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New teams arrive: Vanuatu

Praise God for the two teams that have arrived in Vanuatu to facilitate Bible translation for two communities. One team is spending time in one community to learn the national language, Bislama, before moving to a house in the Na'ahai speaking community in Southwest Malekula. The other team will move to the Southwest Tanna community, but their relocation has been delayed due to the mourning of deaths in the area. Pray for them to know when to go to Tanna, and how to find a place to live. Pray for both couples as they begin learning the language of their new home villages.

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LETRA Argentina

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"A missional hermeneutic of the Bible begins with the Bible's very existence. For those who affirm some relationship (however articulated) between these texts and the self-revelation of our creator God, the whole canon of Scripture is a missional phenomenon...The writings which now comprise our Bible are themselves the product of, and witness to, the ultimate mission of God."

Christopher J.H. Wright

Missiologist, International Ministries Director of Langham Partnership