from one of our partners (Wycliffe Bible Translators, SIL International, Pioneer Bible Translators, Lutheran Bible Translators, etc.) who is working with the language—or a partner who can train a primary-language speaker in the translation process. Working with exactly timed phrases, a careful, line-by-line translation is done, matching the new language as closely as possible to the exact syllable count of the original English version. This process often takes several months or more." Pray for stamina for the level of concentration that is required.

  • JESUS Film

    The JESUS Film Project, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International, distributes the film "JESUS*," a two-hour docudrama about the life of Christ based on the Gospel of Luke. The film has been seen in every country of the world and translated into hundreds of languages since its initial release in 1979. The goal is to reach every nation, tribe, people and tongue, helping them see and hear the story of Jesus in a language they can understand. A JESUS Film team leader requests: "Pray that God would continue to open doors for The JESUS Film to reach those who have not heard the Good News."

    *Click here to watch the film.

  • Scripture engagement challenge

    Some of the language groups in Siberia are remote and widely dispersed. How can they be reached with the translated Scriptures that speak most clearly to their hearts? A team in the region has been looking for effective approaches. The team leader writes, “Over the past few months, plans have come together for a new initiative that is really exciting. It includes communicating the Good News in culturally relevant ways, involving local churches and native speakers, and partnering with a national organization in a new and sustainable way.” Pray that God will guide as these plans are developed.

  • Readying the Palawano New Testament for Printing

    Preparing the Brooke’s Point Palawano New Testament for printing involves a myriad of labor intensive tasks. Pray for mental alertness and focus as the team finishes consultant checks, word lists, subheadings, cross-references, introductions, illustrations, maps and footnotes, checking and re-checking their work. Pray for 1) Palawano hearts to be prepared for the coming of His word in their language, 2) for Christian leaders to be raised up among them to teach and spread the Good News, and 3) decisions on scheduling an audio recording, and future dedication ceremonies.

  • “Pocket Missionaries”

    The twenty-three Audibible players distributed among the Agusan Manobos are bearing fruit. Villages are enjoying the recorded songs and use the players for Bible studies. One Manobo man takes the Audibible everywhere, even into the forest and plays it for whoever will listen. Jesse was part of a small group from an upriver village who listened to the story of Jesus healing a demon possessed man. As the story finished, a spirit possessed him. The believers in the group prayed earnestly for him and Jesse was delivered. He said, “God is powerful, even through that player!” Please pray for God’s continuing work in the lives of Manobos listening to these players.

  • Who's it going to be?

    The Gbaya team in the Central African Republic wants a Scripture Use worker to help people in their area to get the most out of their New Testament.  ACATBA* and Wycliffe partner Elizabeth, who’s involved in recruitment in the USA, are asking us to pray that God would call just the right person or couple to meet the need and get them to the Gbaya area as soon as possible!

     *ACATBA is the local Bible translation and literacy organisation in the Central African Republic.

  • A dynamic tool for Tagakaulos

    Work began on November 9 and will tentatively continue through November 24 on the Tagakaulo version of the Jesus Film. Please pray for those gathered in the studio in Davao for the recording sessions. Specifically pray during this time for the right “voice actors”, and pray against spiritual opposition of every kind. May God use this as a dynamic tool for the building of His kingdom.

  • Community core groups

     Pray for core groups of pastors to grow in communities in southern Congo, who are interested in seeing the Scripture translated, recorded and distributed. Pray for ways to build bridges into communities and to engage local people – ultimately with Scriptures in their mother tongue.

  • Creative planning

    Low funding has many people asking, “What can we do that doesn’t require much money?”  Jon Vanderwal was glad to come up with some media projects that could be done quite inexpensively in the Republic of Congo.  The book of Jonah is available in two languages in the Pointe-Noire area where Jon lives, so these recordings could be done without traveling.  Jon is also using a trip to the capital for team meetings to fit in some recordings there.  Please pray for creativity for all involved in making the most of the resources God has provided.

  • Promoting the Scriptures

    The island language communities of Equatorial Guinea need help in promoting their Scriptures. Please pray for the Fa d'Ambu community to support the mother tongue speaker translating the Scriptures in Spain and the Pidgin community who have a speaker of the language studying Bible translation methods so he can begin translating. Also ask the Lord to spark new interest in the Bubi community who have the New Testament but do not use it much. 

  • Partners in ministry

    Translators Dale and Linda Duhe are encouraged to see God’s way of preparing the Brooke’s Point Palawano people for the Scriptures. Emmi*, a Brooke’s Point Palawano woman they first met 24 years ago, serves the community selflessly as a facilitator for various health, literacy and community development projects. In her spare time she is drafting Proverbs to use in teaching. Another long-time friend and colleague is available to typeset the New Testament. Praise God for these partners in the ministry. As the finish of the New Testament approaches, please pray for partners to help subsidize the estimated $20,000 publishing cost.


  • Rain and the Word

    Rain is necessary for life. It waters the earth and provides both food for the farmer and seed for the following year. However, when the quantities of rain are too great, the plants cannot take it in, grow, and be nourished. Even though Bible translators are in the Word of God, working hard all day with the text, taking in the Word in this way doesn’t nourish the soul! Working with the text of the Word can never replace time spent alone in His presence, reading and meditating  on what He has to say and meeting Him there in the Scriptures. Sometimes however, when life is busy and there are deadlines to meet, it is hard to be quiet, to connect with Him and listen for His voice.  Pray that Bible translators, even in the busyness, may make time alone with their Lord.

  • Coalition for Translation and Scripture Engagement. Philippines

    Their long involvement in translating and promoting the Kagayanen Scriptures have prepared Pastor Bert and Pastor Jehu to impact other language groups as well through the Palawan Core Group, a coalition of several organizations involved in translation and/or ministry. Pray for their safety as they travel on trail-bikes over rough mountain roads to share God’s good news, and for the health and well being of their families. For a full report, click here.

  • Engaging the Kagayanen. Philippines

    Seeing fellow Kagayanen engaging meaningfully with the Kagayanen Scripture is the driving force behind the ministries of Pastors Jehu and Bert. To that end, they are investigating ways whereby Scripture can be downloaded to cell phones, put on the internet, and shared on social media like Facebook. They are also preparing for a first ever, three-day Youth Camp on mainland Palawan specifically for Kagayanen young people. It is scheduled for late May. Pray that these and other Scripture engagement activities will bear fruit.

  • Jesus Loves The Little Children

    The Saa* translation team visited several Saa* schools and distributed translated Bible story books with a Christmas theme. Each child received a small booklet. Pray that seeds sown will sink deep into the hearts of these precious Saa* children, giving them a hunger for God.


  • Support Staff

    Pray for support staff to stay energized in the Lord and physically strong so that they can continue to serve the translation teams with Vernacular Media, Center Housing, Computers, Printing, Purchasing, Emergency Assistance and in a myriad of other ways.

  • Leaders for a group of believers

    Pray for active, godly leaders for believers in a people group. A mentoring missionary family needed to move away; some Bible school graduates are no longer available. Praise God that a few are keeping the vision of reaching all the villages with the Gospel. Pray: 1) for believers to continue to fellowship together and stand firm in the Word of God; 2) that the audio players with Scripture recorded on them will continue to be used; and 3) that God will work through the testimony of those who have believed to bring the entire people group to faith in Him.

  • Recording scripture in sensitive countries

    Dramatised Scripture can have a strong impact on oral communities. Right now the scripts of the Acts and Joseph films in two languages are ready for recording; pray that people with the right attitude, voice quality, expression, etc will have the courage to participate. Pray that the Scripture will be recorded in their minds and hearts as well as on film.

  • Risky recording work

    An African Christian writes, “Recording my voice for films on the internet is too risky. In all Scripture recordings I want my voice modified as soon as possible. The police say they have evidence that I am involved in Christian work. I think it’s ok to say I am a Christian. If I get into trouble, that’s ok. But I am afraid my whole family will be punished. That’s hard for me.”

  • Answered prayer for consultation

    Praise God, the Media and Distribution Consultation (27 September – 1 October 2010) was a great success. Over 130 participants representing 40 different ministries and agencies met and shared their common concern to harness the power of audio, visual, and web-based media to communicate the truths of Scripture to language communities worldwide. Pray for good application of the insights gained by participants, and for wisdom to know how best to follow up on this very significant event.

  • Translating in a hostile environment

    In countries that are most difficult for expatriates to enter, the need for mother-tongue translators is also greatest. Working on the Christian Scriptures in a hostile environment is not easy for them either. May God provide all they need to work effectively—courage, faith, a love for God’s word, commitment to translation, technical skills, protection—and the joy of knowing the God of the Scriptures.

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