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The Latest Prayer Items

  • Marma translation project

    Pray for the Marma Bible translation and everyone involved in the project. The mother-tongue translators are translating steadily despite family difficulties and financial pressures. Pray that their faith and vision will be protected and even thrive in the midst of trials. The Translation Coordinating Committee, comprised of Marma church leaders, is checking the translation and encouraging its use as portions of the Bible are consultant approved. Pray that this committee will continue to be involved in the project so that the project will be supported by local churches. Pray that the Marma believers' faith will be encouraged and strengthened through the translation.

  • Audio interns being trained

    Pray for the second Islands Audio Recording Training Course which will be held for two weeks at the end of April and beginning of May. Six audio recording interns are being trained to record Scripture for language groups in the islands of Papua New Guinea. Pray also for the recording trips these interns are making to various language groups.

  • New Testament revision near completion

    The New Testament in Kamano-Kafe of Eastern Highlands Province was published 32 years ago. A full revision is nearly complete and should be sent to the printers in June. The team is now working on final spelling and key term decisions and editing. Pray for health for the team and their families and protection for the equipment during this critical time.

  • Malei translator guides colleagues

    Pray for Malei translator Elisa Kiputung as he provides guidance to the Kala and Yamap translation teams. Praise God that the Yamap team has completed the initial adapting process for the entire New Testament. Also, pray for him as he reworks the Malei translations of Genesis and Exodus. These languages are part of the Huon Gulf Cluster Project.

  • Ngaing translator ill

    Pray for Ngaing translation team member, John Hongalya, who is suffering from renal failure and has been given less than a year of life expectancy. John has committed himself to working on the translation with the rest of his team for as long as the Lord gives him strength to do so.

  • Finongan record Scripture

    Praise God that Jonah and four chapters of Genesis were recently recorded in the Finongan language. About 20 people brought their micro SD cards so that they could listen to the recordings on their cell phones. Pray for several Finongan speakers who will travel with Chris Rice and Ryan Penington on a translation awareness trip into the Nimi language community at the end of April.

  • February Bible Storytelling workshop, follow

    Pray for the recently trained Oral Bible Storytellers from the Juar, Urimo, Bungain, Nambes, Klep and Forok languages as they tell the Bible stories of "Creation", "The Fall", and "Cain and Abel" in their communities. It will be the first time that these stories have been told and heard in the vernacular.

  • Needing Scripture

    Pray for the following language groups that as yet have no Scripture in their languages: the Lesing-Gelimi with about 1,000 speakers, the Sausi with about 1500 speakers, and the Wogamusin with about 700 speakers. Ask God to raise up translators and literacy specialists who can work with these language groups.

  • Saep advisor has cancer surgery

    Brad and Deb Voltmer are translation advisors to the Saep translation project. Deb was recently diagnosed with cancer of the uterus. Pray that the surgery she received at the end of March will prove completely successful. Her husband, Brad, hopes to return to Papua New Guinea for a month in May to work with the Saep translators in Madang Province.

  • Making contacts in Bamu Tributaries region

    Praise God that SIL Papua New Guinea Branch has already had positive discussions with the main church denomination of the Bamu Tirbutaries area, and that some of the language groups in the area are already thinking about the people and resources needed for a Bible translation project. Pray for the team of representative of SIL-PNG who will visit the Bamu Tributaries region in late April to start making contacts on the ground.

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