The Latest Prayer Items

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  • Annual conference for 'Linguistic Association of Nigeria'

    Pray for the Linguistic Association of Nigeria’s annual conference this week (6 December) at the University of Jos. Pray for the Wycliffe members involved and that the workshops they host will be fruitful for the work of Bible translation in Nigeria.

  • 'Learning that Lasts' course

    Pray for the one-week course Learning that Lasts, where participants will learn how to train others, starting today, 5 December, at CLTL (Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy). Pray for a good week and good group dynamics.

  • Consultant checking in Wamey language

    Pray for the three weeks of consultant checking for Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 and 2 Peter, Jude and Philemon in the Wamey language in Senegal that begins this week (4 December). Pray for safe transport for all those involved. Pray too for the families of the translators, as they will be away from them for nearly a month. 

  • Old Testament workshop in Nigeria

    Pray for the three-week Old Testament checking workshop ongoing in Nigeria. Ask God for clear, accurate and natural translation drafts to be the result.

  • Developing a writing system

    Pray for the translator working with the church in a language community to develop an orthography. Ask God for clarity about whom to involve, and the best process to achieve a good result. They also plan to develop a primer for use in teaching the writing system. Pray for God's timing through the whole process. This translator is also leading plans for a linguistic workshop in January. Ask God to smooth the way for all arrangements, and for his protection as they meet.

  • Students preparing for overseas assignments

    The Assignment Related Training stage of the training programme for new Wycliffe members finishes at CLTL (Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy) today, 2 December. Please pray for those students now preparing to go on their overseas assignments.

  • Future work in the Republic of Ireland

    Pray for God’s guidance for the church engagement meeting that begins today (1 December) in Dublin to plan Wycliffe’s future work in the Republic of Ireland.

  • God's help in the details

    Much detailed work goes into getting Scriptures ready for publication. Do all quotes and information in parentheses have both the beginning and ending punctuation symbols? Are all titles and footnotes formatted correctly? Are all the words needing extra explanation in the glossary? Are words spelled consistently through the documents? Pray for the publishing specialists working with language teams in the Central African Republic as they make these detailed checks of the drafted Scripture portions. Pray for clear minds and accuracy as they work, for protection from computer problems and for good progress so people will have access to the Scriptures soon.

  • Media broadcast and distribution issues

    Praise God that the four Gospels and Acts have been printed in one language in South Asia, and that the translation of the New Testament will be finished next year.  Radio and television stations have expressed interest in renewing Scripture media broadcasts after stopping them due to terrorist activities.  As Scripture media is distributed, pray that it would impact lives and that church leaders would actively follow-up with and disciple people.  Foreign funding will cease this month for media work in this language.  Pray that local believers will look to God for provision and find creative ways to continue the work.

  • iDELTA course

    The Francophone i-DELTA course is coming to a close. Give thanks to the Lord for everything he has accomplished during the course. Please pray for teachers and participants as they travel home after the course. Please pray for the students that they may be able to practice what they have learnt in their various roles and that they may be encouraged to keep serving the Lord despite their challenging living and ministry situations.