Cherishing Jola-Kasa

“We love speaking Jola-Kasa! When you speak your mother tongue you are happy.”


Glossa Translation Diaries

Snippets of prayer letters that reveal the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.


Scripture & Language Statistics 2015

Information on progress and remaining needs around the world

100+ organizations serving in Bible translation movements and language communities worldwide

Tracking progress of Bible translation: Southeast Asia, Global

Pray for the staff tracking the progress of Bible translation for languages around the world. It begins with collecting data from people at the local level, who are directly involved in translation projects. This data is collated and passed on to offices at the regional and international levels. Staff in the international office use data from around the world to identify trends or problem areas. Pray for these diligent staff members who collect and analyze this information.

Featured Organization - Wycliffe Finland

Wycliffe Finland

“We also help others to succeed in their task to realize our common vision.”



"Without God's Word in their own languages, Jesus had always sounded like an unintelligible foreigner shouting through a pillow, far removed from their own lives and desperate questions."

Catherine Rivard


Papua New Guinea