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"...a good day to remember how we began with prayer and we will continue only with prayer."


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Positioned for service: Malaysia

The SIL* team in Malaysia is uniquely positioned to begin serving in partnership with additional language communities.  God has been opening doors for them various places and in amazing ways. These include Bible translation and storying, language development, dictionary making, and the development of materials and teacher training for multilingual education. Pray for the new project opportunities that God is bringing their way and for ways they can serve these partners and language groups.

*SIL is a major partner of Wycliffe.

Featured Organization - Wycliffe Malaysia

Wycliffe Malaysia

To assist the Malaysian church in transforming lives, making disciples, and establishing churches by translating Scripture into the heart language of all people.



"If you want to go deep into the knowledge of the Word of God, you need also to use a language that can help you go deep into your thinking and into your feelings."

Andy Alo

Lecturer at Africa International University

Democratic Republic of the Congo