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  • Audio interns being trained

    Pray for the second Islands Audio Recording Training Course which will be held for two weeks at the end of April and beginning of May. Six audio recording interns are being trained to record Scripture for language groups in the islands of Papua New Guinea. Pray also for the recording trips these interns are making to various language groups.

  • Miracle needed for Tagbanwa

    The dream, for many years, has been to have the JESUS Film in the Tagbanwa language. The schedule has finally been set to begin the dubbing project on May 5 on the island of Coron. There has been much opposition; the church is struggling. Pray for God to strengthen his people to speak the truth and encourage believers to get involved. Pray that willing voice actors would step forward to participate, especially for the parts of Jesus and the Narrator. A final decision on whether dubbing will take place is needed by late April in order for the recording staff to buy their tickets.

  • Magdalena script recorded

    Praise God that the audio recording of the Magdalena* script was completed in a sensitive part of Africa. Many barriers were overcome and in the end everything worked out well. The files have been uploaded to the editing center and the recording team has more technical work to finish. The coordinator writes: “I am very thankful that God has protected us during this time. Many thanks for all your prayers.” Please pray for effective editing and for God to use this film to bring many to faith in Jesus.
    *Magdelena uses a new perspective to tell the story of the “JESUS” film. This film portrays how Jesus values women by focusing on historical accounts of His interactions with them.

  • Talents discovered during recording

    Praise God that the audio recording of the Magdalena* script was recently completed in a sensitive part of Africa. The director writes: “One of the little boys was so excited about his role that he wants to continue being involved in dubbing movies. During the production we discovered many new talents. For future movies we now have a pool of three talented women and at least four talented men.” Pray that these actors will be drawn to a closer relationship to God, as well as those who view the film.
    *Magdelena uses a new perspective to tell the story of the JESUS Film. This film portrays how Jesus values women by focusing on historical accounts of His interactions with them.

  • 'Two hours isn't enough for Bible reading!'

    ‘Before, I hadn't the patience to read the Bible in English for even one hour because I couldn't understand,’ said a Mayoyao woman. ‘But now that I can read the Mayoyao translation, two hours isn't enough! And I cry so much, I have to keep stopping to pray because it convicts me of all the things I haven't done.’ The Mayoyao New Testament was launched in 2004. Praise God that use continues to increase and for the Faith Comes By Hearing audio recording.

  • Scripture and JESUS Film distribution

    Praise God for the good progress being made in checking Scriptures for a language of South Asia. Praise also that the recording of the JESUS Film went well and that the DVD in the language is ready for showing and distributing. Pray that it will have a huge impact on the local people. Praise God for the memory cards that have been loaded with songs, scripture and the JESUS Film, so that people can use them on their mobile phones. Pray that people will use and be blessed by them.

  • Jesus Film in preparation

    Give thanks for the support of three church organizations (GKLB, GPID, GKST) who are cooperating with Campus Crusade for Christ Indonesia and Kartidaya to prepare the script for the JESUS Film in five languages of Sulawesi. Pray for the team of translators, facilitators and consultants involved in this process. Pray also for the team partners who will be selecting voice actors for these films, and for the process of recording and dubbing.

  • Scripture engagement internship

    This year will be the first Scripture Engagement internship to develop encouragers and trainers among Bangladeshis in the Chakma, Usoi Tripura and Bawm language communities. The internship will provide exposure for the need of Scripture Engagement and practical experience in various domains including Bible translation, Oral Bible storying, Scripture use, media and ethnoarts.
            Pray that the interns will gain vision and capacity to develop into Scripture Engagement leaders and take practical steps forward.
            Pray for the trainers' preparations for their teaching sessions and various logistics.
            Pray that Bangladesh will be saturated with the Word of God to encourage life transformation.

  • Arop

    Praise God for providing famine relief for the Arop-Lokep speakers of Long Island in Madang Province. Drought since the middle of last year has destroyed many food crops and damaged their gardens. Pray for Jeff and Sissie D'Jernes as they try to complete the audio recording of the Arop-Lokep New Testament in February and March. There is currently about 30% to go.

