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The Latest Prayer Items

  • New Instructors for the Fundamental Course

    Bible Translators of El Salvador (TRES) is preparing for the second Fundamental Course of Linguistics and Anthropology this year, which will begin in November. Thank God for the two new instructors, Raquel Gonzalez for phonetics, and Ronald López for A2L*. The Fundamental Course is required for those who want to enroll in CILTA** and prepare for the work of Bible translation and literacy. Pray that God will guide these new instructors, give them wisdom to teach and bless them with good physical and spiritual health. The five weeks of classes will be intense.

    * A2L— Acquisition of a second language

    **CILTA—International Course of Linguistics, Translation and Literacy in Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru

  • Office under Construction

    FAM Guatemala is an organization in the Wycliffe Global Alliance, serving the Guatemalan church to facilitate sending missionaries to all parts of the world. The members of FAM are asking God to provide finances for their office remodeling project. Pray with them for the equipment needed to carry out their ministry, including the advance of Bible Translation.  FAM has workers in Chile, Colombia, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Spain and the United States. Pray that God´s Word will make an impact in all of these countries for His glory.

  • A New Semester in CILTA

    The second semester of CILTA* 2014 is in session.  Students are now studying courses for the specific ministry of their choice. Eleven have chosen Bible translation and seven are preparing for literacy work.  Pray for both staff and students, as these intensive courses demand much dedication and hard work. Pray for good health and relationships, financial resources, respect and solidarity in the group. Pray that the bonds of friendship will be strengthened as they prepare together for work in God´s kingdom.

    *CILTA-- International Course of Linguistics, Translation and Literacy in Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru

  • Complete Bible for the San Blas Kuna

    The sound of the Jewish shofar announced the arrival of the complete Bible translated into the San Blas Kuna language of Panama. The event, celebrated at Hosanna Church in Panama City on September 17, was one of three observances in honor of this milestone. A sixty-voice Kuna choir sang praise to God, and five Kuna pastors shared their gratefulness to Him for His Word. The Bible translation team members were gracious hosts to 80 guests who arrived from five countries to join in the celebrations. Pray for God’s Word to continue to impact many Kuna lives for the glory of God.

  • Protection for Travelers

    Leaders in the Wycliffe Global Alliance travel frequently for meetings in various parts of the world. Many field workers travel every 3 to 5 years between their country of service and homeland. Bible translators and literacy workers make challenging trips by land, water or air to reach the isolated communities where they work. Praise God for safe travel for workers in all parts of the world. Ask Him to continue to give safety and divine protection wherever His servants come and go. 

  • Student Authors

    A book of stories written by fifth and sixth grade children in their own Sihuas Quechua language is now in print. The book was presented at the anniversary observance at their local school in Perú, and was celebrated as the first Sihuas book written by children. Pray that this book will give school children pride in their language, and increase their desire to read God´s Word in their own tongue.

  • Missionary Candidates for Africa

    The Panamanian mission agency, PAAM* is asking for wisdom and grace as they seek to obtain visas and establish a strategy for entering African countries. In light of the complicated health situation in the region, pray that God will open doors and guide the timing for workers desiring to begin language development and Bible translation in Africa.  Pray that the spread of the Ebola virus will end and the spread of the Gospel increase throughout the world.

    *PAAM--Panamanians Reaching the World

  • Five communities contacted

    The Vostok project is taking God’s Word to several small, remote language communities in far east Siberia through oral Bible storying. These efforts are taking place over three summers when the weather is best for traveling. Praise God for the encouraging results the four teams had in August when they made contact with the UdiheUlchNanaiNivkh, and Koryak  language communities. Pray that during the next two summers the teams will be able to return to work together with the people in the communities to translate and record about 30 Bible stories for each community. 

  • Challenges for children

    The children of workers living outside their home countries have special challenges attending schools in cultures and languages not their own. Some must change schools and move to other countries several times as their parents move through language learning, country orientation and then the location of their assignment. Pray for these children around the world as they adjust to new schools, learn new languages, and seek to make friends. Ask God to give their parents wisdom in loving and supporting them. Pray for them to be aware of God’s presence and peace. 

  • Wisdom for a good start

    Initial partnering and planning is being done to consider how to begin a translation project with an isolated language community in the Caucasus. Pray that a good foundation is laid with cooperation between interested partners and members of the language community. Pray for wisdom in how to proceed for everyone involved.

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