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  • Dedua Audibibles

    Praise God that Dedua Scripture audio recordings have been distributed on Audibibles and micro SD cards for cell phones and MP3 players. Dedua is spoken by about 6,500 people in Morobe Province.

  • Translation progress

    Praise God that major orthography decisions were made for a translation project at a workshop earlier in the year. Pray for good implementation of the orthography changes as John’s Gospel is made ready for publication, Mark’s Gospel is prepared for audio recording, and the translation of Acts is finalized for submission to test readers. Ask God for protection from spiritual attack for the translation team as these tasks are completed.

  • Recording activities and equipment

    Pray for September's recording activities for language teams: Andy Weaver will dub the 'Luke' video in the Mussau-Emira language. Emos will do post-production editing on the Iyo language recordings. And Dan Bauman will be post-producing Enga Mark and parts of Genesis, and also Revelation in Nai. Also, pray for the Scripture Use Media section to resolve problems with their equipment and computer servers not working properly.

  • Writer's workshop

    Pray for the pre-translation Writer's Workshop taking place in early September in the town of Sasereme as a part of the Tributaries Multi-Language Initiative. Participants from six language communities may be attending (Dibiyaso, Doso, Mubami, Foia-Foia, Hoia-Hoia and Hoya Hoya). Pray for Pastor Gadila Inali, the church leader at Sasereme who is hosting the workshop. And pray for Karan Allen and Bonnie Mackenzie as they facilitate the course.

  • Tairora Audibible celebration

    The Tairora Audibible is being celebrated at the Ukarumpa Training Centre during the first week of September. Pray that the Tairora people will receive the Scriptures with joy and use them to draw closer to God. Also pray that Tairora speakers will purchase copies of the printed Bible and Tairora dictionary.

  • Copyright permission needed

    We are thankful for permissions from Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) to use New Testament dramatic recordings and Read 'n Grow pictures. These can be put together to create small movies, like the 'Twenty stories of Jesus' in Cebuano. However, those doing recordings need to receive permission from the Bible publisher to use the recorded Bible texts. Pray for the process of developing and signing a Memorandum of Understanding with FCBH and other organizations to enable use of the Cebuano and other Bible texts.

  • Enga complete revision of Mark

    It has been just a year since the Enga language group began their translation project in mid-2013. Praise God that the team of nine members has now completed the revision of Mark's Gospel in Enga. Pray that it will be printed and made available in audio format soon. Also pray for its distribution throughout the Enga language area. Enga is the largest vernacular group in Papua New Guinea.

  • Preparing audio and video materials

    Pray for the audio and video recordings being done in August:

    • Bamu--JESUS Film dubbing in the village
    • Mussau-Emira--Luke video dubbing in the village
    • Kuni-Boazi--Scripture recordings at Ukarumpa
    • Nai--Revelation recording in Ukarumpa
    • Vernacular Pathway to English course--recording, editing and media production

    Pray for good readers, good ears, good health and attentive hearts for all involved.

  • Tears of joy

    Give thanks for Scriptures recorded in a resistant southern Philippine language. When CDs were delivered, a woman had tears of joy. Pray for openness to the truth broadcast on the radio and through distributed CDs.

  • Follow Up

    The Aramaic Bible Translation (ABT) website received an email from a person who wanted an Assyrian New Testament. They explained that they had grown up in a Middle Eastern country and had come to faith in Christ three months earlier as a result of the witness of friends in Sydney. They concluded, “I'm so anxious and excited to get my Assyrian Bible!” The New Testament had just become available on Scripture Earth less than 30 minutes before. The timing was perfect! Please pray that Assyrians from around the world will continue to find and use these Scripture resources.

  • Nenets translation and recording plans

    Later this year the Nenets Scripture engagement team*, in partnership with the local church, plans to visit people in the communities to distribute a package with both the written text and the audio recording of the Gospel of John. After that, they are planning to create a mini audio Bible that includes the Gospels of John and Mark and a yet-to-be translated set of Bible stories. Pray for a good recording process by IBT and for full funding of this project. Pray that this Scripture will be widely distributed and speak truth to the hearts of the Nenets people.

