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The Latest Prayer Items

  • New Testament finished

    Praise God that a New Testament in Asia is complete and available on the web, along with portions in print and various audio-visual materials. The translation team is preparing for the printing of the complete New Testament and a launch in the community this year. A printer has been engaged in a neighboring country. Pray that the printing will be of high quality and pass easily through customs to their area. Ask God to prepare the hearts of the community to receive the Scriptures and be transformed by the Holy Spirit. Pray for the two main translators to recover their strength as they prepare to return to Asia.

  • Church engagement visits

    Future plans for the Markham Multi-Language Project include training volunteers from the Ukarumpa community to visit churches and invite them to be involved in translation. Pray for David Howard as he revises the translation awareness workshop materials for this training. Pray for the communities visited to grow in their vision for Bible translation and use of Scripture in their local languages. Also, pray for the communities of the North, South and Middle Watut language areas, as they consider joining this project.

  • Sunday school material workshop

    Pray for the Sunday school material production workshop for the churches of the Tiang and Tigak language communities in late September and the first half of October. Five facilitators and trainers (Catherine, Hanna, Susie, Rebekah and Inga) will be traveling to Djaul Island to assist the people preparing the materials. Pray for safety on the seas and also for strength and wisdom as they lead. In addition, pray for clear guidance on future involvement with the ten languages and dialects in northern New Ireland.

  • Dedua Audibibles

    Praise God that Dedua Scripture audio recordings have been distributed on Audibibles and micro SD cards for cell phones and MP3 players. Dedua is spoken by about 6,500 people in Morobe Province.

  • Three language communities without Scripture

    Pray for the approximately 1,600 speakers of Nakama who live in six villages of Morobe Province. They have no Scripture in their language yet. Also, pray for the Wadaginam community: their 1,000 members have no Scripture in their heart language. The speakers of Yis live in five villages, each with its own dialect. Pray for these people who have no Scripture in their own language yet.

  • New orthography

    Pray for the language team working in one language community. They have prepared an orthography, but it will need to go through a lengthy approval process before being accepted. Ask that government officials will process the paperwork in a timely fashion. Pray that the process will not delay the preparation and publication of literacy materials for this language group.

  • Growth in team members

    One translation facilitator praises God for her strongly-motivated translation teammates. Recently, she has seen growth in their confidence, thinkng ability, exegetical and translation skills. Ask God to give her wisdom as the team prepares Acts and Psalms 12-134 for a consultant check* in November. They would like them to be published in 2015.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

  • Local artist needed

    Pray for those involved in a local literacy project for a community in Southeast Asia. They are seeking a local artist to join them as illustrator for some story books. Ask God to send the right person who will work steadily on the project. They would like to distribute the books soon.

  • First draft completed

    The project coordinator writes, “It was an emotional moment when we finished the first draft of the SW Tengir* New Testament. The mother tongue translator wept as he prayed for freedom for his homeland and that one day his people would be able to read and hear the good news about Jesus in their own language.” The mother tongue translator is applying for asylum in Canada. Pray that the team would make the best use of their remaining time with him in his current location. Two trips are planned to begin revising the New Testament and make consistency checks.
    *SW Tengir is a pseudonym.

  • Resistance to the new translation

    The four gospels were published in this national language* in 2010 and they are being used by the churches. A collection of Jesus’ parables with local illustrations was published in 2013, and people are asking for more. The translation of the rest of the Bible continues. Just as modern English translations were initially greeted with suspicion, so these newly translated texts are encountering some resistance in the church. Those outside the church are reporting that the text is easy to understand. Pray for greater acceptance of this translation and for the team to continue to translate the Word accurately and understandably.
    *Read more about this project in the article “Land of Confusion.”

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