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The Latest Prayer Items

  • Anjam recording

    Pray for the team from Faith Comes By Hearing and the Anjam speakers who are recording the Anjam New Testament at Ukarumpa in November. Anjam is spoken by about 200 people in Madang Province.

  • Kamano

    Pray that the Kamano-Kafe New Testaments will reach Papua New Guinea on 11 Novermber. Pray for the Kamano-Kafe translation team as they study Hebrew to enable them to do good translation of the Old Testament. Kamano-Kafe is spoken by 63,000 people in the Eastern Highlands Province.

  • Recording Waskia and Mekeo Scripture

    Pray for Jerry Walker and the Waskia team as they record more chapters of Scripture during November 3-12. Ask God for good recording conditions and clear, inspired reading. Give thanks that the Waskia people are already enjoying listening to recorded Scripture. Waskia is spoken by about 20,000 people in Madang Province. Also, pray for the Mekeo team as Dan Bauman records Scripture with them, and then does post-production work on the recordings. Mekeo is spoken by 19,000 people in Central Province.

  • Scripture Use workshops

    Pray for the participants and staff of the "Yusim Baibel" Scripture use workshop being held the first week of November in Arop village. The Goiniri, Rombar, Wowale, Sumo and Ramo language groups will be participating in the workshop. The following week, the same workshop will be held in Aitape for church leaders. Ask God to use these workshops to show church leaders how to stir interest in local church members to use the Scriptures in their daily lives.

  • Arop

    Praise God that the Arop-Lokep people are using their Audibibles regularly, setting them out to charge in the sun after using them each evening. Also, praise God that the Arop-Lokep New Testaments are being used in church services in the region. Ask God to use His Word in the lives of this people group.

  • New Wycliffe Togo Director

    Wycliffe Togo has a new Director, Antonin Azoti. Antonin is a member of Wycliffe Togo and served on secondment with SIL Togo/Benin. Pray for God's Grace, guidance, wisdom and strength as he takes on the leadership of the organisation. Pray that he and his team will lead Wycliffe Togo in carrying out the ministry of Bible translation in Togo to the Glory of God.

  • New Executive Committee at NBTT

    The Nigeria Bible Translation Trust will be electing a new Executive Committee (EC) in January 2015. Pray that the Lord will prepare the right people to serve in the EC and that the process will go smoothly. Pray that those that the Lord choses will serve their terms diligently.


    ATALTRAB (L'Association de la Tchadienne de l'aphabetisation de la Linguistique et la Traduction de la Bible) is the Wycliffe Organisation in Chad. The organisation has a new Board chairman, Pastor Abel Ngarsouled. Pray for Wisdom upon him and the entire Board as they govern the organisation. Pray for the good health and protection of the staff and their families. Some their children have had health problems in the last few months. The team will take an English Language learning course in the month of November. Pray that it will be successful.

    L’Association Tchadienne de L’alphabétisation, de la Linguistique, et de la Traduction de la Bible - See more at:
    L’Association Tchadienne de L’alphabétisation, de la Linguistique, et de la Traduction de la Bible - See more at:
  • New Wycliffe Organization

    The formation of a new Wycliffe Organisation in Ethiopia has been ongoing for the last few months. It is proposed that the organisation will be called "Wycliffe Ethiopia" . A majority of the staff are Ethiopians who served with SIL Ethiopia. The process now is almost complete. Praise the Lord for this new organisation, and also praise the Lord for the Ethiopian Church which has supported the organisation's formation. Pray for the members of the new Board as they work out the final stages of the organisation's registration. Pray too that the Board Chair will lead the organisation with great wisdom and humilty. Pray that Wycliffe Ethiopia will form Kingdom partnerships with like-minded organsiations and also that their partnership with SIL Ethiopia will be strong to the Glory of God.

  • Scripture engagement internship

    Praise God for three dedicated men from the Chakma, Usoi Tripura and Bawm language communities who are gaining a vision for Scripture Engagement through an internship program this year. This internship provided exposure to the need for Scripture Engagement through teaching and practical experience in various domains including Bible translation, Oral Bible storying, Scripture Use, media and ethnoarts. Pray that the interns develop their skills through the implementation phase of the internship by teaching a short seminar in their language community. Pray that the trainers provide appropriate assistance. Ask God to develop a vision for Scripture Engagement in the seminar participants.

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