Birthing an indigenous church: shining hope in Siberia

“In this place of extremes, God has been working through His Church to display His love to these communities in terms they readily understand.”


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Snippets of prayer letters that reveal the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.


Scripture & Language Statistics 2015

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More IT workers needed: Russian Federation, Central Asia

The Information Technology (IT) and Digital Media teams that support Bible translation in the Russian Federation and Central Asia have much to do. Please pray for strength, wisdom and good time management for those who feel overwhelmed by the workload. Ask God to send more people to work in IT and Digital Media in this region.

Featured Organization - ATALTRAB


VISION: "Every person has God's Word in their own language"



"Without God's Word in their own languages, Jesus had always sounded like an unintelligible foreigner shouting through a pillow, far removed from their own lives and desperate questions."

Catherine Rivard


Papua New Guinea