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  • Training as translators

    In April and May, five men from the Mru and Marma language communities are being trained as mother-tongue translators. Give thanks that they are all enthusiastic, working hard, and are fitting in well with the current team of translators.  At the end of their initial training, those who show competence and heart for translation will be hired to join the Mru and Marma translation teams.  Please pray that those giving the training would grow in their skills as trainers.  Pray also that God would give clear direction and choose the right people for His work.

  • Funding for Translation

    Praise the Lord for making resources available for the continuation of literacy activities among the Mamprusi people - located in the Northern part of Ghana. The Mamprusi people's language is called Mampruli. They have a also have an  Old Testament translation programme. Funding is required to ensure that this project goes on.The team is currently working on the books of 2 Samuel and Exodus- pray that they will stay encouraged and motivated to continue working in spite of the challenges in financial support. Ghana Institute of Linguistics Literacy and Bible Translation

  • Knowledge, Tools and Training

    The Global Language Program Services team of SIL helps provide knowledge, tools, and training for Bible translation and related language development worldwide. Widely varying and constantly changing contexts present endless challenges for developing and sharing knowledge resources. Please pray for God's Spirit to guide those tasked with coordinating and leading efforts in this realm. As SIL's role becomes even more focused on equipping and assisting others through knowledge and tool sharing, please pray that we will find ways to serve effectively and sustainably.

  • New team member needed

    Pray for the translation team that recently lost their gifted translator. He had worked several years with the team, as he was the first one to join in translation work. Ask God to send a new translator with gifts that will help the team. They would like someone with an accountable spirit, a humble attitude and a God-fearing mentality. Ask that the team will continue to be a blessing to the translator who has left.

  • Joy and sadness

    As translation work progresses, life events happen that require extra adjustments and grace. Recently one large team that relates through the Internet experienced joy as one team member married, and sadness as a couple had a still-born baby. Please pray for people on this team to support and encourage each other in the midst of these life events. Pray for comfort and healing for the grieving couple and good adjustment to married life for the newlyweds.

  • Translation consultant in training

    A mother-tongue translator is studying theology in Europe to prepare to become a fully-qualified translation consultant.* Pray for his spiritual encouragement and strength. Some people close to him oppose what he is doing. He is assisting three language communities where outside access is limited and believers face violent opposition. Pray for safety during his frequent travels, for his family left at home and the funding needed for his work. Please pray that additional capable mother-tongue translators will be trained as consultants.
    *Consultant: An advisor with special skills and training who discusses the translation verse-by-verse with the translators, shares how problem passages have been handled by others, and advises on general aspects of the text.

  • Language survey brings response

    Language survey* is taking place among several remote, mountainous language communities in a volatile region of Central Asia. No information about these groups has been obtained from their homelands for decades. Neither language development nor Bible translation has been done for any of them. Praise God one of the groups has expressed interest in translating Scripture stories into their language. Please ask the Lord to bring this to fulfillment and to use His Word to draw many of them into relationship with Him.
    *Language survey – Language surveyors help identify which languages have the most urgent needs, as well as which dialect(s) of those languages would be the best basis for developing literature.

  • Persecution

    Local translators and their families at times experience persecution and harassment. A member of a team in Asia recently reported that his 11-year-old son came home with a bloodied face. He was playing with other children near a place of worship, when some men came and accused him, shouting insults, because of his family’s faith. “They beat him and he came running home, crying.” Pray that this family will be protected and will continue to trust the Lord. Pray they will forgive those who persecute them. Pray for the persecutors, that God’s Word will have an impact on them and they will come to know Christ.  

  • Oral Bible stories

    Zhanna, a Chukchi mother-tongue translator, drafted 25 Bible stories to be recorded and helped test them with members of the Chukchi language community. Pray for wisdom for the consultant who is reviewing the text. She will provide feedback, suggest changes and point out translation issues to investigate. Pray that the final recorded stories will be accurate and clear. Pray for good health and availability for Zhanna and the other Chukchi people involved in the project, so that they can see it through to the end. Pray the recorded stories will be well received and introduce the Chukchi to the God who loves them. 

  • Central Ifugao whole Bible launching

    The launching and dedication of the Central Ifugao (Amganad) whole Bible will take place on May 20 in the northern Philippines. Pray for the different working committees as they prepare for this event. Pray that God is glorified and that people will be drawn to Christ and desire to read His Word. Pray for one of the main translators who is also a consultant as she travels from the US to the Philippines on May 12 to attend the ceremony and a Bible conference following the ceremony.

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