Cherishing Jola-Kasa

“We love speaking Jola-Kasa! When you speak your mother tongue you are happy.”


Glossa Translation Diaries

Snippets of prayer letters that reveal the joys and challenges of translating Scripture.


Scripture & Language Statistics 2015

Information on progress and remaining needs around the world

100+ organizations serving in Bible translation movements and language communities worldwide

Publications in process: Asia

While preparing for translation, scholarly research is done on linguistics and culture. This research may result in books for publication. Pray for the busy couple who process these books: one is a book of proverbs and another a book of folktales in another language. Ask that these be a blessing to those who read them. Pray for the lady preparing a trilingual dictionary. She is having trouble focusing on the final entries that need preparation or revision. Pray for the final revisions on a book of translation principles needed for training local translators.

Featured Organization - Horizons, Latin America

Horizons, Latin America

"...the tremendous challenge of leading Brazilian Christians to love the least reached peoples of the earth"



"God's mission is one of reconciliation and the restoration of all creation. The meaning of mission is found in the Trinity. The Father sends the Son, the Father and the Son send the Holy Spirit. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit send the Church into the world."