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Finishing one course and preparing for the next: Peru

In Lima, Peru, CILTA students for the 2015 school term are finishing their courses and projects. Give praise to God for the students and professors who participated in this year of training for work in linguistics, Bible translation and literacy. Pray that God will encourage them in their final weeks of instruction and guide each one to the place of service He has for them. Pray for the potential students for the coming year. Some are in the stages of application for the course and raising finances for their tuition and living expenses. Pray that God will provide and encourage their hearts in Him.

Featured Organization - TRES


"TRES exists ... to carry out the Missio Dei involving the Salvadoran Church."



"The sacred Scriptures are the property of the people, and one which no one should be allowed to wrest from them...Christ and His apostles converted the world by making known the Scriptures to men in a form familiar to them. . . ."

John Tyndale

English Protestant Reformer and Translator of Bible using Greek and Hebrew Texts