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Serge and Olivia Razafinjatoniary, both from Madagascar, actively encourage others to ask God if he wants them to use their gifts for Bible translation.


Glossa Translation Diaries

Snippets of prayer letters that reveal the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.


Scripture & Language Statistics 2016

Information on progress and remaining needs around the world

100+ organizations serving in Bible translation movements and language communities worldwide

Scripture engagement: Bulgaria

The SIL Bulgaria team is working together with a Roma church in Ivaylo, Bulgaria, in Bible translation and Scripture engagement activities. The group is translating verses into their Romani language and then using them in various ways. They wrote out verses to display in their homes, composed a Scripture song, and acted out a short parable. In response to the Scripture activities, the pastor said, "We are making history! I am very encouraged. No one has ever encouraged us to think for ourselves." Pray that the people will be transformed by God's Word in their language.

Featured Organization - Wycliffe Malaysia

Wycliffe Malaysia

To assist the Malaysian church in transforming lives, making disciples, and establishing churches by translating Scripture into the heart language of all people.



"If you want to go deep into the knowledge of the Word of God, you need also to use a language that can help you go deep into your thinking and into your feelings."

Andy Alo

Lecturer at Africa International University

Democratic Republic of the Congo