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  • Celebrating 35 years of God’s goodness

    Bible Translation Association (BTA) celebrates its 35th year as an Alliance organization. Praise God for sustaining BTA in serving the language communities in Papua New Guinea. Thank the Lord for their partners and friends who have served alongside BTA. During the conference, David Gela, who has been faithfully serving as director, will officially turn over the leadership role to Tony Kotauga. Intercede for Tony, his family and his new leadership team. Pray for wisdom as BTA further advances the Bible translation movement in Papua New Guinea. Pray that the Lord will be greatly honored during this important time of transition.

  • Overcoming fear

    Using the stories of creation, angels and the fall of Satan and his followers, a couple is teaching a community about spirits. Because of fear, the people offer sacrifices to them. Some of them even see spirits. Pray for this couple to stand firm against manifestations that are not from God’s Spirit. Pray for courage and wisdom as they seek to lead people toward an understanding of truth from the Word of God. Ask God to create powerful expressions of his presence in the daily lives of the community. Pray that God reveals himself as the only True God who controls the world with love, mercy and grace.

  • Digital access to Scriptures

    Praise God that the number of Scripture products in digital formats is increasing. People can now read, listen to and watch the Word of God through text, audio and video media forms respectively. Scripture products are often available on websites, such as YouVersion and Faith Comes by Hearing, networks and on social media. Apps are also available for mobile phones where the Bible can be downloaded in formats that can be easily shared phone to phone even with limited internet. Pray that more people will have access to Scriptures both in written and digital forms, and discover the truth about God’s plan and love.

  • New projects

    The diversity of languages in Indonesia requires many workers to start Bible translation and literacy projects. Pray for Kartidaya as it seeks to start new language projects in different places. These places include Yapen Waropen Island and its surrounding islands in the province of Papua. Ask God to provide local workers who would be part of the translation teams. Pray for wisdom and diligence to be upon those who are in charge of these new projects. Pray for guidance to discover individuals and groups who will work together to serve the Indonesian Church in reaching language communities through Scripture translation. 

  • Growing in the Word

    The Maluku Island is one of the major islands in Indonesia with a large concentration of languages. Many of the people are oral learners. Praise God that oral Bible stories have been crafted and translated into several languages for the people of Maluku. Ask the Lord to use the stories to lead more people to Christ and spur spiritual growth for the believers. Pray that the believers will eagerly share these stories with people in neighboring villages. Pray also that the Lord will use the stories to speak powerfully as he reveals himself to the people in everyday situations.

  • Tenth anniversary celebration

    Wycliffe Slovakia celebrated its tenth anniversary in May. Over 120 guests came, and together with the team of Wycliffe Slovakia, praised God for His work during the past 10 years. The celebration included a church service, lunch and an afternoon program in Levice, Slovakia. Praise God for everything He has done in Wycliffe Slovakia. Pray that the work continues according to His plan. Pray for the development of the organization in a way that enables fulfillment of His great commission for the Church in Slovakia and abroad.

  • Church Focus on Missions

    In June, representatives from PAAM met with a group of 70 pastors and leaders from various denominations in Panama. The purpose was to reflect on church involvement in missions. Interesting points were raised and conclusions reached. As a result, 10 churches made the decision to unite with the one-year program, “The Route to Becoming a Missional Church,” facilitated by PAAM. This program equips and strengthens national church leadership to develop the full potential that God has placed in them to reach the world for Christ. Pray as they follow through on this important decision.

  • Training Workshops for new Workers

    Pray for new candidates in Panama, who participated in a security information workshop in May. It was led by a security specialist who teaches workers throughout the Americas. Thank God for this vital information for those who are going into new cultures to serve Him. In July, those preparing for assignments of service have the opportunity to attend a workshop on raising financial resources for their work. Pray that God will give them good methods to reach their goals and that He will fully meet their needs.

  • Education and Inspiration for God’s Work

    The Kairos course was presented in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, June 20-24. It is an interactive program with nine sessions about the global Christian movement, designed to educate, inspire and challenge Christians to participate actively and significantly in the work of God. It establishes a solid foundation in the Christian life and the local church for global Christian mission. Twelve students took the course, and some of them will be trained to present the course in other parts of the country. Thank God for people from four organizations, including TRADUCE*, who helped with the course. Pray that the vision for God’s mission will continue to expand in the Dominican Republic.

    *TRADUCE is the name of the Bible Translation movement in the Dominican Republic.

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