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Pray for Igbo

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Ehugbo; Nigeria (40,000). Luke was the most recently published book of the Ehugbo New Testament—the longest book in the New Testament. The production of the Luke-based “JESUS” film quickly followed. Thank the Lord for these materials, and ask Him to bless their use in the Ehugbo communities. Pray that a new literacy coordinator can start a solid Ehugbo literacy program, and that many people will show interest and prepare themselves for the publication of the Ehugbo New Testament. The translators have finished drafting the rest of the New Testament and are dedicated to the revision task. Ask the Lord to grant them keen eyes for spotting any areas still needing improvement, and to preserve a spirit of cooperation and unity. The Seed Company -

  • Scripture nearing completion

    EHUGBO; Nigeria; 40,000. “Let us praise God for what He is doing with our project. We can see nations coming to have the Word of God through our translation,” says Chief Gabriel, the Ehugbo project chairman. The team devotes much attention to testing their translation in the wider community to make sure people understand. Ask the Lord to keep their evangelistic vision strong and enable them to fulfill it! Rejoice that the Ehugbo translation team is making good progress. Ask God to protect the team members and their families. Pray for more full-time translators to join the team.

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