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  • Prayer video

    The narrator begins: “Tajikistan is a country of beautiful mountains, winding rivers, and wonderful gentle people.” Learn about the country and culture and pray for the people of Tajikistan using this video.

  • Possibility of moving forward

    A long-dormant Bible translation project will possibly be revived. One or two literacy projects may transition into Bible translation programs. Pray for God’s guidance and purposes to be fulfilled in each of these language communities. Ask God to provide the needed workers and resources for each situation to move forward.

  • Preparing translated Bible text for publisher

    One of the mother-tongue translators working in a language in central Asia recently spent several days in the hospital due to high blood pressure. He was released, continued to recover at home, and praise God, was able to return to his work. There is still much for the translation team to do in order to have the Bible ready to submit to the publisher by July 31. Pray that all team members will experience good health, mental focus, and power from the Holy Spirit to compete the necessary work.

  • Tii translators make final changes

    Pray for Johnny Banamtuan and the Tii translation team from Rote Island as they work on final revisions of their New Testament. Three other New Testaments from languages on Rote are scheduled to be completed in 2016. Pray for the consultants needed to make the final checks of these translations. Ask God to protect these translation teams as they near the finish line.

  • New mobile recording studio

    Praise God for the completion of a Mobile Recording Studio for use in the communities. Pray for Alan Rogers as he does recording in Ngukurr, Urapanga, Minyerri and Kewulyi in June. Pray for Alan and his wife, Lucy, along with two Aboriginal colleagues as they travel to the Global Consultation on Music in Mission in July. Ask for wisdom as they consider the topics discussed, and how they might benefit Aboriginal communities.

  • Katherine Resource Center

    Pray for the final clearance from government officials to occupy the new training and support facility in Katherine. Visitors will be able to access computers and printing equipment to prepare their own language materials for use in schools, churches and at community events. There are plans for an audio recording room for language documentation and recording Scripture in various languages. The staff also plan to provide periodic training in computer skills, audio recording and editing and desktop publishing. Pray for the right person to be the long-term Centre manager. Pray that word of this facility spread to the communities who will benefit from its services.

  • First chapters checked

    In June, the first five chapters of Mark were consultant checked* for the Marma Bible translation project, the last step needed before publishing. Plans are to check the remaining chapters in July,  and the team hopes to publish the book of Mark before Christmas. Please pray that the translators would use the lessons learned from the consultant to become better translators as they continue their work on the book of Acts.  Continue to pray that the Marma church leaders would enthusiastically support the project, especially as the team prepares to publish and distribute the book of Mark.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Helpful translation

    One translation team gives praise for the teaching outline and class notes on discourse-level linguistics which has been translated into the national language. Using them in a recent workshop brought much better understanding of concepts that are hard to explain, and has resulted in improved translations. Ask God to show if other training materials should be translated to provide better training. Pray that this team work together to finish their New Testament translation soon.

  • Celebrating 35 years of God’s goodness

    Bible Translation Association (BTA) celebrates its 35th year as an Alliance organization. Praise God for sustaining BTA in serving the language communities in Papua New Guinea. Thank the Lord for their partners and friends who have served alongside BTA. During the conference, David Gela, who has been faithfully serving as director, will officially turn over the leadership role to Tony Kotauga. Intercede for Tony, his family and his new leadership team. Pray for wisdom as BTA further advances the Bible translation movement in Papua New Guinea. Pray that the Lord will be greatly honored during this important time of transition.

  • Overcoming fear

    Using the stories of creation, angels and the fall of Satan and his followers, a couple is teaching a community about spirits. Because of fear, the people offer sacrifices to them. Some of them even see spirits. Pray for this couple to stand firm against manifestations that are not from God’s Spirit. Pray for courage and wisdom as they seek to lead people toward an understanding of truth from the Word of God. Ask God to create powerful expressions of his presence in the daily lives of the community. Pray that God reveals himself as the only True God who controls the world with love, mercy and grace.

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