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  • New Scriptures printed

    Praise God for the recent New Ireland Translation Institute session. The Fanamaket, Kandas, Label, Nalik and Notsi-Madak language teams now have newly printed Scripture portions to share in their communities, and Sokarek (a dialect of Patpatar) now has the whole New Testament printed. Pray that these books will be distributed and read, and that God's Word will speak to the people as they read it in their own language.

  • Joy in Jesus

    Praise God for a successful pastors' workshop in the North Fly District of Western Province. At the graduation ceremony, one couple dressed in full initiation regalia, expressing joy in what Jesus has done for us. Many songs were sung that were composed for the workshop. It is exciting to see God's Word moving deep into the local culture.

  • Narak translation in preparation

    Pray for health and wisdom for the two ladies, Pat and Joan, who are preparing the Narak New Testament files for web publishing and distribution. They are also working on the Narak/English dictionary. Praise God that the work on the dictionary helps the New Testament, and vice versa. Narak is spoken by about 6500 people.

  • Ipili translate the Old Testament

    Pray for Ipili-speaking Pastor Mandita as he continues revising Genesis and translating Exodus. Ipili is spoken by about 26,000 people. Pray that the Porgera Joint Venture will fund the Ipili Bible Committee's request to purchase laptop computers and a projector to show the JESUS Film and to do further translation.

  • Selecting a new director

    The SIL Papua New Guinea team will be selecting a new Director in late November. Pray for them as they consider candidates to have insight into who is God's choice for the next three years. The new Director will take his or her position in 2015: pray for the transltion in leadership to go smoothly.

  • Three languages needing Scripture

    Pray for the 1000 speakers of the Agi language in Sandaun Province who have no Scripture in their language yet. There are also 450 or so speakers of Dambi living in Morobe Province with no Scripture in their language yet. Also, pray for the speakers of Mapena--they have do not have any Scripture in their language. Ask God to call translators for these language communities who can take His Word to them.

  • Rejoicing for Enga Scripture

    Praise God for the good launching of the book of Mark in Enga, along with the Abraham story from Genesis. Events were held in eight different locations, with distribution of 220 Audibibles and 110 micro-SD cards containing the JESUS Film and Enga Bible applications. These were also loaded onto 60 Android phones. Enga people are saying, "We can listen to this without getting tired! In Pidgin we never read a whole chapter at once, but on the Audibible we can listen to the whole book in one sitting and not get tired!"

  • Bamu translating Romans

    Pray for the Bamu translators, Adau Kaniwa and Domai Gaida, as they draft the book of Romans in the Bamu language. Ask God to give them a profound understanding of the text and good ways to express the concepts in their own language. The team also plan to finish the recording of the JESUS Film--pray that flights to their area are scheduled so that the main speaking actor, Fred Adau, can travel to Ukarumpa and back in a reasonable time.

  • Contacting Markham language communities, follow

    The Markham Multi-Language Project Steering Committee has chosen several additional language groups to invite as a part of the Markham Multi-Language Initiative project. Pray for them as they visit the Sarasira, Sukurum, Mari and Wampur language communities in 2015 to invite them to join the project. Ask God to call those He has prepared to be part of the translation teams for these languages.

  • Research on Kuman

    The Scripture Use Research and Ministry team will be undertaking its fourth research trip of the year to the Kuman area (with about 115,00 speakers). Previous trips have uncovered ways to encourage widespread use of the translated New Testament. Pray for continued research success and for ongoing fruit from earlier trips. Pray for Kuman pastor, Karl Joseph, as he works with church and government leaders to create a Chimbu Tokples* Translation Centre in Kundiawa town.

    *Tokples: vernacular language

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