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The Latest Prayer Items

  • Mayo New Testament

    The completed Mayo New Testament, of Mexico, was celebrated March 14 and 15, 2014. About 250 New Testaments were sold, along with many Scripture audio recordings. Praise the Lord for bringing this project to completion.  Pray for the Mayo people to be encouraged as they read and listen to the Scriptures in their own language.

  • Scripture in Use

    A boy named Guido, from the Matses linguistic community,  is able to recite long passages of Matthew and Luke in Matses. When asked how he learned to memorize Scripture, he said his grandfather, father and mother taught him to do so.  His worn Matses New Testament demonstrates that he has used it faithfully.  Before 1953, no outsider had ever been to a Matses village. Sixty years later, the third generation is continuing to use and memorize the Scriptures. Thank God for this, and pray it will continue.  Pray for the ongoing translation of Old Testament Scripture portions and the revision of the New Testament, in the Matses language.

  • Literacy instructors in training

    Seven persons from the Chapra (Shapra) language community, in Peru, are currently in Lima. They are participating in a literacy course, which began on March 31 and will continue until May 16. The purpose of this course is to train a team to develop and implement a community-based literacy effort in their region. They are learning the basics of writing, computers and materials preparation. Pray that the participants will learn to do these tasks well, and that the Chapra community members will increase in reading and writing skills. The Chapra New Testament has been available in their language since 1979.

  • Bible Translation Leaders to Meet

    From May 13 to 15, 2014, there will be a meeting of 27 leaders in the Bible translation movement, from the Wycliffe Global Alliance Americas Area. These meetings will focus on biblical principles of funding and stewardship of God's resources. Pray that these meetings will be a helpful time of reflection and relationship building.

  • New Translation Project

    LETRA Paraguay´s fourth Bible translation project, will soon begin in the Guaraní Ñandeva language. Pray for Eliseo and Blanca, a married couple from the Aché language community, who will be the coordinators for this language project. This is the first time, in Paraguay, that translators from one language community are involved in the translation of the Bible for another. Pray that those who do the translation and those who receive the Word in their language, will receive rich blessings from the Lord.

    *LETRA Paraguay - Latin Americans in Translation and Literacy in Paraguay

  • The rains descended and the floods came

    Torrential rains in Bolivia, Brazil and Peru, have profoundly changed the lives of thousands of people.  In Bolivia, the 2013-2014 rainy season has affected more than 68,000 families. Farmers and ranchers have lost thousands of farm animals, and their crops have been destroyed. Homes have been swept away or covered by flood waters, and many people have died. In Peru, heavy rains and mudslides have seriously hampered travel by roads. Countless people have been displaced from their homes and villages. In Brazil, the Bible translation personnel, who live and work in Porto Velho, have been evacuated and are living elsewhere, while they wait for the floodwaters to subside.  Pray that God will stop the rains and floods, and that people can recover and return to their normal lives and work. Pray for God’s comfort for those who have lost family members.

  • International Congress

    The organization, UNTI, has initiated the preparations for their large International Congress of Translation and Diffusion of the Scriptures into the Languages of Local Communities (TRADUCE). The conference is scheduled to take place in Oaxaca, Mexico, from August 6-9, 2014. Pray for God to give direction to those, who are planning this event, and that no obstacles will arise in the preparations. Pray that many people will attend, and that there will be new candidates, who will enlist in Bible translation projects as a result.

  • Marma translation project

    Pray for the Marma Bible translation and everyone involved in the project. The mother-tongue translators are translating steadily despite family difficulties and financial pressures. Pray that their faith and vision will be protected and even thrive in the midst of trials. The Translation Coordinating Committee, comprised of Marma church leaders, is checking the translation and encouraging its use as portions of the Bible are consultant approved. Pray that this committee will continue to be involved in the project so that the project will be supported by local churches. Pray that the Marma believers' faith will be encouraged and strengthened through the translation.

  • Audio interns being trained

    Pray for the second Islands Audio Recording Training Course which will be held for two weeks at the end of April and beginning of May. Six audio recording interns are being trained to record Scripture for language groups in the islands of Papua New Guinea. Pray also for the recording trips these interns are making to various language groups.

  • New Testament revision near completion

    The New Testament in Kamano-Kafe of Eastern Highlands Province was published 32 years ago. A full revision is nearly complete and should be sent to the printers in June. The team is now working on final spelling and key term decisions and editing. Pray for health for the team and their families and protection for the equipment during this critical time.

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