    *Click on the following links for stories about what God is doing among the Nenets peopleWho will sing of love for the Nenets?Foundations of FaithPytor Khudy: Hopeless to JoyfulSongs of the TundraBirthing an indigenous church: shining hope in Siberia

  • New mobile Scripture application

    Praise God for new Scripture recording and playback applications that will increase access to Scripture in this more mobile world. These are applications that synchronise audio playback with highlighted text for hearing and reading Scripture on a smartphone.

  • Bible story projects

    Many revision and recording workshops will be held for four on-going Bible storying projects during the middle of 2014. Please pray that God would bless all the storytellers, facilitators, and consultants with great wisdom and endurance in making final revisions to the short story sets for the languages involved. Pray especially that these stories will go out with God's blessing upon them and that those who hear them will have their hearts opened to His truth and love.

  • Bariai hear the Word

    At the end of June, a team visited the Bariai area of West New Britain Province to distribute another 200 audio players and update the ones already out there. Pray that people's interest in listening to the AudiBibles remains high and that God's Word would penetrate their hearts and lives.

  • Drama and Reality

    A small production team in Peru was filming one of the last scenes in a video dealing with issues that are destroying highland Quechua family life. All of a sudden, the main actor, a woman, burst into tears. Cirilo, the director, asked why. When she was able to reply, she shared that when she said her line "Jesus, I give my life to you," she wasn't acting but truly surrendering her life to Christ! Pray for the production and use of storying methods, drama and recordings, as they serve to bring God´s Word to people in their own language.

  • The New Testament in Islander Creole

    The Islander Creole translation of the New Testament is nearly ready for publication. Two young African men plan to go to San Andrés to work on the dramatized audio version of this translation, under the direction of Faith Comes by Hearing. Pray that God will facilitate the processing of their visas and that He will oversee the recording of His Word in Islander Creole.

  • Preparing to dub the Luke Video in Wapishana

    When preparing for the dubbing of the LUKE video or other Scripture, many challenges arise. How do you choose the right person to read the words of Jesus, Mary, or Paul? How do you get verses that take 45 seconds to read in the local language down to the 30 seconds used in the English version of the film? How many practice times are necessary for the readers to learn to read with expression and clarity? Pray for the preparation of the script and for the dubbing of the Luke video into the Wapishana language of Guyana, and that God will provide the answer to each challenging situation.

  • Writers' workshop

    One team in Asia will be holding a writers' workshop in June, to encourage local readers to begin writing stories for their friends. Pray for smooth interpretation of the teaching and that the local staff will understand the objectives. One hope is that the history of the local church will be recorded and put in print. Also, pray for the translation and publication of three discipleship study books and the Life Story of Jesus, which have been on the work plan for one and a half years.

  • Bible translation declaration

    Five key Indonesian church leaders recently created a declaration for Indonesian churches and Bible ministry organizations: to translate and use local language Bibles and scripture portions, to use various forms of media in local languages, and to train and educate believers starting at an early age in moral values using appropriate creative and innovative techniques. They agreed to work together in synergistic partnerships between churches and organizations to support mission programs on the field that use local funding sources. Pray that God would grant wisdom so these organizations and churches can effectively fulfill this declaration in Indonesia.

  • Oral Scriptures

    Most of the inhabitants of Yakutia are Yakut or Russian. But there are several indigenous groups living there too, carving out a livelihood on the frozen tundra. Leaders in language communities like the Evens and Chukchis are concerned that their young people are forgetting their mother tongue and their traditional way of life. Pray for a new joint venture by local churches, Wycliffe Russia and SIL, to help translate and record over 30 Bible stories in the local languages. Pray that the teams going out this summer will successfully build relationships and communicate God's word in an engaging format. 

