The Latest Prayer Items

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  • Typesetting Central Mnong (Bunong) NT

    Pray that God will guide the Bunong translation project through the next step of typesetting the New Testament (Cambodia).


  • Drafting Central Mnong (Bunong) NT

    Ask God to give the Bunong translation team perseverance, joy and wisdom as they finish drafting and checking the final parts of the New Testament in two different scripts (Cambodia).


  • Scripture nearing completion

    The Yao are located in a part of Tanzania dominated by another major religion. For that reason, they plan to translate parts of the Old Testament, especially Genesis and Exodus, in addition to the New Testament. Ask God to fill the team with energy, wisdom and strength through all the translation steps. Praise God, they have finished drafting the New Testament. Pray for God to provide consultants to check each book. This is necessary to ensure that the translations are accurate and clear. There is a shortage of consultants, however, so trust God with the team for his provision. Ask the Lord also to provide finances for project expenses, and to protect the team and keep them safe as they travel. The language area is more than 700 miles from the national translation organization’s office, where some of the work takes place. Road travel is not easy. Thank the Lord for the team’s commitment to Bible translation. Seed Company; The Word For The World

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Give thanks, the entire Ngoni New Testament has been drafted and last year the team finished technical checks and comprehension testing in the community. The next step is to have consultants check all the work. Only three books have been checked by a consultant so far. This is a huge challenge, however, since there are insufficient consultants available to fill all the needs. Ask Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord our provider, to provide consultants, as well as finances for project expenses. Once the books are approved by a consultant, the team will move on to typesetting the New Testament, a process that involves many formatting decisions. Ask God to guide them. Pray for health, wisdom and strength for the translators as they finish these final, difficult tasks in preparing the New Testament for publication. Pray for God’s Spirit to provide fertile soil among the Ngoni for his Word. Seed Company; The Word For The World

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Praise God the Bena team completed a final check on Acts and published it. Pray that the printed booklets will be widely distributed in the community. Ask the Lord to guide the Kinga team as they buy land and construct an office for their Bible translation work and Scripture distribution efforts. Scriptures in the Nyiha, Nyakyusa-Ngonde and Ndali languages are being published and typeset. Give thanks that the speakers of these languages are eager for God’s Word. Malila translators “tested” their translation of 1 Corinthians by reading it in the community and getting feedback. The elderly people said, “It’s a good time to hear what God is telling us.” The team asks for prayers for the Malila community: pray that God’s Word will spread through the area and change people’s lives. Lift up these nine language groups* of Tanzania in prayer, and ask God to send rain to ease the suffering caused by drought and poor harvest. Seed Company

    *Bena, Kinga, Malila, Ndali, Nyakyusa-Ngonde, Nyiha, Safwa, Sangu and Wanji languages

  • Scripture nearing completion

    Thank God for the amazing progress he gave the Burunge translation team in 2015. Final checks of the New Testament were completed by a consultant and the manuscript was prepared for publication. It was typeset and sent for printing late last year. Pray for a quality print job and safe delivery of the books back to Tanzania and the language area. A dedication is scheduled for early summer. Ask God to prepare many readers through literacy classes. Lift up the team planning the dedication, praying that it will be a time of great glory to God and that people will be motivated to immerse themselves in the Scriptures. Pray that the Burunge will say with the psalmist, “How sweet your words taste to me; they are sweeter than honey” (Psalm 119:103, NLT).

  • Bunong Bible study groups

    Praise God that some literacy classes have now developed into Bible study groups in Cambodia among the Bunong. Thank God that for the first time, the Bunong created new songs of praise in their own traditional music style, using both modern and traditional instruments.

  • Scripture Engagement among the Kagayanens

    Ask God for wisdom as leaders gather for training in Scripture Engagement* activities in several Kagayanen Barangays (neighborhoods). Pray that these meetings will lead to follow-up training and further dialogue in other neighborhoods. Pray for strength, wisdom, and safety in travel for the two pastors heading up these activities and that many of their fellow Kagayanen will choose to attend and be actively involved.

    *Scripture Engagement in the Church is an approach to interacting with Scripture so that pastors will find each congregation reading the Scriptures in their own language, showing a greater depth of understanding and maturing in their faith.

  • Discipleship Seminar

    Biblical Education and Leadership Training (BELT) is a ministry of Youth with a Mission who has been partnering with Wycliffe for almost 20 years. BELT offers a series of three discipleship seminars for pastors and community leaders. These seminars focus on engaging with Scripture in the mother tongue and the power of God's Word to transform individuals at the heart level and to transform the entire community. The first seminar for the Logo community will be taking place in Todro, DRC from Feb 10 – Mar 1, 2016. This is an opportune time for the community as they prepare to celebrate the launching of the Logo New Testament on March 6, 2016. Pray for those participating in the seminar and pray for God's blessing on the start of this three-year investment in this community.

  • Central Mnong (Bunong) in Cambodia

    Praise God that more than half of the Central Mnong (Bunong) New Testament in Cambodia is now in print and more than 1,000 Scripture portions have already been sold.