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Pray for Vute

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Vuté; Cameroon (20,000). A church lectionary series was translated into Vuté, edited for spelling errors, and formatted for printing. Ask God to oversee the checking, final editing, and printing of this series. Pray for its wide distribution to the churches. The translator, Alfred, mostly works alone, so ask the Holy Spirit to encourage him and give him wisdom. Pray that he will seek feedback from others as he translates. Pray that the liturgies and lectionaries will be effective tools for hearing God’s Word, including Old Testament readings. Lutheran Bible Translators -

  • Scripture nearing completion

    VUTÉ; Cameroon; 20,000. The Vuté translation team is translating various portions of the Old Testament for their church lectionary. The team will not be able to meet their goals, though, if they don’t find exegetical help; pray that God will lead them to the right person to help them do the translation.

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