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  • Japan

    The Japanese Sign Language project team (ViBi) is working on the final video recording of Exodus 28-40 the week of January 26-30. Pray for the key translator's eyes as she signs on camera. She wears contacts for the recording sessions. The lenses bother her eyes as does standing facing the bright lights. Pray for her concentration and for clear signing without errors. Pray for stamina as she stands for many hours.

    Pray for the technical person working the camera and solving IT troubles that arise. Proper lighting and camera settings are critical to a good recording.

    Pray for the consultants as they check the signing for any errors. They need alertness to detail and concentration throughout the recording. Pray for physical, mental and emotional strength for the team as they work through an exhausting schedule.

    **More information about the various services provided by the SIL Global Sign Languages Team can be found on the SIL International website

    More information about the various services provided by the SIL Global Sign Languages Team can be found on the SIL International website. - See more at:
    More information about the various services provided by the SIL Global Sign Languages Team can be found on the SIL International website. - See more at:
    More information about the various services provided by the SIL Global Sign Languages Team can be found on the SIL International website. - See more at:
    More information about the various services provided by the SIL Global Sign Languages Team can be found on the SIL International website. - See more at:
    More information about the various services provided by the SIL Global Sign Languages Team can be found on the SIL International website. - See more at:
  • Progress despite difficulties

    When war in the Central African Republic broke out at the end of 2012, local people suffered all kinds of violence and difficulties. Expatriate team members were forced to leave the country and so it became difficult to continue showing the JESUS film in Gbaya. Thank God for the 200 Secure Digital cards now available with the JESUS film and the New Testament in Gbaya pre-recorded on them, which people can access using their mobile phones. Pray that the SD cards may be distributed safely and that a growing number of Gbaya speakers will joyfully receive the message of God’s love for them.

  • Hearing God’s Good News

    In Belize, a series of 67 radio program segments using the entire Kriol audio New Testament has been launched. One station manager plays the Kriol Scriptures twice a day on his radio station. He said that when he first heard the Scriptures in his language, he felt emotional because of bad experiences with Kriol in his youth. As he continued to listen, he said, “Something happened inside me…it had a redeeming effect on the language for me.”  Pray for those listening to the radio programs and for those who are hearing the Kriol Scriptures on 50 Proclaimers* that were distributed by Faith Comes by Hearing.

    *The Proclaimer digital player is preloaded with an Audio Bible recording (usually a New Testament) for the one purpose of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to the nations. 

  • More follow

    Please pray for continued safety for those living in a West Asian country that has seen a recent increase in fighting among factions. Things are more settled in the area, and the teams who left have returned. The continued underlying level of stress they live under is a concern. However the current situation is focusing the local people on spiritual things. A new Jesus Film in one of the local languages is getting a lot of interest. Pray that many will find hope in Jesus as a result of seeing the film.

  • Hearing the first time

    “God, the Word, came to this earth. How much pain He suffered, loving us!  Brothers, sisters, if you want freedom from sin, then place your trust in Him.  You will inherit eternal life.” The singer broke down in tears and could not continue. For the first time she was hearing the truth about Jesus.

    Over ten million speakers of this language group live in Bangladesh.  They have no Bible in their language.  Their only access is through Scripture songs and dramas developed by local believers working with non-Christian artists.  These are broadcast by a local radio station and distributed in CDs, VCDs, and mobile phone format.  Pray that God’s Word would be communicated with integrity and relevance.  Ask God to empower area churches to be proactive in using these tools to disciple people.

  • Recording Scripture in Adzera and Mauwake

    Pray for confident and fluent Adzera readers to come forward for recording of Genesis and Luke in early January. Pray, too. for the Mauwake New Testament recording to take place through the first three months of 2015. Ask God to keep the equipment functioning well for these recording sessions.

  • Voices and studio needed for recording

    Praise God that one man is willing to participate in the audio recording of the Epistles in his language in Africa. His voice will supplement the contributions of the skilled female recorder. Please pray that other capable men from this language community will have the courage to offer to be involved in recording the New Testament. Pray for a secure in-country studio to be found where the recordings can take place. 

  • Reaching the hard places

    When war in the Central African Republic forced expat team members to leave the country at the end of 2012, with local people suffering all kinds of violence and difficulties since then, it also became harder to continue showing the ‘Jesus’ film in Gbaya. Thank God for the 200 SD cards now available with the ‘Jesus’ film and the New Testament in Gbaya pre-recorded on them, which people can access using their mobile phones. Pray that these may be distributed safely in the Gbaya area and that many people will be touched by the message of God’s love through them.

