Explore Regions, Languages and Scripture Availability

  1. Select a continent from the world map (on your right), or on the World page, to see an article  about that continent and a menu listing that continent’s countries.
  2. Select a country to open a profile  page for that country, including a menu of languages found within that country. Language names are color-coded according to Scripture status. Names of languages with downloadable Scripture links have a download arrow icon beside them.
  3. Select a language name to see a profile page for that language. These pages provide useful information, including links to Scripture sources for the selected language.

In the World page sidebar : Explore lists of prayer items and articles unique to the selected continent, country, or language.


Explore resources related to specific topics

Stories and articles on Wycliffe.net relate to one or more topics. Select any given topic from the ‘cloud’ (on your right) to see an introductory article on that topic.

 In the Topics page sidebar: See current inspiring images, prayer items and stories relating to the topic.


See the most recent articles available on Wycliffe.net. The optional library view provides a sidebar with filters for selecting subsets of articles by continent, country, or language, or to see articles that contain specific media or are in a specific language.

Inspiring Image

View and download high definition photos by professional photographers from around the globe. An explanatory caption for each one is available in multiple languages.


See the latest video stories submitted to Wycliffe.net. You can also download any that are Alliance videos for use with personal or organizational constituencies.