The Latest Prayer Items

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  • Impact of Scripture

    A few  days after testing Scriptures in an Asian language including the story of Paul and Silas in Philippi, some of the believers were able to put them into practice when they themselves were thrown in jail for some weeks. Their joy and singing made a huge impact on the other prisoners. Pray that those involved in the project will find ways of getting the recently translated Scriptures from Luke and Acts widely distributed in audio and in print, in spite of persecution. Also needing prayer are work on the writing system and on creating a website.

  • A Step Forward in Waxhaw

    The four-week “Intercultural Communications Course” ended on August 15 in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Thirty-four participants from three mission organizations are a step closer to serving overseas. They will work in a variety of roles around the world including church planting, software development, translation and linguistics, administration, leadership training, agricultural development and education. Thank God for His work in the lives of the participants. Pray for them and their families as they continue to prepare for their assignments.

  • Prayer Retreat and Workshop

    During the month of September, a prayer retreat and workshop will be held in Argentina. Pray for the staff members and other participants as they learn to strengthen their personal prayer lives. They will also discover methods to promote prayer for language communities who do not have the Bible in their language, and for Bible translation and for translation workers and their families. Pray that periods of time alone with God will strengthen personal relationships with Him. Pray that the workshop will result in an increase in prayer for Bible translation in churches and other organizations represented at the retreat.

  • Recruitment Challenges

    Every year, experienced workers in the many roles supporting Bible translation face an exciting challenge. Living in their home countries, they devote time to make known the need for more workers. Much travel is required, so they can speak in various venues. This month, some will visit college campuses to encourage students to consider Bible translation ministries, as an option for their future. Pray that God will use these encounters to inform young students about the needs of people who do not have the Word. Pray that many will respond and discover how God wants to involve them in His mission for the world.

  • Cultural Self

    In Peru, members of the Alliance for Bible Translation and Impact have gained a new understanding of themselves and their cultures. In August, they participated in the “Workshop of Cultural Self-discovery.” Representing four key organizations within the Bible translation movement, the participants received new tools to help them distinguish between Biblical values and cultural values. Pray that the workshop prepared them well to work in harmony on multi-cultural teams. Pray they will use the methods they learned and make a positive contribution to the Bible translation movement in Peru.

  • Follow

    Please continue to pray for the global “Prayer and the Mission of God Consultation” at the end of this month in Calgary, Canada. Pray for all who are working on logistics, planning presentations and developing materials for this gathering. More than 30 people will attend. Pray for safety in travel, problem-free flights, transitions in airports and handling of travel documents. Pray that God will reveal new strategies and initiatives to mobilize increased prayer for Bible translation during times of reflection, prayer and interaction.

  • Mission 2015

    “The fire continues burning” is the theme of a large mission conference to be held in Argentina in October. Representatives from more than 50 mission entities will participate, including LETRA Argentina. The conference will provide opportunities to reflect on God’s leading to this point in history, and to study methods for moving forward into the future. Special forums for interaction among attendees will be provided. Pray for meaningful dialogue and active participation. Pray for a renewed understanding of God’s mission for the world in the coming decades. Ask God to reveal to each mission ways to be a part of the advances into new frontiers.

  • A New Semester at CILTA

    The CILTA students in Peru have completed their semester break and are back in classes. In the second semester, they choose either a specialization in linguistics and translation or a specialization in linguistics and literacy. Ask God to give them His strength, focused concentration and fulfillment as they continue their studies. Ask that God will keep the students and staff healthy and free from distractions as they continue in this new semester. Pray that they will be well prepared for their future work in the place God has chosen for them.

  • "Prayer and the Mission of God Consultation"

    Prayer is involved in developing our relationship with God and in determining what He wants His people to do as part of His desire to reach out to the world. Pray for those preparing for the "Prayer and the Mission of God Consultation" planned for late September. Participants will be reading and reflecting on written materials, as well as seeking out Scriptures to guide their thoughts. Ask God to challenge attendees as they seek to further understand the role of prayer in mission, and the importance of their involvement in it. Pray that the result is increased prayer and relationship with the Father in the Church and its sent ones.

  • Communities waiting for the Word

    Pray for the 1200 speakers of Utarmbung who have no Scripture in their language yet. The Sialum people with 400 speakers also have no Scripture yet. Praise God that the Nama language community now has a draft of Mark's Gospel, the first book of Scripture. Pray for Phil Carr who will be doing the consultant check* to approve it for publication.

    *Consultant check: A consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.