  • Dramatized Filipino/Tagalog New Testament

    Pray for Toto, Rose, and Nante as they work in Manila, Philippines to record a dramatized Filipino/Tagalog New Testament so that people throughout the Philippines and abroad can listen to the Bible in their own national language on their phones, or other devices.

  • Beyond What They Imagined

    The Paraguayan Sign Language (LSPy) team exceeded their goal to translate 10 Bible stories in 2014. They completed 18 stories, which are already being used in the Deaf churches each Sunday. A number of hearing churches are also eager to start ministries for the Deaf using the Bible stories. The team is taking advantage of the Internet to test the stories with individuals or groups that have had no previous exposure to them. The team uploaded all 18 stories to YouTube.* Pray that the Paraguayan Deaf will receive these stories with joy.

    *To see the story of Jesus raising Lazarus, click here.

  • Producing digital and non

    Praise God for opportunities to use digital and non-print media to promote Ugandan and Tanzanian languages and to bring the Good News to communities in their own language and in accessible media. Pray for ongoing work in producing the "JESUS film" in a number of languages in Uganda and Tanzania. Pray too that the 14 local language websites produced in the past year will attract a lot of interest from speakers of those languages and that good progress will be made for additional language websites under construction.

  • Developing culturally appropriate media

    John thanks God for the three-month training in vernacular media* production he has been receiving at the JAARS Center in North Carolina. Pray that John will finish this course well and have mastered all the necessary skills. Pray for his whole family as they prepare to move back to Isiro, eastern DRCongo in April 2015.

    * A vernacular media specialist works alongside translation teams to help develop culturally appropriate media in the everyday language of people groups around the world.

  • Audio Christmas stories

    A two-week workshop to train Solomon Islanders in how to produce and edit audio recordings of Scripture will be held in November. Pray the participants will quickly be able to understand the process and gain confidence in recording. During the workshop, the Christmas story will be recorded  in eight different languages. The participants plan to make the recordings available on mobile phones and other devices. Pray that local radio stations will broadcast the Christmas story recordings in the various language areas.

  • Ipili translate the Old Testament

    Pray for Ipili-speaking Pastor Mandita as he continues revising Genesis and translating Exodus. Ipili is spoken by about 26,000 people. Pray that the Porgera Joint Venture will fund the Ipili Bible Committee's request to purchase laptop computers and a projector to show the JESUS Film and to do further translation.

  • Rejoicing for Enga Scripture

    Praise God for the good launching of the book of Mark in Enga, along with the Abraham story from Genesis. Events were held in eight different locations, with distribution of 220 Audibibles and 110 micro-SD cards containing the JESUS Film and Enga Bible applications. These were also loaded onto 60 Android phones. Enga people are saying, "We can listen to this without getting tired! In Pidgin we never read a whole chapter at once, but on the Audibible we can listen to the whole book in one sitting and not get tired!"

  • Bamu translating Romans

    Pray for the Bamu translators, Adau Kaniwa and Domai Gaida, as they draft the book of Romans in the Bamu language. Ask God to give them a profound understanding of the text and good ways to express the concepts in their own language. The team also plan to finish the recording of the JESUS Film--pray that flights to their area are scheduled so that the main speaking actor, Fred Adau, can travel to Ukarumpa and back in a reasonable time.

  • Arop

    Praise God that the Arop-Lokep people are using their Audibibles regularly, setting them out to charge in the sun after using them each evening. Also, praise God that the Arop-Lokep New Testaments are being used in church services in the region. Ask God to use His Word in the lives of this people group.

  • Scripture engagement internship

    Praise God for three dedicated men from the Chakma, Usoi Tripura and Bawm language communities who are gaining a vision for Scripture Engagement through an internship program this year. This internship provided exposure to the need for Scripture Engagement through teaching and practical experience in various domains including Bible translation, Oral Bible storying, Scripture Use, media and ethnoarts. Pray that the interns develop their skills through the implementation phase of the internship by teaching a short seminar in their language community. Pray that the trainers provide appropriate assistance. Ask God to develop a vision for Scripture Engagement in the seminar participants.

  • Five communities contacted

    The Vostok project is taking God’s Word to several small, remote language communities in far east Siberia through oral Bible storying. These efforts are taking place over three summers when the weather is best for traveling. Praise God for the encouraging results the four teams had in August when they made contact with the UdiheUlchNanaiNivkh, and Koryak  language communities. Pray that during the next two summers the teams will be able to return to work together with the people in the communities to translate and record about 30 Bible stories for each community. 

