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  • Drama and Reality

    A small production team in Peru was filming one of the last scenes in a video dealing with issues that are destroying highland Quechua family life. All of a sudden, the main actor, a woman, burst into tears. Cirilo, the director, asked why. When she was able to reply, she shared that when she said her line "Jesus, I give my life to you," she wasn't acting but truly surrendering her life to Christ! Pray for the production and use of storying methods, drama and recordings, as they serve to bring God´s Word to people in their own language.

  • Celebrating Scriptures in Peru’s languages

    May 27 is Indigenous Language Day in the country of Peru. This year, the Peruvian Bible Society sponsored an event in the plaza of the Congress to celebrate the Scriptures in Peru's languages. Praise God that the CILTA* students were able to attend. Also attending were 27 students from 13 language communities who are studying in the United Bible Society translation course. It was a blessing to hear them read Scripture, sing and pray, each in their own language.

    * CILTA - Linguistic, translation and literacy course for latinos

  • Literacy and Scripture Promotion

    AWI* is a Quechua organization participating in the Bible translation movement in Huaraz, Peru. AWI’s ministry supports Quechua churches and communities in the region of Ancash. It motivates people to live in service to God and the community by promoting the use of the Word of God and applying it to their lives. AWI recently completed a productive literacy workshop in North Conchucos. Ask that God will provide the funds to print the new literacy and Scripture materials that were produced for the North and South Conchucos and Huaylas Quechua people. Pray that Quechua languages will be held in high esteem in Quechua communities and schools.

    *AWI means "Good News Association" in the Quechua language

  • Renewal through the Word

    Edilberto is a Scripture promoter for the Sihuas Quechua people of Peru.  The use of the Sihuas Scripture in his home is bringing transformation.  “Our life used to be different from what it is now,” says Edilberto. ”I used to use curse words. Our family life was sad. Now...those words have dropped out of my vocabulary. I know how to answer my wife now when difficult things come up. The neighbors are watching us and saying, ‘What has happened to make them behave so differently?’ In our family we have learned to be respectful and love each other.” Pray that God’s Word will continue to impact individual lives, families and communities among the Sihuas Quechua language community.

  • Discipled to Disciple

    From January 19 to February 3, forty-four Cusco Quechua men and women, ministerial couples  and leaders of their community from Southwestern Peru, came together for training and discipleship. The sponsoring organization was ATEK, an organization which exists to promote the use of the Bible in the Cuzco Quechua language. The trainees were taught how to serve God comprehensively, using their gifts, talents and skills and also  discovered how to build up the body of Christ through making disciples.  The vast majority of these Cuzco Quechua believers  have not had previous access to training or discipleship to help them meet their responsibilities as  church leaders. Pray that those who attended these meetings may now be living what they learned-- that the Great Commission requires the participation of all believers. May these who have been discipled now be discipling others.

  • Literacy instructors in training

    Seven persons from the Chapra (Shapra) language community, in Peru, are currently in Lima. They are participating in a literacy course, which began on March 31 and will continue until May 16. The purpose of this course is to train a team to develop and implement a community-based literacy effort in their region. They are learning the basics of writing, computers and materials preparation. Pray that the participants will learn to do these tasks well, and that the Chapra community members will increase in reading and writing skills. The Chapra New Testament has been available in their language since 1979.

  • Scripture in Use

    A boy named Guido, from the Matses linguistic community, is able to recite long passages of Matthew and Luke in Matses. When asked how he learned to memorize Scripture, he said his grandfather, father and mother taught him to do so.  His worn Matses New Testament demonstrates that he has used it faithfully.  Before 1953, no outsider had ever been to a Matses village. Sixty years later, the third generation is continuing to use and memorize the Scriptures. Thank God for this, and pray it will continue.  Pray for the ongoing translation of Old Testament Scripture portions and the revision of the New Testament, in the Matses language.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Culina; Peru (400). Praise the Lord! After many years of efforts by multiple translation team members, the finish line is in sight. The final revision of the Culina New Testament and a read-through by local speakers was completed last year. This year the manuscript will be typeset, sent to South Korea for printing, and presented to the Culinas. Ask the Lord to give the translators and typesetters keen minds as they make final decisions on the details of how the manuscript is laid out. Pray for a quality print job and good binding that will stand up to the rigors of jungle heat. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in Culina hearts so they treasure God’s Word and courageously stand up to outside influences. Pray that they will be a people “whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 144:15, NLT).

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Ashéninka Cluster Project—Pichis, Apurucayali, Yuruá/Ucayali, South Ucayali, Perené languages; Peru (42,000). This cluster translation project will produce a full Bible in Pichis Ashéninka (the New Testament is a revision), as well as two revised New Testaments and two first-time New Testaments for the other languages. The New Testaments will also include 15 percent of the Old Testament. Pray for Samuel, the primary mother tongue translator, as he divides his time between an Amazon conservation project and the translation work. Ask God to give the translators and distant colleagues in the United States consistent opportunities to maintain good communication by phone and Internet, including team meetings for two weeks out of every two months. The ability to synchronize online while using Paratext, a software program, is very important. Pray for the timely completion of the consistency and consultant checks of the Pichis Bible and the reference language for the other four translations. Also, a consistency check of the exegesis and style of translation must take place across the cluster’s languages. Ask the Lord for re-established contact with mother tongue translators from the other four languages as the geographic context of several of the languages is more remote and makes contact difficult. And finally, pray for pastors to put the translations into use among their congregations.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Ambo-Pasco Quechua; Peru (90,000). Praise the Lord, the Ambo-Pasco Quechua New Testament is ready for a final revision of the entire text! Checks involved in this process include proper names, spelling, parallel passages, and key terms. Ask the Lord to provide good health, alertness to details, consistent electrical service, and productivity during long-distance Skype sessions between the mother tongue translators in Peru and the expatriate team in Tennessee. Pray for team members working in literacy and radio programming, that God will bless their efforts and cause the Quechuas to hunger for and read the New Testament upon its completion.

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