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Wycliffe World Day of Prayer

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Now I Understand!

“I think that even when things seem impossible, God can do it!”


Scripture & Language Statistics 2014

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Translation resumed after 34 years: Philippines

A missionary moved to the Philippines years ago to help translate the New Testament into the Guina-ang language. He had to leave the area in 1981 after finishing 16 books due to an imminent threat to his life. Last year, in response to the people’s request, the mayor of Pasil, Kalinga assigned his local government to coordinate the formation of the Guina-ang Translation Council. Thank God for this development. Pray that the leaders and members of the community, as well as the local churches, will give their full support. Pray that the translation will lead people to a deeper understanding of God’s love and plan for their lives.

Featured Organization - Wycliffe South Africa

Wycliffe South Africa

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"It is so important for Deaf people to have the Bible in their own language. A lot of Deaf people can read, but it is very difficult for them because it’s not their first language and they would only understand a portion. With the Video Bible in Japanese Sign we can help them to understand so much more."

Uiko Yano

Japanese Sign Language Translator