  • Translation progress

    Praise God that major orthography decisions were made for a translation project at a workshop earlier in the year. Pray for good implementation of the orthography changes as John’s Gospel is made ready for publication, Mark’s Gospel is prepared for audio recording, and the translation of Acts is finalized for submission to test readers. Ask God for protection from spiritual attack for the translation team as these tasks are completed.

  • Enga complete revision of Mark

    It has been just a year since the Enga language group began their translation project in mid-2013. Praise God that the team of nine members has now completed the revision of Mark's Gospel in Enga. Pray that it will be printed and made available in audio format soon. Also pray for its distribution throughout the Enga language area. Enga is the largest vernacular group in Papua New Guinea.

  • Tears of joy

    Give thanks for Scriptures recorded in a resistant southern Philippine language. When CDs were delivered, a woman had tears of joy. Pray for openness to the truth broadcast on the radio and through distributed CDs.

  • Follow Up

    The Aramaic Bible Translation (ABT) website received an email from a person who wanted an Assyrian New Testament. They explained that they had grown up in a Middle Eastern country and had come to faith in Christ three months earlier as a result of the witness of friends in Sydney. They concluded, “I'm so anxious and excited to get my Assyrian Bible!” The New Testament had just become available on Scripture Earth less than 30 minutes before. The timing was perfect! Please pray that Assyrians from around the world will continue to find and use these Scripture resources.

  • Nenets translation and recording plans

    Later this year the Nenets Scripture engagement team*, in partnership with the local church, plans to visit people in the communities to distribute a package with both the written text and the audio recording of the Gospel of John. After that, they are planning to create a mini audio Bible that includes the Gospels of John and Mark and a yet-to-be translated set of Bible stories. Pray for a good recording process by IBT and for full funding of this project. Pray that this Scripture will be widely distributed and speak truth to the hearts of the Nenets people.

    *Click on the following links for stories about what God is doing among the Nenets peopleWho will sing of love for the Nenets?Foundations of FaithPytor Khudy: Hopeless to JoyfulSongs of the TundraBirthing an indigenous church: shining hope in Siberia

  • Drama and Reality

    A small production team in Peru was filming one of the last scenes in a video dealing with issues that are destroying highland Quechua family life. All of a sudden, the main actor, a woman, burst into tears. Cirilo, the director, asked why. When she was able to reply, she shared that when she said her line "Jesus, I give my life to you," she wasn't acting but truly surrendering her life to Christ! Pray for the production and use of storying methods, drama and recordings, as they serve to bring God´s Word to people in their own language.

  • Audio Scripture Distribution

    Praise the Lord for encouraging news of audio Scripture being distributed in a sensitive part of Africa by a partner organization. It has been well-received, passed from hand to hand and spread all over the country. One listener said he felt that when he shut his eyes he was right there in the story. Pray that these resources will continue to spread and be used by the Lord to draw many to faith.

  • Scripture DVDs

    DVDs of “God’s Story”* and “Luke”** in 3 languages of a sensitive part of Asia are being distributed in both in the UK and the homeland. One of these language communities has one million speakers living in the UK. Encouraging reports have come in of the use of these videos. Pray for continued good reception and broad distribution. Pray that people will be drawn to a relationship with Jesus through their viewing.

    * "God’s Story: From Creation to Eternity” is an 80 minute video presenting a panorama of Scripture and highlighting God’s plan to rescue fallen mankind.

    ** The “Luke” film is on a set of 3 DVDs, and is the film from which the shorter “JESUS” film was taken. The script is the whole of Luke’s Gospel.

  • Magdalena script recorded

    Praise God that the audio recording of the Magdalena* script was completed in a sensitive part of Africa. Many barriers were overcome and in the end everything worked out well. The files have been uploaded to the editing center and the recording team has more technical work to finish. The coordinator writes: “I am very thankful that God has protected us during this time. Many thanks for all your prayers.” Please pray for effective editing and for God to use this film to bring many to faith in Jesus.
    *Magdelena uses a new perspective to tell the story of the “JESUS” film. This film portrays how Jesus values women by focusing on historical accounts of His interactions with them.

  • Talents discovered during recording

    Praise God that the audio recording of the Magdalena* script was recently completed in a sensitive part of Africa. The director writes: “One of the little boys was so excited about his role that he wants to continue being involved in dubbing movies. During the production we discovered many new talents. For future movies we now have a pool of three talented women and at least four talented men.” Pray that these actors will be drawn to a closer relationship to God, as well as those who view the film.
    *Magdelena uses a new perspective to tell the story of the JESUS Film. This film portrays how Jesus values women by focusing on historical accounts of His interactions with them.

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