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Pray for Philippines

  • Scriptures Nearing Completion

    Praise God for the completed translation of the New Testament for three language groups in the Philippines. Preparations are underway for the celebration of the Lubuagan Kalinga New Testament in August, the Brooke's Point Palawano New Testament in October, and the K* New Testament sometime this year. Pray for the publishing coordinator of the Translators Association of the Philippines as she coordinates with the Philippine Bible Society. Ask the Lord to guide the various teams who are planning for the celebrations. Pray that the celebrations will be fully supported by the local people and by the many partners who helped and contributed significantly toward these projects.


  • Songwriting and Recording Workshop

    Praise God for the Inakeanon Songwriting and Basic Technical Recording Workshop held in Kalibo that concluded in April. Twenty-four new songs were written and ten songs recorded. Participant response was very positive and many are expecting and anticipating a follow-up workshop. The composers have plans to meet regularly and to keep writing new songs.

  • Audio Recording Challenges

    Electrical power outages continue to slow the process for the team recording the Kagayanen New Testament. Without a back-up generator, the team really needs more consistent electrical power. Pray for God to supply this need, as well as additional Kagayanen speakers to fill the remaining voice parts, and a pattern of rainfall that won't interfere with the recording process so that the team can meet the goal of finishing by the end of May.

  • Oh Happy Day! Philippines.

    Give thanks to God for the safe arrival of the Brooke’s Point Palawano New Testament copies in the Philippines. Pray for the physical check of each Bible to make sure all pages are in order with no streaks or smudges, and the binding done well. An audio recording is also being processed and enhanced by Faith Comes by Hearing before the final product is ready for distribution. May excitement build in every Palawano community at the coming of the New Testament in both audio and written form. Plans are beginning for a launching of the New Testament in late September or early October.

  • Scripture celebration coming for Lubuagan Kalinga

    The worldview of this Kalinga language community is "a tooth for a tooth," which generally results in ongoing warfare with other communities. Last year the killing of a person from one group should have resulted in another tribal war. The believers joined together in prayer. This was the first time in history that such a killing was resolved  in a week. Praise God for the way His Word has transformed lives. The Lubuagan Scriptures will be inaugurated on August 15. Pray that they take pride in their language and the Scriptures and use them in their churches and personal devotions.

  • Miracle needed for Tagbanwa

    The dream, for many years, has been to have the JESUS Film in the Tagbanwa language. The schedule has finally been set to begin the dubbing project on May 5 on the island of Coron. There has been much opposition; the church is struggling. Pray for God to strengthen his people to speak the truth and encourage believers to get involved. Pray that willing voice actors would step forward to participate, especially for the parts of Jesus and the Narrator. A final decision on whether dubbing will take place is needed by late April in order for the recording staff to buy their tickets.

  • Typesetting "snag" for the Central Ifugao team

    The Bible was almost ready for the printers when the consultant received the news, "We've hit a snag." Something went wrong and the typesetting has to be redone. Although living in the US, the consultant immediately returned to the Philippines to be available to her co-workers. Pray now for accuracy as the typesetters redo the typesetting. Pray that all computers, copiers, printers, and other equipment will function without fail. Pray for safety and good health for the team and for strength for each to finish well. May God's word in Central Ifugao ultimately transform lives.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Kalinga Cluster Project—Lubuagan and Lower Tanuadan languages; Philippines (27,000). Despite adversity, the Kalinga cluster translation project is pressing on. The Lubuagan team has sent the manuscript in for typesetting. Pray that the Lubuagan translators and their families won’t be sick during this critical time, and that the team members will have focused attention to detail as minor corrections come up during typesetting and printing. Also lift up the Lower Tanuadan project as their completion goal was extended to September 2016. The project has faced many challenges and opposition. Please pray that the team will know God’s comfort and strength as they encounter hurdles on the path. Currently, they are evaluating the drafted Tanuadan New Testament with consultants, and testing the text for comprehension in local communities. Ask God to grant them insight as they seek to clearly convey His Word to their people! The Seed Company -

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Inakeanon; Philippines (500,000). The team is working on the final checks of the remaining books in preparation for printing and launching the New Testament in 2015. Ask God to grant good health to translation consultant, Peter Green, and his wife, Betty, who heads up the Scripture promotional work. Pray, too, for translators Lhyn, Pastor Cyril, Pastor Willy, and Pastor Nonoy. Pray that they will see everything in the text that may need adjusting, and that they will possess the creativity to solve any translation challenges. May the message be accurate and clear. Lift up the Scripture promotion team in prayer as they plan to make the New Testament available in digital form for use on cell phones and tablets.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Central Ifugao (Amganad); Philippines (27,100). The typesetting of the Central Ifugao Bible was done onsite in Ifugao last year. The people got excited just seeing the typeset printout of the first five books of the Old Testament. One day a woman stopped by the translator’s office to see if there were copies of the Bible she could buy! As the Bible is printed, ask the Lord to cause the equipment to work well through the printing and binding processes, producing books that are both easy to read and durable. Pray for a Bible dedication this year that will engage the entire community. May the Holy Spirit use it to inspire people to make the Word a regular part of their lives.

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