  • Listening again

    When the Kaba Bible translation team in the Central African Republic began showing The Jesus Film in their home town they noticed young people recording the soundtrack onto a radio with a memory card in it so that they could listen to it over again - and then the team saw groups gathering to do just this!  Some asked for help to learn the prayer of confession, and children could quote parts of the soundtrack that they had memorised. Thank God for the Kaba Jesus Film and pray that many lives will be changed by its message of Good News.

  • United in action

    “Different church denominations here in the Nzakara area, Central African Republic, never got together like this to take up a challenge and work together before.  The language community’s interest in the Nzakara Bible translation project, and their desire to have the New Testament – if not the whole Bible! – in our own language was translated into action as they came together, collected funds and joined in prayer for the Jesus Film dedication.” The Nzakara team also consider this prayer to have saved their property during the civil war earlier in 2013.  Pray for continued unity and God’s protection during these difficult days in their country.

  • Mussau

    Pray for the Mussau-Emira language team as they prepare to record the Luke video in April-May. Much practice is needed and other arrangements need to be made. Pray also for Noah Norm who has begun training as an audio recording technician, as he begins recording Scripture in Mussau. And praise God for a new Mussau hymnbook which should be ready to distribute in January.

  • Media training workshop

    About 30 participants of a media training workshop in Davao are working through November 22 to create internet websites for the various languages represented. Pray for the myriad of logistical and technical aspects involved, for God’s protection over all the participants, staff, and equipment. Pray for sufficient band width at the venue so that all participants can work on their websites simultaneously, and that ultimately, God’s Word in these languages will be available in these new and effective ways.

  • Writers workshops needed

    Many language groups on Bougainville Island are asking for a Writers Workshop to be conducted in their villages. The Writers Workshops conducted by Robin Rempel have already created a hunger for God's Word to be translated into local languages. Pray that God will keep alive the hunger for His Word; and that He will guide workers and give them wisdom about how the needs of these people can be addressed.

  • Impact

    There are many different roles that need to be filled for a successful video-audio translation* of the JESUS Film. If the consultants have no language in common with the people group, interpreters are needed. During the process of ensuring that all the revisions had been entered into the script, one interpreter began sobbing. She has been a Christian for 52 years and reads the Bible every day. Nevertheless, when she saw the thief on the Cross, and heard him defend Jesus because of his innocence she was strongly impacted. The JESUS Film can be powerful even for people who already know the Lord.

    *This is a methodology for drafting, revising and checking translations in an audio-recording format; normally an audio-video medium is used as the source text.

  • Communication in multi

    When a video-audio translation of the JESUS Film takes place, the process may involve three or more languages. The mother tongue speakers listen to a section of the film; they say what it means to an interpreter in the country's national language. The interpreter tells the film team that speaks an international language what was said. Praise God for a film made this year where the mother tongue speakers said, "We will sit here and work on this as long as you want us to." The repeating of phrases and checking of meaning and accuracy can be tedious. But they are excited to help birth this film for their people.

  • Encouraging quotations

    During a video-audio translation* of the JESUS Film, these encouraging quotations were heard: "We want the people to know we care about them as much as we care about our own families" (project director); "I want to help make this film because of the love I have in my heart for our people. I want them to see Jesus' miracles" (chief of people group); and "When I get my copy of the JESUS Film, I have a 42-inch TV screen. I will invite my entire extended family to see this. There are about 100 of us" (mother-tongue speaker).

    *This is a methodology for drafting, revising and checking translations in an audio-recording format; normally an audio-video medium is used as the source text.

  • Technology reaches further

    Even in outlying areas of the Central African Republic, people are scraping together the money to buy cell phones and other battery-powered equipment with SD card slots, and loading up their SD cards with audio and video. Popular African music is heard now even in distant villages far from the roads! Pray for the Gbaya Jesus film, New Testament audio recordings and new Gbaya Christian songs to reach the maximum possible audience this way - an exciting new opportunity for God’s word to reach the places he wants to reach.

