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Scripture nearing completion - Mono, Ngbandi-Ngiri & Pagabete: Democratic Republic of the Congo.

UBANGI cluster—MONO, NGBANDI-NGIRI, and PAGABETE languages; Democratic Republic of the Congo; 393,000. The Mono translation team only has one computer, but they keep working, using handwritten drafts that are later typed. Praise God for their dedication! The Ngbandi-Ngiri team is working on consultant checking, but literacy materials and drafts for village testing cannot be printed until they find a better printer. Pray that Ngbandi-Ngiri team members and their families will have good health, as some have been very sick. The Pagabete team is also learning to persevere in times of testing. They’re dealing with some recent deaths and persecution but have kept working on their consultant checking. Pray for encouragement in their work.

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