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  • God's word in Mayogo

    Pray that many hearts will be transformed by the reading and hearing of God's word in Mayogo throughout the language community.

  • Healing from trauma

    Participants in previous trauma healing workshops* in Bangui, Central African Republic, are facilitating healing groups and sharing with others about being healed from their wounds of trauma. One young woman taught others about how to help traumatized children. People listened with tears running down their cheeks and responded, “We did not realize that the ways our children were acting were symptoms of trauma. Punishing  them only made things worse. Now we know what to do to help them.” Pray for healing for victims of trauma and for those ministering God’s healing to their friends and neighbours. Thank God for working His healing in many lives.

    *Biblical trauma healing uses a programme of teaching and activities, based closely on the Bible and foundational mental health studies, to bring hope and healing to people who are wounded in heart and spirit in the aftermath of conflict, disaster or abuse, and to equip them to help others.

  • Bible Translation and ministry

    In the midst of civil conflict, Lutos translators in the Central African Republic minister to speakers of their language in other ways than Bible translation. They seek to bring God’s healing to the wounded hearts of the traumatized people around them. They welcome displaced people into their homes and provide what help they can. They desperately long for an end to the conflict. Pray with them that peace will return soon to their home areas. Pray that the Scripture portions available will reach deep into people’s hearts and bring God’s healing.

  • Courage and persistence

    Kabba Bible translators in the Central African Republic have worked on the New Testament translation for over 20 years, hindered at times by armed uprisings, civil conflict and infrastructure issues in the country. Sometimes they, along with their families, could not live safely in their home areas. Please pray for peace in their home town, Paoua, and that they will be able to complete work on the New Testament in 2017. Pray that many more Kabba people will be able to hear God speaking to them in their language.

  • Translator joins Mpyemo team

    In December 2012, the Mpyemo Bible translation team from Central African Republic (CAR) asked for prayer to find a third team-member after the tragic death of their colleague Severin. Join them in thanking God for new team member Loïc Kilo. The process took longer than expected due to civil conflict and insecurity in CAR. Pray for Loïc’s training and integration into the team and that they will work well together. Pray that Loïc will encourage and bless the Mpyemo team as they continue New Testament translation. Give praise that the JESUS film is available in Mpyemo.

  • Sangu Scriptures nearing completion

    The entire Sangu New Testament is scheduled for completion in 2017. Sangu is one of the 13 languages included in the Mbeya Cluster project, which represents about three million people in the Mbeya area of the United Republic of Tanzania. In partnership with the local churches, Bible translation and mother tongue literacy programs have been launched in most of these languages. Pray that more Sangu people will learn to read and engage with the Scripture. Pray for protection for the translation team and their families as they prepare the Sangu Scriptures for publication.

  • Progress in Ngbugu translation

    Thank God for the Bible translation progress the Ngbugu translation team made in last year in the Central African Republic (CAR). Their home area is deeply affected by the ongoing conflict in CAR. Join the team in thanking God that Jesse-Joël received linguistics training in Cameroon and will be a great help to the team. Give praise that Guy-Florent joined the team. Pray that God will give them, colleague Tychique and all of their families good health. Ask God to protect them in every way as they work towards finishing the Ngbugu New Testament translation. (Watch and listen to the JESUS film in Ngbugu.)

  • Mru devotional book

    Praise God for the printing of a Mru Bible story devotional book in December. Pray that it will be well-received and used in the community. The translation team is working hard to prepare materials for a beginning literacy book that uses the translated Scripture portions. Praise God for motivated leaders who want to see Mru people reading and engaging with God’s Word, and pray that plans for literacy classes in eight villages will go forward smoothly. Pray that the Mru would seek to know God more deeply through His Word.

  • Mayogo Old Testament

    The Mayogo New Testament was launched last year. Pray now for an effective start for the translation of the Old Testament in Mayogo. The Mayogo people have a deep passion to have the entire Bible in their own language. They are hoping that this new stage will begin with the translation of the books of Genesis, Isaiah, and Psalms.

  • Translating 1 Corinthians

    Pray for the two-week workshop in Chad that begins today (16 January) for translation teams who are working on translating 1 Corinthians.