  • Kuni

    Give thanks for the completion of a read-through of the Kuni-Boazi New Testament involving church leaders from different denominations and villages. Pray about a meeting with church leaders in June to discuss the date of the New Testament celebration, recording of the New Testament, dubbing the JESUS video and further work on the Old Testament. Pray that those working on a glossary of the New Testament, will finish in time for typesetting in September.

  • Arop

    Praise God that the Arop-Lokep people on Long Island are excited about the launch of the New Testament during the first weekend of June. Pray that the ceremony will glorify God, and that His Word would accomplish His purposes among the Arop-Lokep speakers. Also, praise God that the launch includes 400 Audi-Bibles containing recordings of the whole New Testament.

  • Audio Scripture Distribution

    Praise the Lord for encouraging news of audio Scripture being distributed in a sensitive part of Africa by a partner organization. It has been well-received, passed from hand to hand and spread all over the country. One listener said he felt that when he shut his eyes he was right there in the story. Pray that these resources will continue to spread and be used by the Lord to draw many to faith.

  • Luke audio recording

    Praise God for the Bible Society's assistance in recording the Gospel of Luke in three languages of Southeast Asia. Pray for these audio recordings to be distributed to the people in the most accessible manner. Pray for other translation teams which are preparing Luke (and other books) for recording.

  • Scripture DVDs

    DVDs of “God’s Story”* and “Luke”** in 3 languages of a sensitive part of Asia are being distributed in both in the UK and the homeland. One of these language communities has one million speakers living in the UK. Encouraging reports have come in of the use of these videos. Pray for continued good reception and broad distribution. Pray that people will be drawn to a relationship with Jesus through their viewing.

    * "God’s Story: From Creation to Eternity” is an 80 minute video presenting a panorama of Scripture and highlighting God’s plan to rescue fallen mankind.

    ** The “Luke” film is on a set of 3 DVDs, and is the film from which the shorter “JESUS” film was taken. The script is the whole of Luke’s Gospel.

  • Balantak hear the Word

    A translator reports: "Yesterday morning we received a phone call from a Balantak man in th language area, and we visited for a few minutes. I asked him if the Proclaimer audio recorders with the Balantak New Testament were being used. He replied that when the Balantak work teams take breaks at noon from working in their gardens/fields, they listen together. It was encouraging to hear that. Thank the Lord with us that people are listening to the Balantak Scriptures."

  • Magdalena script recorded

    Praise God that the audio recording of the Magdalena* script was completed in a sensitive part of Africa. Many barriers were overcome and in the end everything worked out well. The files have been uploaded to the editing center and the recording team has more technical work to finish. The coordinator writes: “I am very thankful that God has protected us during this time. Many thanks for all your prayers.” Please pray for effective editing and for God to use this film to bring many to faith in Jesus.
    *Magdelena uses a new perspective to tell the story of the “JESUS” film. This film portrays how Jesus values women by focusing on historical accounts of His interactions with them.

  • Talents discovered during recording

    Praise God that the audio recording of the Magdalena* script was recently completed in a sensitive part of Africa. The director writes: “One of the little boys was so excited about his role that he wants to continue being involved in dubbing movies. During the production we discovered many new talents. For future movies we now have a pool of three talented women and at least four talented men.” Pray that these actors will be drawn to a closer relationship to God, as well as those who view the film.
    *Magdelena uses a new perspective to tell the story of the JESUS Film. This film portrays how Jesus values women by focusing on historical accounts of His interactions with them.

  • Listening again

    When the Kaba Bible translation team in the Central African Republic began showing The Jesus Film in their home town they noticed young people recording the soundtrack onto a radio with a memory card in it so that they could listen to it over again - and then the team saw groups gathering to do just this!  Some asked for help to learn the prayer of confession, and children could quote parts of the soundtrack that they had memorised. Thank God for the Kaba Jesus Film and pray that many lives will be changed by its message of Good News.

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