  • Helping them hear

    In a context where local cultures rely heavily on the spoken word and the use of memory, storying is one approach that may be easier for people than struggling to read a book. Please pray for workers in Congo who are working on a plan to train new translators for several languages, and looking at new possibilities for making Scriptures available to people. They need clear minds to develop a good strategy for all the partners involved, as well as the necessary resources and personnel.

  • Recording

    Once the JESUS Film script is approved, Step three, the actual recording process begins. About 20 voice actors work during a two-week period. They watch the screen and listen to the dialogue. They pay careful attention to matching the tone and inflection with the situation on the screen, even to the facial expressions of the characters. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work godly sensitivity in the actors. After a number of takes, the final recording is then reviewed and stored on a computer in a digital format, using equipment and software built or modified by The JESUS Film Master Studio. 

  • Translating the scripts

    JESUS Film states: "Step one begins by seeking out a trained Bible translator from one of our partners (Wycliffe Bible Translators, SIL International, Pioneer Bible Translators, Lutheran Bible Translators, etc.) who is working with the language—or a partner who can train a primary-language speaker in the translation process. Working with exactly timed phrases, a careful, line-by-line translation is done, matching the new language as closely as possible to the exact syllable count of the original English version. This process often takes several months or more." Pray for stamina for the level of concentration that is required.

  • JESUS Film

    The JESUS Film Project, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International, distributes the film "JESUS*," a two-hour docudrama about the life of Christ based on the Gospel of Luke. The film has been seen in every country of the world and translated into hundreds of languages since its initial release in 1979. The goal is to reach every nation, tribe, people and tongue, helping them see and hear the story of Jesus in a language they can understand. A JESUS Film team leader requests: "Pray that God would continue to open doors for The JESUS Film to reach those who have not heard the Good News."

    *Click here to watch the film.

  • A dynamic tool for Tagakaulos

    Work began on November 9 and will tentatively continue through November 24 on the Tagakaulo version of the Jesus Film. Please pray for those gathered in the studio in Davao for the recording sessions. Specifically pray during this time for the right “voice actors”, and pray against spiritual opposition of every kind. May God use this as a dynamic tool for the building of His kingdom.

  • Creative planning

    Low funding has many people asking, “What can we do that doesn’t require much money?”  Jon Vanderwal was glad to come up with some media projects that could be done quite inexpensively in the Republic of Congo.  The book of Jonah is available in two languages in the Pointe-Noire area where Jon lives, so these recordings could be done without traveling.  Jon is also using a trip to the capital for team meetings to fit in some recordings there.  Please pray for creativity for all involved in making the most of the resources God has provided.

  • The Gospel of Mark on CD

     The Saa* book of Mark on CD has been reviewed and is ready for distribution. Pray that the Saa* believers will enthusiastically endorse this wonderful tool. Pray for the distribution process.and that lives will be impacted for God’s glory.

    *Pseudonym for a sensitive language project

  • Support Staff

    Pray for support staff to stay energized in the Lord and physically strong so that they can continue to serve the translation teams with Vernacular Media, Center Housing, Computers, Printing, Purchasing, Emergency Assistance and in a myriad of other ways.

  • Leaders for a group of believers

    Pray for active, godly leaders for believers in a people group. A mentoring missionary family needed to move away; some Bible school graduates are no longer available. Praise God that a few are keeping the vision of reaching all the villages with the Gospel. Pray: 1) for believers to continue to fellowship together and stand firm in the Word of God; 2) that the audio players with Scripture recorded on them will continue to be used; and 3) that God will work through the testimony of those who have believed to bring the entire people group to faith in Him.

  • Recording scripture in sensitive countries

    Dramatised Scripture can have a strong impact on oral communities. Right now the scripts of the Acts and Joseph films in two languages are ready for recording; pray that people with the right attitude, voice quality, expression, etc will have the courage to participate. Pray that the Scripture will be recorded in their minds and hearts as well as on film.

  • Risky recording work

    An African Christian writes, “Recording my voice for films on the internet is too risky. In all Scripture recordings I want my voice modified as soon as possible. The police say they have evidence that I am involved in Christian work. I think it’s ok to say I am a Christian. If I get into trouble, that’s ok. But I am afraid my whole family will be punished. That’s hard for me.”

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