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Steady progress in translation: Southeast Asia

Praise God for the progress being made in a Bible translation project in Southeast Asia. Several books were checked with members of the community in early 2016. Jonah and the second half of Genesis are ready for the consultant check*. Pray that speakers who haven't heard these books before will be available for this check, even though it is planting season. Pray for a clear recording of Mark and Acts for community testing** later in the year. Pray for good health and strength, as many on the team are recovering from colds or chest infections.

*Consultant check: A translation consultant thoroughly goes over the translation with the team, checking for accuracy, clarity and naturalness, and looking for omissions, extraneous thoughts or possible misconceptions.

**Community testing: Testing a translation is done with individuals or a group who have had no previous exposure to that particular translated text portion. From their responses to questions the translator catches places that need further adjustment before a consultant gives a final review.

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"Bible translation proves at one and the same time the inadequacy of any single language to reveal all facets of God's character, while at the same time it proves the ability of every language to communicate the whole counsel of God."

Lamin Sanneh

D. Willis James Professor of Missions and World Christianity at Yale University