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The Latest Prayer Items

  • Elderly parents

    Many times the pace of Bible translation is slowed or halted due to the ailing health of elderly parents. Oftentimes missionaries are called home to visit or care for them as they near the end of their life. Many translation and support workers are currently facing these situations. Ask God to guard their hearts with his peace, give them wisdom in how to plan, and provision for any extra financial needs they may be facing.

  • Thankfulness for smooth transition

    One team went through a change of leadership in 2014--they have a new Coordinator and a new Board Chair. They are thankful for a smooth transition and ask for prayer that the rest of the first year goes well with the new leaders and the team. Pray for wisdom and creativity for all involved as they work together as a growing community. Two translation teams hope to complete work this year. Pray for stamina and protection as the teams finalize everything and prepare for publication. Thank God for commitments from several agencies and donors toward this year's budget.

  • Scriptures available online

    Praise the Lord that all 66 books of the Bible in Turuz* are available to the public via the publisher’s website, and Central Asians are finding the Scriptures there. Recently the webmaster reported that in the preceding 12 months, 24 whole Bibles and an additional 100 individual portions on average were downloaded every day, a threefold increase over the previous year! Pray for spiritual fruit in the lives of those reading the Scriptures in their mother tongue. Pray that the process of printing the Turuz Bible will move forward smoothly.

    *Turuz is a pseudonym

  • Training for Siberian outreach

    The teams working on the Siberian Bible storying project, called Vostok 3x3, will meet for training in February. The goal is to train the members of the four teams who will be going out into Siberian villages in the next six months. They will craft drafts of 11 Bible stories in Russian. These translations will form the basis of the stories that local people will then translate into the Koryak, Nanai, Udihe and Nivkh languages. Please pray that the teams will be prepared and that local people will be ready and available to work with them. 

  • No Christmas

    Yakutsk is the coldest city on earth. Vova, a Yakut man working with Wycliffe Russia, writes from Yakutsk, "The Yakut people do not celebrate Christmas. They don’t understand it yet. In Yakut there isn’t even a word for 'Christmas'. Pray for the Yakut and other Siberian language groups to grow in their understanding of Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection."

  • Progress despite difficulties

    When war in the Central African Republic broke out at the end of 2012, local people suffered all kinds of violence and difficulties. Expatriate team members were forced to leave the country and so it became difficult to continue showing the JESUS film in Gbaya. Thank God for the 200 Secure Digital cards now available with the JESUS film and the New Testament in Gbaya pre-recorded on them, which people can access using their mobile phones. Pray that the SD cards may be distributed safely and that a growing number of Gbaya speakers will joyfully receive the message of God’s love for them.

  • Partnership for training

    The Asia Research Institute of Language and Culture (ARILAC) is an important training institution in Asia which equips people for language-related ministries including Bible translation. Thank God for the many individual and church partners of ARILAC. Praise God for HanDong University and the Korean churches who are praying and exploring the possibility of building a missions center for ARILAC on the HanDong University's campus in PoHang, South Korea. Pray for wisdom and unity as they discuss the details of this important development. Pray also for the new applicants of ARILAC as they complete the admissions process. Pray that they acquire the necessary funds and visas so they can begin their training on time.

  • Working together

    Kapitbisig, a Filipino term that means “working together,” is the name of the partnership in the Philippines that focuses on: Bible translation through engaging communities in God’s Word; language development through linguistic study, literacy and education; and serving the Filipino Church in these efforts. The primary members of this partnership are Translators Association of the Philippines, Wycliffe Philippines and SIL Philippines with many other partners involved in specific areas of the work. Pray for unity as the partnership continues to grow deeper and stronger. Pray for more Filipino churches to get involved as they recognize the importance of Kapitbisig in providing Scripture access to language communities.

  • Renewed spiritual vitality

    At the start of each year, many teams and workers take time to prepare themselves for the new year by doing a spiritual retreat. Pray for these workers and their families that the Lord will renew their spiritual vitality and determination to accomplish set plans and goals. Thank God for the wisdom He will provide as they continue to serve humbly and diligently and for His deliverance whenever they face challenges and spiritual attacks this year. Pray also that God will enable both expatriate and local workers to accomplish so much more as they serve together in joy and unity.

  • Rejoicing

    Thank the Lord for the celebration of a complete Bible in a Southeast Asian language late last year. The translation team involved reported their hearts full of praise for all God has done. This past Christmas, the local language community was able to read the Old Testament prophecies about the coming of Jesus in their own language for the first time. Pray that God use His word in the hearts and lives of these people.

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