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Pray for Côte d'Ivoire

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  • Scripture nearing completion

    Jula; Côte d’Ivoire (4,000,000). The Jula Bible was printed in early 2013, but the enemy was at work to delay its delivery. Local administration, the Korean Bible Society, and a publications representative struggled for months to get approval for shipping and importing the Bibles to Côte d’Ivoire. Praise the Lord that the necessary approvals were finally received and that the Bibles arrived safely in Abidjan, the capital. Pray for the Jula team, church leaders, and all involved in planning multiple dedications in 2014. Jula is the major trade language in Côte d’Ivoire, and dedications have been planned for several key locations. Ask God to use His transformational Word to bring new life and hope to Jula speakers!

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Djimini; Côte d’Ivoire (85,000). Praise the Lord that the book of Isaiah was checked by a consultant and that a first draft of Ezekiel was finished. Pray for the final testing and revisions of Ezekiel, as well as the introductions to the New Testament books which the team is now writing. This past year has presented unusual difficulties for the family of the project leader, Matthieu; his daughter underwent a serious operation, his wife was bitten by a snake, and Matthieu contracted typhoid fever. Pray for his total recovery. Another team member was involved in an accident. Ask the Lord to give them health and to place a special hedge of protection around the team members, protecting them against these attacks of the enemy. The team members want to have Ezekiel checked by a consultant, and they want to get all of the New Testament revisions and introductions finished so that the whole Bible can be ready for typesetting by the end of 2014. The Seed Company -

  • Northern Mandé Cluster

    Northern Mandé is a cluster project * supported by The Seed Company. It includes four languages. This is a three-year project, starting with two languages and adding two more in 2014. The coordinator is a very talented and committed pastor. It is also a project in an area where most of the population practices another major world religion. The pastor has made good contacts with the people of the language communities, and it is obvious that God is working. Pray for the protection of the team and the progress of the work, which lags a bit compared to the original schedule.

    *A language cluster refers to languages that may be linguistically related, and/or from similar geographic regions or cultural backgrounds. 

  • Scripture nearing completion

    JULA; Côte d’Ivoire; 179,000. Typesetting of the Jula Bible is scheduled to take place in 2012. Lift up in prayer the main translator and revisers as they read through the whole Bible once more, looking for any inconsistencies. Ask the Lord to protect the team physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Continue to pray for peace and stability in the Côte d’Ivoire, as the country experienced post-election violence.

  • Scripture nearing completion

    DJIMINI; Côte d’Ivoire; 85,000. Pray for peace in Côte d’Ivoire, and thank the Lord for keeping the Djimini team and their families safe. Also praise God for protecting the family of project leader, Matthieu, as he studies  in a master’s program in Kenya. Pray that the translators can continue unhindered in their goal to complete the Djimini Old Testament. Pray for good health for team members and their families. Praise God that more Djimini speakers are learning to read through literacy classes, and ask Him to bless the national reviewers with wisdom and the ability to find the right words.

  • Trauma healing workshops encourage scripture use

    Ivory Coast: Requests from church leaders for trauma healing workshops are common—golden opportunities to show them how to use the mother-tongue Scriptures. Toualy Martin has held three workshops in the Wè region, the ‘wild west’ of the country, where insecurity is still high. There were deep hurts relating to the civil war and also, sadly, to divisions between churches. One workshop was for non-Christians; 12 of them believed!

  • Mark translated through music in Ivory Coast

    Ivory Coast: Singers and song-writers from the four Kru language groups have developed songs in the distinctive Kru style, based on the Kru translation of Mark. Once these are recorded, hopefully this month, cassettes and CDs will be distributed around the churches. Pray that they will appeal to worship leaders and drive the message of God’s word home.


  • MP3's held in customs

    Ivory Coast: Seventy MP3 players with recordings of the Western Dan New Testament have been held up in customs for months, because of red tape. Japhet Loh has been waiting to begin setting up listening groups. He also needs to train group leaders.

  • Kru song workshop, Ivory Coast

    Ivory Coast: Music has a prominent role in Kru society. Now that Mark and Luke have been translated into three Kru languages, a workshop is being planned to encourage translators and musicians to develop songs based on the Kru Scriptures, in the Kru music style. Pray for songs that communicate at the deepest level.

  • Oral communities engage with Audio Scriptures in Ivory Coast

    Radio Drama Team, Ivory Coast: In Kouya communities, as in many others around the world, information is normally shared orally. Thanks to gifts from believers in N. Ireland, each Kouya village will receive three players, under church supervision. Pray for the formation of listening groups and the training of group leaders. Groups will meet weekly to listen to Scripture, discuss, ask questions, and apply the teaching to their lives. Pray that the fire, hammer and sword of God’s word will work as never before. (

  • Kouya to receive Luke and Acts in audio format

    Radio Drama Team, Mali: The drama team’s current priority is to record the Kouya translation of Luke-Acts for distribution on MegaVoice players in Ivory Coast. Philip and Heather Saunders write: “The Kouya NT was published at the start of civil war in Ivory Coast. Kouya territory straddled the front line, hampering Scripture distribution and literacy teaching. Please pray that hearing God’s word in their own language will have a huge impact.”

  • Dramatising Scripture Readings in Mali

    Radio Drama Team, Mali: “Try hard to understand the full meaning of the text… Put yourself in the shoes of your character... Think of their personality, their temperament, their behaviour... What do they like?” These are some of the tips for actors compiled by the drama team from their long and wide experience. Pray that God will inspire and mobilise other Christians to produce dramatised Scripture for recording or live performance in local languages.

  • Major Radio Network to Broadcast Scripture Dramas

    Radio Drama Team, Mali: Pray for ongoing discussions between the Jula team and a major Christian radio network about broadcasting some of the radio dramas they have produced over the last eight years throughout West Africa.

  • Radio Drama listeners love the OT characters

    Radio Drama Team, Mali - Siriki Dekongo, Director: "Listeners love the stories about OT characters like Noah, Abraham, Moses and King Solomon, since they have heard about them from their own religious leaders.  Pray that they will read the much fuller account in the Bible and understand the meaning behind it."


  • Voice actor for Scripture Radio Drama accepts the Lord!

    Mali: Radio Drama Team for the Jula people - Siriki Sekongo, Director: "We have recorded a new set of 30-minute dramatised stories from Genesis to Acts.  'Joseph', one of the actors we hired, was deeply touched by the love and forgiveness the real Joseph showed his brothers, so he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ!  He took copies of the 'Joseph' recordings and we pray that his family and friends listened to them.  May the Holy Spirit illuminate and direct him on the Way to the Truth and Life."


  • Radio drama team for the Jula people

    Mark Datson: The Jula Radio Drama Team produces dramatised Scripture recordings for broadcasting via 50 radio stations to 1 million+ Jula people in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Mali.  They dream of having their own recording studio, in order to house the recordings already made, and to be able to continue producing drama that reaches many non-Christian homes not reachable in any other manner. (


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