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Multilingual education project: East Timor

Praise God for the good review of  a mother-tongue-first multilingual education project in a country of Southeast Asia. Students speaking three languages other than the national language were tested to see how well they could read in Grade 1. Students in the regular schools could read a few words by first grade, but with little comprehension. By contrast, the students in the mother-tongue-first program could read a short text by first grade and with understanding. Praise God for the educational progress of these students. Ask God to provide opportunities for more students to learn this way.

Featured Organization - TAP - Philippines

TAP Philippines

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"To invest in the Word will be more durable, and it will be more infinite and of more value than any evangelistic work I’ve been able to do. And I feel that the church helping our people to write the Bible in their own language – those people will hold that Bible – they may die, but that Word in their language will stay, and many generations will read, find life, and glorify God."

Rev. Jacob Harry

Pastor, Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea