A Window of Opportunity

All eyes are on Europe. The continent is in the midst of the largest refugee crisis since World War II.


Glossa Translation Diaries

Snippets of prayer letters that reveal the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.


Scripture & Language Statistics 2016

Information on progress and remaining needs around the world

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Kingdom growth through PAAM: Panama, Global

Pray with PAAM that God will awaken more churches in Panama to the mission of the Kingdom of God. Ask that they will send many more workers into areas where the message of salvation has not yet been delivered. Pray for PAAM personnel and volunteers serving around the world. Ask God to show His power at work in every mission project and in every country where God has led workers. Pray that He will provide physical and spiritual resources for them. Continue to lift up the leadership of PAAM, that God will give them wisdom, direction and strength.

Featured Organization - Wycliffe Finland

Wycliffe Finland

“We also help others to succeed in their task to realize our common vision.”



"I was not expecting to witness the Word of God being read in Bwisi while I was still alive. This week I have learned the true meaning of salvation, and I have accepted Jesus as my Saviour. I will die in the Lord. They used to tell us that a true Christian is the one who attends church all the time, gives gifts, does good works and prays every evening. But now through these teachings in my language of Bwisi, I am understanding that God forgives our sins through Christ!"


Bwisi speaker, 97 years old, Congo