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Pray for

  • Scripture engagement and literacy workshop

    Payap University will be hosting an eight-week Literacy and Scripture Engagement Workshop beginning January 19. Pray for those attending, which will include people from the Foundation of Applied Linguistics and Wycliffe Thailand. Pray that this will have a strong impact on the planning and training processes for projects in the region. Especially pray for Tim and Michelle Miller, who will lead the training staff in planning and preparation. They will need strength and wisdom for this intensive time.

  • Challenges for teams

    Pray for the projects in one part of Southeast Asia: each one has special challenges. Some are difficult to access or have anxiety about using printed material in the local language. Others do not have language resource people, or the translators have low literacy skills. In other places, the leaders use the national language in church, and see little need for translation. Pray for each project to have wisdom and insight as they reach these communities. Pray for the facilitation team who will be available to advise them in areas of literacy and church and Scripture engagement.

  • All need to hear

    "Today has been born for you in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord."

    There are many people groups in Indonesia who are not familiar with the great salvation in Jesus Christ because they have not heard. They need the Word of God in their own language, the door to their hearts. Pray for God to work and use Bible translators to convey the Good News of salvation, which is for all the ethnic peoples of Indonesia.

  • Bible story work

    Pray for the two Dayak language communities involved in a Bible storying project. Pray for the teams to have wisdom in the translation process, and for the facilitators for these projects. Ask God for all to run smoothly so they can provide Scripture to their people quickly.

  • Technology personnel needed

    Information technology personnel are needed for the process of translating the Word of God. Pray that the Lord would call and equip those who can serve as IT personnel for every translation workshop. Pray, too, for the internet connections needed in remote areas. Many times these are used for local teams to communicate with facilitators and consultants who live elsewhere.

  • First book published

    Praise God for the book of Mark being published for a language community in Indonesia. Pray for the people to have a desire to read and study it, and to grow spiritually. Ask for God's wisdom and strength to be with the translation team and their advisors, so that translating the Word can continue well. Pray that the church in that region be strengthened from having God's Word in their language.

  • Aisi translators

    Uphold Carson Evari and Benson Mane, Aisi language workers of Oro Province. Pray that they will be refreshed in their spirit and physical well-being during this holiday season. Ask God to strengthen and prepare them for another year of service as translators of the Aisi Bible.

  • Forgiveness and reconciliation

    The act of giving and receiving forgiveness brings about a wonderful and positive spirit of unity and harmony in any relationship. Rejoice with the Urat team for the time spent in sharing and reconciliation with one another, their families and the community and church. They had a time of prayer and reading of appropriate Bible passages on relationship. Continue to pray for the translators and their families, the Church and community to allow the Holy Spirit to continue His work of love and forgiveness in each of their lives.

  • Assisting a neighboring group

    Ask the Lord to bless Tawala translator, Micah Naugo, as he works with the neighboring Maiwala language translators on their translation of the New Testament. Micah has taken on the additional responsibility to encourage this team of mostly women in their task of translating the New Testament for their Maiwala people.

  • Importance of training

    Ongoing training is a vital part of Bible translation. Praise the Lord for the many skilled people and experts in the field of translation and linguistics who commit themselves and their time to train Papua New Guineans to be well equipped for the task. Thank the Lord for Denis and Marcela Vargas as they work at preparing material for their language work among the Suau people. They also ask prayer for the Lord's leading, strength and wisdom as they prepare material for training mother tongue translators in program planning and in planning lessons for the Translators Training Course for 2015.

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