The Latest Prayer Items

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  • JESUS Film workshop in Senegal

    A JESUS Film workshop for a project that covers 9 languages begins in Senegal today (2 May). Pray for all the participants from each language group involved.

  • Arabic font for languages in Southwest Asia

    Peter Martin, UK, type designer Non-Roman Script Initiative - In December, the early test version of the Arabic font for languages in Southwest Asia that use complex sloping-style Arabic for writing was released. The test version covers only some of the languages that use Nastaliq style, but the team wanted to get feedback at this stage before going further. The team are revising the font based on the input from a variety of users on the field, and designing more characters for additional minority languages. Please pray for Peter and the team that they will clearly understand the needs of each language group; that they will prioritise wisely among the various projects that they currently work with, so that they can release this font in the next few months; and for the hearts of those who will be able to read Scripture in their heart language using this font.

  • Building relationships with Christian Union leaders

    Josh Oldfield, Scotland, students and church engagement - Thank God for a really exciting first term; Josh is now regularly visiting and speaking at Christian Unions across Scotland, and is in contact with around ten students considering Bible translation work after graduation. Pray for Josh this summer as he takes the Wycliffe stall to a number of student conferences; which involves a lot of travel, but is a great way of raising awareness. Pray also that Josh would be able to build good relationships with new Christian Union leaders and their staff workers.

  • "The Next Step" event

    Today (29 April) is the first day of The Next Step taking place over this weekend. People from all walks of life are hearing that God wants them working through their churches with Wycliffe somewhere in the world! Please pray for the church engagement team seeking to answer two key questions: is Wycliffe a good fit for me? Is now the right time? We praise God that many people are finding their place in God’s mission to the world and that many churches are partnering with Wycliffe UK to make this happen.

  • Increasing awareness of Bible translation

    Maggie Gaved, UK, Church engagement team - As part of the church engagement team, Maggie Gaved has been based in Ipswich since 2014. Praise God for the opportunities that she has had to speak at churches in East Anglia and Essex. Pray for her as she seeks to increase awareness of Bible translation in this region. Pray too for wisdom as she makes decisions about the format and location of future events nationwide to introduce people to Wycliffe, and as she responds to requests from churches all over the country for speakers.

  • Serving and teaching in Papua New Guinea

    Robert Noble, Ukarumpa International Secondary School, Ukarumpa, Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea – Robert teaches at the secondary school in the Highlands and ministers in a village on the coast where he trained when he first arrived in PNG. The school is in SIL’s* national centre and allows children of Wycliffe personnel to attend school close to their parents. Life for a single man can be stressful in PNG, not only being a long way from home and family, but also because one is seen by some as a rich white man! Please pray for Robert’s personal situation here and for the students that he teaches. Robert has visited “his” village by the coast twelve times now. By God's grace a team from the village has been able to record the New Testament in their local language. Please pray for the distribution and impact of these audio Bibles.

    *one of Wycliffe’s partner organisations

  • New Testament checking workshop in Nigeria

    A New Testament checking workshop starts at NBTT (Nigeria Bible Translation Trust) in Jos, Nigeria (26 April). Pray that God’s Spirit will guide all those involved.

  • Translation workshop in Senegal

    A Principles of Translation workshop begins in Senegal today (25 April). Pray for the participants as they learn more about the process of Bible translation. Pray also for the teachers as they seek to inspire the participants in the work of Bible translation.

  • Consultant checking in Mali

    Consultant checking of the Minyanka translation of Numbers begins in Mali today (24 April). Please pray for God’s wisdom for the consultant and the translators as they work through the translated text.

  • Serving needs in Francophone Africa

    Graeme and Marlis Lawson, based in Scotland, remote assignments with SIL* Francophone Africa – Graeme and Marlis are both part of the international team producing exegetical Bible commentaries in French. The Translator’s Notes in French series, written in everyday French, aims to meet the specific needs of Bible translators in Francophone Africa. This is a key resource for translation teams in Africa as currently very few translation books exist in French. Pray for good collaboration within the team as the commentaries are drafted, checked and revised multiple times for clarity and accuracy.

    Marlis’ additional role is helping to administrate SIL’s internal translation service (English to French). Pray for good interactions as she coordinates this service.

    Graeme’s additional role is as a translation consultant in Francophone Africa. Pray for wisdom, insight and good collaboration as he works face-to-face with translation teams helping to ensure quality control of the translated Scriptures.

    *one of Wycliffe’s partner organisations