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Using the New Testament: Southeast Asia

Praise God for recent reports of people using the newly published New Testament in a language community of Southeast Asia. An oral New Testament has also been created for this community, with reports of growing interest in sharing oral Bible stories or “gossiping the Gospel.” Pray for guidance for those who are looking for ways to use this resource. Stock of the New Testaments in one script is getting low. Pray for wisdom about whether to do a reprint and for funds to pay for it. Praise God for the online version of this New Testament.

Featured Organization LETRA Argentina

LETRA Argentina

"For he who believes anything is possible."



"It is so important for Deaf people to have the Bible in their own language. A lot of Deaf people can read, but it is very difficult for them because it’s not their first language and they would only understand a portion. With the Video Bible in Japanese Sign we can help them to understand so much more."

Uiko Yano

Japanese Sign Language Translator