The Latest Prayer Items

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  • Refugees in Europe

    The influx of refugees from Middle Eastern, Asian and North African countries into Europe is presenting opportunities, as well as challenges, for European Wycliffe organisations. Pray for all the refugees arriving in Europe today, as well as all the refugees who have already arrived. Ask for wisdom for all the political and community leaders in host countries. Pray that God will use this situation to further access to his word.

  • Strengthening the faith of Lenthomi* believers

    Lenthomi* followers of Jesus commonly encounter great pressure to renounce their faith, exhibited variously in the family and places of work and study. Government authorities seek to control and suppress any religious activity. Pray for the Lenthomi Church to be resilient, bold and creative in making the good news known. It is forbidden to conduct Christian religious services in Lenthomi or gather in a private home for religious instruction. Believers can face confiscation of personal belongings, police interrogation, exorbitant fines and imprisonment, with Christian leaders especially being targeted. Pray that God would strengthen the faith of Lenthomi believers and increase their number from thousands to millions!


  • Engaging Lenthomi* speakers with Scripture

    Bible translation is about transforming lives, not producing a book. Pray that suitable strategies and products will be developed to engage Lenthomi* speakers with Scripture, overcoming the negative perception that Christianity is a foreign religion. Oral storying techniques are proving an effective means of Bible teaching. Pray that the individuals and expertise needed will come together to produce a series of dramatised audio Bible stories involving figures known from Lenthomi tradition, as well as a book focusing on such persons in classic Lenthomi literature. Pray that Lenthomi speakers will come to know the ancient history of Christianity in their region; a cultural website could be part of this.


  • Malaria crisis

    There is a critical health situation in the area surrounding the town of Isiro in northeastern DRC. There is an outbreak of malaria and many children have died in recent months. Bible translation personnel and their families have children suffering and dying from malaria. Pray that people would turn to God in their time of need and truly experience dependence on Him. Pray that they would know the hope of Christ when they are surrounded by such hopeless circumstances. Pray that they would fear God more than they fear death. Pray that God would lead people to make wise decisions and take preventative actions against malaria rather than reacting to it when it is often too late. 

  • Scripture Use Team Auki

    Scripture Use Team Auki (SUTA), a group of Christians involved in Scripture engagement in North Malaita, serves several language groups. Recently, SUTA members were involved in teaching a Pijin Sunday School course at a Bible college. Praise God for this opportunity and pray that the newly trained teachers will make use of the training they have received.

  • Multilingual education slowing

    Students in eight schools in the Arosi and Sa'a language areas are being taught in their own languages in pre-primary and grade one classrooms. This strategic multilingual education programme is scheduled to expand this year to include more schools and other languages chosen for the next stage of development. Funding challenges are slowing down the progress. Pray this programme can move ahead despite the current challenges.

  • Operations manager needed, follow

    Praise God for the provision of an Australian couple who have agreed to come to serve in the roll of Operations Manager for three months. Pray a long term solution can be found for this critical need in the administration team.

  • Radio

    Village based teams the Solomon Islands largely depend on UU Plus, a two-way radio-based email programme for communication with the outside world. Unresolved issues with UUPlus continue to cause intermittent disruptions to communication for these teams and require many hours of troubleshooting in order to keep it working. Pray that the current system will work well for the teams and pray for wisdom as they research affordable alternatives.

  • Dictionary ready for printing

    Pray for the linguist who has just finished the final entries in the dictionary for a language community. His main language informant left the project just before it was finished. Thank God that some other friends in the community gave him last-minute help to finalize the entries. Ask God for wisdom as he prepares the final files for the printers. Pray for additional local churches and individuals to work with him to reach this community.

  • Busy mother and translator

    Pray for the busy mother of a three-month old who is also manager of a Bible translation and dictionary project. Thank God that she has found a nanny that is helping care for her child. Pray that the child can sleep soundly at night. Ask God for wisdom as mom balances the final stages of the New Testament translation with the dictionary project. Pray that she can get everything finished by the end of September 2017.