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  • Translation Project nearing Completion

    In Peru, Old Testament translators from 5 Quechua groups met together for a translation workshop February 2-26. This project is nearing completion. Pray for JAWCA and AWI* as their members are responsible for the majority of the literacy and Scripture promotion projects where the five Bibles will be used. Pray for wisdom as these workers look for open doors in Quechua churches and communities for promotion purposes. Pray that God would prepare the hearts of believers and non-believers to be excited and ready to use all of His Word.  

    *JAWCA and AWI are Quechua member organizations in the Wycliffe Global Alliance, in Huánuco and Huaraz, Peru respectively.

  • Reaching Youth for Bible Translation

    In Brazil, 50 churches in one city are working in collaboration, with the objective of bringing together 1,000 teenagers for the “Revolution Teen Congress for Vision 2025.” Horizontes Latin America* will present this conference to challenge the youth with the opportunities to serve the Lord in work with unwritten languages. Pray for those who are organizing this conference. Pray that the Lord will speak to hearts and awaken many new candidates for Bible translation.

    *Horizontes Latin America is an organization in the Wycliffe Global Alliance.

  • Culina New Testament

    Praise God that the published New Testaments for the Culina language community arrived safely in Peru. Pray that the paperwork will be handled quickly and that the books will be released from customs soon. Pray for the celebration of this New Testament, which is planned for July. Ask God for the continuing work of the Holy Spirit among the Culina people, that they will be eager to read God’s Word in their own language and that the church will be strengthened.

  • Pastoral Training for the Achí

    Sixty Achí pastors in Guatemala attended a pastoral training event in San Miguel Chicaj in February. It was the eighth such event sponsored by the Desert Springs Church of New Mexico. The topic was expositional preaching and the centrality of God’s Word. One humble participant said with thankfulness, “I have been pastoring for eight years, but based on these principles, I don’t think I have ever truly preached God’s Word.” The instructors encouraged him not to regret past sermons, but to now incorporate what he has learned into his preaching. Pray for good utilization of the Achí New Testament as the pastors apply their training.

  • Celebrating Genesis

    In a setting of joy and celebration, the book of Genesis was delivered to the speakers  of Mixtec Jamiltepec in Oaxaca, Mexico on January 17. This book is a preliminary edition, which may lead to the formation of a team that will begin the complete translation of the Old Testament. UNTI* facilitated this current project as advisors and raised the funds for printing. Pastors of the region and neighboring villages, municipal authorities and state representatives attended the presentation. The Mixtec Jamiltepec New Testament was completed in 1983. Thank God for His blessing.

    *UNTI: National Union of Indigenous Translators in Mexico

  • Promoting the Mission of God as Allies

    On February 12-13, fifty leaders of the Mexican movement COMIMEX and members of the Board of Directors of COMIBAM International met in Mexico City. Together they reflected on God’s mission. They were encouraged to serve in community and cooperation and learned strategies for transformation in the language communities of the world, by means of the Word of God. Praise God for the initiative brought to the meeting by COMIMEX to send 316 workers to global language communities, by means of organizations working together. Pray for continuing consultations in Bolivia, Colombia and Central America in May.

  • Praying for a Facility

    In Panama, the organization PAAM is asking God to open the way for them to find a larger house in their area of the city. They desire a house where they can do training in community, teach courses and have space for temporary housing for their workers. Pray that God will provide the finances for this need in 2015.

  • Pray for peaceful elections

    The general elections in Nigeria were postponed from 14th February to 28th March. The leader of Boko Haram has threatened to disrupt the upcoming elections. Pray for God's Mercy and Grace upon the country of Nigeria. Pray for the safety and security of the families of the staff of Nigeria Bible Translation Trust during the election period and beyond.

  • Shift in focus

    Workers In one West Asian language community are preparing to move from a Language Development focus to a Bible Translation focus later this year. Ask the Lord to prepare the way and to create a hunger and openness for God’s Word in the local community. May God lead this transition in His way and timing.

  • More Assyrian Scripture online

    Besides the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, the book of Genesis is now available in Assyrian on Scripture Earth. Pray for the translation team as they move forward in preparing the next Old Testament books for review and submission. Pray that many more Assyrian people will find a relationship with God as they read Scripture in their language online.

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