Glossa Translation Diaries

Snippets of prayer letters that reveal the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.


Determined Not to Be Late

“Please help those who don’t have the Bible in their own language.”

God’s Quiet Revelation

“The Bible in their language is their anchor and authority.”


Scripture & Language Statistics 2014

Information on progress and remaining needs around the world

100+ organizations serving in Bible translation movements and language communities worldwide

New Translation Strategy: Canada

In Ontario, Canada, the translation committee members for the Oji-Cree Bible have developed a strategy to immediately engage local people with portions of Scripture as they are translated. They decided to focus on the “Prayer Book Lectionary.” It contains portions of Scripture that are read weekly in the local church. The team has a goal of completing over 1,600 New Testament verses during the next year. Pray for the Oji-Cree translators as they develop their skills in both Bible translation and word processing. Praise God for the mini-workshop that was held for them in Kingfisher Lake, Ontario last month.

Featured Organization

Wycliffe Australia

“...a testimony to God’s faithfulness, His leading and provision.”



"The sacred Scriptures are the property of the people, and one which no one should be allowed to wrest from them...Christ and His apostles converted the world by making known the Scriptures to men in a form familiar to them. . . ."

John Tyndale

English Protestant Reformer and Translator of Bible using Greek and Hebrew Texts