The Latest Prayer Items

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  • Interpersonal skills workshop

    Pray for the interpersonal skills workshop that starts on 26 September for staff from SIL* Chad. The course aims to help supervisors, consultants and consultants-in-training be more effective in their work and to work better together, despite all their cultural and other differences. This is linked to one of their priorities for 2016-17 – to nurture consultants and specialists in several domains to better serve the Bible translation movement in Chad.

    *Wycliffe's primary partner organisation

  • Recording Genesis in Senegal

    Please pray for the recording of the book of Genesis in the Saafi-Saafi language in Senegal which begins on 25 September.

  • Checking drafts of Luke

    Translators from the Bende and Pimbwe language communities in Tanzania's Katavi Region are continuing to check their drafts of the book of Luke with Oliver Rundell (based in the UK) and other translation advisors and consultants located in Mbeya (12 hours away). Pray for good communication over these large distances, and also for continued input from the community reviewers as they check the draft translations to ensure they are easily understood.

  • Managing cultural aspects of media

    Pray for the cooperative work of the staff of SIL International Anthropology and International Media Services. They are devoloping tools to help media creators understand cultural aspects of media. Pray that the tools and training developed will help media creators understand and manage the cultural components in their media. Ask for wisdom during this development period.

  • New Initiative

    Pray for the development work of SIL's Relational Thinking Initiative called "Relational NGOs". Relational NGOs is a cooperative initiative between SIL Mainland Asia, SIL International Anthropology, and Relational Research.  Relational NGOs seeks to help organizations build healthy relationships within their organizational boundaries and with their organizational partners by providing relational metrics and a way to talk about multicultural organizational relationships. We are currently testing the survey tool. Please pray for good test feedback, and good communication and relationships between SIL and Relational Research.

  • Focus on community

    Pray for the members of SIL International as they read and pray through the documents on Global Directions. One focus is on coming together in a greater way to create a learning and serving community. Ask God to show each member the ways they need to grow to better show His love as people of God. Pray that they be transformed into a Body that is interdependent and accountable to one another.

  • Focus on Prayer

    Thank God for the 40 Days of Prayer that SIL held from May through July. A continued prayer focus is planned for the year ahead. Pray for those preparing the materials for this next prayer initiative. Thank God for the strong commitment of the leadership to maintain a posture of dependence on God for resources and direction in the organization. Pray that members also commit themselves to prayer in this way. Pray for God to pour out His Holy Spirit on all who seek Him.

  • Leadership in transition

    Pray for the new Executive Director of SIL, Michel Kenmogne, as his family is making the transition to life in Germany. They have children in college on two other continents. Pray that they can maintain connections over the distance. Ask God to give Michel and his leadership team wisdom as he prepares material on the future of SIL for the SIL Board meetings in November. Thank God for the preparations he has made so far.

  • Agreement needed

    SIL's General 5-Year Agreement with the government in one country will expire at the end of November. A new Agreement is in in process for another 5-Years, which would provide another official five years for continued language, education and development work. In the current climate, faith-based organizations are experiencing more challenges than usual. Pray for timely approval of this important document.

  • Website in development

    Praise God for the opportunity for a new website focused on orthography and orthography services provided by SIL. Pray for wisdom for those writing the text and preparing links to documents. Ask God to use these to strengthen local efforts in language development around the world.